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  • Mistfire333

    This wiki is dead, and it kinda bothers me.But by dead, I mean the community. The wiki is gonna be here to do it's job whenever some kid has to do a Battle of the Books for their middle school book club or whatever, or if someone needs to do some trivia at some casual party to prove a friend wrong. And sure, maybe all the familiar faces relocated and I'm in the wrong place, I'm gonna double check the RP wiki once I'm done writing this anyways.

    But all I see here is basic promotional content for the DVD being released thats gonna attract some people who wanna cash in on collector's items, but once that's over... this is all gonna be in the recordbooks. The Hunger Games Wiki's COMMUNITY was fun while it lasted, and I'm happy to have been here…

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  • Mistfire333

    Hunger Games Readings

    August 15, 2015 by Mistfire333

    Well, I think I've made my decision and played out my schedule for the games readings

    First will be the 325th, because it sets up the groundwork for most of Luke's games since then. To hop up to the 399th would be too confusing for other readers because there's still some characters that they aren't aware of or don't understand their purpose.

    Then, I will read my comeback games. Mainly because they would be done by the time the 325th games project is done, and to give an intermission of sorts.

    After this, my focus will be turned towards the 327th games. I will be skipping the 326th because on youtube (and honestly within my self-conscious), it would not be well-received to have such unrealistic characters and youtube characters in general par…

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  • Mistfire333

    I need some help

    August 12, 2015 by Mistfire333

    So soon, I will be doing voice readings of specific hunger games that are written by our community. And, to make this effectively a good start, I was thinking of my first reading be one of the following:

    LightStone's 325th Hunger Games

    Any of SuperTomato's games

    Annamisasa's 102nd games 

    MyWorld's The New Hunger Games 2: The Death Games

    Tehblakdeath's The War Games


    Pick from a games I've written!

    Vote in the comments!


    So I've decided on doing a LightStone games for my first reading. Now the question is, which games?

    Also I still need input on wether or not I should narrate it alone or have voice actors

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  • Mistfire333

    What I'm NOT ok with

    August 11, 2015 by Mistfire333

    Hello everyone! I am here to give a talk about something I feel needs to be said on this wiki and the RP wiki. And that is; The use of rape as a plot device needs to stop.

    It doesn't matter if it's used seriously or not. All it does is give "shock value" to the reader and force sympathy onto them, hopefully aiming to motivate the writer of a games to "think twice" before killing off your tribute. There's nothing wrong with tragic stories, but it's a mistake that such a serious topic is used to up your advantage in a ficitonal story. It's offensive to readers who could potentially be victims of rape, it's offensive to people who try to steer away from the topic in general because it disturbs them. It can get really graphic in some backstories…

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  • Mistfire333

    So I'm back (as explained in my other blog post)

    And here's a games to celebrate. Simple 24 format, no extra districts or anything. However, I will ask you guys to follow the template as best as you can! And please, no extra info aside from what's in the template






    Backstory: (Summarize it in a way that can be easily recalled. If you want to know if it's effective or not, picture me saying "Oh right, the tribute who lost his dog to a cowboy" or just remembering key parts about your tribute's history)

    Personality: (Phrase this in a way that lets me know how I should portray your tribute)

    Appearance: Just an easy, well explained summary will do. As always, visuals help but are not needed


    Role: Protagonist, …

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