The 34th Annual Hunger Games:

As the name implies, this is the 34th annual Hunger Games and takes place at the peak of the games' popularity.  Like always don't be an idiot and have him/her "TURN EVIL AND STUFF, THEN GET MAGIC POWERS AFTER EATING AND BLOW UP ANYONE THEY SEE". Being overpowered is something that nobody likes. EVER, regardless of it being real life, a video game or a story.

No real backstory to this, just another annual routine with some rather creative touches to it.

Tribute template:







Interview Angle:

Token & Usage of Token:




Stuff You Should Know:

A lot like DrewlovesKuinn's rules:

  • Lets see you keep a clean mouth during a fight (A.K.A. Expect some goddamn cussing)
  • If anyone uses the comments as an advertisement area, I'll block their ass as they come.
  • If you die, get over it. You'll die in real life eventually and you most likely won't be sad over it. Unless its a murder/suicide/infection and so on, which in that case I apologize.
  • Break an alliance? Sure, just let me know.
  • If you aren't in the games this time, I'll reserve a spot for you in the next one. Either way you hav no reason to whine alright? Ifyou're mature enough to handle a violent movie you can handle not being in a fanmade game
  • Everyone gets a paragraph for each day. If a few more sentences are needed they will be added. Once you write your paragraph for one day, you can't write another one. Make sure things go your way in just one paragraph with DECENT punctuation and grammar. And no, I won't add it if you squeeze a fast victory into one paragraph.
  • Stylists.. Chariots.. I don't really see the need due to the pure Reader/Author relationship. There will be sponsors however
  • The comments will serve as the "viewing room" whre you can kind of just talk about the games. Make it feel like you're watching it people!


A recreation of the city of Pompeii before the eruption got rid of it. Speaking of an eruption...

Cornucopia: A lot like the cornucopia described in the film/book, except made out of marble to fit in with the theme of the arena

West of the cornucopia (from the POV of someone at the mouth):

A deep forest of sorts, a lot like the kinds you would see on the highways in the northwest. Inside the forest is nothing. That's right, nothing. Unless you're crafty and can make something. If you can't keep your balance, you can't keep your life. Thats right, as close as you think you are to the ground the plants just serve as basic terrain over a deep pit. If you fail at climbing a tree, expect a nice surprise once you land in the water pit below. Chances of escaping this pit IS possible but may cost a few weapons, or limbs, or allies.

North of the cornucopia:

The sea. An island is visible off into the distance. Dangers lurk in the water and the force field is altered around the island to make it appear as if it can be reached. The content of the island is unknown.

South of the cornucopia:

The city of pompeii. No cafes or anything, yet there are some foods that you can take. But just because its food doesn't mean its safe to eat. Two blacksmith shops are here, and of course inside there are weapons. Craft tributes might make their own type of weapon too if they can find the materials. The volcano looms behind it and every now and then it might give a tiny belch or just flat out vomit lava. Black blob puppets serve as mutts in some of these places. They are easy to kill but hard to avoid

East of the cornucopia:

A wine field, with some shacks littered here and there. Picturesque in every way, but like always its too good to be true. You can find some grapes here to eat, but there are locust mutts that chase you if you take too much. At night the plants wilt almost instantly, forbidding midnight snacks and the occasional clay zombie might pass by through the line. Shacks hide no secrets and give no real shelter, but if you're good at using bottles in a bar fight then I'd take a bottle or two.

The volcano:

Every now and then you may find a hole that is guaranteed to not even let a drop of lava get in it, or close the entrance. If you can make it to the top you can find a shrine where some armor can be found along with a lightweight yet sharp sword. The eruptions destroy different parts of the arena, so I wouldn't camp out anywhere for too long. No mutts here.


These will be managed by the readers. There will be one sponsor for each district and are limited to four gifts. Gifts have a concept limit from a simple medication up to maybe a forked dagger. No ranged weapons, or any oversized weapons. Armor is allowed to be given but it has to be leather and can only be chestplates or helmets.

District Tribute/Age Weapon Username

Liza Blast; 15

Chained Mace, Sickle XXToxicScreamXX
1M Zaphire Beux; 17 Dagger, Spear District3
2M Zak Middleman; 18 Bow, Axe, Tomahawk, Poison Vatonica
3F Petra Mines; 17 Knives, Traps (Electric) District3
3M Calcus Cadgette; 15 Wires, traps SuperTomato
4F Liv Seasal; 15 Trident, Throwing Knives, Bow Nightlock Kryptonite
5F Olivia Abner; 17 Throwing Knives, Bow Sgirl11
6F Layla Calantha; 14 Bow, Knives Wesolini
7F Annastia Bios; 16 Poison, Axe District3
8F Wichita Firehill; 15 Bow, Poison Nightlock Kryptonite
9F Bailey Starshine; 18 Spears, Scythe, Stealth Nightlock Kryptonite
10F Dawn Santori; 14 Slingshot, Blowgun Wesolini
10M Fozzy Udesky; 18 Pitchfork SuperTomato
11F Yasmin Veleno; 17 Poison, Knives, Awl Wesolini
12F Emmely Impius; 17 Katar, Daggers Wesolini

Rules will be bent over tokens this time. They can be used as weapons/tools as long as they do not interefere with other tributes during the countdown.

Tribute Token Usage
Liza Blast Bracelet Secret compartment containing powder
Zaphire Beux Knife necklace All the knives you could dream of.. right there around your neck
Zak Middleman Ring Serves as a syringe to inject poison
Petra Mines Taser Whatever the hell you use a taser for XD
Calcus Cadgette Wire Wires can be used for lots of things my friend c:
Liv Seasal Ring Releases a poisonous gas when she dies.
Layla Calantha Ring Reminds her of her parents for motivation
Annastia Bios Spare leaves she used to poison a family with Use them to threaten tributes and poison food with when they don't notuice her
Wichita Firehill Wooden Ball With Spinning Razors Hey, imagine getting hit by a wooden ball that has spinning razors
Bailey Starshine Acorn Mini Grenade
Dawn Santori Dark Blue Hair Ribbon Calms her down and reminds her of home for motivation
Fozzy Udesky Cowboy Hat More of a flaw than an advantage. Motivation AND if he loses it he thinks he will die
Yasmin Veleno Lip Piercing Intimidation, style
Emmely Impius Necklace with a flame hanger Intimidation by representing the two sides of her.

Rules and other perks:

Each night after the deceased tributes are displayed, hints to the other tributes' conditions whereabouts and status are shown. As stated before tokens can be weapons, and the games will be a matter of survival this time around. Whoever lives after an entire week in the arena wins, and it shall not matter as long as a minimum of 18 tributes die. Any amount after 18 dead tributes is fine. However, once the 18 death goal is passed the risks begin to escalate such as more mutts appearing and terrains changing.

Feasts will be held at random coordinates in lieu of the tributes knowing where they should all go, and a gas that increases violent habits will be sprayed around random tributes to increase their bloodthirstiness. This effect lasts for about four hours and only increases their violent habits, anything else about their personality will not be altered that much if any of it manages to even get altered.

Well, what are you waiting for? Message me or comment if you're interested with a tribute summary. I won't disappoint!

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