Hello, and welcome. I, Mistfire333, come to you with a message. Due to insane stress from school and whatnot, and due to the simple fact that I cannot find any sorts of relaxation during winter break, I have decided to make a quick games. These games will be a favorite of mine, I assure you.

These games are the first in a series I am making. It will exist within my 20-district Panem, and the twist.. it will be something I think you will all enjoy. (The district games are postponed but will be updated sometime).

If you are wanting to know what 5 other districts are included, click here


Upon the scientific advances in Panem, the Capitol began to dig deeper down into our minds thanks to people like Hybrid Three. Psychic abilities have just been uncovered, taking up 32% of our brains and the only way to awaken them is in a rather expensive treatment. However, the games were no strangers to this idea. "Why not give the tributes psychic abilities and have them fight using these skills? Whoever wins obviously used their skills the best and deserves a free treatment to keep their abilities!". Genius, thought the Capitol.

And so, for 10 years so far the games have evolved into games where your sanity is the new target, with deaths raning from telekenisis to people's brains shutting themselves down, forever. Recurring victors normally from districts 19, 17, 3 and 5, these districts are the new careers with their advanced and superior intelligence and brutal thought process. The once-dominant districts 1, 2 and 4 are now helpless against these brainiacs. And as the years pass, the Capitol suspects that we will finally uncover the secrets of our minds and bring them to their full potential, and our beloved tributes?

They're the test subjects.


  • No whining. About ANYTHING.
  • If a tribute died feel free to be sarcastic about it but don't insult the tribute or their creator. I've seen enough internet fights to know how obnoxious it gets.
  • 4 tributes per person
  • No spamming
  • These games will include training sessions and training scores. 
  • Reservations will last a week. I sometimes have a hard time keeping track to be quite honest with you.
  • Districts 0-20 in these games.
  • Give advice at the end of each day. This has been proven to be very effective through experience

Psychic Powers List

  • Telekenisis (Ranged Attack)
  • Pyrokenisis (Traps, Basic Attack, Survival)
  • Energy Medicine (Simple Healing)
  • Channeling (Intelligence)
  • Mental Projection (Survival, Planning)
  • Mind control (Dicreet attack, Recoil)
  • Mind reading (Safety, assurance)

A tribute is allowed one psychic ability alongside their weaponry. If there is a psychic ability you know of that is not listed here, do not hesitate from using that ability instead.

By the way, there are details within the abilities:

Telekenisis: You can only lift things up to 50 pounds with it, and there might be mental strain if you try to lift something too heavy

Pyrokenisis: There has to be at least a potentially flammable onject in the room, and the fire cannot spread by itself unless somthing else is lit on fire for that purpose

Energy Medicine: It can be used to heal yourself, or an ally. However, it cannot heal severe wounds or poison.

Channeling: It can be used to gain simple wanrings from fallen tributes, and to possibly know who is who. This is useful for "who's guilty" tributes or paranoid tributes,

Mental Projection: This is possibly the most useful ability, and personally most fun ability, yet. Here, a tribute is capable of leaving their body for 10 minutes and can run around the arena freely not worrying about enconters with other tributes to be able to plan their day. They can run at a maximum of 30 MPH in this state and can fly a few feet above the foilage, if any is present. However, combat can be held with other "Soul Runners" and their wounds in these battles will be reflected in mental damage based off sanity or rationality. Fun, but risky.

Mind Control: Another useful one with a catch. Someone with this ability is able to switch around another person's opinions or ideas to make them the way they want it, however as recoil the person suffers intense headaches and bad mood swings. It is to not be overused, because when it is the user's mind collapses on itself, druving them into suicidal insanity.

Mind Reading: The ability to tell if someone wants to kill you, truly, is a luxury in these games. Butting heads with Mind Control, you can read people's minds and find out the simplest things ranging from where they want to go that day in the games up to who they want to kill. A setback from this is the fact that once you read someone's mind, they can hear your thoughts as well. Not a good idea if you think a lot and plan on taking out the career base when you're hiding in the bushes..






Weapons/Psychic Skill:








Psychic Tolerance: (How good they are at their psychic ability)


