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Hi, I'm Haley! You may know me as the girl who never finished her games. I will finish these, though!


"Good day, citizens of Panem. Last year's game was a flop. All of the tributes died quickly because of the podiums they were standing on. They all exploded. After a lengthy investigation, we have arrested the perpetrator and he is on death row. As your new president, Rose Wyles, I will make these games better than the others! This year's twists: There'll be twice as many tributes, totaling to fifty-six tributes; once seven of each gender are dead, the genders wil seperate into two arenas, boys and girls, and once fourteen tributes in each arena are killed, the remaining fourteen will rejoin and fight to the death."


Name (first and last):


District (Capitol, 1-13):


Weapons (1-3):

Strengths (1-3):

Weaknesses (2-4):


Appearance (typed, Lunaii, or RL):






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  • 7 tributes per user (I may raise if needed)
  • I can decline any tribute if I want to.
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  • Mainly first come first serve
  • No fighting or your money is wiped and your tributes die immediately.
  • Reservations last 3 days


Do I need to explain?


Name Gender Age District Weapon
Furs Shiner M 16 C Machete, Sword
Lyssander Ghan M 12 C Warhammer, Sword
Erika Danyie F 18 C Slingshot, Spear
Prodigia Gleam F 17 C Senbon, Dual Daggers
Copper McPrice M 17 1 Brass Knuckles, Combat, Axe
Julius Spring M 17 1 Sword, Throwing Knives
Purity Knight F 17 1 Throwing Knives, Sword
Candy Orenson F 15 1 Crossbow, Spear, Mace
Uzi Kystrel M 15 2 Machete
Sebastian Hive M 18 2 Butcher Knife, Hurlbat
Calypso Rune F 15 2 Warhammer, Flail, Mace
Thalia Combe F 16 2 Long Bow, Crescent Throwing Knives
Orlando Johnson M 15 3 Dagger, Throwing Knives
Akumai Kubaya M 17 3 Greatsword, Throwing Knives, Trident
Dayta Techni F 16 3 Wires, Awl, Knife
Mallory Percistance F 16 3 Axe, Dagger
Isaac Blade M 16 4 Tridents, Swords, Sickles
Nile Sebek M 17 4 Metal Staff, Scimitar
Lisbet Hanai F 14 4 Trident, Awl
Sharlet Free F 13 4 Bow
Textil Archeus M 15 5 Throwing Knives, Hammers
Erik Norsemen M 18 5 Sword, Axe
Aurora Starlight F 15 5 Sickle, Bow, Dagger
Eevee Darkbloom F 17 5 Meteor Hammer, Throwing Axes
Buck Rockwell M 16 6 Spear, Rock, Sword
Ash Harper M 14 6 Mace, Crossbow, Scythe
Missy Turner F 15 6 Bow, Dagger
Lacey Despin F 12 6 Bow, Knife, Slingshot
Konami Aretino M 14 7 Strength, Fangs, Trident, Crossbow
Jack Lumber M 13 7 Axe, Sickle, Stealth
Whitney Grey F 12 7 Bow, Maces, Axes
Zoey Oakley F 14 7 Axes {Throwing, Battle}
Erhen Flemar M 18 8 Double Swords
Connor Smitherson M 14 8 Scythe, Combat
Lyra Levant F 15 8 Throwing Knives, Bow
Saika Tan F 18 8 Throwing Knives, Spears
Blade Spectrus M 14 9 Spear, Knives, Swords
Banette Tsukomogami M 15 9 Traps, Needles, Knives
Bell Fladgate F 18 9 Club, Mace
Dedenne Reunee F 16 9 Katana
Kakub Kunnson M 14 10 Sword, Studded Gloves
Gamzee Markara M 17 10 Club, Bow, Sledgehammer
Ewa Thyren F 16 10 Longbow, Swords
Robin Smoke F 13 10 Slingshot, Throwing Axes
Carver Haywood M 12 11 Daggers
Envidia Iraluxuria M 16 11 Razor Sword, Bad Luck
Jacqueline Caron F 17 11 Scythes, Maces, Swords
Zedoary Withers F 13 11 Bow, Knives
Kaua Catoose M 14 12 Knives
Elder Flame M 18 12 Sword, Axe
Edith Flametta F 15 12 Baton
Quinn Aites F 13 12 Dagger, Throwing Knives, Slingshot
Enki Usinaus M 15 13 Explosives, Knives
Mors Voluntaria M 16 13 Dagger, Throwing Knives, Noose
Ivora Zosimus F 13 13 Knives, Throwing Knives
Daenerys Kystrel F 17 13 Bolo Knives, Crossbow, Hatchet


Underlined Alliances happen later in the games. Italicized alliances are suggested. 

Careers: Candy Orensson (1), Copper McPrice (1), Julius Spring (1), Uzi Kystrel (2), Nile Sebek (4), Isaac Blade (4), Buck Rockwell (6), Daenerys Kystrel (13)

Booty-Kickers: Sebastian Hive (2), Thalia Combe (2) ~not open to other tributes~ ~currently with Careers~

Anti-Careers: Prodigia Gleam (C), Erika Danyie (C), Orlando Johnson (3), Aurora Starlight (5), Zoey Oakley (7), Connor Smitherson (8), Blade Spectrus (9), Dedenne Reunee (9), Bell Fladgate (9), Envidia Iraluxuria (11)

District 3, 6, 7, 8, 11, and 12 Alliance: Mallory Percistance (3), Dayta Techni (3), Ash Harper (6), Lacey Despin (6), Missy Turner (6), Whitney Grey (7), Jacqueline Caron (11), Quinn Aites (12) ~open to other tributes~

District 8 Alliance: Erhen Flemar (8), Saika Tan (8)

EEVEXTIL EEVEXTIL EEVEXTIL: Textil Archeus (5), Eevee Darkbloom (5)

District 3 and 7 Alliance: Akumai Kubaya (3), Jack Lumber (7)

District 7 and 10 Alliance: Konami Aretino (7), Gamzee Makara (10)

Alone: Lyssander Ghan (C), Lisbet Hanai (4), Sharlet Free (5), Jack Lumber (7), Banette Tsukomogami (9),  Robin Smoke (10)


