So I'm back (as explained in my other blog post)

And here's a games to celebrate. Simple 24 format, no extra districts or anything. However, I will ask you guys to follow the template as best as you can! And please, no extra info aside from what's in the template







Backstory: (Summarize it in a way that can be easily recalled. If you want to know if it's effective or not, picture me saying "Oh right, the tribute who lost his dog to a cowboy" or just remembering key parts about your tribute's history)

Personality: (Phrase this in a way that lets me know how I should portray your tribute)

Appearance: Just an easy, well explained summary will do. As always, visuals help but are not needed


Role: Protagonist, Antagonist, Neutral, or Any?


Aight kids. If y'all wanna have fun and don't wanna get hurt (emotionally) during the games, rally up and listen up.

1. No stealing tributes

2. No causing disruptions in the comments or insulting other users

3. This is a work of fiction, but realistic fiction. Do not send me tributes with excessively fictional backstories or qualities. Having weird hair or cosmetic changes is a-ok, just as long as it's not from some super tragic accident or something like that. Creepypastas have worn me out from that crap and I ain't having that shizzle

4. Do not counteract EVERYTHING someone writes about in advice, this only makes writing the days harder for me and it's very frustrating for people who actually spend time plotting their advice. Imagine writing a novel for your tributes advice, with specific plans and everything, only to have it be counteracted with "Don't go here, here, and here. Also don't do this and that". It's not fun.

I will be the judge if advice counters are excessive or not.

5. Do not blame me for favoritism just because a user has a certain tribute. After all, a winning tribute is a well made tribute who the user shows they really have support for, and hence means that of course my "favorite" will win. That's the point here people, make your tribute my favorite by the end of each day and they'll probably last longer

6. No reservations. I'm making a wobbly return and I can't keep up with reservation day limits. First come, first serve.

7. To expand on that, please do me the favor of actually observing the sign ups and comments. I hate having to deal with two D5 Females or seven D2 Males.

8. There is no real sponsor system here, you can only send a total of three items throughout the whole games. This games currently excludes (does not allow, for those who don't know what "excludes" means)

  • Max Restore (Mega Healing whatever)
  • Firearms
  • Any armor resistant to non-firearm weapons
  • Excessively high-tech stuff (Personal Tribute Trackers, Night Vision Goggles, so on..)
  • Compact forms of transportation

9. Any severe forms of rule breaking will be penalized with the appropriate amount of punishment going toward your tribute(s). If you opt out of the games, please do not do so by breaking the rules. I will find an appropriate way to kill off your tribute(s) on the corresponding day(s) should you simply just notify me.

Arena: Sherwood, OR (Post-Evac)

Comeback Games

The arena for these games, I suggest you save this picture for future reference and use

Over the years, Sherwood has grown into a thriving small town. Businesess have been expanding here, and the communtiy is overall welcoming. The downside however, is that under executive orders, the town, alongside all of the west coast, has been evacuated after bomb threats from foreign countries. The attack was later put into effect, and the town was destroyed. Today, Panem has reconstructed the town in unoccupied parts of District 7, and turned it into an arena. Sherwood's average size allows for a perfect arena radius.

The town's major landmarks are:

  • The High School
  • The Forest
  • The Park(s)
  • The Shopping Center
  • The Neighborhoods
  • The Highway
  • The Farmland

The three key places will be described below.

The High School

The High School features the typical set up of an American high school. Upon entering the front doors, the first hallway will lead directly to the cafeteria, the west wing, the lower southwest wing, the gym, the auditorium, and the band rooms. Going right from the main area near the entrance will take you to the east wing, the second floor of the east wing, the kitchen, and farther down the hallway is the wood/metal shop, and the east door to the gym. There is a second floor to the southeastern wing, which only takes you to the smaller gym. A general concept of the school's floor plan can be found upon searching for the high school online

Facts to know:

  • The doors automatically lock between 4:00 PM and 7:00 AM
  • Upon being automatically locked, the can only be opened from inside
  • Sneaky, hidey tributes will fare well here.
  • Personal hazards are: Falling off the second floor.
  • Risk of death is average here.

