An entity has been stalking Panem for years, long ago since it was under a different name and a different government, before others like it even existed. This creature has not come alone, however. As the years passed, more entities, beasts, curses, and even people, have joined it's side. All willing to bring fear into the hearts of their victims and their tormented souls. These are the monsters of the modern legends, and society's beliefs have bought them to life. This is no game for the insane, nor the sane. This is a game that should have never been created, for the victor of these games will still expreience the same fear bought to them by none other than; The Slender Man

Ladies and gentlemen, prepare to witness the world of modern horror in Panem! Welcome to The Operator Games!

Arena Info & Mutts

The Arena

The arena will be a dark, gloomy forest shrouded in fog. Almost like a traditional halloween image, the day never seems to show and the sky is a mysterious purple. The trees are dead and a jet black, with a jagged shape to them. The cornucopia will be mixed between all the trees, vines and such spreading across the rusted cornucopia. A murky, disgusting lake lies near it, feeding into a river that runs through most of the arena. A gloomy, melancholy grove with a familiar flower bed bathed in moonlight lies in the western part of the arena, and down south is an old house, with reports of odd men of many types seen. If you dare traverse the lake, you will reach an island full of technology and virtual entertainment wonders for all to behold. However, many say that digital entities of many levels of danger lurk in the tangled mess of cables there. A twin island facility housing paranormal creatures and objects welcomes you right beside it.

Then, as a final attraction in the northern part of the arena, we have the statue of Mictlantecuhtli, the god of death. As if taken from a rusted dimension, the picture shown is what it once was. Now, rust has stained it's eyes like bloody teardrops and the already rotting corpse portrayed in the image of the statue has decayed even more, the eyes are bloodshot. The curious part of this is that a church appeared behind it, a stone circle with a statue and an old, stone church. Mystery shrouds this arena as the games progress, in constrast to the many personal realizations the tributes will have as the games progress.

However, what the tributes don't know, is that this arena isn't new. What do I mean? Read the games, look at the clues, and see for yourself..


Smile.Dog: This is by far, the most unique mutt that I'm willing to reveal right now. It comes from an image, claimed to be haunted by the devil. Anyone who sees this picture will gain chills and temporary nausea afterwards, but when they sleep they will be informed to "spread the word" by the creature seen here. Should they fail to spread the word, the dog will be seen everywhere, all corners, all places, even when they close their eyes. This escalates to an inevitable suicide. How to cure this? Spread the word...



Eyeless Jack: Nobody knows about him. Who he was or is, where he's from, or why he likes stealing your guts. Although hostile, he'd rather have his victims suffer without a kidney to use or a lung to breathe with, only to end your life with a meaningless lack of breath. The only way you can avoid him is to take shelter in a high spot or a home, but let me remind you about this: even in the most inviting places will you find a monster.



BEN: Ben Drowned. That's the end of him. Or so we thought. BEN is found in the computer lab island, located in an activity known as "cleverbot". The cleverbot will update you on things critical to survival, but using it has it's risks. BEN will take over, and once it does you won't have control over anything. Not even your own weapons if that's the situation. Only finding out how to plan usage of cleverbot wisely will be enough to avoid BEN.
Link Statue


Jeff The Killer: Behaving like a tribute himself, Jeff will participate in the cornucopia bloodbath, feasts, everything. After the main events, Jeff will lurk around the arena, looking for groups to split up or tributes to put to sleep. Armed with a knife and his white hoodie and black slacks, his face and his final words will be the last thing you see and hear before his iron grip tugs on your corpse, piling it onto a stack under Mictlantecuhtli. "Shhh... Go To Sleep.."
180px-Jeff caught on camera


SeedEater: Targeting the younger tributes and using the older tributes, SeedEater enjoys eating it's victims once they've fallen victim to his insanity. He'll be hospitable at first, but as he gains trust he will be more demanding until the moment you fail to serve him with at least a drop of a child's blood. You fail to bring him food? What he's looking at will be the next meal instead.
Seed eater by b02805495-d5wds75


BRVR: Located in the game room at the house and the computer lab island, BRVR is a physically harmless entity. It seduces you into an inviting and cheerful game, only to change it completely by the time you're done getting used to it. It looks like a Pikachu, with mangled and messy fur and a sad look on it's face. It wishes to find someone who understands his motives, someone to love, but nobody has done the trick. Will your tribute be the one? Or will his depression leave your tribute feeling like him, trapped in a world that the players control


The Grifter: Found only in the computer lab island, the grifter is a video that will give you a peek at your upcoming future once a day in exchange for part of your overall health. It being an arm, or a liter of blood. The video is messy, twisted and horrible, the second cost of watching your future. It takes your fears and shoves it right into your face, daring you to look away and waste the pain you went through.


The SCP Foundation Subjects: A batch of curious paranormal creatures, ranging from hostile, friendly or neutral. None will be revealed to preserve excess information being revealed.

Slenderman: The king of mutts in these games, the Slenderman will be following your every step. A tall, faceless man in a business suit and many tentacles, you'll see him in a slouch or as if he was a tipped tree, flowing in the wind. The only weakness is the operator symbol, a symbol that only the wise will find out. Slenderman might watch three tributes at once, all in different spots, or he might be waiting for you to turn around, waiting for you to receive your fate. Just like the way he's behind you right now
Grand Rebel: An inky black humanoid blob that can shapeshift. It will proceed to attract it's victims mimicking their enemy or an ally to split them up, using it's stringlike tail to slay them with it's hook. Two blank glowing white circles serve as it's eyes and a toothy, sinister white smile belongs to it. It's inky bloblike matter drips off it in every direction, dissolving or fading away the farther it goes. Contact with the creature will melt skin, bone and flesh depending on where it has touched you. 
1000px-Grand Rebel-Final

Special Mutt: These will be three two surprises I will NOT spoil..


I have nothing to show you yet, so have Jeff riding Smile.Dog wearing a sombrero

Template & Rules

Ok, to begin lets start with the rules.

  • No whining. About ANYTHING.
  • If a tribute died feel free to be sarcastic about it but don't insult the tribute or their creator. I've seen enough internet fights to know how obnoxious it gets.
  • 4 tributes per person
  • No spamming
  • These games will have both training scores AND sanity points. 
  • Sanity points are going to be explained once I get all the tributes, no more, no less. Unless I'm short on time.
  • Reservations will last one day. I will keep track of who gets which reservation when one runs out.
  • When you write advice for your tributes, you'll have to do some research on these monsters in order to create effective advice. The advice may be short, but be aware that longer advice is way more acceptable.
  • Districts 0-13 and the Capitol in these games. I'll drag D14 and D15 with a few of my own in my quell :3
  • Give advice at the end of each day. This has been proven to be very effective through experience

Now, the template














District Tribute Age Weapon
0M Troi Cian 15 Dagger, Spear
0F Dawn Olive 13 Bow, Knife
1M Zaphire "Zaph" Beux  17 Dagger, Spear
1F Emerald Diamond 17 Bow, Knife
2M Yoshi Hero 18 Sword, Throwing Knives
2F Ella Massey 17 Dagger, Posion, Throwing Knives
3M Wire Elec 16 Knives, Messy weapons
3F Issabella Electrode 15 Throwing Knives
4M Ratchet Squires 14 Trident, Knife
4F Nikia Summers 17 Spear, Trident
5M Zak Slaughter 16 Everything
5F Mimic Slaughter 16 Everything
6M Lapis Hovercraf 14 Spikes
6F Lemin Jolice 17 Sickle
7M Moon Moon (Hunter Provorse)


MM: Knife, Sword

Hunter: Bow, Dagger, Axe, Sword

7F Joelle Osias 18 Traps, Dagger, Hand-To-hand Combat
8M Sonic Wayne 16 Throwing Knives, Dagger
8F Sabrina Morris 14 Bow, Throwing Knives, Poison
9M Silver "Clocky" Clockson 16 Double Knives
9F Jenna Nash 14 Bow, Knife
10M Wario Web 16 Dagger
10F Hebe Mines 15 Knife, Bear Trap
11M Trent Korey 18 Spear, Sword, Trident
11F Ally Mya 15 Poison, Dagger
12M Wolf Fang 15 Throwing Knives, Chained Sickle(s)
12F Dawn Angelfrost 14 Knife, Blowgun
13M Harley Swoop 18 Knives, Blow Dart
13F Piper Quinn 14 Bow and Arrow
CM Julius De Mort 18 Axes, Knives
CF Kelebek Carnation 18 Crossbow, Throwing Knives, Knife


Careers: Zaphire "Zaph" Beux (D1M)Yoshi Hero (D2M)Issabella Electrode (D3F), Kelebek Carnation (CF), Emerald Diamond (D1F), Troi Cian (D0M)

Anti-Careers: Wario Web (D10M), Ally Mya (D11F), Trent Korey (D11M), Hebe Mines (D10F), Joelle Oasis (D7M), Sonic Wayde (D8M), Nikita Summers (D4F), Lemin Jolice (D6F)