District Name Age Weapon/Ability Personality Strengths Weaknesses
0F Hester Winters 17 Shuriken Challenging, sharp tongue, disregards others' feelings, plays fair Speed, agility, balance Combat, swimming, weapons
0M Troi Cian 15 Dagger, Spear Dark, manipulaive, traitorous, acts shy and kind Strategy speed, manipulative, fast learner Strength, plant ID, sensitive to light
1 F Erika Funnel 18 Throwing Axe/Mind Reading(8) Nicest girl in D1, Likes painting, bubbly Knows many things about people, Swimming Mind reading abilitiy drives her insane.
1 M Mario Adams 17 Sword, Throwing Knives/Energy Medicine(8.5) Nice, caring, helpful with his skill Strong, smart Slow, Can't climb
2 F Reya Isolfa 17 Sai, Throwing Axe/Pyrokenisis(9) Brutal, hardcore, mean to girls who are a threat, and very attractive to guys Good aim, good swimmer Bad climber, isn't cooperative, spoiled, stuck up.
2 M Sajay Opaclipta 17 Sword/Pyrokenisis(10) A classic career, but won't hurt little kids Very strong, good climber, good runner in short distances Not very witty, bad plant ID
3F Dead Meat 12 Nothing Loser Dying Not dying
3 M Kenny McKormick 12 Nothing Dies when he doesnt want to Dying Not Dying
4 F Nixie Calamari 14 Khopesh, Trident/Mind Control(9) Classic career but a bit nicer since an accident that made her more humble and thankful Good arm strength, good throwing aim, quick thinker Bad swimmer from artificial legs
4 M Cove Lowson 17 Bow, Shuriken/Channeling(9) Extroverted, friendly, likes talking, can be vicious and cold Good swimmer, good aim Climbing, Camoflague
5 F Asta E'Claire 14 Sword/Mental Projection (8) Fun Loving, Caring, Likes Fun, Hates Killing Running, Swinging Climbing, Blood, Acting
5 M Albert Heller Brites 16 Combat Knife, Blowgun/Mental Projection(9) Quiet, Smart, Clever Quick Witted, Sometimes Funny, Sensitive Weapons, Strategies, Speed, Hiding, Acting Unimportant, Climbing, Camoflague, Survival Swimming, Strength, Acts Antisocial, Doubts Himself, Easily Attached, Afraid Of Water
6 F Erin Caunty 14 Hands/Mind Control (9) Shy, Insecure, Rarely talks, talkative to friends H2H Fighting, Climbing, Swimming Shyness, Love, Parents
6 M Brow Ken Legh 14 Nothing Sucks at running, dies Dying Not Dying
7 F Liana Thorns 14 Poisons, Blowgun/??? Highly independent, carefree, easy to befriend, pascifist Stealth, Accuracy,  Climbing, Sprinting Killing, strength, swimming
7 M Jack Mahwang 18 Nothing Jacks his wang Jacking his wang, dying Small weenie, not dying
8 F Violet Threadling 15 Sword/Energy Medicine (8) Cheery, bright, contagious positivity Can sew with anything Won't kill
8 M Banette Tsukomogami 15 Needles, Knife/Mind Reading(7) Quiet, lonely, hateful, hides a good person behind a cruel attitude Unique weaponry, doesn't feel pain, good with decoys Mentally weak, stubborn, misunderstood personality
9F Kasha Rye 16 Bow, Martial Arts, Sword/Mind Control(9) Kind, down-to-earth, humble, crumbling emotionally Beauty, manipulation, martial arts Too kind, easily falls for people
9M Magnas Velocity 18 Mace, Spear/Telekenisis (8) Brutal, Cold-Hearted, doesn't trust anyone, feels bad for younger kids, robin hood Physical Strength, Speed Swimming, Climbing
10F Eliza Herader 14 Axe, Bow, Knife/Mental Projection (7) Humble, social, hopeful Speed, climbing, swimming Hunting, cold temps, centipedes
10M Justice Reigns 17 Sword, Knife/Mind Reading(3) Shy, timid, unsure, observant, good judgement Climbing, Running Swimming, Killing
11F Emma Roos 12 Poison, Knives/Energy Medicine (5) Smart, afraid Fast, has someone to protect her Small, weak
11M Michael Roos 17 Spear/Pyrokenisis(7) Kind, caring, protective Strong Won't hesitate to sacrifice himself
12F Sabrina Reynolds 18 Explosives/Telekinisis(9) Determined, hardworking Smart, cunning Handicapped (one arm), fearful
12M Trent Greer 16 Throwing Knives/Mental Projection (8) Nice, funny, charming, always has a good joke Precision, speed Strength, hiding, killing
13F Gamma Fission 15 Spear, Scythe, Glaive/Mind Control (8.5) Polite, Manipulative, Underdog, Slightly Insane Making weapons, manipulating, throwing Underestimates people and tries to show off
13M Brahmos Ion 16 Wire, mines, posion darts/Channeling (8) Geeky, trusts few but is forgiving, occasionally funny, quiet. Planning attacks Can't carry big weapons
14F Annie Helondaise 17 Mainly a katana, any weapon/Mind Control(8.5) Sweet, flirtatious/Arrogant, vicious Good with all weapons Too arrogant/confident for her own good
14 M Konami Aretino 14 Strength, Fangs, Trident, Crossbow/Mind Reading(6) Childish, Happy, Easily Angered, Raging (Split Personalities) Swimming Climbing
15F Rayzor Blade 15 Razor, Sword/Mind Control(10) Emo, very cruel, lustful, uses people, cunning Gaining pity, fooling others, fatal attacks Backing up her lies, surviving by herself, depression
15M Sark Lancaster 18 Axe, Whip/Pyrokenisis (10) Brutal, Arrogant, Calculating Physical Strength, Intelligence Climbing, Plant ID
16F Juliet Spencer 17 Bow, Throwing Knives, Throwing Axes/Mind Reading(10) Observant, intelligent, makes accurate if not perfect guesses about someone, kind Accurate, good hider, smart, good negotiator and ally Gullible, too kind, swimming
16M Matt McTauler 16 Throwing Knives/Mind reading (8) Friendly, Smart, Handsome Killing, Hiding Mind Control
17F Nova Luna Astra 17 Spear, Sword, Trident, Traps/Mental Projection(7) Thoughtful, Intelligent, Positive, Motivational Traps, sight, purifying water, analyzing Swimming, Climbing
17 M Cirrus Claude 13 Everything/Telekenisis(10) Quiet, Strong psychic power, silent but deadly Telekinisis Completely empty, a shell of sorts
18 F Tarin Aisla Brandt 17 Throwing Knives, Knives/Channeling (8.5) Brave, smart, Confident, Rude To Some, Positively Sarcastic Strong, Fast, H2H Combat, Accuracy, Clever, Determination Swimming, Not Good With People, Fears Failure, Too Defiant
18 M Skell Odin 14 Hidden Blades/ Telekenisis (5) Pacifist, Mischevious, Has a Norweigan accent Insanely fast, high IQ Might waste time talking to an enemy before attacking, can't stand bloody messes
19F Sadako Darnell 12 Throwing Knives, Dagger/Mind Reading (8) Bloodthirsty, sadist, selfish, capricious Manipulation, scaring others, disguising her true self Physically weak, bad with weapons, easily goes insane
19 M Ben Drowned 17 Paranoia, Insanity (10) Creepy, Scary, Drives people insane/suicidal Sneaky Bloodthirst (Against himself)
20F Pharmacy Rivera 16 Throwing Knives/Mental Projection(7) Tough, Independent, Likes Challenges, Feisty, Doesn't make friends, only respects people Good stealth, good manipulator, great throw Swimming, close range combat
20 M Aixel Hieronymis 15 Throwing Knives, Mind Control (8) Cunning, Intelligent, Charming, Traiotorous, Hidden Rage Fast, accurate,  traitor

Asthma, weak, bad at puzzles


Careers: Aixel Hieronymis (D20M), Albert Heller Brites (D5M), Matt McTauler (D16M), Konami Aretino (D14M), Annie Helondaise (D14F), Pharmacy Rivera (D20F), Nova-Luna Astra (D17F), Gamma Fission (D13F), Eliza Herader (D10F), Violet Threading (D9F)

Anti-Careers: Trench Archeus (D18M), Tarin Aisla Brandt (D18F), Erika Funel (D1F), Mario Adams (D1M), Reya Isolfa (D2F), Sajay Opaclipta (D2M), Nixie Calamari (D4F), Cove Lowson (D4M), Skell Odin (D18M)

The Besties: Erin Caunty (D6F), Asta E'Claire (D5F)

Alone: Ben Drowned (D19M), Sadako Darnell (D19F), Sabrina Reynolds (D12F), Cirrus Claude (D17M), Juliet Spencer (D16F), Magnas Velocity (D9M)

Odd Ones Out: Jack Mahwang (D7M), Brow Ken Leigh (D6M), Ded Meat (D3F), Kenny McCormick (D3M)

District 12 and 13 Alliance: Trent Greer (D12M), Brahmos Ion (D13M)

Yin and Yang Alliance: Banette Tsukomogami (D8M), Rayzor Blade (D15F)

District 11 Alliance: Michael Roos (D11M), Emma Roos (D11F)

Looking For Alliance: Liana Throns (D7F), 





The landfill

Kong Studios. An abandoned msuic studio where the Gorillaz also recided. Now a landfill of sorts, all sorts of spooky stuff goes down no thanks to the band's drummer, Russel. His former ally "Del tha funky ghost rapper" thought he could take over the studios with his buddies. The cornucopia... well, there is no cornucopia. Only the scraps in the landfill and hidden supplies are what's available in the arena. Those with psychic abilities meant for harm have an advantage and could create a bloodbath of sorts.

The Studios

Inside the studios, there are about 7 bedrooms. A large parking garage, a recording studio and lunch room. It sits atop a creepy hill, with an observatory nearby where you can find a good spot to see the whole arena, careful though because this arena has a quirk. At noon and at midnight, the height and width of the forcefield changes, and past the 4th day the shape changes from a circular dome to whatever the gamemakers feel like.

There is a windmill that you can access on a floating island (seen in the games' banner). One at a time though kids, it's an old bridge! Should you fall down, you'll be greeted by the gorilla zombies. They will tear you apart. Details about the island? You might not get to access it in the end, because the arena dome changes a lot. Though it is the highest spot in the arena. Also, if you're up for a challenge, yes you can drive the island.

The Games


Arena Wear

The theme of the arena is british punk and alternative fashion. Inspired heavily by the Gorillaz and their fans' sense of fashion, the tributes will wear gender-correspondent outfits to fit in with the feel of the arena. The clothes are medium-weight, and can protect from minor hits from something as hard as a firm, hollow tin rod. To avoid getting fabrics and whatnot caught in the scraps of the arena, the clothes are made of tough, relatively hard materials. This is to ensure that there are no cheap deaths, and that tributes will still have to hunt and chase down their prey. Not pick off whoever got stuck on a piece of metal sticking out of a scrap pile.

