Hellos! I'm Mist like you all know, but if you don't know me or do but want to know more about me, ask me questions and I'll answer them in the blog!

Simple as that, start asking my children!

Why did you pick your username? (Survivorpanda)

I picked my suername out of  the sake of having a cool minecraft username. I always thought it'd be cool to have a logo for myself that involved a blue flame with mist rising from the flames in place of smoke. That and it describes me a lot too, once you first meet me I'm a cool, level headed and chill person like the mist, but when provoked I become as emotionally and verbally brutal and destructive like fire.

Will you lick Charlie's 4 inch snake? (RainbowShifter)

It depends, does the snake taste like a gummy snake?

If you could choose to be a user for a day, who would it be? (Tehblakdeath)

I would either be Kekai or Anna. Those two are big players in the RP and if it can't be them, I'd pick Emma.

Where do you get the ideas for all of your AWESOME tributes? (Aspen7783)

Well it depends on my current interests at that time or what mood and mindset I'm in. Like for example, maybe I imagine a tribute who's suicidal but at the same time he tries to stop himself. That could have rooted from random conversations I may have eavesdropped on as I walked by or not. The rest just come from very detailed or macabre stories of already-existing cartoon, video game or movie characters or from my insane, murderous mind c:

If you could live in any district which one would it be and what occupation would you take up? (Aspen7783)

I'll give my top 3:

1. District 7. I feel like although it's a middle-class district, people are satisfied with life there and that honestly there isn't much to worry about besides the games and mabe the occasional logging accident. As a job, I'd go straight for the trees to improve my strength and to easily handle my anger issues. Hacking away at something that won't hit back.. satisfying to me in a way. That AND I get stronger from doing so as well, showing in Johanna's insanely strong axe based attacks. Seriously, she got an axe stuck into a floor without a single visible sign of shatter or cracking!

2. District 5. People there are clever and seem to be rather well educated while a majority of other people in the rest of the districts (excluding the beloved Districts D3, D11, D12 and D7) seem to just be incompetent fools.. As a job I'd take up the job of a geologist since I;d get a good idea of how to set up traps well enough to make them effective, a good thing for the games considering that I lack physical strength in a way. That and Foxface was a good example of intelligence.

3. District 4. The district that is tactically clever in lieu of general intelligence. A career district I actually feel honesty and no arrogance from, a "pure" district, I feel that if I were to be from District 4 with my current abilites I'd make it far in the games. However, no promises can be made seeing as to how we're still kicked around by the other two career districts. As a job.. A ship captain. I'd gain the moral strength I need to prevent myself from being kicked around, reflected in how Finnick was a strong character at heart but was also kind, uncorrupt by the majority of the capitol's tricks.

If the 75th Games had only one victor and had none of the "save Katniss/Peeta"  alliance, Who do you think would of allied and who would have won? (TheFireJay)

Good question. I personally believe that as a victor, it would come down to Johanna, Finnick or Enobaria. You see, if you focus on these three tributes they managed to survive a majority of the games with little to no wounds (save for Finnick's "Mistfire" wounds).

Enobaria was a huge player in these games, despite having minimal focus and if you honestly think about it, she was bound to cause some brutal deaths like she must have done so in her first games. Never really using her teeth, she showed complete career skills and being a "just right" type of tribute she'd be able to put up a long enough fight to win

Finnick had the skill and the intelligence to actually start switching things up from his last games. Seeing as to how he didn't stick to his previous tactics and knew how to save allies, Finnick knew he was bound to actually start causing havoc if he came out aggressive in a group. Imagine him, clever enough to get on everyone's good side with his charm that you wouldn't easily want to kill him, now imagine an ally sneaking up behind your fooled, deceived self. BOOM! Heheheh..

And finally, the hot hothead, Johanna. As I stated before, you can tell that people from District 7 seem to have some sort of anger managment issues. Think about it, knowing you're slaving away to a group of people that make you fight to the death if you're picked, the anger rising from those thoughts is immense! Then you have to work at trees, living things that never fight back. Hacking away, over and over again until finally they fall. Just replace that tree with a person, give that killer some skill and smarts, and you're set. Johanna could have very well made it with Blight, but I still think the blood rain incident would have occured nontheless. A conflictive encounter with Finnick is very plausible, but will end soon with some quick jabs and imagining how the fight would come VERY close to the final four.

My alliances?

Careers: Brutus, Enobaria, Gloss, Cashmere, Finnick

Alliance 1: Mags, Beetee Latier, Wiress

Alliance 2: Johanna Mason, Blight

Alliance 3: Morphlings

Alliance 4: Chaff, Seeder, Woof and Cecelia

The rest would be loners or truced allies

If you could do any user, who would you do? c: (PumPumPumpkin:3)

Emma. Don't act all awkward because I say it so flat out.

Just. Emma.


