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Ridiculous Hater, Should Be Blocked

So, a certain user <3 has been very rude, disruptive, immature and ridiculous. Expressing ridiculous emotions of discontent with other users and leaving VERY low-IQ quality comments on users' talks pages (mainly me, yay for haters), this is not the first time he has committed these acts. Not only is he being a jerk, but he breaks the rule of no swearing in comments, being kind (or at least relatively kind) to other users, and not leaving a signature on users' talk pages. He's just hiding behind a screen like any immature child would online, and I think that he's lost his privilege to anonymous access to the wiki. If you wish for evidence, check his activity and my talk page history.

I simply ask for him to be blocked from the wiki, because he's gotten away with things long enough.


He has spammed my talk page under adifferent IP , maybe it's time we took more serious actions that the Wikia Staff can perform?

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