The colors vary by district as always.

  • Shirt with corresponding District Seal on it
  • Belt Pants for the Men
  • The Skirt for the Females
  • The Skirt is accompanied by Thigh-High Socks (Colors vary by district, substituting the white)
  • Girls will be wearing Denim Jackets with patches themed with their district
  • Men will get a Combination Denim Jacket. Denim abdomen, cotton sweater sleeves. Also decorated with district themed patches
  • Both genders will wear High-Top Sneakers with varying colors (shown is District 17's color). The twist is that they are secretly Steel-Toed

Day One: The Star-Crossed Forge

Nova Luna Astra, D17F

So.. this is it. The interviews, the training, the reapings... it all comes down to this very moment. I sigh, shuddering as I think about my possible death. Would I ever know I died? What if I have a long, painful death?These are just minor questions however, because the big question here is: Where are my parents? They've been lost in space.. and the capitol never gave a damn. I was raised by Eclipse generously and I also had Nox.. But if I die, I may never know what happened to my parents, or what will become of Eclipse and Nox..

Albert nods to me in the aircraft. I sigh, maybe we do have a chance. Albert seems like a strong leader to have, yet he's being treated so harshly by his mentor and escort, Shade. Perhaps that same abuse is what makes him stronger? I then look to my right, my district partner Cirrus is out cold. A strange boy, they had to tranqulize him to prevent some sort of psychic disruption during the trip. He seems harmless to me however, maybe he just has a mental condition that messes up the psychic ability he chose?

The aircraft stops and hovers. Peacekeepers storm in and blow gas into the room and right away everyone transitions from outrageous yelling into a dead silence. I feel my conscience slipping, could this be death? I stop thinking, only to picture the stars. The ever-shining stars,..

Banette Tsukomogami, D8M

I wake up, coughing up more of whatever the hell I breathed in. I look around me, I'm sitting on the hood of an old car. "Where am I?" I mutter to myself. Those peacekeepers just stormed in and now I'm here. I look up and I see a huge island with a windmill on it, it's dreamy. Maybe I'm just dreaming? An effect of the gas? I guess so.

I get up, but as soon as I land on the scraps I hear a moan from behind me. I turn around sharply and I see the kid from 19, Ben-Whatever his last name is. I then get an idea, maybe I can read his mind. Wouldn't hurt to try out my psychic ability for the first time. I close my eyes and cover my ears, making sure I don't hear too much. "Focus.." I say to myself, and I see a light blue trail of dust connecting to an outlined body. I focus on it and suddenly, an array of disturbing imagery flashes into my mind, nothuing makes sense. All I see are horrors. I snap out of the reading and look at Ben in surprise as I notice something disturbing. He's smiling, curled up just like he was, but smiling. Like he did this on purpose.

I pick up a lead pipe, and back away from him. Sure I could off him right now, but I would rather avoid a fight. I then  think about Rayzer, where might she be? I pause and look for a good spot to try and start my search. A mountain of dirt and scraps catches my eye, a good view of the arena. Smiling underneath my bandana, I start walking.

Michael Roos, D11M

"EMMA!" I yell out, where is she?! Since I was put to sleep by that gas, it seems that we're all scattered. I get up, freaking out even more. Is she okay? What if she's dead? I might have waken up last and already 5 cannons might have sounded. Panicking, I climb up the pile of scraps, but something grabbing my leg stops me. I freeze, not even resisting. Grabbing a metal shard, I slowly turn around. Before I can make out a face, I hear a voice: "Please, ally with me.." it says. It's that kid, Kenny. He's a prick. I give himn a quiet look, and then a blank, annoyed stare. I kick him in the face and he goes flying down the scraps, eventually landing on a metal rod that pierces his skull. I wouldn't hurt a little kid but GEEZ he is such a loser. The cannon sounds, and then a voice goes over the PA: "First blood goes to Michael Roos!"

Oh, well that's nice to know. Suddenly, a bloodthirsty and angry yell emerges from afar. "OH FOR FUCK'S SAKE!" it says. I hear fists bang against something, and right away I decide to flee. "Nopenopenopenope" I say to myself as I start escaping. I'll just stick to finding Emma. Yeah, that sounds good.

Mario Adams, D1M

A bunch of cannons startle me as I wake up. Shoot, I missed the bloodbath or something?

I get up, eyes wide open and bracing myself for anything until I realize: There is no bloodbath. What? This is strange, the bloodbaths were mandatory no matter what the conditions were for a games. What's going on? I think about calling out for Erika, but then I shut myself up. I can't risk being found unarmed.

Speaking of weapons, I have no idea where to find them. What kind of games are these?

"The mind games" says a voice behind me. It sounds familiar. "Erika?" I say, relieved as I find myself to be correct. She gives me a warm hug, and I pat her gently on the back, giving an awkward smile and blushing a bit. "Nice to see that your abilities are working" I say, noting how she heard my thoughts. "I think they're changing things up, I think they're changing a lot of stuff next year. They want to make the last mind games good before they stop" she says. True.. but this is too drastic of a change. I'm about to open my mouth but suddenly a panicked grunt comes from somewhere nearby. Erika closes her eyes and covers her ears, and then begins to say something out loud. "Shit, shit shit. Who is this guy, what is he doing?!"

Oh, well looks like they're going to have to get a cannon ready.

Troi Cian, D0M

I have this little punk now. He was taunting me when he saw me, considering me and my district partner have no psychic abilities due to bad training sessions. But little did he know that I found a loooong sword hidden under my starting spot, convenient right? He turns around, his pink eyes looking just like he's about to cry. "Oh you'll cry even more once I catch you" I taunt, this district 8 punk has no idea what I can do, what District 0 is capable of. Screw psychic powers, it'a always been strength.

He starts to run up a large dirt hill, but I have better speed and balance going up steep things. I decided to charge him head on, so I run past him. He stops, dumbfounded as I go up the hill with ease, the scraps serving as platforms for my acrobatic advances. But then I see him give a worried loook, and he yells stop. But I don't notice in time, and suddenly I get shocked and thrown backwards. I feel something start to slice me open, and before I can scream I feel myself split in half.

Rayzer Blade, D15F

I give a slow clap as I walk towards Banette. "My my my, wasn't that a way to die?" I say. I press up against Banette sexually as he gives me a quick glance, then backs away a bit. "Y-yeah" he says, looking at the two slices of Troi laying on the scraps. Turns out that the force field wouldn't have killed him if that industrial razor wasn't there. You know, the kind that they use to cut paper in factories? Convenient how it was placed.

Man do I love razors.

"Where to, puppy? I ask. He gives me an intensely agnry look, 'Fuck off with that nickname will ya?" he says. I just called him Puppy since he's into puppets and he's like a pet to me, a small dog. All bite but no bark. What a tool. I shrug, "Fine" I say as I nod towards a graveyard. "I think I see figures over there, shall we?" I offer. He stops and thinks about it, "No" he says. Well fuck what you say. I look into his eyes seducingly and walk up to him, ina  trance just like my mentor told me he would with the mind control ability. I get behind him and nuzzle his neck. "But it's lonely there, we might have an advantage..." I whisper. Facing him once more, I tauntingly put my lips close to his cheek, then snap my fingers. He jumps.

"Shit, let's get going why are we still here?" he says. I stay behind a bit, my hand on my hip as I watch him march in front of me. He didn't even remember he said no, did he? I chuckle to myself as I realize, the games are gonna be easy.

