For the time this week a featured blog post is just an argument. I mean SERIOUSLY, if someone decides to visit our wiki to see wether or not it's a good community, that's what they'll see.

"Teehee you're all nerds! SORRY, MY BRO SAID THAT"

"Why is everyone so disrespectful to my opinions?! LOL get over it 'x'"

My cousin was pointing these out as she was checking out the wiki and asked:"Why is everyone arguing?". I replied with "What?!" and said that once more when I stumbled upon another blog post like that!

Sure, you might say I'm not helping or that it's just a few arguments, but to someone who wants to join a good wiki, it won't help. So, simply put, STOP WITH THESE BLOG POSTS. I am aware that blogs are like diary entries, but Jebus CRUST people, they're not places to write angry letters or to disrespect other users!

Just.. Stop with these alright? Stop.


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