Loners: Julius De Mort (CM), Wolf Fang (D12M), Hunter Proverse/Moon Moon (D7M), Lapis Hovercraf (D6M), Ella Massey (D2F), Jenna Nash (D9F)

Clockwire Ratchet: Silver "Clocky" Clockson (D9M), Wire Elec (D3M), Ratchet Squires (D4M)

Slaughterhouse: Mimic Slaughter (D5F), Zak Slaughter (D5M)

D13 Alliance: Piper Quinn (D13F), Harley Swoop (D13M), Dawn Angelfrost (D12F), Sabrina Morris (D8F)

Tribute, District = Dead

Tribute, District = Unknown


Hebe Mines, D10

I look out the window of my apartment in the Capitol, the dark and gloomy sky overhead. Panem truly became a hell nobody can stand anymore, and I feel as if there is another world that is thriving in joy and whatnot out there, rebuilding what was once a disaster. However, I still feel like there is something that lies outside, something from yet another world. I've seen it, I've seen the man watch me from my window, I've seen him eerily float along the trees on the train rides, appearing on both sides. He's waiting, for what? I don't know. I'm called up by my mentor, Gamzee, as he stumbles over from the weed he smokes a lot. "Let's motherfucking go, kids" he says, giggling in his deep and greasy voice.

I go into the elevator, admiring the neon lights the facility has to, well, provide light. It's mezmerizing, but maybe that's a test I just failed. I need to pay attention to every little detail in these games and in training if I want to survive. The elevator doors open, and Gamzee stands out in front of us, his arms wide open like the Brazilian Jesus statue and his back turned to us as he slowly walks out. "Welcome, to survival", he says.

Wire Elec, D3

"Oh boy oh boy OH FUCKING BOY!" I yell in a fast voice as I rush over to the swords rack, swinging wildly as I slice at a dummy by accident, making the fake blood gush out. I stand there and awkwardly put the sword back into place. The careers who just entered the room stare at me awkwardly as Zaphire, the leader, walks over and takes the sword I just out back. "Watch and learn, poser" he says as he jabs the sword back into the wound, stabbing it in and out perfectly into the same spot. He then leaves it in there, kicks it in deeper and rips it out by pulling it to the side.

I just stand there, then laugh. I don't know why, but I laugh until my head hurts, and once the headache pases, I grin. "The rake.. have you heard of him? I say as I place my hand onto the weapons rack as I act as if I was leaning on it casually. "No. Explain before I have to beat the info out of you" Zaph says, which gives me the cue. I grab the hook weapons on the rack and swing at him violently as he jogs backwards, avoiding my attacks. "He strikes that fast, even faster actually. If you could barely dodge me... Expect worse once the games start" I say before Zaphire stares at me in what looks like fear, but he then shakes his head and jogs over to the gauntlet.

I expect him to start pointing at me to signal a target for the alliance, but he doesn't. He gives me one last look before he turns around and starts to train.

Wolf Fang, D12

I go straight to the corners, where the smaller weapons are held. Nobody wants to try small weapons because they want to get the message through to the others, Don't mess with me", that doesn't help. It never will, it makes them a target. I'd rather be the one who nobody notices, the one who can make it without a scratch but without having to be seen. My past is too dark, too cruel, I have my reasons for almost everything.

I sit in the corner, acting as if I was seeing which blade fits me best. If someone was to notice me, they'd think I was nobody important to kill. I actually want them to think that, to think that I'm nobody special. They'd kill each other while I just survive, no wasted energy or anything. And when the time comes, I'll be ready to fight. I notice two tributes staring at me, one of them smiling and walking over to me. "If you want.. Wolf, is it? You can be in our alliance" she says. I think she's an anti-career. I look at her, she's already invading my space. I look back down at the knife, hunching over as I do. "You ok?", she asks. I growl, and she instantly freezes and walks away. I have no problems with her, but I don't want to be the reason she dies for trying to save me.

But I don't need anyone, I've trusted myself and managed to live for 15 years.

Nikita Summers, D4

I can't help but feel bad for some of these tributes. I'm just here, sitting with the careers as they begin to talk strategy. "At the bloodbath we need to stay alert, if we stay intact throughout the entire games we can easily clean out the rest of the tributes.", says Zaphire. I agree, actually. If it means living through the games longer, I'd do it. But theres one thing holding me back, I've barely started training and have been called racial slurs already. I start to remember my childhood, being the only girl in the academy who was truly bullied. "Look at that dumb cotton picker, thinking she can just walk in from D10/D11 and be like a career" was the only thing I ever heard. Only a good few saw past my color and saw who I really was, a girl who was afraid to die, a girl who loved everything and everyone.

"Hey, are you listening to me Niggita?" says Issabella, in a giggling tone and sneering at me with a smile. "I said we need to make sure we don't lose you at night when it's dark out!", she says, laughing with the rest of the group. I sigh and my anger swells up in me, that's the last straw. I grab throwing knives, they aren't my main weapon but I think I can use them right. I grab enough for each career, then turn around and throw the knives, pinning their shirts to the training room floor. I glare at all of them, "You just lost a good ally" I say, and I turn around to go towards the now surprised anti-careers.

"Have room for one more?" I ask.

Wario Web, D10

"WHAT THE FUCK?!" I hear Zaphire yell as he struggles to get back up. The knife just tears at his shirt even more, exposing his skin to the cold training room's air. He shivers as he glares in both anger and sorrow at Nikita. "Fuck yeah, we do" I say as I pat her on the back gently and bring her in for a group hug. She smiles sweetly as we all welcome her like freshmen meeting their middle school friends on the first day of school. Something about her is so welcoming, so... warm.

We all start training at different stations as the last of the careers gets her shurt unpinned. I couldn't help but notice a bit of her breast stick out of the torn shirt, which Hebe reacts to by punching me in the arm. Wer're probably the happiest alliance in these games, we've all warmed up to each other. I then take a glance at the loners and the others. I see the twins from 5 swing at dummies in perfect synch, high fiving each other just in time as the dummy heads slide off. They seem to be balanced out. I see the clock kid tap the clock that's in his eye, shaking like a bee and his good eye twitching as he does. It's horrifying to see him team up with the bipolar kid from 3.

Then I see the careers as they file out to get new shirts, no training for them today I suppose. I guess Nikita makes a good ally after all. I see the 13 pair talk with the 12 and 8 girls, seeing them nod in agreement to what they're all saying. It's all a curious mix. These games will be good, all that's left to reveal is the victor and the arena.

Just as I turn around, I see out the window of the training room. I look down and staring right back at me is a man, drssed in a suit with a tall, slender body. He's bald, and has no face. I turn around to call my allies over so they can see, but as I look back down I see nobody. I get strange looks from my allies, as they all get back to what they were doing. However, I see Wire come over to me with a grin. He opens his mouth to speak and in the most chilling voice I've ever heard, he says;

"Looks like Slendy likes you.."

Training Scores

Tribute Score Odds
Troi Cian 8 10-1
Dawn Olive 7 8-1
Zaphire "Zaph" Beux 10 5-1
Emerald Diamond 6 14-1
Yoshi Hero 9 7-1
Ella Massey 9 6-1
Wire Elec 10 3-1
Issabella Electrode 8 11-1
Ratchet Squires 7 15-1
Nikita Summers 12 2-1
Zak Slaughter 10 7-1
Mimic Slaughter 10 8-1
Lapis Hovercraft 5 19-1
Lemin Jolice 4 21-1
Hunter Proverse 8 14-1
Joelle Osias 7 12-1
Sonic Wayne 7 17-1
Sabrina Morris 2 27-1
Silver "Clocky" Clockson 10 9-1
Jenna Nash 8 12-1
Wario Web 9 11-1
Hebe Mines 7 17-1
Trent Korey 8 14-1
Ally Mya 6 19-1
Wolf Fang 8 12-1
Dawn Angelfrost 5 24-1
Harley Swoop 6 19-1
Piper Quinn 7 14-1
Julius De Mort 9 10-1
Kelebek Carnation 10 10-1

Sanity Points

Sanity points are my new favorite and will be recurring for games to come, no matter what the theme. These will vary depending on the tribute's location, status and overall safety. They serve as both pointers on what to say, and also a radar. Say Jeff is currently your tribute's roommate, the sanity points will be going down a lot. But if they're in a sunny and isolated spot, they might be a 10 (maximum). Each tribute's sanity points will go up and down as the games go, and this being my first time I WILL accept suggestions in the comments before the games start.