Albert Heller Brites, D5M

As I pick up a box with a sword engraved into it's shiny metal surface, I smile realizing I'm at an advantage. All the other tributes I've seen during my mental projection sessions are unarmed. I open up the box and I see what looks like a trident at first but then I see that it has three axe heads facing outward. "The hell is this..?" I say to myself as I toss the surprisingly lightweight weapon between my hands. I start walking around as I think of a plan to find my allies. I could use my mental projection, but even then it's a bit of a risk to try since my material body would be left exposed and I don't know if I have limited access to it daily. I'd rather not waste it

Suddenly, a song starts fading in. It sounds like t chorus, pretty gloomy if you ask me. It says "Tomorrow Comes Today", which I guess represents how we mark time only via the days? I mean, I don't know. I stand there, alone as I listen to the music. It's soothing, I enjoy it. The song starts to fade away and I start moving again, when suddenly something catches my eye. It's common in our district, an electromagnet. I pick it up, it's shaped like a box with a cubic cone on the back with the switch, and I flip it on. Suddenly, all sorts of things start flying at it and I frantically drop it in surprise. I pant, that could have killed me had I not reacted a few seconds quicker.

But then, I get an idea. A nasty one. I turn it off, and pick out some small pieces that are sharp. I know what to do with them, I just need to find a sucker to try it out on.

Nixie Calamari, D4F

"The heck is he up to?" I whisper to myself. He picks up his electromagnet and looks around, I duck before he can see me and then I hear him run across the scraps away from my direction. I sigh in relief. I pick up the starnge looking rod, it looks like it belongs to a curtain. I poked holes into the sides with some old nails and tied a triangular scrap to the end of it, to serve as a weapon of sorts. Craftiness is the way to go I guess.

I then hear a loud crunch of metal behind me, and I react instantly but it's too late. A knife is up to my throat and I hear a voice. "Not a muscle." it says. I have my eyes wide open in fear, already sweating. "What... what do you want?" I ask. A feminine hand points at a bag in front of me. I didn't notice it before. "Get it" she demands. I give her a quick glance, it's Kasha. I slowly crawl over to the bag, when suddenly I focus my mind into hers. "Back off" I warn her, as she seems to be getting a slight headache. She drops her knife, when suddenly I too get a migrane. I roll on the floor moaning in exccrutiating pain as she laughs, picking her knife back up. She pounces on me, "Dumb bitch, I have mind control too.." she says as she stabs my hand and reaches for the bag. I lock eyes with her and eventually we get into a fatal staring contest.

He eyes look like they're burning, piercing into my mind and I imagine myself doing the same to her. Sweat drips down our foreheads, our heads literally begin to shake. She places her hands on my neck, and I do the same as well. My eyes start to water, my head hurts. Then, suddenly, like an old lightbulb exploding,m I feel something pop in my head. I lose control of my limbs as they go limp, and then I see her satisfied smirk as darkness creeps along my line of sight, and eventually, I see darkness.

Kasha Rye, D9F

That was intense.. but I had the upper hand. I pull her hands off my neck and grab the bag. But soon after, I feel guilty. I could have offered an alliance, she could have been the only person who I could ever find in this arena. I take a look at her face, and her eyes look dead but... sad. Disbelief being her last thought.. but it had to be done. She attacked me first.

I collect myself, and lay down against the sides of the scrap pile. So, this is the mind games. Truly cruel, but fascinating how it awakens our violent instincts. I laugh to myself for a few seconds, a dull chuckle to be exact. It sure is a wonderful world we live in. You grow up, risk death, then be a slave if things go wrong. Sometimes.. I wonder how long the world has until it's swallowed up by a black hole, or sucked dry of resources.

I get up, looking at this strange landscape. Crawling up my hill, I watch the closed space before me. Strange how I see an open world before me, yet I have nowhere to actually go. Alliances broken, split apart.. these aren't just mind games as in tools, they play tricks on our minds. Where are our allies? Are they worth being called allies once you find them? The true fighters here are our minds, seeing as to what happened just now..

I look around for a safe spot to hide. A scrap car, tucked into the side of the hill beckons to me. I hop in and tuck myself into the dark back seat. I need to rest, because I honestly feel like treating this as a dream. A bad dream that will all end soon. Lucid dreams, that I hope, will belong to me.

Many hours later..

Nova Luna Astra, D17F

I nod to Albert and a few other allies. I used my mental projection to track him down, he bumped into my soul and we kinda grouped up from there. We're still missing Gamma, Matt, Aixel, Eliza and Annie. Konami bumps into me and awkwardly apologizes. I just give him a slight smile. We decided to camp near the studio plateau, since we plan on raiding them tomorrow morning. Pharmnacy on the other hand, eyes the alliance. I don't trust her.. But I guess I have to if we need to be a strong alliance.

I look up at the sky, the anthem starts. First, they count off Troi. An excessively violent tribute.. but I guess he deserved a better fate. At least to not die yet. Then we have the pair from 3, not surprised. Then we have.. Nixie?! How.. Then, Brow from 6, Jack the pervert from 7, and the slideshow ends. I keep staring at the sky, as if I expect to see my parents' shuttle land.

But it doesn't. I sigh, and I drift off into my sleep.

Day Two: It's funny 'till you're left to kill yourself

Skell Odin, D14M

I wake up, and as soon as I adjust to the view, I notice an ominous hum. I freeze as I listen, when suddenly I see a strange array of dim lights travel in front of me. A force field. Just a few more inches and I'd be toast, I tremble a bit as I think of the fate I just escaped. But then I calm down, and the next, real problem dawns on me.

"How do I get up?"

I sit there, silent as the ideas come to me. Maybe teleknisis to move some items out of my way so I can kinda roll away? Or how about I kinda just nudge myself over the scraps. No, I might get poked with some nasty stuff. I'm utterly trapped, this is really inconvenient too. Suddenly, I hear a childish grunt come from my left. I look over and the empty eyes of Cirrus gaze into mine. This is bad, I remember what he did in training.

Panicking, I decide to go with plan B and I start nudging my way towards the edge of the hill to just slide down. At first I'm fine, but then I feel somerthing pierce my waist. I yell out and I see that it's a ruffled but sharp piece of scrap that's entered me. I stare at it and I start to nudge again. Cirrus, however, stays put. I can't tell what he's staring at honestly, because his gaze just seems to go past mine and off into the distance.

But it's not until I hit the force field that I notice what he was looking at. "ARGH! FUCK." I yell out as I feel my skin singee as I'm tossed back a bit, digging the scrap deeper into my waist. Guess I'm not going that way. I start nudging the opposite direction, but now Cirrus glares at me and gives a slight, menacing growl. I'm stuck, wounded.. where do I go?

Pharmacy Rivera, D20F

How long is it going to be until this loser wakes up? I've been watching Sajay's sleepy ass all morning, by Albert's orders. This is by far, the biggest waste of time I've ever had. Suddenly, something trips me onto the scrapnel out of nowhere. I sit up and I see that Sajay sprang awake and swiped at my legs. I get up but I suddenly blush as I notice something poking between my legs. I slowly look down when I notice the bottom of a.. OH MY GOD IS THAT A...

Sajay laughs as he taunts me. "The best part of waking up, fake wieners up your cuuun-"

I bash him between the eyes with a pipe I picked up, and he instantly stops laughing. "Oh it's on" he threatens. He punces at me as I duck, and I hear him fall onto the shrapnel behind me. "SHIT THIS HURTS" he yells as he gets up, his hands getting cut and stabbed by the shrapnel he's lying on. Then I see him toss something at me, and I see a piece of metal sticking out of my arm. I glare at him as I tear it out without even wincing. But then, he does something odd.

