Well, I think I've made my decision and played out my schedule for the games readings

First will be the 325th, because it sets up the groundwork for most of Luke's games since then. To hop up to the 399th would be too confusing for other readers because there's still some characters that they aren't aware of or don't understand their purpose.

Then, I will read my comeback games. Mainly because they would be done by the time the 325th games project is done, and to give an intermission of sorts.

After this, my focus will be turned towards the 327th games. I will be skipping the 326th because on youtube (and honestly within my self-conscious), it would not be well-received to have such unrealistic characters and youtube characters in general participate in what's being portrayed as a serious series. I made those tributes (the hellraisers), so I kinda get the notion. That and Mondo might slap a copyright claim and take the video down just because I used Flippy.

After the 327th, I will read another games for the sake of intermission, which I am not sure which one it will be yet. I'm thinking of a classic, relatively well made games with no need for a complex story.

And as far as this year (and maybe part of next year) goes, I will finalize the first "season" of these games readings with consecutive readings of the 398th, 399th, and by then long finished 400th hunger games.

I don't expect this to turn into a phenomenon, but I feel like it's a fun treat for the hunger games fanbase and helps recognize the skilled literative abilities some users have here. And who knows, maybe it'll start something!

I reccommend that you follow this topic for updates on my plans!

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