Tribute Sanity Points
Troi Cian
Dawn Olive
Zaphire "Zaph" Beux 6
Emerald Diamond
Yoshi Hero
Ella Massey
Wire Elec 6
Issabella Electrode
Ratchet Squires 6
Nikita Summers 6
Zak Slaughter 6
Mimic Slaughter
Lapis Hovercraf
Lemin Jolice
Hunter Proverse 6
Joelle Osias 6
Sonic Wayde
Sabrina Morris
Silver "Clocky" Clockson
Jenna Nash
Wario Web 6
Hebe Mines
Trent Korey
Ally Mya
Wolf Fang
Dawn Angelfrost
Harley Swoop
Piper Quinn
Julius De Mort
Kelebek Carnation

Italics = Still alive, yet dead in a way

T̶͕̞̦̳̑̈́̊ͫ̏̉ͫͭͤͤ̏̽̄̀͒̋̐͋̀́h̪̜̩̩̲̫̫͇̥̦̩̼̪̐̃̋ͤ͐̉̾̆̐͗̑̃ͮͦ̋̃̍͢ͅe̷̡̩̩̤͚̺̝͔̣͔͈̺̼ͥ̆ͣ̈͜͞ ̵̀ͤ̆͒̈́̄̏̓ͪ̓̆͆͆̿̔ͩ͏̢͍̙̦̘͖̼̰͈̺̣̞͖̥̭͖̳̀͡B̸̵̜̭͇̩͖̭̺̉̈͊ͩ͒̄̎̒ͨͬ͒̃ͮ̚l̢̡̧̻̱̟̜͗̄ͭ̚͟͝ͅö̡͎̦͕͍̲͉̗̣̝̪̩͔ͫ̋̔ͩ̓͆̕̕͜ȏ̃̐̽ͥ́̆̐͏̞̞̰̼͎̳̗̦̟̲̜͎͎̬͉̲̰͜͞d̞̲͍͚͎̥͈̜̼̺̹̲̝̲̳͖͈̀͋ͤ̍ͦ̀͘b̝̹͈͙͓̘̱̱̲̂̾̔̋̏ͫ͘ą̶̝̞̠̭̼̖̬̦̆̎̊ͤͨ̚̕͜͠tͫ̄̄̔̀̀̀́͏̫͕̟̯͈̪̮̫͔̻̣͚̹̙͈ͅh͛ͣͯͬ͋̌͑̋̋̓ͭͥ̇ͨ̑̑͗́͏̟̥̣̰.̢̭̩̥̰̻̜͎͍͙̜͈̟̖̭̹̯ͮ̀͊̓̊̕ͅ.̴͇̳̗͈͓̞̜̜͍̹̤̤̭̙̭̲̝ͫͧ̌ͮ͗̏̏́͞.̶̷̺̖̻̺̯̯̼̯͛̑̈́ͬ̊ͣ̒ͪ͛̌́͜͞

Jeff The Killer, Mutt

I stand by the forest, watching the timer for the tribute's appearances count down. I go up to the cornucopia and grab my trusty knife, then sit on a crate as I wait. I look off into the distance, they grey and horrid sky looming over the dead forest and grayscale landscape. I love this place. I look off into the distance, and I see good old Slendy loom between the trees, floating like a phantom as his tentacles supend him and move like a spider's legs. I look behind me and see the unnerving glow of the technology island, and despite being many miles away, I hear distorted music playing in the distance. I get an orgasmic shiver as I hear it, looking up at the statue of Mictlantecuhtli looming over the forest, he knows he's going to expect a good amount of brats in the next few days.

I know what my mission is, the capitol doesn't know what powers we, as creatures of the hellish world, contain. I kill the tributes, and bring them to Mictlantecuhtli, then it all goes down. The capitol, however, will just think it's another game of mine. How I love being insane. The whirring of the pedestals is sounding, and I see the top of someone's head.

Let the games begin.

Zaphire "Zaph" Beux, D1

I shiver as I feel the cold, uninviting breeze on my arms. All I'm wearing is a t-shirt and a hooded sweater with my district's corresponding color and black slacks, but I still feel the cold grasp of something watching me from behind. I turn around and see nothing, just an endless stretch of dead trees and to my left is a rusty red sea, like something bled to death to no end there. There is an island in the distance with many buildings, with abnormal lights flickering in the form of a wicked smile out of an 8-bit game. How unsettling.

I look around me and see Nikita nod to her allies, who are all now staring at someone already at the corncucopia. I see a boy, pale, white skin with black slacks and a white hoodie much like our uniforms. I stare in awe as I process what's going on, but I then remember the theme. "Games will not only take part in the event, but also in your judgement and sanity". I guess this is a test that I just passed, but as I come to my conclusion I hear someone yell "HEY!" and then a figure jumps off their pedestal, being blown up in the process. Based on what I saw before the tragedy, I believe that was Julius form the capitol.

The poor arrogant bastard. He only had 10 secons left before he could really get things going. His tye-dye sweater's remains are all over the place, soaked in blood.

I then hear the gong and a scream occurs right afterwards.

Mimic Slaughter, D6

"MIMIC! HELP ME!" Yells my brother, Zak as I see the guy at the cornucopia drag him away, the knife caressing my brother's throat. "Oh hell no" I growl as I charge Jeff with a spear. He responds quickly by daring to put the knife right up Zak's throat and I pause. I pant as I hear tributes run past me and the fights already starting, when suddenly I see Hunter slam into Jeff, making him lose his grip and he runs off with Jeff's knife, I notice Hunter looking back at me as he nabs a backpack on the way out of the bloodbath, a glance that says "you're welcome" as he fades into the forest.

Jeff glares at him, then me and says in his creepy voice, "You were lucky" as he runs into the cornucopia, nabbing another knife and jumping on top of Lapis, stabbing him repeatedly until the body goes limp. Jeff laughs as he slams his elbow into Hebe's face and then cuts at her face, I see an eyeball gush open as she runs around like an insect that just lost it's head.

"Mimic! Let's go!" Yells my brother as I see him holding two knives and a backpack for each of us. I follow as I laugh at Sabrina, being cut open right from her clit up to her belly, her entrails sliding out and a horrid stench coming from it. Can't wait to do that myself!

Wario Web, D10

"Hebe!" I yell as I pick her up and run off with a backpack that has metallic sounds coming from it. I hope those are knives or something. I then see my allies follow suit as Hebe cries and yells in pain, the tears acting as salt in her wound. Suddenly, I see Zaphire tackle Nikita, his knife about to plunge into her. I can't help but watch her eyes stare right back at him as I hear him say: "This is why we had your people in chains!" as the knife lowers. I then respond by throwing my canteen right at his head, knocking him out as the knife miraculously lands inches away from Nikita's head. She looks over at me and laughs a bit as she kickes Zaphire off and picks up his knife.

"Thanks for the help!" She says as I look back at a rather disgusting scene; Jeff brutally stabbing the already dead body of Emerald over and over as Yoshi tries to stop him, which he then gets a knife in the chest as a response. He isn't dead but plays as if so, gagging as he fails at faking death. The careers are suffering, good.

Wire Elec, D3

I shiver as I finish changing into Weff. It sounds stupid but I assure you, it is anything but. I come over and tap Jeff on the shoulder as he pants, hunching over Emerald's body. He looks over, his eyes wider than I thought they'd be. "I'm just like you, Jeff." I say as I hold my hand out, offering a rather unique alliance offer. He looks at me, his smile confusing me if he's frowning or smiling at my offer. "Let me think.." he responds, "How about.. NO" he screams as he headbutts Ratchet who just arrived with supplies, sending him backwards as Jeff jumps on top of HIM. I yell at him like a dog and knee him in the gut, as he gasps for air. Ratchet is unconscious and he's heavy enough, but Clocky comes over with a crate lid and rope as he puts Ratchet on top and ties the rope to the lid, dragging him away like he was using a sled.

I look back at Jeff, glaring at me with hateful eyes. His blood-stained sweater is all too inviting, in contrast to my yellow sweater. "You.. you'll die last" he says with a threatening voice. "Everyone dies" I reply, smirking as I run off to my allies.

I look back at the aftermath and there lay the bodies of Sabrina, Lapis, Julius, and Ally. The careers are currently fighting off the smaller alliances who are apparently rying to scare them off to come after their unconscious allies. Good Luck with that

Piper Quinn, D13

Harley! Where is he!? I look around frantically as I see him confront Ella, apparenlty doing well. I charge at Ella with a rod I found on the ground, a temporary weapon, as she fixes her attention on Harley still. I swing and WHACK! The pole caves in her face, a sick crack and a face like a plastic ball being crumpled being the final result. I stare at her as I shove the pole into her head as her cannon sounds and I cut off her sweater's hood, trying it to the pole like a flag.

"Piper! Look out!" says Harley as I turn around, not aware of the knife poking at my cheek. "Nap time" says my attacker as a palm emerges from behind the knife and I feel something go through my cheek, slicing out as I feel my face being cut open. Harley flees into the cornucopia as I realize that Jeff is cutting my face to look just like his, the reflection of a metallic crate showing my makeover. As soon as I finish screaming, the knife comes out and he stares at me with horrifiying but gentle eyes. He plants the most disgusting kiss I've ever gotten on my lips, which I respnd to with a headbutt as I struggle to push him off but he hold me down as he looks over at a body dangling from the tip of a sword. Just like the D4 male from the 74th games, I watch as Issabella kicks Harley's hanging body off the sword, the blade making a slimy sound as it leaves his head.