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Private Training Scores

Name Score
Furs Shiner 8
Lyssander Ghan 6
Erika Danyie  9
Prodigia Gleam 8
Copper McPrice 9
Julius Spring 10
Purity Knight 9
Candy Orenson 9
Uzi Kystrel 10
Sebastian Hive 10
Calypso Rune 10
Thalia Combe 11
Orlando Johnson 8
Akumai Kubaya 8
Dayta Techni 6
Mallory Percistance 6
Isaac Blade 9
Nile Sebek 9
Lisbet Hanai 8
Sharlet Free 8
Textil Archeus 8
Erik Norsemen 7
Aurora Starlight 6
Eevee Darkbloom 10
Buck Rockwell 8
Ash Harper 6
Missy Turner 6
Lacey Despin 5
Konami Aretino 8
Jack Lumber 9
Whitney Grey 5
Zoey Oakley 7
Erhen Flemar 8
Connor Smitherson 8
Lyra Levant 7
Saika Tan 7
Blade Spectrus 9
Banette Tsukomogami 9
Bell Fladgate 7
Dedenne Reunee 6
Jakub Kunnson 7
Gamzee Makara 10
Ewa Thyren 7
Robin Smoke 6
Carver Haywood 5
Envidia Iraluxuria 9
Jacqueline Caron 7
Zedoary Withers 4
Kaua Catoose 6
Elder Flame 8
Edith Flametta 6
Quinn Aites 7
Enki Usinaus 6
Mors Voluntaria 9
Ivora Zosimus 7
Daenerys Kystrel 7

The 25th Hunger Games

The 25th HG Poster


The 25th HG Arena

The arena was originally a square, but Sunshine has already made it into a circle. This map is terrible, but it'll give you an idea of all the areas. They're pretty self-explanatory. Nobody started out in the town. The dump is full of useful items but tributes may keep away from it. The amusement parks are creepy, the deserts are bare, the jungle is deadly, the candy forests are poisonous, the mountains limit your oxygen, and the forests are easy to get lost in. The areas with question marks are unknown and by going in there your tribute could die or escape. Your tributes know nothing that I've just told you, but you can give them advice as to which area to go to.

Day One

"We only just started minutes ago, and the world is already not Earth anymore. It's Hell."

Connor Smitherson - District Eight

I can't find the words to express how afraid I am right now. I didn't get any sleep last night, and I know it's because I could be in eternal sleep today. So many of the tributes are strong, like Thalia (2), Julius (1), Gamzee (10), the list continues on. The scores for everybody were so high. Maybe all of us do have a

chance to win, and we're not weaklings. I got an eight, and I'm just a little boy from eight. 

"Connor Smitherson," says an emotionless helmeted Peacekeeper. It's hard to tell which one it is since there are like twenty-five on our floor. Well - twenty since they already took Erhen (8). Six surround me and I follow them to a hovercraft, which I board. It's very quiet and I'm all alone. I do have the only seat in the hovercraft. 

"Right arm, please." says a lady. I hold it out, knowing what they insert into your arm. The pain is massive, but it's only for a second. Hopefully the length of time my death will take...

The Peacekeepers return in a few minutes and place an oxygen tank on my face. I breathe in through it, curious as to why they would need to give me a mask. Are we high up? Are there chemicals in the air? Is this just a joke? My questions are answered when I feel the sensation that makes me want to pop my ears. We must be on a mountain. I sigh. We're so high up. What if we fall? What if there's an avalanche? What if?

"You remember me, right? Your stylist?" calls a voice. Whoa, I'm already in my dressing room! 

"Yeah, you made me that suckish outfit where I was a ball of yarn," I mumble. "Now I have less sponsors."

"Don't lose one more," she says, putting her hands on her hips. She hands me a jacket. "Could get cold out there," she says. She's probably already seen the arena.

"Five Seconds until liftoff."

"Oh, get in the tube!" she exclaims. She shoves me in there just as the tube closes. I see her breathe out in relief as the tube goes even further up than we already are. Oh, if only I could have her life.

Sharlet Free - District Four

My pedestal rises into the arena. While I expect for there to be a bit of blindness, instead my eyes have to adjust to the low light of the darkness and a few torches. It smells like chemicals and dirty water. I see a screen in front of me in the ground. And I'm completely alone.  "Go ahead, step off," it reads. Then it changes. "Or wait." I decide to cautiously step off. The ground doesn't explode. I look around for something to get me out of here. I turn my back to the pedestal, and suddenly hear a fire start. I jolt my head around to see myself surrounded by fire on three sides!

The only way out is the green water. I hold my breath and jump in. Surprisingly, the green is just some cover because the water is clear underwater. I see a bag with the initials S.F. embroidered on it. I pick it up and return to the surface. In front of me is a ferocious-looking alligator mutt with glowing red eyes. It doesn't see me and I don't think it can hear, so I look in my bag for something to help me. I find a rope at the very top. If I can loop this around its mouth, I could ride it and have it take me to the shore or top or wherever the hell I'm going. I tie a knot I learned in training. I quietly swim to behind it, knot in hand, and quickly pull it around its snout, tightening it with a tug. It starts to thrash around, but stops after knowing that it's lost. I kick it to get it to swim, then keep steering it in a straight direction. I come to some sort of land and get off the mutt, taking the rope with me. 

I look around using a flashlight from my bag. There's a suspicious button on the wall. I press it and quickly step away. Instead of arrows shootingout from the wall, a door opens and I see some stairs and a light at the top. I run up them and find myself enveloped in sunshine. A warm breeze comes from behind me and rustles my hair. I can't help but smile. 

"Hey you!" yells a male voice. I turn around and see a guy who I think is from five. He's holding some knives and it looks like he's got a whole vest of them. How in the bloody hell did he get those?! The most weapon-y thing I have is that rope! I start sprinting away from him, but he runs faster. Then, something cliche happens. I trip over a rock and fall on my face. I get up and continue running. I put my hand up to my face. Blood, I think. "I'm not going to hurt you." he yells. This makes me stop in my tracks. It sounds genuine. He walks up to me.

"Textil Archeus," he pants. "District Five."

"Sharlet Free from four."

"Allies?" he asks.

"For now," I shrug.

Julius Spring - District One

"Slingshot, socks, water..."

