Lemme Explain This Thing

Very well, you are all most likely wondering what this is after reading the title. This is like a daily blog for Mist Scorchil, my "head tribute" and it will be a PoV ranging from a simple day in his life as he interacts with the other tributes up to maybe the reapings and him watching the games. All the other tributes will exist in this story, so even tributes like Travis, who is from a career district, will all live in District 7 to serve as character in this story/blog. Anyway, I hope this could be something to look forward to on the website and well.. Lets start!

August 24, 2113

Well, today was my birthday. Just another birthday which also means another name in the jar, which I feel is a SERIOUS dick move. I mean, based off what my granfather told me birthdays were looked forward to before the games. You would have a big party and everyone would at least ACT nice to you that day. But now, its just a cake with a theme and a few candles. They see a growing boy, I see the Capitol laughing at me as they put a note under my name: Add another name into the jar.

After we had cake, I put on my coat over the purple t-shirt I cherish so much. I sigh a bit as I walk out the door and I breathe in the sweet smell of trees. I love my district. I live in the part that was once known as "Oregon" and "Washington". Yeah, we're poor but I feel like we're the classier and artistic kind of poor. I start walking down the block, looking up at the trees. I imagine being an assassin, a member of the brotherhood. Climbing up trees and killing templars and anyone who dares bend the flow of right and wrong. Running across rooftops and being a hero in the eyes of many. But I shouldn't dream too much, the reapings are the only thing standing between me and my dream.

I eventually find myself at Shade's house. Of course, there is blood at his brother Frade's window. Frade and I know each other well actually. We grew up together, but that only served to prove that Frade is a menace to my beliefs. He's satanic, and he is always drawing.. THINGS. Now, I'm not very religious but when it comes to Frade, I know that God's gonna turn his ass into grass. Shade however, he took me under his wing after I got reaped. Someone volunteered for me that time, but he never came back. I realized that if he died, it could have been me instead, but Shade started training me after the games to ensure that if that day came I would make it out or stand a chance.

I knock on his door and the door creaks open. I know the routine.

I stand back a few inches before Frade kicks the door open and he says the well-known quote; "Yo Shade, it's the lucky fucking lady!". I wish he would get reaped and die a horrible death.

I then see Shade put Frade in a headlock and run over to the corner where he tosses him into the wall. He walks out and closes the door, and I'm still able to hear Frade laugh like he hit his funnybone. I see Shade, his long black hair with red outlines waving as he turns back around. The green and purple heterochromia never get old as they glow in the darkness of his apartment complex's hallway. "Happy Birthday Mist, how is another name in the jar going for you?". I gently punch his arm, "Shut up, smartass" I say as I laugh.

We head over to the plaza in our district. There we just sit near the fountain and talk a bit more about the games and about our families. We then reach the oh so common topic: The sinning lolita, Duskus Sinrood. "Mist, what do you think happened with nature to all of a sudden do something like that to her?" Shade asked, looking off into the distance with a slightly puzzled look. I stay silent, thinking to myself before I reply:

He's right... Duskus is the only living thing that I know who went through that. If her sins caused that, how come the capitol hasn't experienced the same? One can only wonder...

"Shade, that's the reason why I slightly believe in god. If nature can't explain it, something else has to. How else do you think this shit happens. How else do you think that a weakling wins the games against monsters standing right in front of them?". Shade is still looking off in the distance and sighs a bit as he shrugs, then shakes his head a bit. "All I know is that its just her eyes, besides that she's the same."

Character Story: Duskus Sinrood

If you're wondering, Duskus is a girl a year younger than me. She looks like a 9-year old despite being 13 but besides that she's damn cute. However, the only thing that holds anyone back is her eyes. It happened around the time she was 10. She normally hung out around us at the plaza every day, but one day she didn't show up. Worried, I went to her house and knocked on the door, only to have her mother open the door and say some rather vulgar and hilarious things as she told me to leave. Me being a curious little bastard back then, I climbed up the trees around her cabin and looked in her window. She was just sitting there, looking in the mirror. Hell, I didn't know what was going on so I knocked on the window, which she jumped and looked at in a split second.

Her eyes were pure black. Except the pupils, they were white. She looked like a demon waiting to happen to be VERY honest. She just ran up with frustrated tears in her eyes and shut the blinds. I was shocked at what I saw, and I climbed back down with the same look on my face. I stayed quiet about it but everyone found out the day school started back up. She was bent on wearing sunglasses every day until a dick named Travis stole them for himself due to his obsession with sunglasses. Her eyes were revealed and everyone saw it. Some laughed, some teased, some were afraid and my little posse was shocked. Eventually, Gamzee went up to her and took her to the lacrosse field where he comforted her.

The next day, Duskus came back, with pride but shy at the same time. How can you be proud and shy at the same time? Ask her.

Later that day...

Shade and I finished talking a bit more about Duskus and went on our way. As I walked past the shops in the style of a medieval castle's streets, the sunset began to glow red all over the ground. I put the cuffs of my jacket up and started walking. After a few blocks, I noticed a figure following me. It was odd, mainly because I couldn't imagine who would want to follow me. I turned around completely but when I did, the figure ran into an alleyway. Or should I say... floated?! Ugh, I know I ate something bad when I see shit like this.

I keep walking and approach the neighborhood where I live, when suddenly someone tackles me. I wrestle this person off my back and flip around to confront this bastard, my fist clenched and ready to strike when suddenly I hear the familiar voice: "Aw come ON Miiiist. You should get used to this!". She's right, I do have to get used to this crap. Speak of the devil, it was Duskus, and as I stood up she held onto me like a little sister asking for a toy.