"NO!" I yell as I finally push Jeff off, charging at Issabella and slapping her, the sword flying out of her hand and I begin to repeatedly slap her, over and over as she laughs, replying with a fist to my face as I feel my nose break. I stumble back as I fall onto a backpack, and I grab it before fleeing with a bow that was right next to the backpack.

As I hear the cannon sound for Harley, I weep. I saved him, then failed. I'm a failure... I can't get over this fact anymore.

Yoshi Hero, D2

I rip the knife out of my chest as I see a tribute left at the cornucopia, going through items like a rat. I sneak up behind her and I take out a second knife, tapping her on the shoulder with the blade and slicing her cheek as she turns around. She screams and runs way, I'm not in the mood to kill right now.

I walk over to Zaphire, checking his pulse to see if he remains alive. I see him breathe, a good enough sign. I drag him behind the crates as I see Jeff run towards the statue, somehow carrying all the bodies at once in his arms. He isn't human, no matter what science says. I gather up my allies as we sit down and begin to eat. We lost many fights today, and failed in general despite securing the cornucopia. I begin to talk strategy with Issabella and the others as we wait for Zaphire to come back into reality.

Zak Slaughter, D6

Mimic and I have found a tiny boat by the beach and are drifting towards the island, and I see Hunter from behind a tree as he swuints and shakes his head in worry, going back into the forest. Pf, what does HE know? I know damn well what I'm doing, I'm staying away from the threats while they kill each other off. "Mimic, what do we have?" I ask as I crack my neck a bit, tired from looking in the same direction. She goes through the bag's items and pulls out a bag of apples, a dagger which I quickly nab, and night-vision goggles. So far so good, if I say so myself.

We drop anchor in the middle of the ocean as it gets dark, halfway to the island. We see the careers' campfire as we lay down and look up. All that's left to do is wait for the anthem. Suddenly, Mimic does something I would never expect a Slaughter to do. She hugs me and stays close, shivering as if she was afraid something might happen. I can't blame her, in a place like this the fact you have to kill each other is the least of your worries. But no matter, we volunteered for a reason anyways did we not? I hold her closer as I begin to fall alseep, not caring about the anthem.

Jeff The Killer, Mutt

The anthem plays just in time as I reach the statue of Mictlantecuhtli. I tap the three symbols between it's legs and the pit opens up, the hellfire reminding me of my childhood demise. I begin to drop the bodies, one by one as I look up into the sky. The bodies fall as they appear in the sky, the camera zooms in on their faces as it boils and blisters before melting away in a hellish style. I then look over at the church as I finish dumping the bodies. Not much of the Grand Rebel's shadowy figure has formed, and the one who waits behind the wall has yet to awaken. The statue however, still has a long time before it does it's job.

I hear a disgusted scream come from the left of the plaza. I follow the sound to see the anti-career girls throw up in the bushes. I smile on the inside more than I can on the outside, going back to my statue and climbing up onto the head of it. I nuzzle myself in the crown it has on it;s head and I attempt to fall asleep, but I fail to do so. I just turn around and hide the light from my face and stare into the darkness, and with this I improvise my closed eyelids. How I yearn to be able to sleep, but how I yearn to save the others from their hell as well. Time to go to sleep....

Day 2 - Maybe the luddites were right...

Zak Slaughter, D5

I wake up, realizing that we had just bumped onto the shores of the island. I instantly get up and nudge Mimic with my foot, jumping off as she swings at the air with a knife, yelling until she notices it was me who nudged her. "Fucking asshole" she says as she stumbles out of the boat. We go up the stairs and a chilling song is heard through the speakers of the island, which looks like an abandoned fort. It sounds like something you'd hear at a department store, except more somber and heartless.

The music suddenly cuts off as we reach the door, and I see a faint red glow from the very corner of the room through the window. It's quite nice in here actually, the lights are on like it's a classroom and there are millions of computers lined up in neat rows. Mimic is first to enter and she runs right over to a game, typical. It's called "Pokemon Channel" and shows a cute little mouse waving at the screen. I remember this, I used to play it when I was young before the Capitol banned it for supposedly promoting animal abuse. What a bunch of hypocrites.

I stroll around and sit myself a few computers away from Mimic, and I move the mouse to see an odd red flash and then it cuts straight to a fullscreen version of a website called Cleverbot. It reads:

Need help with an attack plan? Ask Cleverbot anything!

Perfect, I can ask this thing what the careers are doing.


User: Hi there. What can you tell me about the careers.

Cleverbot: I don't like news byes.

User: Are you fucking kidding me? You're leaving me hanging in the bloody 
hunger games?!

Cleverbot: I want to talk someone. But can't anybody hear me.

User: This is Mimic, my brother is getting tired of your shit as much as I am 
right now. What can you tell me about the goddamn careers?!

Cleverbot: So I'm older than your brother, but not you?

User: We're twins, dumbass. Go drown.

Cleverbot: That's not very nice!

User: I said, DROWN.

Cleverbot: No you didn't, you didn't say anything.

User: DROWN.

Cleverbot: No, dobro. It means 'good' in bosnian.

User: What the bloody hell is Bosnian?! 
If only my friend Ben was here, he'd fix your glitchy ass up.

Cleverbot: No.

User: It sucks though, ben drowned...

Cleverbot: Ok I understand now tell me more!

User: Well... It's something Zak would know. He can explain.

Cleverbot: You're testing me to see if I'm human.

User: This is Zak. So as you can understand, ben drowned.

Cleverbot: I'm hard to understand.

User: Ben. Drowned. You motherfucker.

Cleverbot: What is the meaning of life?


Cleverbot: I know.


Cleverbot: I know everything.

User: Then tell me about the careers damn it!

Cleverbot: I don't want to confuse you.

User: At least tell me if they're okay or not so we can plan our next move!

Cleverbot: I don't know why they are doing thins. What are you thinking 
about that?

User: Fuck this, I'm going to go check on Mimic. She looks depressed about
something, I dunno. Fuck you.

Piece of shit didn't help. I refresh the page and wait for it to clear the previous session. I then walk over to Mimic, who seems to be on the edge of throwing up or crying. I'm surprised, a Slaughter showing emotion?!

I look over at the screen and it goes to static, maybe she just got upset that the game glitched. "Mimic, try restarting the computer" I say as I nidge her. She slowly looks over at me. "This arena isn't new, Zak" she says. What does she mean it isn't new? I just shake my head and walk over to the door, locking it. I don't want any more surprises today already.

But little did Zak know that Cleverbot messaged HIM as he went to comfort his sister. In an almost menacing, and slow manner the words spelt out on the screen:

Cleverbot: You Shouldn't Have Done That...

Hunter Proverse, D7

I wake up and stretch as I look up at the dark, gray, and gloomy sky. I sigh, realizing that until I can get out of this arena I have to end lives. I have no issues with this, but I would rather keep those who deserve to live alive. But then again, watching them die would be kinda funny in some cases. But whatever, I think I'll just get moving.

I jump down from the tree, rolling as I land and start jogging through the grass. It crunches under my feet, and the cold fog is nipping at my ears and I put the hood of my dark green hoodie up as I tighten my backpack and continue jogging. I don't bother looking up, I know something is waiting for me to see it but my rule in these games is "Don't see them, or else they'll see you". It's bad enough we've all been stalked by the same thing apparently. Tall and skinny, in a suit and with white skin but no face. I won't bother, not now. But I will admit, if I ever see him I might draw a smiley face, that might be why he's following everyone, he wants someone to draw him a nice face.

Maybe he wants a hug? Or maybe he wants help getting a resume. Haha, maybe he wants to play hide and seek. Good old hide and seek, a part of everyone's childhood regardless of their district. Their very first form of training before they enter these cruel games, it's what trains them to hide in fear. But not me, I have my own ways of doing things. I almost start laughing when suddenly, I stop as I hear a bloodcurdling scream come from my left. I look up and towards that direction and I see my district partner pushing off someone wearing a black hoodie, a bag around their waist and a knife begging to tear into her flesh.


I dash over to the District 12 tribute and knee them in the gut, but I hear nothing. Not even a sound of pain or a grunt. The 12 Tribute stands up, and their hoodie slumps off their head. What I see horrifies me. A blad head, with a blue leather mask sewn into it unevenly so it's pulling at the skin in disgusting folds. Black goo drips from what looks like the eye sockets. It stands up, outs it's hood back up, and it fades away just like that. I look down at my district partner, who seems to have fainted from the fear. I'd faint too after seeing something like that.

I place a blanket I had in my backpack over her, and arm a simple trap nearby in case "it" comes back. Anyways, time to get moving.