He stands there and stares at the ground under me. He focuses on it and then I notice his eyes turning orange, like fire. Nothing happens. "Hah" I say. "Don't get so mad you're hurt". He just keeps staring, and then the unthinkable happens. The metal below me starts to sink, I see an orange glow between the spaces. It then hits me; he's melting the metal below me! I hop backwards but the metal is also molten here, I'm trapped. I see the first few patches of molten iron appear, and I think of a plan.

I look around and I see a scoop shaped piece of metal, I pick it up and scoop the metallic liquid, and then I fling it at Sajay. Bingo, he screams out as the metal falls onto his chest, a disgusting bubbling noise emerging from it. I grin and start to hop backwards as I leave Sajay. Who cares what happens to him, I'm fine.

And suddenly, a cannon sounds.

Sadako Darnell, D19F

Damn it. All these kills and deaths are happening, but I'm NOWHERE near them. I look at the scattered career alliance, they haven't noticed me following them all this time. If they are this slow with reactions, I can hardly wait to wreak havoc on their pathetic minds. I watch as Pharmacy starts running up to them, and I decide to listen in on them. I close my eyes and focus, and then I hear her thoughts.

"I think I killed him, it's impossible to survive that. And even if he did, the pain would be too much to bear, he had to have fallen in the liquid metal.. But if he lived, what's going to become of me?". Hmph, so she's the one who got a kill, eh? She'll pay for this, I'll take that glory away from her. I start to walk away, when I hear a "psst" from nearby. I look and I see a crouched figure looking at me, it looks like Trent. "Hi there!" I say sweetly like I always do with people.

He sighs and sticks his head out a bit from the hidey hole he found. "Thank god, finally someone who doesn't want to make my head blow up. Believe me, I've seen some shit.." he says as he gives a slightly vague and disturbed look off into the distance. I look where he's looking but see nothing. I decide to secretly toy with him, "Who says I wouldn't?" I taunt in the most innocent yet intimidating tone I can make, like that of a troublemaking child. He gives me a look, a stupid one.

"W..what?" he says, giving me one of the most priceless looks ever. Now I can do two things here. 1: I can follow up with my threat, or 2: Say I was joking and use him. Well, killing him now might attract more tributes, especially if he screams for help, but if I use him I can use him as a meat shield. what to do, what to do...

"I'm kidding, haha" I say giving a seeingly innocent smile, tilting my head to the side and putting my arms behind my back. I sway a bit and look away, shyly. "To be honest I never got to make an alliance in training 'cuz everyone thinks I'm insane, but I'm not. I'll quote you on "I've seen some shit", that's all. But that's enough for a trip to 19 I guess.." I say. I give a quick glance at him, then look away once more. He has a look of guilt on his face. Haha, awesome, I got him.

But then, he does something odd. He gives a grin, and nods behind me. I csan guess already what's happened, and I see his ally Brahmos about to stab me. But thankfully, I swing my arm towards his hand and the knife flies out of his hands and into his chest. He goes wide eyed and I turn around to look at Trent, "I thought we were friends.." I mock. He just keeps giving a blank stare, but behind me still. "Get over it, he's dead!" I say laughing, but then a voice behind me says, "I'm not dead until the cannon sounds!"

Then, I feel something sharp enter the back of my neck. I don't even feel myself fade. It was so quick I..

Rayzer Blade, D15F

And that's cannon number two so far today. I don't have a clock to really measure and count how far apart the deaths are to know how dangerous today is, but those two deaths looked awfully close to each other. I slightly punch Banette's shoulder. "Hey, don't you think theres something off about those two deaths?" I ask. He gives me what looks like a bored look. "It's the games, people die. Sometimes most of them die all in one day, and sometimes it's one death a day. As long as I'm alive, I don't care." I process what he says. It sounded selfish, but true. In these games, we're all truly looking out for ourselves, we make friends just to get by, just to have someone to take a punch that would have ended you had they not been standing there.

But I don't feel guilty. I feel nothing. I look away and then I pick up a piece of metal from the floor, the abundant shards gleaming in the afternoon light. I begin to slit my wrists, slightly gasping and exhaling as I do as I tilt my head back. As I open my eyes, Banette is staring at me with a confused look on his face. "What, it makes me feel something when I'm numb" I protest against his silent judgement. I then get an idea, a better way to use this guy. I toss him the same shard I cut myself with. "Try it yourself, I can see it in your eyes that you've gone through shit" I say. He reaches under his bandana to unzip his mouth, but hesitates. He then looks at the ground for a few seconds and then looks at me.

I give him a normal, yet somewhat sad look. He looks like the thinking man, the way he's constantly shifting his view from the ground, to the horizon, to me, and then the sky. I grow impatient and I look him in the eyes intensely once he looks at me again. "Do it. Now" I think and suddenly, he calmly slides his sleeve up and begins cutting. I have him snap out of my trance and he instantly reacts with a wince as he unxipsd his mouth in panic. "AAAAAAAAARGH!" he yells out as he stares at his wrist. He cut vertically, not horizontally like I would. Violent type, that's what he is. I give a curious smirk, because I didn't choose how he'd cut himself.


"You cut vertically, only violent emos do that" I say. He looks at me with distress as he starts to say "Get me something to stop the bleeding!". I simply look at his cut once more, seeing how the blood seeps out kinda lights a fire inside me. "I was right, you did go through some shit. I should slap a sponsor message on you: 'Banette, Powered By Hate' the way things are looking right now". He squints at me in disbelief, and then I move my head in closer to observe his cut once more before I start to suck the blood. He winces again, but as I slide my tongue over the fresh cut, he starts to slow down his panting. I then keep some in my mouth, and I go up to his face, lifting the bandana slightly before I press my lips against the cold metal of his zipper mouth.

We begin to make out, our mouths both getting covered in his blood. Then, he pushes me backwards and I fall on my ass. I wipe my mouth with my arm and he frantically tries to clean his mouth without getting his arm cut up or sleeve caught in the zipper. I give him a lustful pair of bedroom eyes and a slight grin as he looks at me in even more disbelief. "I said, GET ME SOMETHING TO STOP THE BLEEDING." he yells at me, and it echoes through the arena. I giggle and get up. "Sure thing, puppy" I say as I toss him my backpack full of supplies.

I think about the kiss, something about it had feeling to it. Like a missing half was found. I gently touch my lips, and I still feel blood. I lick it off and swallow it. A warm feeling enters me, and.. God damn it Rayzor.

You're in love.

Annie Heliondase, D14F

I'm still here, watching the pool of blood ever grow. I killed him, but not because I had to. I felt like it. This.. idiot, whatever his name was, was just sitting there, looking up at the sky. He was having a moment of peace, enjoying the trapped life he was having. I, however, took the katana I found and just sliced his neck in half, like nothing ever happened to it. I then punted it to god knows where, just to see the blood flow on the ground.

I give a smile, and I look around me as I sit down. I wonder where my alliance is,  they must be truly worried about where I am. But maybe, they're not. They might have forgotten who I was, think I was the one who died first today. I don't need them however, first blood of day 2 went to me. I can fend for myself. I then lay down, and I see a tombstone looming above me. "Here lies Smitty Jaegermanjensen. He was number one". That seems awfully familiar.. hm, must be nothing.

I then notice something. The shadow is too stretched out for the height of this tombstone. I sit up and start walking, freaked out by this oddity. I head up the hill to get a good view, and I still see nothing. I get up higher, and higher as the hillside gets steeper. I then find a ledge where I can rest on, and I look down at the tombstone. What I see shocks me.