The Forest

A typical stage for tribute survival. The forest has a low-average wildlife population and covers the bottom/upper left area. Searching for the town online can provide satellite images. Typical forest-y stuff goes down here like any other games. A clearing in the mountainous forest will be the site of the cornucopia.

Facts to know:

  • The Forest will be the spawning area for mutts
  • The rivers in the forest have water that needs to be boiled before drinking. You can opt to have your tribute drink it without boiling it first, upon which I will choose a side effect
  • The wood from the trees are good for wood craft, and if someone can gain access to the high school, it can be very beneficial to those who can put the wood/metal shop to good use.
  • Personal hazards are: Falling off a tree, impaling yourself on something, mutt attacks, and falling trees.
  • Risk of death is a bit above average here.

The Neighborhoods

The neighborhoods are typically functioning houses. Despite the normal function of the homes, they do not have their own locks and not all of them have food. Burgular Mutts from the forest will roam the areas at night, giving tributes a reason to make their own security system regardless of it being a mutt or a tribute attempting to break in. Otherwise, the neighborhoods are typical.

Facts to know:

  • Burgular Mutts are just like humans in terms of how vulnerable they are.
  • Burgular Mutts will only steal key items, and will only attack if provoked. Upon fighting, the Burgular Mutts are quite experienced.
  • The water supply in the homes is limited, same goes for whatever is in the fridge
  • Personal hazards are: Falling off a second floor.
  • Risk of death is average, low if someone is able to barricade themselves well.

Sign Ups

District/Gender/Role Name Age Weapon/Gimmick
1M (-?) Glacier Frost 17 Nunchucks/Smart and silent assassin
1F (-) Bronte Artemus 17 Bow/Twisted killing monster
2M(+-) Kharjo Derkeethus 18 Claws/Trustworthy and clever cool cat.
2F (+--) Valentina Parr 17 Daggers/Seducting, drunken, but talented killer
3M (-) Caspian Mahoney 17 Sword/Immature on the outside, but a creepy killer on the inside
3F (+) Alodia Keene 14 Machete or Sword/Loyal, chaotic, and stubborn ally
4M (+) Brenden Ryder 18 Trident or Dagger/Funny tough guy
4F (+-) Christine Mylls 15 Sword(s)/Vicious, violent, combat centered yet potentially nice person. Chaotic in a way
5M (+) Wheeler Light 12 Blowdarts and Slingshots/Adventurous and mischevious pure hearted kid
5F (+) Amy Light 12 Dagger/Resourceful yet innocent young kid
6M (+) Harmon Alastar 15 Machete/Easy going "tough guy"
6F(+?) Morina Patrickson 16 Blowgun/Mysterious, manupilative loner
7M (+) Rodeo Baldios 16 Gavel/Justice
7F (+-) Willow Windrunner 16 Throwing Knives and Axe/Unsocial "ghost whisperer"

8M (+-)

Apio Atsu 17 Kunai, Throwing Knives/Changed, once negative young man who people haven't acknowledged as such
8F (-) Mina Limestone 18 Dagger/Vicious and violent girl who's more than just a career girl
9M (+) Lofton Gifford 16 Sickle/Friendly loyal lazy kid
9F (+) Hazel Maize 14 Sickle, Bow/Sweet, social, but stubborn.
10M (-) Yuri Harris 15 Sickle, Water(!)/Secret pyscho who gets off to drowining people
10F (+-) "The Phoenix" 17 Traps/Unforgiving, isolated, damaged girl
11M (-) Garth Stormcloak 17 Khopesh, Whip/Racist dude who wants to get revenge on his workers who celebrated his impending doom
11F (-) Luna Tick 18 Sickle/Self-taught forest-trained psycho
12M (+-) Justice Reigns 17 Sword/Introverted, well-spirited guy
12F (+-) Robin Smoke 12 Dagger/Inspired young competitor who's otherwise a normal 12 year old