Zedoary (11) isn't doing a good job hiding herself from the other tributes. She's been skipping on dead, dry leaves, singing songs, and now she's sitting in a clearing surrounded by trees. I'm in one of those trees. My pedestal was inside it, and there was a staircase to the top. I do have a sword. If I dropped it, she'd go pick it up, giving me a clear shot... Or I could take a risk and try to just drop it on her head. She's not moving, since she's sitting, so if this goes past the branches and leaves, it could get her. 

I unsheath my sword from my belt and position it right above her head. I take a deep breath and drop it. I wait for a cannon, but it doesn't go off. I look down. Damn it, the sword's stuck! How am I gonna get it down?! I look around for some type of rock. I find a relatively heavy one and throw it onto the sword. Seconds after, a loud BOOM! goes off and I hope it's Zedoary's (11). I walk down the stairs and go to her lifeless body. The sword went through her skull and came out through her stomach. Then it went back in through her leg. I pull the now red sword out of her body and wipe the gore out. Looking through her stuff, I find a map. I open it up to find a full map of the arena along with pedestal positions. I go back into my memory to try to find initials of other Careers, when an arrow whizzes past my face. 

"Oh my god, Julius! I didn't realize it was you!" says a high-pitched voice. I turn around to see one of my district partners, Candy (1). She drops her crossbow to the ground.

"Damn you!" I shout. 

"Well, I'm sorry that you looked like that Elder guy from twelve from behind!" she walks over. "But we're allies. Probably the first allies to find each other. We only just started minutes ago, and the world is already not Earth anymore. It's Hell. We just have to stick together for now." She notices the corpse and scoots away from me. "Could we dump that in the river?" she asks. I open my mouth to speak but I'm interrupted by a BOOM!

We both jolt our heads to the left, where the sound was coming from. 

"We should try to find the source of that cannon."

Aurora Starlight - District Five

I stand over Carver's (11) body, horrified. I have no idea what happened. I was just walking, and I heard him behind me, and...

I had my dagger out and I used it. Slashed him down the middle and then stabbed his eye. I didn't realize who it was until his cannon went off. Then I saw the token, the green scarf that only Carver (11) used in training. 

He was only twelve years old. He had his whole life ahead of him. And with three stabs of the dagger, he was gone. Just like that. 

While I'm here, I might as well see what he has. I regretfully open up his bag and examine its contents. He hasn't got much, but he has water, matches, iodine, and a paper on tracker jackers. I take his bag and stuff it in mine. It's small, so it fits. I notice a paper in mine. I pull it out.

"The key to escaping is..." it reads. That's all that's on there. The other side is a graph of some sort. There's elements and symbols, and one is circled - something that looks like a sky. Maybe I have to find some way out through the top? No, it can't be. The force field would electrocute me, and how am I supposed to get up there? I shrug and stuff it in my bag next to a bottle of some liquid. I'm thinking it's poison. 

I notice something in the distance. Mountains. Perhaps tributes could be there too? Whether there are or not, it could be the key to escaping like the paper reads. I look down at my outfit. I have on black hiking boots, khaki pants, and a maroon 3/4 quarter sleeve shirt. I'm in no condition to go up those snowy mountains, even if I did get new clothes. I'd need earmuffs, a mask, gloves, more food and water, the list goes on. But I might as well try. After checking to make sure that I've gotten all I need from the corpse, I take a deep breath and start hiking to the mountain.

Sunshine Amethyst - Gamemaker

"Sunshine! Do something to draw them together!" snaps Ms. Wyles, our president. More like a dictator if you ask me.

"Like what? You decided to put them so far apart. Only two deaths have happened in half an hour. I don't know how to get them closer. There are too many water sources, and they're all far apart. We'd lose them due to dehydration. These games would be the same as the last minus the two gruesome deaths that have happened so far. No alliances have met other than two of the Careers."

"Then make the arena smaller."

"Excuse me?" I ask.

"Make it smaller. Make the force field smaller. Bring it as close to the tributes as you can. I don't care how many supplies are left behind, we'll have a feast someday anyway. Bring it in around the mountains, but keep those whole for... reasons. And maybe make it smaller? Also make it hot so they go towards common shadowy places."

After typing all of those requests, I start with making it hotter. When they start to move closer to each other, I can make the arena smaller. I already see some start to move towards a similar area. Ooh, and they're both strong tributes, Thalia (2) and Sebastian (2). I know they both chose not to ally with the Careers, and I think they're both alone. Some shit's about to go down. 

I also set a timer to drain water at nightfall. It'll only drain a bit every now and then, but those little bits will add up over the course of a couple of weeks. 

Robin Smoke - District Ten

I put an iodine tablet in my water bottle that's filled with water from the fountain. I seem to be in some sort of amusement park. While this seems to be safe, tributes in the 23rd Games died of many stuff in here. But this one is... nicer.

I cautiously look around, a sharp rock in my hand. I prefer not to use my axe because if there's a potential ally I don't want to scare them off. 

"Tick tock, goes the clock. Tick, tock, goes the clock," repeats a voice creepily. I think the source is a robot from an attraction, but who knows? In here, anything is possible. A sweet smell fills my nostrils and I recognize it as cotton candy, a luxury nobody ever had in ten. I only know it from the few days I spent in the Capitol. I don't have but a small bag of nuts to eat, so I think I'm going to look for the food. Now, I pull out my axe just in case I need it. I stealthily follow the smell, passing rollercoasters and abandoned food stands. I finally follow it to a small building and I slowly open the door. 

"Tick tock goes the clock, tick tock goes the clock," the voice says, getting louder and faster. I need to run, but I can't. I need extra food and possibly supplies. I walk towards the counter and the voice gets louder and faster. Then it slows down suddenly. "Tick . . . Tock . . . Goes . . . The . . . Clock . . ."

"STOP IT!" I scream. It stops as if it heard me. I quickly rummage through the kitchen for food. I find some dried meat, herbs, and I also pick up a cleaver before running out of that creepy place. I need to find a way out of this arena.

Textil Archeus - District Five

I walk with Sharlet (4), looking for supplies or other tributes to kill. We finally give up from exhaustion because we've walked around the whole forest and it's just too hot out here. I hear a rustling noise from the bushes behind us.

"Sharlet..." I say, pushing her away.

A sword flies out of the bushes. It's a projectile right now. No cannon went off, so I assume it didn't hit anybody. But Sharlet's (4) yet to be seen. I hope she got away. Then another sword comes out, this time attached to somebody. He's the big dude from my district. I pull out my knives from my vest, but Erik (5) swings his sword and it hits my arm, making me drop the knives and fall down in pain. Erik (5) stands over me, his sword above his head, and prepares to swing it down when he starts coughing up blood. 