Millions of glowing red eyes, blank circles, are wandering amongst the tombstones. Grunting and snorting can be heard, like a herd of bulls was down there. I look back at Smitty's tomb, and I see a pair of blue eyes looking at me. They blink foolishly, one blinking after the other in horrible sync. I think it's kinda cute, and I wave at it. The eyes then turn white, and black rings form around them. A bony hand appears and it waves before it vanishes. I give a slight smile, and that is the feeling I will leave this world with, for I will now perish,

What the- why the hell did I think tha-

Konami Aretino, D14M

I hear yet another cannon sound, "Guys we should go in, I'm getting scared from all the deaths right now." I beg as Albert observes a dumb statue outside the studio entrance. It is soooo boring, can't we explore the studios and get some sleep already? Kodai would have gone in himself if he was here. Maybe..

I decide to split up, bringing Luna with me. We go inside, and Luna tells Albert that if anything happens, to hide near the recording studio. He nods blankly as we step in. I instantly go down the right hall, and a picture of some green-skinned guy cutting an onion with an axe and a stupid look on his face is on the wall. I laugh at it and point as Luna gives a shy chuckle at it too. I then jog over to a door, and swing it right open as I swivel into the room on my heels. I let go and land on a futon. On my sides I see a bunch of cool Japanese decorations, and an abandoned game console.

Luna walks in behind me, and she seems amazed by the room as well. I can see why, it has a huge contrast compared to the gloomy and messy look the studios have. Those paper walls they have to split up rooms and stuff, the futon I'm lying on.. it's overwhelming. I then see a pile of discs next to me, and I pick them up. They must be albums of the band who used to be here. Suddenly, music plays throughout the arena again. "What's the point? It's funny 'till you're left to kill yourrself, in this town.. So what's the matter with me?"

Well.. that was.. dark. I mean I guess it symbolizes how there's only one winner? Or how it's all fun and games until you die? I guess it's one of those tweo.. I'll keep that song in mind, gamemakers. See what you have in store for me. I look over at Luna, about to ask her what she thought of the song but she's staring in shock at a disc, tears in her eyes, I peek over, and I see that the disc is of an album called "Laika come home". Laika? Wasn't that that space dog that got lost in space? "Um.. you ok? I ask, reaching to put my hand on her shoulder to comfort her. She suddenly snaps and yells at me, "DON'T TOUCH ME GOD DAMN YOU". She breaks down weeping after she yells, I kneel and hold her as she accepts my second offer of comforting.

What's gotten into her?

Erika Funel, D1F

"To fiinding all of the aliance members!" I say. Sajay needs to have Cove put his bottle of water up to his mouth since his chest injury sorta impedes the full use of his arms. He was unconscious with a coat of metal on his shirt. Luckily it didn't stick to his skin, but it did give some nasty heat blisters and whatnot.  I felt bad for Mario since he had to heal Sajay's basic wounds, but he was disappointed with himself after he realized that he couldn't fully heal Sajay.

Save for the loss of Nixie, the a;liance has found itself after I did more mental projections. However.. we couldn't find Skell anywhere. Who knows where he went, or if he died. Only the anthem tonight will tell.

And speaking of the devil, the slideshow begins. The first face surprises me, it's the guy from 15. Sark. Next up, it's the psycho girl from 19. Couldn't expect less from a stupid girl like her, and I sorta speak out loud. "Dumb bitch" I say and I instantly try to take my words back. Cove chuckles, "Honbest opinions bear no guilt, Erika" he says. I guess he's right.. I look back up and then I see another surprising face, a good one to see. It's Annie from 14. Serves her right, she was always so cocky in training. Three more deaths today.. slow but things did feel like they advanced.

Though the one thing I do worry about, is this pair of red eyes that follow the alliance around everywhere. Nobody has noticed them unless I call them out, and even then they just vanish. Ever since it got dark, it's been happening. We all finish half our bottles of water (that we found after raiding a cooler in the scrapyard) and lay down to sleep. A fuschia sky greets me, it's pinkish tone making the white stars stand out. Another day down.. what's next?

I lay down on my side, and it's at that moment where I see the eyes again. I freeze and I just close my eyes like I never noticed them, ghosts aren't real.. ghosts aren't real..

Ben Drowned, D19M

Oh we're real.

Day 3: I'll be someone to find you

Erin Caunty, D6F

Nothing has happened. At all, not even an encounter with other tributes, Asta and I have just sat around these last few days... I sit up and look at her, shes still asleep. I wonder how Albert is holding up, especially after seeing Anna's face last night. Could he be in danger?

I sit still for a second before coming to my senses. No, he can't get taken out that easily. He might not be an ally but he's from Asta's district and I feel like I should at least show sympathy. "Hey Asta" I say. She groggily wakes up, "What's up..?". I nod towards the floating island, "Do you think there's any good stuff on the island there?"

She pauses as she rubs her eyes and looks at the Island. "I don't know, it might be a trap, it's the most tempting thing here in the arena.." she replies. True, but temptation doesn't always lead to trouble. "We should think about it before making any moves" she adds on. If you say so. I lay back and look up at the sky when I hear a loud crashing noise come from behind the hill. "What was that" I yelp, and Asta gives me the same scared look. She slowly gets up and peeks over the edge of the peak when she arches her shoulders in surprise and turns around. "Anti-Careers!" she whispers.

We have to move, we can't let them find us. I pick up my backback and a pipe lying next to me as Asta follows suit. We start to move but then, Asta slips on a lid and the scraps below us make a racket. "SOMEONE'S HERE" I hear one of them yell, and right away I help her up and we're hopping and stumbling down the hill. But something stabbing my leg stops me.

Cove Lowson, D4M

"GOTCHA NOW BITCH!" I cackle as I run to Erin, my allies behind me. I love the ironic twist in these games, being the anti-careers doesn't mean we're not cruel anymore. A kill is a kill you know? Her little friend Asta is still running away, "Mario, go get her" I bark. We surround Erin, and she looks up at us with fear. "Don't worry your friend will live to see you die" I say. And with that I nod to Erika, who gives me a slightly disgruntled look. "Why are you giving me that pity look?" I ask, and she says "Nothing" as she ties up Erin.

It's time someone took the job as leader here, at least take it seriously. No thanks to the alliance being a softy with everyone they spot, the games are being stretched out even longer. I'm telling you, when it comes down to it I know I'll win.

We wait for about 2 hours when a tired Mario comes back. "She.. she disappeared into the studios, I couldn't go in alone because it was like a maze in there..". Well thank you for your god damn cooperation, Mario. We couldn't appreciate it enough. I walk up to him and his eye catches mine, when I elbow him in the face and everyone gasps. It's the first time I act cruel, but what do I care. 'Next time, TRY to catch someone before they get away got it?" I scold.

Erika runs to Mario's side as she checks his jaw, which seems to be alright save for the hilariously nasty pool of blood coming from his teeth. We sit there in silence when suddenly, Erin gasps. I look up and I see Albert's alliance over the hill, and she starts losing it. "ALBERT, ALBERT COME QUICK PLEASE!". Shit, they wouldn't have noticed if she shut up! I swiftly pick up my sword and have no other choise but to kill her. I'm about to swing when suddenly, "STOP WHERE YOU ARE".

I look up and see an arrow aimed at me. 3 feet away. Damn, these guys are fast

Pharmacy Rivera, D20F

"Oh, hi there Sajay. How's the wound?" I taunt. He glares at me, and I sarcastically put my hands up. "Look out, we got a badass over here" I say. The alliance laughs, even some anti-careers. But the humor ends swiftly as Cove speaks. "Welp, you got me Albert" he says with a grin. Albert keeps a cold stare, "To let Erin come with us and for you show us where Asta is.." he says. He laughs, "Like we're that friendly, get 'em guys."

