Hey guys! You're probably wondering, why would I do past games? Well, it's a new era of games, so it'll be restarted. I can't do a table from my iPad so I'll just write it out.


No spamming unless you have entered 3 tributes, at least!

You can enter up to 6 tributes!

I will go on profiles!

You absolutely have to enter a tribute if you are reading this!!

It'll be first come first serve but I won't take crappy tributes!






Training strategy

Interview angle

Bloodbath strategy

Games strategy




District Gender Name Age Weapon User
C Male
C Female
1 Male Gabert Hell 18 Machete Kayleigh Rockstar
1 Female Sapphire Schine 16 Sword, Axe, Knives UniCandy
2 Male Michael Kaizer 18 Swords, Knives LeonKaizerWolff
2 Female Cleave Stonewell 15 Knives, Axe, Blowgun UniCandy
3 Male Crick Storm 13 Dartgun, Poison, Wire Rueflower
3 Female Gina Swelly 17 Wire Kayleigh Rockstar
4 Male Bleu Azure 18 Spears, Trident Ladysi
4 Female Lemonade (Addie) Icyna 14 Tomahawk, Tridents, Spears UniCandy
5 Male
5 Female Cassia Slyara 15 Stealth, Bow and Arrow UniCandy
6 Male
6 Female
7 Male Jaru Jonning 18 Axe Kayleigh Rockstar
7 Female Reese Jonning 13 Axe Kayleigh Rockstar
8 Male
8 Female Celia Couture 15 Anything Ladysi
9 Male
9 Female
10 Male Wen Cattle 16 Knife Kayleigh Rockstar
10 Female Tea Fetch 16 Knife Kayleigh Rockstar
11 Male
11 Female Leaf Harmony 13 Slingshot Ladysi
12 Male
12 Female
13 Male
13 Female

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