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Hiatus ;w;

Hello my fellow hunger games fanatics. It is I, Mist notifying you that I shall not be active for a bit on the wiki. I won't forget about you guys once finals week is over, but as I just stated:


Following finals week, I start a trimester full of coding and javascript classes and I can't afford to distract myself at the beginning of the next trimester, not as a freshman I can't. I ask od you to hopefully understand this and to notify the others about my inability to participate much in fanmade hunger games, or as I call them "Fantasy Games" since they resemble fantasy football in a way.

I also need your help advising my tributes during this time, I have placed links of important games I need your help giving my tributes rather effective advice in (Normally about a paragraph and a half). Please help me out while I'm gone, and I'll take over again upon my return around winter break. Thanks!

The games I'm in that I need advice in, STAT (Berry will ask when she needs advice)

If I forgot other games I'm currently in, well then I hope you can help me out in those too. For now, this is goodbye my friends! See you during winter break!

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