Zaphire "Zaph" Beux, D1

I sit up, yelling as I wing my arm. But no blood comes out. I realize that I was knocked out, left with my planned action in mind. Thank god nobody was in front of me, because if they were- BOOM!

Hold up, can I really hear things that clearly? I look up and I see crows fly out of the trees west of the cornucopia. Too far to check it out. The others wake up from this, in district order as if this was planned. I smile at Yoshi, he seems to have saved my life. He just looks over at me with a weird face, did I expose my homosexuality too much with just that?! I make a cold face and get up, stretching. "Alright guys, you heard the cannon, that means someone or something is active out there. We can't stay in the open so we must find shelter, and a shelter means a house. I recall a house south from here, perhaps we could reside there."

My allies look at me and nod as they prepare their things. We're leaving the cornucopia unguarded with all the stuff there, not like anyone has the balls to trek through the forest right now anyway. We start moving, going trough the fog as I scare myself from bumping into other members who respond in the same way. The gamemakers really knew how to mix things up, yesterday was an endless, blood-red sky and today we have an intense fog. I top thinking just as I'm about to bump into a tree.

"Fucking tree" I say as I kick one of the tree's trunks. But I look up at the rest of the tree and realize that this isn't a tree. I'm standing right behind a tall, slender and pale-skinned man. I shiver as I notice a clean path to a house, right in front of the man but that means I have to enter it's line of sight. My allies bump into me as they too see the man. Issabella opens her mouth to gasp but I cover her mouth as I motion them to follow the fog but to stay out of the man's sight. WE start moving, and I look over at the man's...

Dear god, he has no face.

I stop again, but I fake to adjust a weapon. I'm scared, I'm terrified. Where has my arrogance gotten me damn it. No, I'm not shunning myself now. I start moving again until we reach the house, in which the fog suddenly fills in the empty spot. I turn around, only to catch a glimpse of the man. All I see is the man staring right at me, it's head tilted  to the side and tentacles emerging from it's back. It then dissolves like static and the fog fills in. "This place looks cozy" says Kelebek as she walks towards the home.

I can only hope it's as nice as it looks as I follow.

Piper Quinn, D13

I wake up crying like I was in my dream. It was a continuous loop of Harley getting killed in many ways, all of his corpses staring right at me with a face that.. it just hurts too much. I cup my hand over my face and feel the scars given to me by Jeff. I feel an anger surge through me, an anger that makes me want to wreak revenge on anyone who dares hurt my last ally, Dawn.

I almost lost her yesterday, we were trekking through the dark forest as we tried to find a good spot to sleep in  but the night was an inky black. She tripped onto a pile of rocks and as I lit a match, I saw a poisonous spider nest about 4 inches in front of her. I pulled her up quickly and she hung on tight as we slowly walked away. We ended up walking about 10 more minutes away from that spot. And now, here I am.

I look over at Dawn, who is offering a cream to me. "For your face" she says with a sweet voice. She's so small, so.. fragile I hold her hand and bring her close, she reminds me of Harley in a way. "I don't need the cream, the scars will remind me what I have to live for" I say as I hear her quietly hum in agreement. We sit there, hugging on the floor until we let go and get straight to our plans.

"I was thinking we could maybe go towards the cornucopia, I hope that the careers won't notice us with this fog all over the place. Once we're there we could grab something to keep us ready for any kind of weather" she says in a imid and insecure voice. But I think it's a good idea. I nod, and we start moving. I roll up a piece of paper and blow, whcih slightly blows away enough fog to see what's ahead of us by about, 4 inches. No point in blowing I guess, besides it makes my cheeks hurt like hell.

We walk, and walk, and walk over and over until I stumble across a picture on the floor. It looks rather old, and I pick it up. But the wind blows it away, a chilling "woosh" coming from it as if was saying "No..". I shiver, tears welling in my eyes. This arena, it's so terrifying.

I look at the ground until I bump into metal. Dawn pokes my arm and squeals as I realize that we reached the cornucopia. I smile, not because of Jeff's scar but because I'm truly happy. Being here means that I can start on avenging Harley. Being here means that I can prepare to fight.

Racthet Squires, D4

I wake up as I see Wire and Clocky drag me on a lid. "What the fuck?" I say and they both turn around, hugging me with tears in their eyes. Whatever the reason, at least they aren't killing me.

We keep walking, until we stumble upon a dead body. Looks like it was a loner, Jenna. I begin to loot her until I notice a hole right in her chest, a clean hole. Not gory, or mushy. Like it was foam. I shiver a bit but I'm also amused by this. Clocky giggles, his head shaking like a bee yet again as for some reason the hand that counts seconds begins to violently spin as he cackles. But as soon as he stops, it rewinds and goes back to the appropriate time.

Oh well, complaining is being a hypocrite.

We finish looting her as we get moving again until we reach a large statue, old and the rust looking like dried blood coming from it's eyes. It looks like it's withering away, like an old man left to starve and strange things are hanging from it like a christman tree ornament. Wire and Clocky stand on each side of me and look up as well as we then notice the cathedral behind it. We begin to walk towards the cathedral, circling and staring at the giant statue until I feel something poke at my back.

"Going somewhere?" Says a devious voice. I then hear Wire yell and I hear a neck snap. I turn around to see Jeff on the floor, his neck snapped completely to the side but still alive. He's laughing like he hit his funnybone, quickly and stopping randomly. He sits back up, and his neck quickly and violently snaps back into place. "Nice, nice" he says as he stands up. "Two can play at that game", and with that he jumps on top of Clocky. His pale hands are at each side of Clocky's face as he fights back until Wire comes by again and knees Jeff in the face, knocking Jeff over. Wire kick at his face, and he keeps kicking it in until brain matter flies out. Jeff twitches like a bug, and Wire helps Clocky up who is now violently screeching. We run into the cathedral and go straight to the bell tower's stairway.

We run all the way up, not stopping until we can't even hear ourselves pant as we reach the top. I slump over the railing of the belltower and look down at the plaza. Jeff's body lays there, twitching faster and faster. It almost looks like he's about to explode when suddenly, he stands up, his head crack open as badly as it is, making more of the pinkish material seep out. What happens next literally made me piss a river down the stairs, he starts walking towards us with a vertically flattened head. But, it inflates, like a balloon and suddenly, new skin and bones grow and his head is completely restored. "It's amazing what science can do,eh?" Yells Jeff as he stops at the door of the cathedral.

"I'll get you, maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow. But I will get you, and this time I won't waste time with a parting gift to you fuckers."

And with that, he turns around and heads towards the forest.

Nikita Summers, D4

Our alliance is searching for Joelle who got lost yesterday at night as we tried to reach shelter. "JOELLE!" We all yell, hoping we hear her at least screaming for help. No luck, and I begin to fear that the cannon that sounded earlier today was hers. I begin to whimper a bit, this fog isn't letting me see anything and it's worse that I can barely see who's behind me and who's in front of me.

We then trip over someone. I turn around as see that it's Joelle, sleeping soundly with a blanket over her. Thank god, she's ok. Wario comes over and Sonic wakes her up as she asks what happened. Wario explains and she nods, just in time as the fog clears and we find ourselves in a clearing. Signs of a dead flower bed are imprinted in the ground, and the trees surrounding us leave enough room for light to barely even filter in. I can't help but feel a cold, innocent and scared feeling here. We all decide to camp here for the night, and we all lay down on the cold and hard ground as we look uo at the sky. All I see is Jenna's face. The loners are going out fast, and this is surprising me.

I lay down and I look to my left. I grab some of the remaining flowers to soften my improvised pillow even more, and then I see something horrible.

I see the skull of a young girl.

I keep quiet, but feel even more unwelcome as I fall asleep.

Chapter 3 - All Nightmare Long...

Wolf Fang, D12

I awaken with fear, realizing I've been trembling the entire night. But it was not from the cold, I was well covered from the blanket I nabbed from the bloodbath. No, it was out of fear. I cannot stress how much I want this to end, to be forgotten and spared. I look around me, trying to see if anything about this arena's weather has changed like it has in the past two days. A blood red sky, intense fog yesterday. But it all seems to be normal. Perhaps I'm not looking at things right.

I stretch and pick up my backpack as I scratch my head and begin to walk. But I feel odd, like there is something pulling me back. I struggle more and more until suddenly, a gust of wind blows a picture right into my face. I pull it off, and on it I see a picture of a smiling husky. It's.. creepy but funny. I laugh as I fall backwards, and red flash fills my eyes when I suddenly see in front of me a red, horrifying wolf sort of creature. As quickly as it came, it whispers in a million voices "Spread the word" until it disappears. I then find myself being dragged as I hear the screams of every other tribute in the arena as I'm pulled somewhere. I don't know where, but I still claw at the ground like a helpless animal as I feel this entity tug at me.

I scream as I disappear into the woods.

???, ???

