"I've made my decision', said President Snow as he shook Seneca Crane's hand. "If what the surveillance in twelve told you that this Katniss girl might be a threat, seeing as to how she has the nerve to leave her boundaries, do not let her volunteer for her sister, should she get reaped. A punishment for something that shouldn't have happened.". Crane chuckled. "I agree, we can't afford to have her make a little drama story in the games and make everyone rebel, imagine if I was to be slain because of it?".

An awkward silence occupied the room, and Seneca looked a bit nervous as suddenly Snow started to laugh. "Ture, haha. Quite true" he chuckled. Seneca sighed in relief. He nodded to Snow and left the room, and as he did he felt an odd feeling in his heart. Like he had just saved himself from something. But he ignored it and walked off.

Welcome to the 74th Annual Hunger Games, Re-Imagined by Mistfire333!

Hello there, my fellow users. I am here to inform you that I will create a "what if" story of the 74th games, a games that will end like every other game before it. These games will give names to every unnamed tribute, exclude Katniss and send in Primrose, and besides that keep it "Vanilla" as a gamer would call it. I will probably start writing these tonight, and update when I have free time. But to begin, I think it's time I gave a little backstory for District 12's reapings!

Katniss Everdeen, D12

I wake up to hear the screams of my little sister, Prim. Again she had the same nightmare, she was reaped and sent into the games. "They won't pick you Prim, I promise they won't." I told her, but I honestly felt like she would get picked. It's the feeling you get like when you're about to lose a beauty contest. You think you won't, you think everything is on your side, you're beautiful and have the personality, but you know that the other girl is much more prettier and perfect than you. I don't care though, I'm ready to volunteer for her if it happens.

I finish calming her down and I put on my coat, then I walk outside where I'm greeted by President Snow. I despise the man, I know he's evil. The capitol is full of odd, strange, bloodthirsty yet innocent people, but they aren't evil. He is. "Why, were you going somewhere Katniss?" he says. What? How is he aware of my name out of everyone in district 12, what is he doing here?! I stutter as I try to reply, "I, um. You see there was something I had to, uh, get from the.. um" I'm cut short as Snow walks in like he owns the place and sits down into a chair carefully as if it was a mine. He claps his hands and tells peacekeepers who joined him, "House arrest until the reapings, am I understood? Also, do not worry about that Gale fellow, he knows too."

I snapped. "YOU CAN'T DO THIS!" I yell, and I lie through my teeth as I say "CAN'T I JUST GO AND GET SOMETHING LIKE A NORMAL PERSON?". He shrugs, and he nods in consideration. "Go then. I'll have Chavo join you to make sure you don't run off anywhere though.". Prim comes downstairs and screams as she runs upstairs, and my mother walks in concerned. "Why, president Snow what a pleasure to have you in our home!" she says. "I know you're faking it. Sit down, dear. We need to talk about Katniss here". He waves me away and I walk out, Chavo follows behind me. All I can do now is get the mockingjay pin that Madge had..

The Reapings in District 1

The square was filled, cheering people everywhere with giddy conversations about the games between them. The escort for district 1, Jewel Saint, taps the microphone. "Why hello there, my crystal killers!" she says as they all say in unison like kindergarden children, "Hi Mrs. Saint!". She giggled sweetly as the bowls were lifted onstage. But, she paid no attention to the bowls as her sweet educated voice became a gruff hillbilly's yell as she screamed "WHICH LUCKY LITTLE GIRL WANTS TO COME KILL SOME BRATS?!". As if on command, a pretty girl by the name of Glimmer Karat screamed "FUCK YEAH!" before anyone else, a comical volunteering and Jewel's finger almost magnetically pointed at Glimmer. "Come up here sweetie" said Jewel in a sweeter tone as Glimmer grinned and was booed by the other girls as she replied with rude comebacks. She hopped up the stairs gleefully as she waved to her dad who looked like a con artist who just came out of a pillow stuffing factory who was barfed on by a unicorn. The lights dimmed and a spotlight fell onto her and she said her name as her friends squealed and screamed "We love you Glimmer!". There was a silence among the teenagers when suddenly that crude voice ripped through the mubling of the boys again. "ALRIGHT TIME FOR THE BARONS!"

The volunteer's voices were many, when suddenly in a hyperactive and almost ridiculous chant, a large boy by the name of Marvel Shine said "ME, ME ME ME ME MEMEMEMEMEMEME!". His ridiculous act called attention from the other boys who all hushed to hear him make a fool out of himself despite being liked in the district. "Alright there sweetheart settle down, come up now and tell us your name!". Marvel grunted a "yes!" and ran up where he took the microphone like a metal singer and looked at the lights and cameras as he said "Marvel Shine" and jogged to his place. The day went on as planned, and the two tributes seemed to get along as they spent time together on the train ride. Next up was District 2's reapings, home of the most brutal victors ever. Glimmer and Marvel chatted about it nonstop as the days passed, and they gasped in slight disappointment as they saw district 2. "It looks.. old" said Glimmer as she compared it to her home.

The Reapings in District 2

To be written soon

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