But then Nova speaks up. "Wait! We'll give you food!" I look at her, is this bitch stupid? HELP them? If the leader wounded his own ally what makes Nova think they'll make peace with us for this? They're not gonna do it, thinking we poisoned it or something. I facepalm but as soon as my hand leaves my face, they're actually doing it. Albert, however, has a smirk on his face. The anti-careers chow down as the event unfolds into something abnormal, like it's a half-time event in a sports event. They're just talking like it's nothing!

I find myself eating a sandwich, but before I take another bite Albert bumps into me and I drop it. "For fuck's sake Albert, watch it!"

Albert just gives me a warning glare, and walks off. Is the food.. poisoned?

Skell Odin, D18M

Oh my god when is this kid going to beat it? I'm starving, I'm bleeding, I need to get moving or else I'm going to die. The force field behind me impedes my escape.. and he's in front of me, unless I can kill him I might have a chance. But I need to distract him.. I know! I pick up a curved piece of metal and when he isn't looking, I throw it behind him. It clatters and he jumps, looking behind him. This is my chance

I charge him from behind, pushing him forward into the scrap piles. He starts screaming like a baby, while I start punching the freak. "DIE" I yell as I punch his face, but he seems to resist despite crying. I keep punching and punching, I start going to town on him. But after a while, a huge shadow is looming over me. I freeze and look behind me, and right above me is.. Oh lord

A fucking bus.

I leap forward and the bus barely misses me as I'm sent flying forward from the shockwave. I get up and the kid is fucking floating, like he's a god. I know running is making my wound worse but I'd rather live with it than die. Things start flying at me, ranging from little scraps to things bigger than the fucking bus. I keep running, dodging everything I detect when I spot a safe spot, it looks like some sort of cave. I grin as I run for it, leaping in just in time as a giant truck is thrown at the mouth. It gets lodged in there, and I hear the metal creak as Cirrus tries to move it. No dice.

I hear him throw a hissy fit as he walks away, and I sigh as I relsih my survival. I'm trapped but I'll find something. But still.. what the hell was that?

Asta E'claire, D5F

I stop running as I reach a wall, how long have I been running for I don't know, but I think it's safe to say I may have gotten a bit too carried away with my escape. I check my surroundings, and see a door. Maybe it's an exit? I open it and all I see is a room that's.. overlooking an ocean. What? The arena doesn't have an ocean, or a lake to add to that. I walk in and behind me I still see the hallway. Where did I end up?

I close the door and open it to make sure it'll still be there if I have to go back, and yeah this isn't an illusion. I go out the door in the lookout room and spot a room full of harpoons and weapons you'd see on ships. Pirate guns, the kind you have to reload once after every bullet.. might help. I pick it up and bring some bullets with gunpowder with me. I then decide to go to the elevator room, and I see three elevators. One of them has some sort of fishing net in it, the other is just full of sand. The sandy one must be the way out of this place. I get in and press the button that says 1F. I wait and the seagulls calm my nerves a bit. Maybe I'm safe?

But suddenly, a warning siren goes off. What now?

As the elevator doors open, I see a beach made out of trash. Great, I think I liked the scraps more. But at least the trash doesn't smell bad.. and there's sand too. I sit under the shade as I think of what to do.

Mario Adams, D1M

"Come on guys!" says Cove as he runs. He let the careers go just this once as we heard Skell's screams come from somewhere. I turned around when we heard them and I saw a huge wave of scrap like a tornado come crashing down. One thing led to another, and now we're on a wild goose chase.

We get closer to the spot as I notice the bare ground, something I thought would be a rare sight. It's just, reinforced glass over water. Water, almost looking like blue gel save for the small waves lapping on the glass. Something else is down there, but I stop thinking about it as fear gets the best of my thoughts. "Look!" says Erika as she points out a crumpled and crushed truck covering a cave. "SKELL!" I start yelling in hopes of him responding, and an echoey voice replies form the cave. "Yeah what's up?"

The alliance sighs in relief, the brains of the group lives.

"Now how are you gonna get rid of this truck?" he says. Oh right.. Suddenly Reya speaks up, "We can blow it up, just light the gas tank on fire with our Pyrokenisis!" she says looking over at Sajay. Sajay thinks about it, and nods. "Let's do it" he says. "Stand back Skell!" yells Cove as Skell yells a confident "OK!" from far into the cave. I wait as I see The D2 pair focus on the gas tank of the truck, when suddenly red, flowing waves like abstract lines start to materialize, flowing like smoke to the gas tank when suddenly, I hear an explosion and we're all sent flying back.

All I hear as my vision fades, are three cannons going off.

Psych Motion, Gamemaker

I giggle and clap in delight as the smoke fades from the explosion. Those two tributes finally found out the ability to combine psychic powers, like a multiplier! I made it to work like this, say Tribute A has a psychic tolerance of 8, while Tribute B has a 7. Their power would add up, then multiply by the amount of tributes, so 8+7 is 15 x 2 is 30! Here, we had Reya with a 9 and Sajay wth a 10. 9+10 is 19, x2 is.. 38, close to maximum for a two-tribute combination! Not all of them work like this, sometimes there's different mechanisms to it depending in what it is. Channeling is an exception, what is there to upgrade about it? Physical entities, PUH-LEASE.

Observing the aftermath, nobody in the anti-career alliance is moving. We can't really say who is dead or not, though our tribute list just lost 3 tributes in that region. It'd say who by now, but since everyone went out cold/died at pretty much the same time we REALLY can't say until it starts working again or the anti-careers get up. Skell is clearly dead, force from the explosion sent him flying back and he smacked his head on the wall, while shrapnel from the big 'splodey messed him up, we had cameras on the inside. Shame, they blocked the way to a huge secret!

But hey, you never know. Maybe some telekenisis enabled tributes can multiply their skill and move it all?

Erika Funnel, D1F

I get up, covered in smoke and with an icicle shaped piece of metal stuck in my arm. I freak out and pull it out, and thankfully it was just a flesh wound. I look around me, seeing who else is awake. I see everyone on the floor, either unconscious or.. dead..

"MARIO! COVE! SOMEONE!" I scream as I run over to Sajay and Reya. I carefully check Sajay for a pulse, I check his wrist, his neck, nothing. The only way to know is his chest but it's covered with hard metal from his encounter. I feel tears coming to my eyes as I think about who else might have died. Three cannons, Skell was obviously doomed, but who else? I think about leaving, the explosion might attract tributes thinking it's and event and if I'm here alone, I'm doomed.

Hesitantly, I back away from the scene, picking up Cove's sword as I do. "I'm sorry Mario.. Cove, everyone.." I whisper as I turn around and run away.

Emma Roos, D11F

"What was that?!" I yelp as I hear an explosion. Oh god.. Michael maybe? No.. he can't be involved. I worry for him, I can't find him anywhere and.. I'm worried he might never find me. Why did the games have to seperate us all. I found myself literally in an ice cream fridge, like I was in a capsule. I got out and I was surrounded by scrap, and I didn't want to leave, hoping that maybe Michael would find me here. But it's been  three days, I've had to survive off the frost in this freezer behind me and that's it.

Suddenly, I hear someone approach. I panic and hop into my freezer again, the cold instantly getting to my bones. But it looks like I was already noticed, because a face appears on the glass. "I'm not Michael, sorry" she says. Who..?