He falls over with an axe in his back. BOOM! I look around for the killer until I realize she's right behind me.

"Eevee!" I yell. I give her a kiss on the cheek. She blushes.

"So um, where's the girl you were with? Scarlet or Sherrie? I don't remember her name."

"Sharlet," I say. "And she just ran off when Erik threw the sword.

"I was pretending to ally with him though. Well, he said he'd do something to me if I ran away," she shudders.

"It's alright, you're with me."

"I know, but still..." she glances over at Erik's body and shivers. "We should find shade. It's pretty hot out here," she notices my arm. "Oh my god, Textil! Your arm!" she exclaims. 

"I'm fine," I say.

"No you're not. You need a doctor. Or a healer. Or something!" she yells frantically. "Look at the blood you're losing! We need a sponsor or a gift or something..." she turns to the camera. "Anybody help! Please!"

Orlando Johnson - District Three

Blade (9), Dedenne (9), and I walk around the dump looking for supplies. I see something that looks like a fire from inside one of the trash piles. As a human being, I go investigate. I pull out one of the daggers from my bag - it was weird, they gave us our choice weapons - and walk towards it. 

"Orlando, what're you doing?" yells Blade (9). 

"Investigating," I say, moving a piece of trash. Inside the pile is a small safe haven. "You guys might want to see this." I move the rest of the pile. "Who wants to go in first?" I ask, looking at Dedenne (9) and Blade (9).

"Blade, you should go. You are the leader," Dedenne (9) suggests. I nod. 

"But you guys are older!" he pouts. After receiving 'are you serious' looks from me and Dedenne (9), he finally goes inside the trash pile. I can't see him, but I hear him say, "Guys! Food! Water! Weapons!"

"It's a trap!" the same voice says.

"No it's not!" his voice says again. Dedenne (9) and I look at each other. It very well could be a trap and Blade (9) could be injured. He's not dead, at least.

"I've got armor. I'll go in," Dedenne (9) says.

"How in the world did you get armor and I got cloth?!" I say, somewhat jealous.

"Well, the person who died last last year, the single guy who managed to hold onto live for an extra second, was from my district. Could be from the gamemakers," she shrugs. Last year's games weren't even like a Games. They were all on their pedestals when all of them went off. Dedenne (9) equips her armor. Before leaving, she whispers in my ear, "If I say something, listen for the word 'listen' in each sentence." I nod and she walks in.

"It's completely safe in here!" her voice says.

"Listen to that fire! It's perfect for grilling food on!" the voice said listen. That must be her.

"So come on in!" it says.

"Listen, there's a safer way to get in, or out, in the back. Try to get in through there!"

"No, the front is safer. Come on in!"

Since Dedenne (9) said to go in through the back, I might as well. My dagger's still in my hand. I slowly open the door in the back after digging through more useless stuff, and cautiously open it. Dedenne (9) and Blade (9) are tied up in chairs apart from their mouths. Blade (9) says one sentence to me before falling unconscious. The room fills with gas, and I do, too, after hearing this sentence.

"Banette knows how to mimic others' voices."

Thalia Combe - District Two

I walk through the jungle, looking for tributes to kill, Sebastian (2), and supplies. The sun blazes down on my face. I didn't get a hat or glasses or sunscreen, so I just have to make it through the heat of the day. It's probably around two or three, since I know it's been over two hours since the games began, and therefore it can't be noon. I'm not hungry - I had a big meal for breakfast - so the food that came in my silver bag doesn't matter right now. 

The sounds of the jungle are annoying - monkeys howling, snakes hissing, birds tweeting the same melody over and over again, - if I can just find a map or something I can get the fuck out of this hellhole. I sit down on a fallen over tree and drink some water. I hope I can find a shelter by a water source. This goddamn bottle only holds a bit of water. Maybe eight ounces. I have to use it wisely. On the upside, at least I found a bow and a baker's dozen arrows. 

I see an orange shirt through the leaves. A tribute? I close my eyes and shake my head. When I open them up again, it's gone. I shrug, get up, and go walk around to find water. I clumsily trip over a rock on the ground. "Ow," I say, looking at my hands, which took most of the blow. There are some imprints of rocks on there, and some are starting to bleed. 

I stand up and dust myself off. Small rocks fall from my pocketed beige pants to the ground. I think I'm safe here. People might be going towards the center of the arena, wherever that is. I hear metal slashing through the air and instinctively duck as a knife flies to the left of me. It wouldn't have hit me, but I'm better safe than sorry. I swiftly knock an arrow and pull the bowstring, keeping it close to the ground. I see another knife soar through the air. I mentally backtrack its path and shoot an arrow at the attacker. BOOM!

I jog over to retrieve the arrow. It's lodged right in the middle of Kaua's (12) forehead. I pull the arrow out with a tug and a CRACK! and wipe off the brain matter and blood with my shirt. I hear a twig snap - how cliché - and immediately point my loaded bow at them.

"Thalia, it's Sebastian. Put your bow down please." Sebastian (2) states calmly, cleaver in hand. I smile.

"Well, it looks like the strongest alliance in the world is together," I declare. "Time to win the 25th Hunger Games." 

Ewa Thyren - District Ten

I walk through the candy forest, bow in hand and quiver on my back. I'm pretty happy that I got a bow. Who knew the gamemakers would give us the weapons we needed? I sit down, leaning against a candy cane tree. I take a sip of my juice and start fiddling with some licorice.

Out of the blue, day turns into night. I thought it was noon a few minutes ago! I roll my eyes and make my way to a climbable candy cane tree. I get to a fork in the tree and get comfortable in it, hanging my bow and quiver from a nearby limb and using some of the giant marshmallow leaves as a bed or cushion type thing. I start to doze off when the sound of brass instruments, timpanis, and a choir fills my ears. "Oh Horn of Plenty.Oh Horn of Plenty for us all! And when you raise the cry The brave shall heed the call And we shall never falter. . ."

I think the anthem, well the horn of plenty part, refers to the Cornucopia. Which we didn't even have!

The Capitol seal appears in blue above my head. I wonder who has died today.