"Perfect" I whisper as I envision the rest of the day for these foolish tributes. I see nothing but their fear, which is them. Every inch of them, it's fear. They can't run from me, and once Jeff completes his task, I will be freed alongside my companion. Now, I wait as I begin the flow of time in this world yet again, my spine tingling in pleasure as the screams echo back into the void I reside in.

Mimic Slaughter, D5

I stand on the edge of the island, not understanding the screaming echoes that go through the arena. I catch a glimpse of a figure being dragged alongside the coast, who seems to be Troi. Things are weird alright, too wierd. I turn around and run into the facility, where I see Zak asleep in the same chair he was in yesterday. We've had it easy despite the creepy sounds the computers make in here, but. that "Pikachu" thing just gripped at my heart. He showed me a scene from the past, and it's shown that time takes it's toll on things. I can't believe we've all forgotten...

I nudge Zak awake, getting tired of being alone. "Huh? What?" He asks as he pokes his mouse. The screen opens up to a Marilyn Manson song. He's been listening to him again. I then look at the other tab, which reads.... Gross. I slap his head as I skip over to the game, which has a happier looking Pikachu looking at me. I press A which means start for the game, and then I'm in a room with a bunch of plushies of a pokemon callled "Banette" staring right back at me. What the hell? I look around, and I notice the yellow tail behind the bed. I click on it, and a loud static sound comes from the game when suddenly, I see Pikachu fly at the screen in an almost stupid but macabre manner until his head slams into the camera, brains everywhere. "District 11" appears on the screen and the lights go out in the facility, Zak already clinging to the doorknob as he pulls. I smash the window and jump out as I scream, and he follows suit as we try to go out. No luck, the door is locked out here too!

"Upstairs!" He yells and I follow him as we run up, reaching the second floor where the lights are still on. I see something run away, which leaves me feeling uncomftorable as I hear something in the ventilation system. "Zak" I say as I point over at an elevator. He nods and we go in, clinging on to each other for dear life. "Second floor, destination please?" asks the elevator as I don't hesitate to press "5" to get to the final floor of the facility.

Calming elevator music plays as we go up, slowly and silently as we get closer to the 5th floor. But, on the last floor, the elevator music cuts off and the doors open, a fog coming in as we shiver from the sheer cold. We stand there until a loud, bloodcrudling scream is heard through the speakers, followed by 5 cannons, forcing us to run out to keep our eardrums intact. Fucking hell, this isn't a game anymore to begin with, this is torture!

"Mimic" says Zak, a happy tone in his voice as he walks away form me. "It's... it's District 5!" he says. What? District...

Oh my god.. he's right. We're home!

Zaphire Beux, D1

I'm still screaming, yelling to be saved from whatever is pulling me towards whatever wants me. I thn get an idea and I slam my sickle into the hard, firm grass. Success! I'm freed of my grip and I stand up, when suddenly I'm pulled yet again. Not even screaming anymore, I cross my arms and pout as I proceed to be dragged. Whatever, I can fight off my enemy sooner or later.

I then begin to replay the morning, we all stood up and as soon as Yoshi put his left foot down, we were all pulled apart from each other, Yoshi going out the window and up into the sky as I was dragged down the stairs. Many thuds were heard, but no cannons as I finally got dragged out of the home, an odd, hairy and hunched figure slowly trotting towards the house. This started the screaming as soon as it snapped it's neck and looked right at me, pull an "excorcist"  and ran into the house, it's arms flailing wildly. I caught glimpes of Troi going towards the coast, and I saw Wire and Ratchet go towards the cornucopia while they were screaming for Clocky to help them. Fools.

I then look back at my current situation, when suddenly, I'm stopped right next to the one person I hate the most. Nikita is looking right at me, fear and anger in her eyes. I give her the same look until suddenly, I get my arm torn off and she laughs once she takes the arm off the tip of her sickle. I grunt and my eyes fill up with intense tears as I slam into her, grunting as I try to follow up with banging my head against hers. She only laughs again and she pins me down, slowly dragging the curved part of the sickle down my body as I feel my brains being sliced in half. I spit blood and feel my eyes spin in their sockets as I watch the world fade, when suddenly I stand back up when I hear yet another cannon.

I'm back in the house, and right next to me I see Troi with his guts eaten out and Issabella right next to him, coughing up blood until a cherry-like substance falls out of her mouth, in which she instantly turns black and falls back, dead.

I scream, louder than before.

Silver "Clocky" Clockson, D9

This is amusing to watch, so very amusing. Wire, Ratchet and I have been enjoying the view from the facility we swam to overnight, the computers all lined up nice and new with inviting pictures and desktops. I sit myself in the very center, adoring the stopwatches the computer has as a background. I then notice a video on the bottom left corner, it says "Need a look into the future?" as I call my buddies over. I shudder and shake my head violently in a blur until I stop and click on the video.

I see static, pure static as I catch a glimpse of Zaphire standing over an anti-career. Literally, there is a shadowy figure on the floor that says "Anti-Career" and suddenly he looks over and attacks the viewer. I wonder which one of us that was? Then, Wire looks away as he throws up  and I look at the screen. It's him, worms going throgh his eyes the length of a tapeworm and it's goign through his neck in disgusting loops, multiplying. "Sweet" I giggle as I zoom in closer to watch this. It makes violent sounds, but I have ticks in my head all the time so I can't argue against this.


I can't take this ANYMORE! I CAN'T FUCKING TAKE THIS ANYMORE! I close the videoas I shudder and curl up into a ball, realizing that I'm the only one sitting in the sudden darkness of the facility. I look over my shoulder, and I catch a glimpse of my friends being dragged out the door as they scream for me to help them. But all I can do is just sit here, my eyes wide in fear and everything else that comes with the full package. I look over to the screen, and I see a video camera fixed right onto me. It takes some searching as I turn around, but I catch the red glow of the video camera. I throw a knife at it, watching it explode in sparks as I turn right back to the computer.

On the screen, I see my thoughts written out on it. It then all melts into a clock, ticking as I watch the reflection of my own clock go with it. I smile, then violently shake again as I stand up and go towards the shores of the facility. I look at the water as the ripples of my companions still remain, noticing them stop at the shores where they are greeted by two other tributes. "YOU'RE DEAD!", I hear Ratchet say as if he was right next to me. They all stand up, and I see them jump onto the two figures, driving knives right into them. The cannons sound as they stop twitching, going limp as I stand still.

What just happened? I don't know. I just tap my clock, in unison to the ticks and tocks as I see them wave over at me, giving me a thumbs up as they step into the last boat on that side of the arena. Tick.. tock.. Tick.. Tock....

Frade Spectrus, Gamemaker

Ok what the fuck just happened? 7 deaths have been recorded when only 4 have been seen in the arena. This is fucking bullshit, I'll get my hands on the idiot who messed with the cannons soon enough. "Get me cameras on ever immobile body in the arena!" I yell. If someone's dead, the audience will see them and I'll be able to tell on my own as I turn on the tv in the room, seeing the 4 cameras scan over the body of the two tributes who were recently killed; Lemin Jolice and Hebe Mines. I also see the bodies of two careers, Troi Cian and Issabella Electrode. Shame, my home district just lost another skank.

However, only those 4 cameras are seen. I rewind and look over the previous events, the tributes were dragged like they were supposed to in order to split them up, the Slaughter twins have fallen for the audial and visual trap and are actually in the SCP-666 chamber. However, Clocky is standing on the coast and the lights were not supposed to go out in the island. I look over to the 3d arena map, and then I realize that there are 6 missing icons. Nothing is corresponding to this information I'm providing and receiving. Maybe a glitch?

I just sit back in my chair and turn up "All Nightmare Long", playing it into the microphone to get everyone motivated inside the arena as I announce the seemingly fallen tributes.

Nikita Summers, D4

"Attention tributes!" Says the gamemaker as I stumble back up, metal playing behind his booming and demonic voice. I'm next to the D13 alliance, we talked a bit before we were released from our grip and came up with our own alliance until I can recover my alliance members.

"The fallen slideshow will not be shown tonight due to some asshole glitches, so I shall instead inform you fuckers for today. To begin, we have Hebe Mines placing 22nd place, followed by Lemin Jolice placing 21st. The next three tributes are not yet confirmed but are assumed dead; Wolf Fang placing 20th, Hunter Porverse placing 19th, and Trent Korey placing 18th. The last two tributes are Troi Cian placing 17th, and Issabella Electrode, 16th."

No.. three anti-careers down... What the hell is going on?!

Hunter Proverse, D7

I'm.. dead? What? I'm not sure if this is an advantage or a curse, the music drones on as I stand up. I look around me, finding myself at a belltower right by a statue. I look up, and it seems to be the god of death. Whatever, I have much more things to worry about.

I reach down to rub my necklace, when I notice that it's gone. No! My token! I frantically look around, stomping and jogging across the plaza but still nothing. How could.. who took it!? I can only suspect a nighttime predator but they'd have killed me in the process anyway... Who.... Unless.