Role Key:

(+) = Protagonist

(-) = Antagonist

(+-) = Neutral

A = Any (May vary during games)



Careers: Bronte Artemis (D1F), Valentina Parr (D2F), Christine Mylls (D4F), Brenden Ryder (D4M)

Anti-Careers (Ayyy): Hazel Maize (D9F)

Alliance 1: Harmon Alastar (D6M), Morina Patrickson (D6F), Kharjo Derkeethus (D2M)

Alliance 2: Alodia Keene (D3F), Robin Smoke (D12F), Justice Reigns (D12M), Apio Atsu (D8M)

Beautiful Cinnamon Rolls Too Good For This World, Too Pure: Amy Light (D5F), Wheeler Light (D5M)

Psycho Party: Caspian Mahoney (D3M), Mina Limestone (D8F), Yuri Harris (D10M)

Totes Alone Yo: Willow Windrunner (D7F), "The Phoenix" (D10F), Luna Tick (D11F), Garth Stormcloak (D11M), Glacier Frost (D1M)


Capitol (President's POV)

As I awaken, I give a slight sigh. Another games, another row of deaths. For so long, my predescessors have given life to the locomotive that is known as the hunger games, a battle to the death among 24 children between the ages of 12 and 18 until one stands. The public has enjoyed it in the capitol, an annual celebration of Panem's dark past... but I, being the president of all things, dislike it.

You see.. I have a dark past that nobody is aware about. The games have taken the lives of people I've grown to care about, tributes I bond with have died never knowing the truth that I am on their side. But I cannot speak out against the games, the outcry would be severe. Panem would topple once more, the system would be overthrown. I must comform because it's for the best, otherwise 23 lives will not be sacrificed, but much, much more. Many people, innocents especially, will fall victim to the pampered bloodthirst that the capitol has. The people are the monsters, not the government. You know the phrase "The people should not fear it's government?"

It's not the government that should be feared. One year without a games, and blood will stain the streets. The districts are the true heroes, while the people of the Capitol, in fact, are the monsters. Do you really think an old man and his right hand men care about such a disgusting "sport"? No. It's the people, and the government must serve it's people.. or else..

The sacrifice of the children is worth having. Until there is a way, I must keep a plastic grin on my face, and fake joy from seeing the blood being shed from these children. I must wait until I can see the crack, I need to rebel against the nation I swore to develop

I must do it for them.

District 1 Reaping (Bronte Artemus)

"Hurry UP idiot!" I say to myself, almost stumbling onto the floor as I try to put on one of my shoes. Today's the day, the reaping day. The day I send myself off to shed blood, the day I put myself to the test. I've waited long and hard for this day, and my training has built up to the very moments where I feel the weak, cold breath escape my victims. I put on my denim coat and walk out into the streets, where the ant-like colony of District 1 churns as the children get deposited into the plaza. Some are cowards about it, especially a little girl who's begs please me. The idiot doesn't realize that's she's luxky to be in a career district. Me, and many others on the other hand, just walk in and wave goodbye to our parents or friends as if it was a school day.

Well, actually I can exclude myself from that too. I don't need friends, and I don't really have a parental prescence in my life. I've raised myself ever since I killed that weakling. The look on her eyes, frozen like I was staring into the glassy casing surrounding an infinite abyss... Priceless. Attending her funeral firsthand... priceless. The fact that as her ugly brat face is rotting away with the same look in her eyes, with maggots squirming around in the little brains she had in her thick skull... priceless.

I somewhat fantasize about reliving the moment as I get bumped into place, when feedback from the microphone wakes me up. "Hello, District 1" says the mayor, who looks just as fat as ever. "Since there's no need to introduce anything, let's just see who wants to go represent us alright?". I also forgot that this fatass acts like every day is casual Friday. But I'm content with how frank he is, so I lie in wait, preparing my pounce of a roar. "Which one of the boys wants to go?"

