Six factions. Ten tributes per. The Divergent Games are a combonation of the series of Divergent and the Hunger Games. Ten tributes per faction, half female, half male, are escorted to the Hub to train for the first ever Divergent games.

The Template and Info

  • There is no tribute limit!
  • O.F. is their original faction.
  • Guys. I decide the factions. Not you. K?

Try to follow!






Physical Appearance: (I would prefer if you use the Lunaii dollmaker but written descriptions are acceptable)

Strength(s): (2-4)

Weakness(es): (1-3)



Interview Angle:

Training Strategy:

Individual Training Strategy:

Bloodbath Strategy:

Games Strategy:



The Tributes

Faction Sex Age Name Weapon User Allies O.F.
Abnegation F 12 Maala Mathilda Crossbow WiressFan21 Ikaika Same
Abnegation F 16 Kiara Brazzette Spear Blue-Ribbonz ? Same
Abnegation F 15 Bailey Starshine Spears Nightlock Kryptonite Anti-Careers Candor
Abnegation M 14 Ikaika Mathilda Throwing Knives WiressFan21 Mathilda Same
Amity F 17 Fairy Luck Shurikens WiressFan21 Lyra, Ajax, Amor, Euphoria Candor
Amity F 15 Lyra Pluto Bow WiressFan21 Fairy, Ajax, Amor, Euphoria Same
Amity F 16 Euphoria Tenate Bow *Kyoni~Kara* Fairy, Lyra, Ajax, Amor Factionless*
Amity F 13 Lucia Morris Katana Xbilliex Oceania, Alexandria Dauntless
Amity F 15 Ember Tantum Combat Knife KatnissEverdeenFan Erudite/Candor Erudite
Amity M 13 Gloom Ivy Scythe Nightlock Kryptonite ? Erudite
Candor F 13 Christina Shatter Throwing Knives Nightlock Kryptonite Anti-Careers Dauntless
Candor F 12 Autumn Fall Bladed Boomerang Nightlock Kryptonite Alone Erudite
Candor F 15 Liv Seasal Trident Nightlock Kryptonite Careers Same
Candor F 16 Ebony Grenslev Bow KatnissEverdeenFan ? Erudite
Candor F 15 Amber Whitfeld Slingshot Xbilliex Alone Amity
Dauntless F 13 Amor Rune Sickle WiressFan21 Fairy, Lyra, Ajax, Euphoria Same
Dauntless F 18 Alexandria Maydon Slingshot Xbilliex Oceania, Lucia Erudite
Dauntless F 14 Katarina Seacrest Axe Xbilliex Alone Same
Dauntless F 17 Sabrina Prescott Stealth Xbilliex Alone Candor
Dauntless M 16 Buck Rockwell Spear YourFavoriteSalmon Careers Same
Dauntless M 17 Ajax "Hercules" Emerson Sword WiressFan21 Fairy, Lyra, Amor, Euphoria Erudite
Dauntless M 19 Theodore Vendetta Short Sword Nightlock Kryptonite Anti-Careers Erudite
Dauntless M 13 Trey Shields Swords Kaeghan-is-a-Tribute ? Dauntless
Erudite F 16 Oceania Seacrest Trident Xbilliex Lucia, Alexandria Abnegation
Erudite F 15 Luna Sunkin Spear Blue-Ribbonz Star Amity
Erudite F 16 Savera Hayes Bowie Knife Xbilliex Careers Dauntless
Erudite F 17 Piper Quinn Bow Nightlock Kryptonite Harley, ? Dauntless
Erudite F 16 Jinny Billtrox Traps Kaeghan-is-a-Tribute ? Same
Erudite M 14 Star Sunkin Blowgun Blue-Ribbonz Luna Amity
Erudite M 17 Emerald Opal Spear Nightlock Kryptonite Careers Dauntless
Erudite M 14 Harley Swoop Bow Nightlock Kryptonite Piper, ? Dauntless
Erudite M 17 Skeet Calloway Knives Kaeghan-is-a-Tribute ? Dauntless
Erudite M 14 Gauis Wellwood Sword Xbilliex Careers Candor
Divergent F 17 Cora Nightcaster Knives Kaeghan-is-a-Tribute ? Abnegation
Divergent F 15 Rosette Lilith Traps Blue-Ribbonz ? Amity
Divergent F 12 Brittany Glacier Blowguns Xbilliex Jeremiah Erudite
Divergent F 18 Helena Krisp Katana Nightlock Kryptonite Careers Abnegation
Divergent F 16 Ebony Grenslev Bow KatnissEverdeenFan ? Abnegation
Divergent M 17 Tenzen Astray Battle Axe Nightlock Kryptonite Careers Dauntless
Divergent M 15 Jeremiah Glacier Crossbow Xbilliex Brittany Erudite