I sigh a bit as she trails behind me, her white scarf waving behind her. She loves dressing like a hipster, which is fitting for a place like the Ex-Oregon, or as I call it "Exregon" area. "So how was your day? You get any presents?". I sigh again, her innocence makes her a bit dull sometimes. "Yeah, against my will." I act like a gamemaker writing my name and putting it in a jar. "There we have Mist Scorchil in the jar yet again!" I mock as I hunch a bit in disappointment. I stop as soon as I notice Duskus stop, I turn around and see her looking up at the moon with a smile. It reflects in her eyes like a second pupil.

"Mist, I've been wanting to ask you. If I were to be reaped one day... would you volunteer to come with me?", She looks at me with a melancholy look on her face. This question stumped me, I always have an answer but... this is too close to home. I escaped death after someone volunteered for me, and now Duskus is asking me if I would do the same to join her in our potential deaths...

"I... I don't... It depends..." I reply, stepping a bit closer to her. She turns the melancholy smile into a gentle frown as she looks down at the ground. "Oh.." she replies. Thats all she says and we just stand there for a while, me feeling awkward and Duskus feeling.. well, sad. I feel like shit, I want to be a hero to everyone but when I try to be honest it does the opposite. I just walk over and hug her. This is how I end my day, but as I let go and say our goodbyes I notice the figure from before looming over near the abandoned part of town, a second one standing next to it with something dripping off of it. Like.. its in its own gravitational pull.

What I hate is that for a birthday, weird crap like this is normal.

August 26th, 2113

The reason I didn't post anything yesterday is because some weird shit went down.

So, Kodai and I were chilling outside his lakeside cabin when suddenly some black stuff was bobbing around on the shore. Kodai, as curious as he is, went over and poked at it. Suddenly, it jumped out of the water and flew back across the lake, and Kodai gave chase as best as he could. Eventually, he and I found ourselves back near the abandoned part of the district, what used to be known as "Hillsboro". There, we found a figure so odd... so.. familiar. Kodai jumped at it and bit it's arm, spitting out what he later claimed to be graphite. The thing melted and slid into a sewer pipe that fed into the lake. Kodai had a tantrum and viciously kicked at a tree until he was completely done. He later suggested going to go get pinapples, but after the day I met him I don't think I'll ever be in the mood for them again.

Character Story: Kodai Hitogoroshi

Kodai, as you could tell, is very unstable. I knew him since I was 10 but everyone else knew him since the day they could remember things in the first place. As a kid he was a toublemaker, drawing on the teacher's notes and doing the typical "broken crayon" act. He often talked to random kids claiming to know their odds of winning, even though nobody bought this crap. That is, until he predicted a kid's placing and death in the games without trying.

Kodai likes hunting, especially since he lives near the woods and the lake. A fan of big, fierce beasts he started molding his teeth to look like fangs that he later used to hunt. He also gained an affinity to biting things, which explained his need to try and bite the figure from earlier before. Kodai can be very oblivious to things but... lets just say that if he were to be reaped there are no chances he wouldn't get a kill before he dies. His insanity also makes him slightly oblivious to different types of pain, since he focuses his nerves on strength and not falling back.

Kodai scares me... but at the same tikme he makes a good companion... I'm often reconsidering how I should treat him nowadays.

Back to what I did today

Well, today wasn't eventful at all in contradiciton to yesterday. I just hung out at home and since my mom is a serious hunger games freak I just dug up old games she bought and watched them. Only the highlights were shown but based off what I could see, even though we lose a lot we all die in combat. This makes me confident in my skills, if I get reaped again I might win. I can dodge well from helping my dad cut down trees and dodging them as they fall. Trust me, as slow as it looks when a tree falls you only have a fraction of a second until the bark is kissing your nose.

I then jumped to the first quell. Twice as many tributes... the 7 tributes all formed an alliance based off what I saw. The leader got a few kills until he got taken out by a trap, and the remaining members got a severe beatdown by the eventual victor from 2.

I hate the careers, all they do is do the same stuff over and over again. I'm sure that the first batch when the games started had heart, but now its just show. If I had the chance, I'd make a group to kill them off, put them out of their misery. Cut the strings that the Capitol put on them. They're the puppets and we're the props, thats what I see whenever I hear the name. But I promise, when the time comes I'm going to be the one to stop that, I'll ruin the Capitol's fun and put them in their place. Meatheads, mean girls, steroid-loaded sons of bitches. I despise them enough to kill them.

Hmph.. I guess I DO fit in with the games after all, I want to kill the enemies. But not because I want to see blood, nope. Its because I want to see the rest of my life ahead of me. Why let some ungrateful pricks win? If I'm going to die, its because the victor deserves it, not because the victor needs to. I'm going to change the games if I'm in them, I know I will. The tributes aren't my enemies, death is. Careers can stab me all they want, I don't die until my heart stops beating. Screw having my guts pulled out or my head getting cut in half, I'm going to fight until it stops beating.

The careers however, they're already dead. Cato was right. Why are they already dead? Because they have no hearts, they're just empty shells trained to kill. Me on the other hand, I do. I have feelings, I have remorse, I am human.

...Its settled. When the games come, I'm volunteering. I won't get my point across unless I fight or win. Maybe both. But nobody will listen to me until I get the spotlight.

Watch out Panem, the games are going to have a new face.

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