Yeah I'm coming back fully. Summer is the open door for wether or not I make a comeback... So yeah. Expect to see my little killer chirren running around like crazy in the games again.

And judging how my Mind Games was cancelled, well all I'll say is that the genius who made the electromagnet weapon strategy was gonna win so yeh. Sorry I sucked at updating. Regarding the topic of games also, I probably won't write a games so frequently anymore. It'll probably be a quick, rare, annual event for y'all and it'll be a classic games. Unless there's a reason for it to not be as such. So for starters, I WILL be making a "return games" sometime around August, with a new mechanic for effective writing.

Also, out of the insane mass of my tributes, I'll only use my main tributes (Mist, Shade, Frade, Kodai, Banette, and fan favorites) and some of the most recent tributes I've made. This will simplify the storm in my head that brews every time I start a games and it'll make the job easier for me when the time comes for an updated tribute list.

And for non HG-Fan Fic games projects, I'll probably do readings of the games I enter. So idk, that'll probably give reason to motivate the writers to do a good job of writing. No pressure though!

Lastly, to foreshadow a possible issue, I'll be crawling out of the mud here, so it'll be a relatively slow return but be assured that I'll be back. Pleasure try to understand and not overwhelm me!!

So yeah. I'm looking forward to familiar faces and new friends on the wiki! See you in the arena! Or.. wherever..

Just stay out of trouble mmk?

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