The Factions 

I will determine factions based on their personalities and stuff.

ABNEGATION: Selflessness. They all look similar and do not stand out. 

AMITY: Friendship. Amity is about strong relationships and trying to understand each other.

CANDOR: Honest. Candors work towards being open to each other.

DAUNTLESS: Fearless. The Dauntless are daring and jump off of buildings to prove their bravery.

ERUDITE: Scholarly. The Erudite can never quench their thirst for knowledge.

DIVERGENT: More than one faction. Being Divergent can get you killed.

FACTIONLESS: Only for their prior faction. These tributes snuck into their factions.

The Games

Day One

Fairy Luck - Amity

My stylist helps me put the fuzzy, yellow and red jacket on and laces up my boots that somehow remind me of Uggs. I shiver in fear as the voice says, "One minute until the games."

"Fairy, you know you're going to win. Don't put bad thoughts in your head," she says and puts a hand on my shoulder. "Remember what your mentor said, Get a bag and a weapon and run."

"Please step into your tubes."

Kirie kisses me on the forehead and I step onto the pedestal. It rises into the arena. I notice a huge drop of temperature as I go up, and I move my hair in front of my ears to keep them warm. I stick my hands in my pockets. When I finally see the arena, in front of me is ice for the floor. A solid sheet of ice, I hope. In front of me is a structure of ice, the Cornucopia. To my left is a Candor with blue hair. I think her name's Christina. A projection on the Cornucopia signifies that there's ten seconds left. I spy a blowgun and shurikens atop a pink bag. 

The gong rings and I am the first to step foot on the ice without slipping. I'm going pretty slowly, but I'm keeping my balance and that's the only thing that matters. I grab the shurikens first and then the bag, letting the blowgun fall to the ice. I grab a nearby blanket and a pair of gloves then sprint towards a mountain. I hear somebody yell, "WAIT!" I turn around. Amor (Da) is behind me with Euphoria (Am), Ajax (Da), and Lyra (Am). They all have supplies and we sprint towards a hut on the mountains.

Katarina Seacrest - Dauntless

I glide across the ice to the Cornucopia. There isn't much of a danger since the Careers and the other tributes are trying to just keep their balance. I grab a bag and an axe then start working away at a crate. I pick up my sharpened weapon and strike the lock with it. It comes undone and I grab things I might need in a tricky situation when my weaknesses form the environment. I grab some Amity bread and Dauntless cake. I don't know what they'll do, but I can give them to people when I need to make a quick "alliance." The other tributes are just now getting a hang of walking on the ice. Just to assist me more, I grab two blades and run off towards a village.

A throwing knife whizzes by my head and nicks my ear (page 164, anyone?). I turn around and see Theodore (Da), a tribute from my own faction, with his hand in a following through position. He grabs his short sword and starts chasing me. Since I'm further ahead and can move faster on this surface, I cut out a circle of ice not visible from his viewpoint. I get back up and begin to advance towards the sign that says, "Arendelle."

Soon, I hear a CRUNCH! Being bigger might be good in some cases, but not on thin ice it's not. Theodore (Da) begins to flail around in the ice. Only seconds- well maybe like ten- have passed and I've already gotten a tribute hypothermia if he doesn't die. Might as well kill him now, though. I grab something in my bag, a bladed boomerang, and chuck it towards his head. It hits him in the neck. It returns and I see him bleed out. BOOM! First kill! Yes! I keep gliding towards a house.

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