"Guess who?" says a voice from behind the statue. I look over to see Jeff leaning against the foot of the statue, juggling a single knife between his hands. I watch in horror as he tosses up my necklace and chops it in half as it falls down. Oh hell no. "You.. YOU FUCK!" I yell as I pounce on him, disarming him and jamming the knife into his neck and violently cutting his neck in two. I take his head and kick it like a soccer ball away from the body as I begin to cut his body parts off him and into smaller pieces, stomping on them repeatedly. I never thought myself to be capable of such bloodthrist or power, but he deserves it.

I see the head stop rolling away on it's own somehow  when it suddenly just goes "poof" in a sarcastic voice, a cheesy cloud of smoke coming from it. "I came here to fight, not be a magician's assistant" I yell out as I go into the plaza. Night is falling, and I don't expect the fallen to be any more accurate as it was announced before. I jump from the blltower balcony onto the roof, where I lay down and look up at the sky. The moon is in a crescent, apparently with a sewn smile in it with one star on each side of it. A traitorous smile no less.

I look over at the statue when a pit opens, flames spitting out for a split second intil they return to the pit. I then see the four bodies of the fallen being violently tugged towards it, as if gravity wanted to drag them towards it's center as they reach the pit, floating above it and quickly slamming down into it. A red glow emerges from the statue's eyes as I see my necklace on the floor next to it. I almost forgot about it..

I climb down and run over to pick it up as the pit closes. I sigh as I watch it, my memories are destroyed, and now Moon Moon is gone. Perhaps.. that's what they meant when they said I was dead. A part of me died, and now I'm no longer the Hunter Proverse they started with. I stand there and look at the necklace in my hands, and I put it in my pocket as I turn around. I see two, blank white circles float in the darkness with a sinister smile much like the moon stand at the entrance of the cathedral. It cocks it's head and it swiftly melts, and I watch a black ink slide to the left, going towards the forest awkwardly surrounding the plaza. What.. is that?

I shake my head and I begin to climb up the steps and back to my camp. I try to hide myself on the roof by using the gray side of the blanket to mimic the color of the stone and hide under it. Sweet dreams, Hunter. Rest in peace, Moon Moon.

Jeff The Killer, Mutt

I begin to rematerialize, when suddenly I hear a cannon. "BOOM!" echoes through the arena, bouncing off everything it can find in a mezmerizing cycle. I hear a disgusting slurp and I see Grand Rebel finish sucking up the body of Kelebek. His hook is already coated in blood as the string connecting it to him retracts back into a tail and his mouth opens as he cackles in a voice much like this one, no lips moving. Just the mouth opening and closing like the hinges on a door until he finishes. He sinks into himseld and slides away. I chuckle

Welcome to hell, Grand Rebel.

Explanation of Chapter 3

Chapter 3 was a power nightmare. Yes, that's right, a nightmare. Many tributes experienced it, the power of the supernatural had increased throughout the arena due to it's dormant state yesterday, so all the paranormal strength gathered up had an orgasm. I'll say what was real and what was fake:


  • The Slaughters and the facility
  • The four recorded deaths
  • The second Jeff encounter
  • Everyone being dragged away from each other
  • The grand rebel being summoned
  • Clocky going completely insane
  • Power going out in the computer lab
  • Moon Moon perishing


  • Zaphire's "death"
  • Parts of the grifter
  • The slaughters back in district 5
  • The facility being locked. They were pulling instead of pushing :p
  • The "Grand Rebel" moon
  • Zak having a porn break

Hebe did get rid of her eye, but it was in vain due to her death. Chapter 4 will be done either this weekend or the next weekend. Hope you enjoyed this little dosage of insanity and confusion.

Chapter 4 - Just die... Please...

Grand Rebel, Master Of Puppets

Little do these tributes know what I am capable of doing to their souls. It amuses me, how they struggle as they try to run from an inevitable doom known as death. Even if they escape me, they will die... they will give their final breath and I shall own their empty, rotting shells that my companion Death has given me. So continue to run little children, the end is near. Why? because there is no way out of here.

You're all my little puppets, you see. Each one of you, slaves to ME...

And he.. he is coming.. he who waits behind the wall.. he who waits to end it all.. 

All that you know.. all that you are.. he will tear it apart and leave you afar..

He will call on the beast to devour your soul.. he will take the whole world and make it.. unwhole..

...He comes...

Yoshi Hero, D2

I wake up, sweating as I'm relieved to see my alliance in one piece. Yesterday's unexplained deaths was too much, so we decided to be minor players for the rest of the twisted day. Apparently there was uncomfirmed deaths, three of them. One was an anti-career and I'm relieved to know this, they're growing weaker as well. I look around me, the cornucopia in sight from the attic where I decided to have everyone sleep. I stand up and grab my backpack as I go down alone to rummage through the house, hopefully finding food or something to eat.

Then, I see someone run past me.

"HEY!" I yell as I draw my sword, hunched over, ready to dodge but my hands tighten on the sword. I begin to corner myself, best to see what's killing me instead of getting stabbed in the back. I squint my eyes as I hear something shuffle above me, in which I look up and see splinters fall from the roof. I dodge as a dresser falls down from above, and it opens, releasing a swarm of moths and bats as the hinges swing wildly. I stand there, frozen in fear but still alert as I watch the swarm. Something is materializing from it... someone...

Then, I see a rotting old man standing right there in front of me. A smile on his jawless face, like his teeth were crooked in the shape of one. Black, glistening eyes look at me through the brown, rusty and rotten skin. I step back, but as I do I fall into a pit of mushy darkness. It all goes black, when suddenly, I awake in a fleshy hallway. "Hello?!" I yell, hoping I can find someone to accompany me in this horrible place.

'Yes?" Says someone behind me. I turn around and all I see are millions of red eyes, diamond shaped and red with black dots as pupils in the darkness surounding them. "Welcome to the space behind the wall... and I bid you farewell as soon as you arrive." What? Who is this.. thing?! I'm about to charge at this guy when suddenly, a sick stench comes from behind me, a disgusting, fleshy sound like giant blisters popping accompanying it. I turn around just as I see the rotting man bite my throat, his jaws were wide open, wider than a snake.

I feel the life drain from me.. but there is no cannon sounding... Could it be... I escaped the arena?!

I smile. I may have died, but at least I escaped that horrid world known as "Panem". Now.. I can rest..

Trent Korey, D11

A cannon sounds, waking me up from my lonely sleep. I was split up from my allies and dragged into a strange facility, where I found myself in the same room as a reptile.. thing.. apparently it has no other name than 682. Scp-682 as it just corrected me.. Wait, WHAT?! How did it just read my throughts? "I just can" says the beast, circling around me as it looks towards the exit. There's my escape.. if only.. "You could kill me? Shame.. I thought we could be friends".

"And then I jumped at you, biting you in half as I devoured your body from the waist up."


Piper Quinn, D13

"PIPER!" I hear someone scream as I turn around once the second cannon from today sounded. I look behind me to see a hairy beast of sorts drag away Dawn, looking back as I see it's leathery, stitched face. "STOP!" I yell and Nikita chases after it, me following close behind. Dawn in it's long, bony claws, is held up like a monkey would a long rod. Suddenly, it vanishes as I hear Dawn's screams in the distance, a horrible snap as it slowly fades into a whine... and then.. a.. cannon...

"No...' I say as I fall to my knees and look blankly in front of me. I see Nikita turn around and kneel next to me, "Piper.. I'm so sorry" she says. Sorry.. is too fucking late..

I grab my knife and I walk off into the fog. I don't need to smile anymore... I have one cut into my face already. The pain is hidden already.. but my anger isn't. Listen here.. you.. things.. I'm coming for you. I'll take you down one by one. "PIPER!" I hear Nikita yell one more time. I just cackle and run off. 

Joelle Osias, D7

Three cannons and it's barely.. 10:00 A.M. since the first awakening bell sounded an hour ago. "Guys?" I ask Wario and Sonic. They're here, just as worried as I am about the three cannons. "We need to move, now" says Wario, picking up his bag as he stands up and motions for us to follow. Trekking through the gray field, I suddenly see holograms of other kids running alongside us. They don't seem to notice us, they're focused on... a colored patch of green.. a silver structure... items.. weapons.. food..

A boy has a blade shoved into his stomach by what seems to be a career, a younger male tribute is about to swing an axe down on a girl when a knife in thrown in his back, and more and more deaths happen when suddenly, the holograms flicker out and us three are standing there, looking at the cornucopia. The cornucopia from these games... from the other games... No. No... Could it be?!

"Look" Says Sonic as a "74" is shown above the cornucopia. 74... what does that mean? I start thinking when suddenly, I'm slowly pulled back onto a pedestal. Then, Wario is pulled onto a pedestal, same as Sonic. "WHAT IS THIS?!" I hear someone in the distance yell as I see them rapidly get dragged, no.. magnetized to a pedestal from far away. The power in this arena, it's ridiculous!

