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Spectrus Webcomic+Wiki?

I was thinking about making a Spectrus wiki. It seems to have made it's own little fanbase here on the hunger games wiki (mainly Blake) and I was thinking of doing a little side project about them in a normal world, not Panem. It would basically be different arcs with different genres to it, like mabe a comedy arc or a horror arc. I'd try out lots of genres with each arc and it would all include the Spectri and their friends!

Now, the wiki would serve as a database for more whole, descriptive pages on the Spectri so far. It would obviously serve as a blog at the same time to update followers of the webcomic on what I have planned or any new characters I have in mind. The pages would be in a typical wikia page style with a small summary of the character in focus, with the basic information and then their role in the webcomic. The wiki would be added a few months after I start the webcomic, maybe earlier.

So, I'll leave a poll here so you can drop an opinion alright?

<poll> Should there be a Spectrus wiki+webcomic? Yes No Depends


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