First is Erik from five. I widen my eyes. He was really strong. If he died, of all people, on the first day, how strong are the remaining tributes? The next face to appear is Carver's. Poor baby. He didn't deserve this. None of us did. We should be in our houses.

Next, Zedoary from eleven. I didn't see her too much. I don't even know if she went to training. That suspicion does match her extremely low training score. 

Lastly, Kaua from twelve. I can say the same thing I did with Zedoary.

The anthem fades out and is replaced by the booming voice of Claudius Templesmith.

"Good evening, tributes!" He pauses, as if he wants us to say it back. I roll my eyes. "All of you are doing a great job. Anyway, you all should know the twist. Once seven of each gender is dead, the genders are seperated and moved to a different arena. Well, the men are doing well! Only four more kills until they are all given individual forcefields so they can't be hurt. As for the ladies, you're not doing so hot, with only one kill. Good night, tributes!"

With that, the staticy noise abruptly stops and I'm left on a candy cane tree, with marshmallow bedding, and the sounds of a chocolate river to put me to sleep.


Day Two

"I held my ally in my arms, pleading that they would live. 'Please,' I whimpered. They smiled and their cannon went off."

Bell Fladgate - District Nine

I trudged through the snowy mountains hoping to find an ally or a source of food. I had gotten a bit of the Capitol's white, soft rolls, but I'm saving those for later. I pant through my oxygen mask. How high up am I? I can't really tell since there's a lot of fog, but after kicking a rock down and it continues dropping, I conclude I'm very high up. 

I sit down in a safe spot and put my face in my hands, thinking. Since I didn't get a weapon, I'm going to have to improvise. I get the random superglue I received in my pack and grab some sticks and rocks. I glue the rocks, sharp parts out, to the stick, making some kind of spiked club-thing. Hopefully I can find somebody or something to kill.

"Damn it," I hear a female's voice mutter. She steps into my view, and I see one of the girls from two, Calypso (2). She's wielding a knife - what a tiny weapon for somebody who used maces and warhammers all through training. Maybe the gamemakers wanted to give us all a fair chance or something. We make eye contact and she charges at me, knife pointed outwards. I raise my club and when she runs by me I jump out of the way and slam it in her back. She falls down from the impact. "Aargh..." she moans, knife beside her on the ground. While she's weak... 

"Stand up," I say, pointing her knife at her. She summons all her strength to stand. She swipes for her knife, but she's too slow and I pull it back.

"If you're going to kill me, make it honorable. Show my dad how strong I am."

"Or I could show you what it's like to feel pain. I'd rather do that."

"I'd rather you not," Calypso (2) says, backing up to the edge of the cliff. She looks down.

"It's either you somehow you kill me, or I kill you. The latter has a better chance of happening."

"What if... what if I kill myself?" she questions, before falling backwards. I rush over to the edge of the cliff. Calypso's (2) falling down, and she's... she's smiling.


Whitney Grey - District Seven

I'm watching Copper (1) and Buck (6) argue from above, in one of the trees near them. They're arguing about where they should go next to find their allies. Wherever they go, though, it's a lost cause. The stupid gamemakers, though it was probably Rose Wyles, the dumbest president to rule Panem, decided to seperate us all. Wouldn't that prevent bloodshed? I predict that if there was a Bloodbath we'd already be in the next arena. 

It'd be so easy to shoot one of them right now, but I'm saving my arrows to shoot the girls. They need to be dead. Just as I'm thinking that, Purity (1) walks into view. I silently knock and arrow and pull back the string, aiming towards her. I swallow. What if I miss? My location will be given away. It might be given away anyway! I take a deep breath and let go of the string. It wooshes past my ear and sails through the air. Just as Purity (1) sees me with the empty bow, the arrow enters her chest. It probably punctured her lungs. Buck (6) and Copper (1) look at each other and run away. I chuckle. Cowards. Running from a twelve year old. What am I saying? I may die, but my personality will not be a victim to the games. I climb down the tree and go over to a gagging Purity (1).

"You... you will... not..." she says, before coughing up blood on me. "The Careers will know..." she trails off, before her chest stops moving shakily up and down and her eyes lose the life in them. BOOM! I close them, since the sight is rather creepy, and I take her throwing knives. I don't know really how to use these, but my allies might and they could at least be used as a warning to other tributes. I pull my arrow out of her chest. Luckily it doesn't make a cracking noise or something. It's just covered in blood. 

"Tributes, I am your president in case you didn't know. Anyway, we're doing the Bloodbath soon. We're just going to drug you with a fog so we can put you in your tubes. Kay Thanks Byee!"

I suppose that if four girls and four boys died in the Bloodbath later today then we could move on to the next arena. I wonder what the fog looks like. Almost as if it heard me, a light pink cloud starts moving through the arena. I know it won't hurt me, but I try to find a safe space in the tree so I won't fall off. Just as I get comfy, the fog comes to me. I smell a hospital, and then I fall asleep.

Edith Flametta - District Twelve

The ground is moving back and forth very rapidly. Why? I open my eyes. Apparently I fell asleep before the earthquake. It's the Hunger Games though, and nothing is real. I'm in a tube. It's made of glass all the way around! I hope the other tributes didn't see me sleeping. I peer outside of the cylindrical tube. I think the glass is somehow only one way because I only see silver on the outside of the other tubes. 

I look ahead to a Cornucopia made of wood. It'd go up in flames in minutes unless it's just painted to look like wood. Then again, that'd have to go for the crates too. In the outskirts, there's little supplies. Empty water canteens, rope, plastic, the occasional tiny bag. The closer you get to the large wooden structure the larger the bags get and the more dense the pavement is with supplies. Sadly, I didn't get my pack with me, but I do see a baton next to a gray bag so I'm going to go for that. The clock on the inside of my tube beneath my feet is counting down. How are we going to get out? If the center doesn't slide or something will we have to break the glass?

I check the timer beneath my feet. Fifteen seconds. I take a few deep breaths. The clock makes a ticking sound as it gets closer to zero. I raise my arms above my head. I'm going to have to break the glass. Zero! The gong rings and I bring my hands down, breaking the glass. I jump out onto the pavement. Already, people are nearing the mouth. I sprint as fast as I can, dodging packs and weapons, until I reach the items I had my eyes on. I pick them up and start running away, slipping the bag on my pack. I'm hindered in my efforts when a sharp pain courses through my shoulder. I fall down, clutching my left upper arm. I see an arrow sticking out of it. Should I pull it out?