Do you think Foxface actually ate the berries not knowing they were poison, or do you think she did it for another reason? (Blue-Ribbonz)

I personally do not think that Foxface ate the berries by accident. I actually think she starved to death, because I don't recall Katniss describing any residue from eating the berries on Foxface's lips whe she saw her dead. I think that she was about to eat the berries but remembered they were poison, and instead probably just sat there and starved.

But what didn't make sense to me was this: At the feast she got her bag which contained something she "really needed". Why wasn't there food in the bag, and what could she probably have gotten instead?

If you could choose Kekai, me, you, Anna, Jay, Justin, Nick and Emma to be any of your tributes for a day, who would they be? (Tehblakdeath)

I probably would pick you out of comparison from my tributes

Kekai = Metallum. Skilled, intelligent, and dangerous

Blake = Soot. A good fighter, yet has a certain something slowing him down.

Anna = Lumina. Not known for weaponry but known for smarts and kindness

Jay = Finale. Smart and skilled, and never truly notied but still maintaining a prescence in the games.

Justin = Mist (Sorta). He's a classic tribute in the eyes of the capitol and has a classic district backstory, yet as a character himself he wouldn't exactly match with Mist's.. this is why I said he's sorta like Mist.

Nick = Vendetta (TBA). A clever, dangerous and strong person who fights for what he believes in, even if it's a little "troubling".

Emma = Sorcera or Sombra. Cunning, get's on my "side" sometimes. Not exactly a big, close ally but still a valuable friend despite her.. "kinks". However I also compare her to Sombra because she's cruel sometimes, and relentless towards being a backstabber. Also, dat headcanon body.

BUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUT. I'd pick out of the top three:

1. Kekai

2. Blake

3. Nick

If you could choose anybody besides your tributes to win the Panda Games, who would you choose and why? (Survivorpanda)

I would probably pick Bayleaf or Ophelia. I'd pick Bayleag because her innocence is already making Banette change, and I loved seeing how he went from "innocent child" and straight into "tsundere". She's definitely going to be someone Banette values.

I'd also pick Ophelia because despite not having close ties with Banette or Spooks, I know she's going to just be a good, well-rounded tribute like always and I also have more reasons involving Kodai.

What would be your real-life strategy if you were picked for The Hunger Games, and would you kill to gain sponsors? (Blissfully Mine)

Ah, good question. My strategy from the very start would be this:

At the District 7 reapings, I'd try to contain my dreadful feelings and play it cool until I started breaking down into tears at the sight of my parents entering the room. I'd then muster up some more guts and get on the train rides, occasionally talking to my district partner to see if she agrees with an "anti-career" alliance to start changing things. If she denies it, oh well, there's 23 other tributes that might. I'd take note of all the things my mentor(s) say and possibly throw in my own ideas, seeing if an effective discussion comes from this.

Arriving at the capitol for the chariots, the idea would be to be as flashy as possible. I' show a bittersweet anticipation for the games, and probably actually anticipate the games because my temper has really risen over time at this point and I'd want to let it all out. I'd take not real note of the chariots because once you're out of that suit, they care about what you do a lot more. Guve them a little taste from the start, to be exact.

For training, that would be my time to recruit allies for the anti-careers. Yeah, I have the guts to call out the careers but hide myself. "Aviento la roca, pero escondo mi mano", throw the rock but hide my hand. The careers might be getting frustrated not knowing who called them out and never really train, we'd be distracting the careers from their lifetime goal and in exchange, we would gain an equal advantage from this. But I'd still probably work on a my aim with a crossbow and throwing knives. The machete thing? I've got that in the bag.

For the individual training, I'd try to get a bittersweet score of 7 or 8. Blending with the crowd of the unnamed anti-career alliance would be good for me as the leader or co-leader since I'd be one of the last people careers would target.

For interviews, I'd act natural and show interest in killing, making jokes about the districts much like how people make jokes about other countries today. I'd have a sense of humor in the capitol's eyes but also show knowledge about the other districts.

Finally, the games. I feel like the bloodbath's core is a trap. No, I'd go for the classic advice and just grab a backpack and a knife. Anyone can use a knife, that's what I always say. Then I'd locate my allies right away but kill fleeing tributes as I do, and if I can't get my knife back from my victims I'd ditch that objective and just get to my allies. How the rest of the games go depend on what the arena is like and who's left in my alliance.

But to gain sponsors by killing? Yes, please yes. I've showed.. "joy" in the thoughts of killing my enemies and those who cause harm in my other writings, making eah death a flashy and quick one. Here's an idea, I'd probably fake a wound to attract a loner (with my allies close by if it fails) and once the tribute comes close, I'd play along and say I was attacked by mutts. The tribute would be concerned about the mutts, with my bad description of them and Id then fake a panic attack and say "I HEAR THEM! DUCK!".

The tribute would duck, and I'd slam my foot into their back and stab them in the spine, slicing it horizontally to finish them off.

After all, the capitol wants their tributes to keep dying don't they?

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