I yell "ME!", and I'm greeted with snorting and laughter exploding out of everyone's shut mouths. "SHUT UP," I yell, "YOU CAN ALL GO TO HELL BEFORE ME IF I COULD MAKE IT THAT WAY". My self-questioning statement of "If I could" seems to make them laugh even harder. But to prove my point, I find the prettiest bitch in the crowd in the blink of an eye, and I snap her neck. Nothing to kill her, but she probably won't fare well if she still ended up in the games. The laughter gets sucked back into everyone's lungs as gasps emerge in their place. I grin and look at the stage, wide eyed and amused at my actions. I see that during the ruckus, a boy allowed himself to go up onstage. "Isn't he gonna introduce himself?" I bark.

"I said, Glacier Frost" he replies sternly into the microphone. The kid's got some sass. But it makes me wonder if sass is the only thing he has for a pair of balls. I'd wanna get to know this kid...

"Well if you're up there, I'm going up too." I announce. As if they were begging for me to leave out of respect more than fear, a path to the stage steps is made within the sea of tributes, and I'm the Moses moving them apart. Upon passing the mic, I casually take the microphone and say my name. "It's Bronte Artemus, if you were wondering"

And before I take my leave, I remembered the girl.

"Oh, and you're welcome, dollface. This could have been your broken neck standing on the stage for all I care."

District 2 Reaping (Kharjo Derkeethus)

(No offense Blake but 3rd person self-referencing is killing me, I'm narrating this)

Upon awakening, Kharjo sniffs the air to realize that it is not filled with the typical smell of District 2. There is bloodthirst instead, a bloodthirst that intrigues him. The curious person he is, he finished dressing himself in the other missing half of his normal garments, and mixes into the crowd. He sees the faces of the other boys, and the girls. Both sharing the same, confident looks of wanting to cause pain. The emotions unsettled him, he was not used to such a mood.

After losing interest in the crowd, he turned to retreat back to his dwelling. But the firm grasp of a peacekeeper stopped him. "Unhand Kharjo!" He exclaims, in which the peacekeeper bobs his head as he snorts at the remark, and says 'Get back in line". This was bad, Kharjo was not sure of what was going to happen to him, he wasn't sure if he was going to be arrested, or if he was going to have a worse fate. But he kept his cool as the crowd finally settled.

"Welcome, District 2. Today, the gamemaker has issued a special request towards how you brats are so impatient. Today, reapings will be reapings. No voluntee-"

The mayor was cut off by a high heel thrown at his face.

"Who threw that heel? I demand that they claim responsibility or else the tapes for the reapings will reveal who gets their penalty!"

"A volunteer, you nut" replies a female voice. Kharjo just realizes the significance of the girl's behavior and snickers to himself. The girl steps up, graceful long hair behind her. A red dress, and of course half barefoot due to her assault towards the mayor. The gasps are generous from the crowd as the realization settles in, "Let me guess", says the mayor, "You're from a rich family and you're here to show that you're not a pampered little bi-". And the other heel finds it's way to the mayor's lip.

The mayor quiets down, tending a now bleeding upper lip, and motions for a peacekeeper to take over. Kharjo recognizes the man as the one who dragged him in. and watches him. "Now, your REAPED, male tribute, for these games will be..."

The peacekeeper scans his eyes across the crowd until his eyes lock with Kharjo. "What's your name son?" he asks with a strange tone. "Kharjo Derkeethus!" Kharjo replies proudly, hoping to impose authority over the man who had mistreated him. The peacekeeper grins in a way that would disgust even the worse con man, "Kharjo Derkeethus is your male tribute!" he says into the mic. Kharjo is confused, and walks towards the peacekeeper demanding that he is given explanations as to what he's involved in.

"Just get up here, and you'll be told everything."

Kharjo naively obliges, but approaches with caution. The peacekeeper looks up at Kharjo, and then says to the crowd "You are all dismissed"

"Follow me", the peacekeeper says to the pair of tributes. As Kharjo enters the waiting room, he can hear the mayor muttering about his split lip.

"What the hell kind of heels was she wearing.."

District 3 Reaping (Alodia Keene)

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