Candy (1) is standing above me, spear in one hand and crossbow in the other. 

"No, please," I beg to no avail.

"Why should I spare you? You're just an obstacle in my path to victory," she smirks. She plunges her spear into my chest. I scream, hardly staying alive young enough to hear Candy (1) laughing and my cannon go off.


Sebastian Hive - District Two

With most of the tributes already at the Cornucopia, I figure I should make my move. I spot Enki (13) on his knees going through a crate. Does he know how vulnerable he is? His neck is exposed sue to his lack of a jacket. It would be so easy to puncture it. I pick up a cleaver from atop a nearby crate. I stealthily walk up to behind him, raising the cleaver.

I bring it down and push, hard, and the cleaver comes out through the other side. Enki's head rolls to the ground, his face frozen in a look of shock. BOOM! I kick it over to Thalia (2), who laughs. She's got Ivora (13) at the end of her bow, the extra sharp tip threatening to make an appearance in her right eye. Thalia releases the arrow. It plunges into Ivora's eye very deep. Nearly half of the arrow is lodged in her head! BOOM!

Thalia (2) pushes the young girl's body down to the ground, puts one of her feet on the Ivora's mutilated head, and yanks the arrow out. She wipes off the gray brain matter with her shirt and puts the arrow back in the quiver. She grabs a bag and we run off towards the town. 

"Hey! Thalia and Sebastian!" yells a voice. We whip our heads around to see Buck (6). "You're joining us." Thalia and I have a silent discussion with each other before agreeing. This oppurtunity will give us more chances to kill and wreak havoc on the arena.

"We accept," I declare. We walk over to the Cornucopia, ready to kill.

Erika Danyie - The Capitol

I desperately look for my allies from inside my tube. I'm too scared to go out. What'll happen to me? I notice Elder (12) fighting Jakub (10) over a sword. Elder (12) succeeds and stabs Jakub (10) in the chest, pulling it out afterwards. He turns around to see Enividia (11) run past him. A knife thrown by Daenerys (13) at Envidia (11) hits Elder (12) in the neck. BOOM!

I see Isaac (4) talking with Julius (1), then grabbing a weapon from the Cornucopia. No! He can't join them. He's not supposed to! What happened to the Antis? He can't be leaving us

He throws a trident. It hits Ewa (10) in the side, and she promptly falls down. BOOM! I see the other Antis start to walk away. I get out of my tube and run after them. The other tributes start to trickle out, too. It looks like the Bloodbath is over.

Saika Tan - District Eight

Erhen (8) and I sit down in the library and discuss our items. We didn't get too much stuff, but it's probably enough for now. I open my crimson bag and look through the inside. "Rope, matches, water, iodine, wire, and crackers. I also picked up a vest of throwing knives running out."

"Not much. An apple, jerky, water, wire, and matches. I also picked up a knife on the way out, so I might as well use that for now."

The door creaks open. Luckily, we're not visible from the door, but we can see whoever's walking in. It's Furs (C). If I can kill him, Erhen (8) will be safe. I quietly walk to behind a large shelf. Furs (C) is a sitting duck where's he's at, just standing at the front door. I walk up behind him. Before he can even know what's happened, I throw a knife into his head. BOOM!

Speakers screech, and I hear a familiar voice: President Rose. "Congratulations tributes! Seven males have died! This means that the trackers in their arms will activate and their forcefields will be turned on. They can move around and kill, but they can't be killed. You just need to wait for one more death; another female. Have a nice rest of the day, tributes!" The microphone switches off.

"Saika..." Erhen (8) says. I rush over to him. He's... glowing. Literally. His skin is shimmering. I reach out to touch it. When I make contact with him, I hear a zap! and I get shocked. He really does have a forcefield. He's safe... for now.

Copper McPrice - District One

The Careers are in the hotel behind the Cornucopia. It's stocked with all sorts of supplies and it's got nice air conditioning. I remove my brass knuckles from my hands and put them in my backpack. I wonder who the next female kill will be. It could be one of us, which is unlikely, an Anti-Career, somebody from that huge alliance, it could be anybody. I sigh and get out my water. I look over to the corner of the room. Sebastian (2) is talking to Daenerys (13), probably seducing her. My suspicions are correct when Sebastian (2) grabs her hand, pulls her into the bedroom, and closes the door behind her. I don't know how much it might hurt Daenerys (13), but probably not much since Sebastian (2) was playing with her hair and stuff moments ago.

Julius (1), our clear leader - much to Buck's (6) dismay - walks into the room. "What are they doing?" he asks, pointing to the bedroom the pair walked into. 

"Romantic stuff," I say in between sips of water. He nods and goes back to drawing and writing out plans. Thalia's (2) talking to Buck (6), and I assume it's for the same reason that Sebastian (2) was talking to Daenerys (13). Speaking of, I hear moaning coming from their room. 

The door opens, and I see Lyra (8). She looks at all of us, mouth open, then runs out. All of us get up and start chasing her. She runs around the hotel floor, but we eventually get her cornered after fifteen minutes of running. Buck (6) smirks, pulling out a spear. Lyra (8) screams. Buck (6) drives the sword into her stomach. BOOM! Buck (6) isn't done yet, though .He picks up the girl's body, impaled on the spear. Thalia (2) laughs. We walk back to our room. Daenerys (13) and Sebastian (2) are talking like nothing happened between them. The loudspeaker comes on.

"It's me, President Rose again! For now, all tributes' force fields are activated. Since seven females and seven males have died, now the genders will be seperated and will be in two different arenas. Like earlier today, you'll be unconscious as the hovercraft picks you up. You'll spend the rest of the day in the top secret tribute safe place, then tomorrow you will be relocated to the new arena. Good luck, tributes!" 

The same pink mist floats into the room, and we all fall asleep.

Day Three (Females)

Mallory Percistance - District Three

After a night back in the tribute center, I'm not ready to go back to the arena. We weren't allowed to see the other tributes and we had to eat small portions of food, but it was still better than being camped out atop a mountain. We didn't get to see the fallen from yesterday, but I do distinctly remember stabbings, decapitations, and arrows being shot into people's eyes. I grabbed a bag during that horrid event and ran away with as much of my alliance as I could find. Soon after, the fog floated in and now I'm here. Now, though, we have to face our same gender until like fourteen of us are killed.