She slides it open and I kick at her, "STAY AWAY!" I yell, and she gives a bored look at me. "I'm Juliet. District 16." she says. She holds her hand out patiently. Should I trust her..? She's a stranger, a tribute kind of stranger at that. How do I know if she's not armed outside of the freezer. "I'm not armed, I'll even step back with my hands up as you get out if you'd like" she says. Mind reading I guess? "Yup" she replies. I give her a slightly distrusting look but chose to trust her anyway, and she does as she promised.

I climb out, and she gives a quick sigh. "Alrighty" she says as she pats me on the back and kneels to get closer to me. She points out a windmill island that's floating, "See that place? Maybe if we make it there we can look for your brother". I don't even hesitate to say yes as I nod excitedly. She's right, and we'd be safer up there than we would be down in the scraps anyway!

"Let's get going then" she says, and I follow her as we walk through the valley of scraps.

Albert Heller Brites, D5M

"And that's how you got caught.." I say as Erin finishes her explanation. That was quite a way to spend your day. We heard an explosion earlier, from where the anti-careers were heading. Maybe something happened? Some of them obviously died, three cannons followed right after. She sas that Asta ran off to the studios, where we just were. Maybe going there will lead to clues to where she is. But we'll have to try tomorrow, after the intensity of this day we can't afford to make a search party.

A noise catches my attention. I get up and walk over to the dark part of the hill, telling my alliance to stay put. I approach as I see empty bags of food making a trail, the special food. I hold my knife tightly as I get closer, when I remember my electromagnet. I run back and fetch it, and then resume my approach. As the person comes into view, I see it's Liana. "Drop the poptart" I warn. Liana turns around, hilariously covered in crumbs as she resembles a scared mouse, running away.

It's at that moment where I switch on the electromagnet, and suddenly she stops, grabbing at her back as she starts to gasp in pain. I switch this baby onto max, and suddenly I hear a "shlick" as tons of scraps magnetize to the magnet. She falls down, and then the cannon sounds. So, this thing works. Perfect, this means that killing the anti-careers will be easier than ever.

I walk back to the alliance, and they look at me with a "what happened?" face. "We had a rat running around" I reply calmly as I sit down. But I notice another oddity, Luna is missing. "Anyone seen Luna?" I ask, and Konami says "She went down the hill, needed to relax a bit."

"Ah" I say as I look up to see the fallen. First I see Sajay, followed by Trench, and then Skell. Finally, Liana's face shows up. Pharmacy gives a slightly sad sigh as she sees the face. "Friend?" I ask. "No.. I only respect people. And I wanted that kill.." she jokingly says.

I chuckle a bit as I lie down.

Nova-Luna Astra, D17F

And again, I see myself staring at the aqua-blue starry night sky. No sign of my parents.. but what else could I expect? Even if they were about to land, the forcefield would fry them. Day 3.. another day down, just like some tributes have gone down too. I lay back as something bumps my head. It feels smooth, almost like a ball. I turn around and see a white, rounded edge of something. What the hell? Maybe it's a fridge or something. Can't be too much.

I get up, and start walking back up when I see something else catch my eye a few feet up. A blue led light, cracked. I move some scraps to reveal more lights, and a little line seperating some pieces. Fridges don't have lights OR lines like these.. I start moving more and more scraps, and when I'm done I stand back and take a look. As I scan the scene, I notice..

Oh my god..


"NOOOOOOOOOO!" I scream out and I hear someone in my alliance ask what happened. I start to lose it and I feel Konami hold me and I hear him try to ask me questions. But I can't get my eye off of it.. "What happened?!" he depseratly yells as he shakes me. He then looks where I'm looking, and then all the other alliance members are too. "Oh my.. oh my god. Nova I'm so sorry." says Albert as he keeps his eyes peeled on it. He then takes a bunch of scraps and covers it. "Just.. try not to think about it" he says.

How can I not think about it.. how can I ever forget those three words..

"Panem Space Program"

Day 4: What's the matter with me?

Banette Tsukomogami, D8M

Hmph. Pyschotic bitch. After the episode I took part in two days ago, I realized how mentally unstable this bitch really is. I watch her sleep, tired from the whole lot of nothing we did yesterday. All we did was literally wander as if that's all it took to find tributes, kill them, and win. I read her mind while she slept, and it turns out I was right. She's falling for me.

Great, hah. I can use her, it feels great to be loved.

Juliet Spencer, D16F

We've made half the progress that Emma and I expected to finish after we got moving. With her being so jumpy and nervous, it was clearly going to be a challenge getting her to just get moving. However, she still seems to be on board with me helping her find her brother, but something tells me that she doesn't really see me as an ally quite yet. I need to get her trust, or else if something happens to him.. I'm dead. Doesn't matter if she's super young either, 12 year olds fresh out of their elevens have commited manslaughter in the games from what I remember, who knows what this girl can do.

In fact..

I try reading her mind, and aside from all the thoughts about Michael, she confirms my worries. She doesn't trust me. However, her mind seems to be clean of all negative thoughts otherwise, maybe I don't need to worry. I get up and I see that we're a few miles away from the island, and I point it out to her. She seems to be on board with it still, and she gets right to packing up to start moving. "We'll find Michael" I tell her. She just looks at me and hesitates a bit before nodding.

It's the only thing that crushes me, not being trusted.

Reya Isolfa, D2F

I jolt myself awake. Instantly I recognize the scene around me, other allies sprawled out on the floor.. cracks in the glass under us, shrapnel everywhere, and the cave that is now open in vain. I missed the anthem, I don't even know who's dead aside from Sajay, Trench, and Tarin, their bodies are gone.. I run over to Mario and nudge him, he doesn't move. I shudder and check him for a pulse, which I do find. Mario is alive, next to check Erika. Alive as well... and then we have Cove. He's alive, alright then we have a leader still. I sit in the center of the crack in the glass floor, and I think about what's happened. The anti-careers are useless as they are. I don't get how we can have such an amazing psychic tolerance but still be powerless. We're still careers, we're still stronger than the rest.. what is it that we don't have that makes us weak?

The sun is now visible in the sky, and as the light shines down into the water under the glass, I see marine life living under the water, and what appears to be.. another sky? Could it be.. I think about it.

And then I hatch a plan.

Death Chart

Name Placing Killed By Means Of Death
Kenny McCormick, D3M 42nd Michael Roos, D11M Kicked into pole, head skewered: 
Ded Meat, D3F 41st Self Bled out during super period
Brow Ken Leigh, D6M 40th Scraps Was unconveniently placed under loose car parts, crushed
Jack Mahwang, D7M 39th Self Died from heart attack (Limit your faps per day kids)
Troi Cian, D0M 38th Arena Flung into giant razor, sliced in half from the crotch upwards
Nixie Calamari, D4F 37th Kasha Rye, D9F Internal Bleeding (Cerebral)
Sark Lancaster, D15M 36th Annie Helondaise, D14F Head cut off
Sadako Darnell, D19F 35th Brahmos Ion, D13M Stabbed in the neck
Annie Helondaise, D14F 34th Kasha Rye, D9F Cut across back
Skell Odin, D18M 33rd Sajay Opaclipta and Reya Isolfa (D2) Explosion
Sajay Opaclipta, D2M 32nd Sajay Opaclipta and Reya Isolfa (D2) Explosion
Tarin Aisla Brandt, D18F 31st Sajay Opaclipta and Reya Isolfa (D2) Explosion
Liana Thorns, D7F 30th Albert Heller Brites, D5M  Scraps torn out from body, damaged spine

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