Never have I ever finished a Hunger Games fanfiction of any sort. Perhaps it was boredom. Maybe it was procrastination. But these will be different. I will finish these... 

Or I'll leave this wiki.

(cue Doctor Who theme)

The Rules

These are guidelines for both me and you, so listen up!

  1. Only THREE FINISHED TRIBUTES per user. Only one two may be Careers. This is to ensure fairness and diversity among all of the tributes and the way they are portrayed. 
  2. Links to the Hunger Games Role Playing Wiki are allowed. However, an uncropped Lunaii without a background must be uploaded here. No links to profiles. The Lunaii must be your own.
  3. I will try to the best of my ability to make these spectacular, as these may be my last Hunger Games ever. I will literally close my account and be done for. 
  4. If you complain about my writing or give me any hate not in the form of constructive criticism, your tributes will be killed and/or you will officially be banned from my Hunger Games.
  5. Be active so your tributes don't die.
  6. Reservations last three days, give or take. You can't rereserve a spot once it's run out. Also, you can only reserve one spot at a time.
  7. If you don't follow these, you will not be in these Hunger Games.
  8. Remember, if these aren't finished, I will leave. So try to motivate me or nag me to update if I haven't in a few days and I haven't given a reason why.


Name Gender Age District Weapons
Nellie Emerson F 14 C Flail
Cadence Snowfall F 16 0 Spears, Bow, Mace
M 0
Alexandrite Bohamia F 14 1 Bow, Sword, Knife
M 1
Jem Nightshade F 16 2 Throwing Knives, Knives
M 2
Seraphina Oaks F 15 3 Sword, Dagger, Fire
M 3
F 4
M 4
Zoey Proasheck F 15 5 Axes, Katana, Throwing Knives
Pompey Wattson M 18 5 Knife, Poison
F 6
Zulfikar Zambrano M 14 6 Wrench, Hammer
Reserved F ~ 7 Pippycat
M 7
Mara Lionheart F 16 8 Machete
M 8
F 9
M 9
F 10
M 10
Cyra Reed F 17 11
M 11
F 12
M 12
Artemis Moonsliver F 13 13 Bow
Radiant Tayz M 16 13 Throwing Knives, Fists, Knives
F 14
M 14


Careers: Zoey Proasheck (5)

Anti-Careers: Alexandrite Bohamia (1), Seraphina Oaks (3), Artemis Moonsliver (13)

Alone: Cadence Snowfall (0)

Undecided: Nellie Emerson (C), Jem Nightshade (2), Pompey Wattson (5), Zulfikar Zambrano (6), Mara Lionheart (8), Cyra Reed (11), Radiant Tayz (13)


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