Peacekeepers enter the room I'm in and say, in a rough voice, "Mallory Percistance, come with us." I stand up, setting my beige cup of water down on the table after taking one last long sip. I follow them to a hovercraft. I have a small space in there, so I suppose the other tributes are all around me, just in different rooms. After a short ride, we touch down somewhere and Peacekeepers escort me to a room with my initials on it. My stylist is waiting inside. He gives me a hug before I have to get into the tube. These games are weird. Two bloodbaths in two days? What was Rose thinking?

The tube starts rising. I find myself blinking in amazement, my mouth open. The Cornucopia is made of solid gold, and it's shining in the sunlight. It's filled with weapons and other supplies. The overflow is thrown around in a golden wheat field, the plants rocking back and forth in the gentle wind. The sound of a river flowing is in the background. I turn around. In the arena, it's either sunup or sundown. It's hard to tell. Behind me is a large field of grass, with potential food frolicking around like deer and rabbits.

I set my sights on a sharpened axe with a coil of wire next to it. I look to my right and left, though, just to see who I may be competing with. Missy (6) is to my left and is looking around for something easy to get. The real person I'm afraid of is Thalia (2) on my right. She's looking directly at a vest of throwing knives, a smile on her face. I look up onto the clock built in to the Cornucopia. It reads ten seconds. I ready myself on my plate to run. 

The gong rings, and chaos erupts yet again. 

Jacqueline Caron - District Eleven

I leap off my silver plate and into the tall, familiar looking wheat. I've seen this type where I worked back in Eleven. I can hopefully make some kind of food out of it, but without ovens or things I don't know how I will. I run towards a navy bag on the outskirts and grab it, but an opposing force yanks it the other way. I look up to see Thalia (2) on the other end. She smiles a creepy smile and grabs a knife from the ground. I'm dodging her attempts to stab me, but then she suddenly falls down. She's not dead, just unconscious. I follow the trajectory from the metal ball in her neck to one of my allies, Lacey (6). She has a slingshot with a drawstring pouch of projectiles, I presume, on her wrist and a somewhat toned down neon green backpack over one of her shoulders. She runs to join me and I look around for my allies. Whitney (7) is running off with a bow, a forest green bag, and a snow white bag. She doesn't seem to want to go with us, so I make no effort in stopping her. 

Missy (6) is gathering one of the many bows lining the Cornucopia and a lavender bag. She looks around for me, and in that moment of vulnerability, Eevee (5) slams her meteor hammers into her legs. Missy (6) crumbles to the ground, sobbing. I whisper to Lacey (6) to find the rest of our alliance. After Eevee (5) runs off, I go to Missy (6) and scoop her up. Her ankle is bent really weirdly and I don't know if she can walk. I take her as far as our alliance can run, which is off deep into a forest. The soft grass is covered with dew and I set Missy (6) down on it. She's still crying, but has tried to calm down.

"You're alright, okay? You're alright. We can do something..." I feel confident in my answer, but at the same time I don't know if her ankle can get better.

Daenerys Kystrel - District Thirteen

I throw a knife into Saika's (8) hand. She lets out a scream and tries to pull it out, but it's gone straight through. While she's distracted, I make her fall down by throwing another knife into her leg. She yells in pain and topples onto the ground. I go up to her and am about to stab her when an arrow flies into her skull from the side. Her cannon echoes throughout the arena, possibly the first one today if the males haven't gotten a kill.

I look to the left to see Candy (1) aiming at tributes with a crossbow. "You bitch!" I yell at her. She turns around, her pink and blonde pigtails framing her teasingly smiling face. "That was my fucking kill!" She laughs and rolls her eyes, then concentrates an arrow on somebody else. I retrieve my knives from the limp body of the once beautiful Saika and aim them towards Aurora (5), who's being a sitting duck gathering food. Her bright blue hair makes her head easy to see, and I throw a knife towards it. Just at that moment, she happens to duck down to pick something up. The knife lodges in the plastic black crate, and small pieces fly up from where the curved blade displaced it. Aurora (5) notices it and jumps back in shock, which only gives me a better shot at her cranium. I throw another knife and it hits her neck, a fountain of blood spurting out of the wound. She falls down, hitting her head on the crate, then falls backwards on the field, pushing the knife all the way through her neck. If she didn't die from an artery being torn, the esophagus being punctured must have. I walk up to her, and sure enough, she's drowning in a crimson liquid that's escaping through her neck. She's making gagging noises. Her cannon goes off in a matter of seconds.

I run back to the Cornucopia to get more knives. When I arrive, I notice that one girl who was having a relationship with that one dude... Oh right! Her name's Eevee (5). She should join us. I sneak up behind her and put a knife to her pale, exposed throat. 

"Join us or I slash it." Eevee (5) bites her lip, carefully weighing the pros and cons of her predicament. She quickly nods.

"One thing though." She says.

"I'm listening." 

"I want you to keep me alive long enough to see Textil again." I roll my eyes. It's life or death and she's worried about some guy?

"Fine." I remove the curved, silver blade from her neck and she chooses a weapon.

Yet another recruit. We're still only at four, but four can be stronger than five million.

Lisbet Hanai - District Four

I'm frozen on my pedestal. I can't move; I'm too scared to find out what they might do to me. None of the tributes seem to notice me. They're all caught up in getting supplies and killing in the second Bloodbath in two days. A lot of the tributes have quickly come and gone already.

I watch as Zoey (7) sneaks around the field, the sun casting shadows of wheat on her face. She grabs a lilac backpack from the brown, dry dirt and picks up an axe with a shiny, silver blade. She examines it for a minute before running off. She's hindered in her efforts when she falls down, an axe in her leg. I find the thrower to be Eevee (5). Almost as if it was rehearsed, Daenerys (13) runs in and stabs her in the stomach. Zoey (7) pretends to lie dead. I can tell she's not because tears continue to fall down her face. The Career runs out and Zoey (7) gets up in an attempt to run away. I see her look a bit dizzy, then she falls down and her cannon goes off. If she could almost make it out, I'm sure I could too.

I run as fast as I can to the gold Cornucopia. Once I reach it, I sneak past Thalia's (2) unconscious body and lift a trident off of a shelf. I dash past Thalia (2) again and run to grab Zoey's bag. I roll her body over and yank the bag off of her. I stick the knife from her stomach in the bag too. I turn around to stand up, but to my surprise Candy (1) is standing over me, a crossbow pointed directly at the spot in between my eyes, and her finger's on the trigger. 

"You join us or you die." she demands.

I don't want to die, but I don't want to be with the Careers. I shake my head over and over again. Hopefully Candy (1) can be sympathetic... "Please... I- I wouldn't help you at all... I- I can't d-do anything," I shudder. "Just let me go. I won't be a threat, r-right?" I shrug. She just laughs.

"It was either join us or die. Clearly, you chose die." She pulls the trigger, and an explosion of pain rips through my head. I wail in pain, but it only lasts a minute. 

A bright light fills my vision and I step into it. I know I'm dead now.

And I accept it.

Robin Smoke - District Ten

I run directly to the Cornucopia and lift the black plastic lid off of a crate. I know I'm taking a risk, but the other tributes are focused on each other, and the biggest threat is unconscious. I look inside of it, hoping that it's not a bunch of foreign weapons and survival supplies I've never seen before in my life. I breathe out in relief when I see a dark gray backpack with white straps. I lift it out of the container and loop the straps around my small arms and secure it in the front. Convieniently in front of the crate is a bundle of four sharpened throwing axes. I pick it up and take one out, putting the others in my bag. Now I have some sort of defense other than my wits. 

I stand up, axe ready to throw if needed, and run out of the Bloodbath, the other tributes trickling out with supplies and weapons. I dash towards the forest surrounding the Cornucopia clearing. When I think I'm deep enough in the woods, I rest against a tree and sit down, leaning against the trunk of it. I unbuckle the front and take my bag off, and start looking through my stuff. I have a full canteen of water, a few bandages, iodine tablets, matches, and the delicious District Ten rolls. 

A rustle in the bushes to the right of my log startles me. I jump up, axe in hand. 

"It's okay! I don't want to hurt you," says Dedenne (9). I raise my axe. She puts her hands up in surrender.

"No, please!" she cries. I ignore her pleads and throw my axe towards her head. It digs deep into her skull. Her cannon fires. Her limp body falls to the dirt, and I go up to her and pull out the axe. I wipe the brain matter off and rummage through Dedenne's supplies. She has some pretty useful stuff. I pull out her beef jerky, snake bite kit, and first aid kit and put it in my bag. She also has a katana, but I don't know how to use it, so I cover it up with dirt at the bottom of the tree. 

I climb up the tree I'm in front of and find a good resting spot. I suppose I'll make my base here. I have a sip of water and relax.

Eevee Darkbloom - District Five

I walk through the bodies in the field in front of the Cornucopia to see if there are any fakers. I stab each one of them in the arm to see if any of them react. I soon reach Sharlet's (4) body, and when I stab her arm she winces. I pretend to not see her, and she gets up and starts running. I pick up an axe and throw it towards her. It hits her in the back of the leg, and she falls down. I run to her location in the field.

"I'm sorry," I say, and plunge an axe into her head. BOOM! Her cannon goes off. I walk back to the Cornucopia. Thalia (2) is recovering from being knocked out, and Candy (1) is cleaning off her bloodstained arrows. Daenerys (13) is looking around the Cornucopia.

I sit down inside the Cornucopia on a crate.

"I can't believe I didn't get to fucking kill anybody! That bitch Jacqueline's ally is going to fucking DIE!" she screams.

"Well, we're going to have to leave anyway," Candy (1) says, wiping off one of her arrows with a piece of fabric. "We could go hunting?" she suggests, shrugging.

Thalia (2) stands up."Oh, am I ready for that!" she exclaims, grabbing throwing knives and a silver bow. I grab my meteor hammer and secure five throwing axes into my belt. I fill a bag with rations and follow a laughing Thalia (2) into the woods. Candy (1) and Daenerys (13) follow behind with their weapons.

After walking for only a few minutes, we come across a camp of a bunch of girls and one of them is attempting to bandage up another's ankle. I recognize the hurt girl as the one I injured. As we're hiding in the trees. Thalia (2) steps on some kind of dry leaf, and Lacey (6) notices us. She grabs a knife and throws it towards us, giving her alliance time to pack up and run away. The knife hits Candy (1) in the upper thigh. Thalia (2) screams in rage and throws a knife directly into Lacey's (6) chest. She falls over, dead. BOOM!

"With Candy in this situation, we should go to the Cornucopia and heal her," I suggest.

Thalia (2) rolls her eyes. "Fine," she groans, and we begin walking back the way we came.

Death Charts 

First Arena

Placing Victim Day Killer # for gender
56th Zedoary Withers 1 Julius Spring 1
55th Carver Haywood 1

Aurora Starlight

54th Erik Norsemen 1 Eevee Darkbloom 2
53rd Kaua Catoose 1 Thalia Combe 3
52nd Calypso Rune 2 {Suicide} 2
51st Purity Knight 2 Whitney Grey 3
50th Edith Flametta 2 Candy Orenson 4
49th Enki Usinaus 2 Sebastian Hive 4
48th Ivora Zosimus 2 Thalia Combe 5
47th Jakub Kunnson 2 Elder Flame 5
46th Elder Flame 2 Daenerys Kystrel 6
45th Ewa Thyren 2 Isaac Blade 6
44th Furs Shiner 2 Saika Tan 7
43rd Lyra Levant 2 Buck Rockwell 7

Female Arena


Name Day Killer Method #
Saika Tan 3 Candy Orenson Arrow to skull 1
Aurora Starlight 3 Daenerys Kystrel Drowned in own blood 2
Zoey Oakley 3 Daenerys Kystrel Stabbed in stomach 3
Lisbet Hanai 3 Candy Orenson Arrow to skull 4
Dedenne Reunee 3 Robin Smoke Axe to Head 5
Sharlet Free 3 Eevee Darkbloom Axe to Head 6
Lacey Despin 3 Thalia Combe Knife to chest 7

Male Arena


How tributes get items:

Impressive kills

Trivia Questions

Important Discoveries

Ninjanerdwithmojo - 1 gift

Mistfire333 - 1 gift

Ladysi - 2 gifts

Tehblakdeath - 1 gift

Thalia Combe - 1 gift (highest score)

Julius Spring - 1 gift (impressive kill)

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