I stand here still, as the other 8 tributes all get sucked to a pedestal. Piper, a smile cut into her face much life Jeff giggles as she stares us down, one by one. She locks eyes with me, then continues to scan the area. Zaphire, staring at me with hatred as he grins and looks to his left. Right there, next to him, is Nikita. No.. I need to stop him!

"Welcome.. welcome" says a man, emerging from behind some crates left at the cornucopia. Jeff! "Let me welcome you to the 74 second bloodbath, in which anyone who stays here after 74 seconds will get a VERY special visit from the mutts known as; BEN", A statue emerges from the ground out of a portal, an empty smile on it's face. Ugly. ".. Smile". I hear a howl come from the distance and suddenly, a satanic dog materializes in front of my eyes. "SeedEater", a hairy, leatherfaced beast hops in like a gorilla, and suddenly I see Piper scream in anger as she yells 'YOU!" and jumps off.

"You shouldn't have done that..." says a voice, gentle but evil when suddenly, knives from the cornucopia surround Piper and as if it was a magic trick, they pass through her and suddenly, she falls down, blood pouring out of the cuts like a fountain. Jeff walks over, "You poor beauty" he says as he takes a blade that was lying closest to him, and slowly slides it into her head. The cannon sounds and Jeff stands up again, smiling with his cut smile already there. "Now, if I may proceed, I will introduce the last man we need." A black, bloblike, humanoid figure rises from the grass, a wicked face with just two blank circles and a white toothy smile. A filtered, insane laugh comes from him as his mouth opens and closes, the triangles he has for teeth just opening and closing like they were on hinges.

"Now, rest up. Tomorrow will be a big day!" What?! "HEY!" Say the Slaughters at the same time. "You're telling me we're not fighting yet? First, we're lied to about being home in 5, then we're dragged here and next thing we know-" BEN cuts him off, the statue rotating towards his direction as it's disembodied voice says, "You're holding back from having to kill someone for the rest of the day, not knowing who wants to end your life as soon as the gong rings tomorrow at an unexpected time?". The statue stands till as Zak opens his mouth and closes it, Mimic doing the same.

No... I can't sleep. Not with the fact that tomorrow the gong could ring at any moment. Knowing that if I'm ignored for 74 seconds, I'd die. Suddenly, the voice of Frade booms through the arena. "HEY! THIS ISN'T PART OF THE GAMES!" he yells. "Frade you dense motherfucker" says Jeff as I see a tall, slender figure emerge from the trees and stretch to an unbelivable height, it's tentacles swinging wildly with excitement until I hear a painful static sound and then, the forcefield shatters. The gray sky is replaced by a swirling, rotting and pulsing overhead display. Green, red, black, rust, all the sickest colors you could imagine..

Oh lord...

Frade Spectrus, Gamemaker

"YOU MOTHERFUCKER!" I scream as I pound the control desk. The lights flicker, but I don't care. I never will. I get up and storm out of the room and I grab a dagger, the same dagger I used to escape the games I called my personal hell. I get out and march right up the stairs, up towards the president's room. I kick down the door, "ZALGO!" I scream, throwing my knife at the empty chair. He's gone, he escaped a windowless room. Fuck!

I turn around, and above me I see blood on the walls. "Behind the wall... I see it all" is everywhere, and I go down the stairs. Suddenly. like a threat, the lights go out. All I see and all I feel is a warm fear, a red light at the bottom of the golden staircase as I hear a horrid creature screech and gag as I hear my comrades scream. Necks snap, blood splatters with intestines being tossed around as I peek around the conrer. Right before me is President Zalgo, tentacles the girdth of a barrel emerging from his mouth and maggots crawling out of his melting, black eyes, a blistering yet frozen body twisting as the bones snap and peek out of the skin like a knife would in a plastic bag.

I stare at the scene, and I run from what was once a luxurious control room, now turning black with the rotting texture stretching across the wall and chasing me as I go up the stairs. But, I know this building, after 10 years of gamemaker work I know an escape route.

I reach the president's room, and without hesitation I run from the disgusting monster that was President Zalgo and I slam into the wall, breaking through it and falling from the top floor and down into the fountain. The devil isn't getting me yet, I escaped him. I surface and I see Zalgo from above, screeching as he goes back into the room. I don't have much time, It's time I got my biggest weapon: Myself.

Nikita Summers, D4

I'm here, sleeping under the disgusting sky as I watch the mutts cirlce us. Olive killed herself just now, screaming 'I LAY LOW ONLY TO BE ENSLAVED AGAIN!" before she shived the knife right into her heart. Now, Smile is watching Wolf as he begs for mercy, saying that he did what he wanted. I don't even know anymore. Hunter, who was alive after all too, is eyeing Jeff as he shouts insults at him, claiming that he wants revenge or something. The Slaughters are being tortured by their own monsters, Zak by BEN and Mimic by.. Pikachu? What?

Then, the pikachu digs down and emerges quickly with a rolled up bag. It's huge, no way he could carry it but he's doing it. He lets it roll out and out comes a small container, stopping right in front of mimic as it opens up and what she sees makes her scream and beg for him to stop. What is it god damn it?!

"Hello?!" Says Zaphire. Oh great. "What the bloody hell is it" I ask. He smiles and looks over at the lake. "The boats, they're immune to the creatures" he says as I too observe, watching the dunce known as SeedEater get thrown back as Slenderman does the same. Boats? Seriously? "Fucking.. whatever.." I say as I curl up in the little space I have. We're not the slaves of the capitol anymore, we're the slaves of the monsters. I look up one last time at the sky, hoping to see at least a throbbing, gory moon. But all I see is a swirling pit of madness. I cry as I hide my face and drift off into sleep... Mictlantecuhtli

Mictlantecuhtli, God Of Death

No.. no.. this is not correct. The cycles of death are being manipulated, Jeff is betraying me. The only one who seems loyal to my cause is Grand Rebel. I must hope for just three more deaths until I can move again, move and punish those who.. who...

My thoughts fade as I see the world in front of me take a final step into madness. Zalgo has arrived... They must hurry...

Chapter 5 - Hell on Earth

Mimic Slaughter, D5

I wake up, panting as I see Pikachu's red eyes from the darkness of the cornucopia, it's smile grinning even wider. That's it, I'm done being terrorized by these monsters. I toss a pebble at Zak's head, waking him up. "OW!" He hisses, sitting up almost instantly. I motion over to some gasoline hidden in the cornucopia, right beside a rare sight, a sleeping Jeff. I don't know how we're gonna keep Jeff from waking up, that is- if he's even sleeping. His eyes are always open, and I feel an intense sorrow.. but.. maybe I can blind him?

That's it! I heard something about Jeff being able to regenerate, as long as nothing is impeding the process. If I could get something stuck in his eyes, he'd be blind until they got out. It's risky, but if I can get things right, I can oull it off.

I smile, when suddenly I get a pebble thrown towards me. I look over to my right, and right there in front of me is Wire. He gives me a horrible glare, and looks over at Jeff curled up on the ground. He mouths something, but I don't know what it is. I just want to go home, and at this point, I'll break the entire world to do so.

Wire Elec, D3

Mimic you dense motherfucker, I'm telling you to watch out for BRVR and BEN! To begin, that Pikachu has some sort of mind control, you'd stop in your tracks before you even reached Jeff. Then, once you're frozen, BEN just needs to chop you up like he did with Piper. It's no bloody use. But, it's your funeral and I;d be glad to put you out of your misery.

I look up, the sky changed. I see a swirling red and black sky, no pulsating. More like... ripples in a pond. I keep staring, wondering what it's hiding from me this time when suddenly, I see a face form. It looks rotten, red, and like it's screaming in anguish. I shiver, feeling dread and fear of this.. thing. It's something so.. wrong.. I can't even guess what it is. 

I feel like I'm wasting my time when suddenly, I hear a gong ring. At least, it sounded like a gong. It quickly fades into a wind, then... a horrible, glitched melody. I can't hear anything, just the music as I run up to the cornucopia and duck at a knife tossed by BEN. I realize that I can't pull off a plan alone, and I turn around to find Ratchet and Clocky still asleep. I run over, trippng as I bump my head into the edge of the pedestal. It wakes Ratchet up, but my head aches like crazy. What I think is the glitchiest part of the music signals the activation of all the mutts at the cornucopia. Like robots, theya ll spring to life and as I help Ratchet up, I see my ally, Clocky, screaming as I see the stopwatch spin insanely in his eye glow red from heat, and he shakes more violently as he hold his head trying to stop it. And suddenly, it explodes. Like the petals on a flower, parts of his skin are just flimsy flaps as brain matter and blood decorates the base of what's now a neck.

The brain matter looks like soggy, bloody and mushy packing peanuts. He falls to his knees, and then the dead body lays on the ground. I'd mourn, but I can do that later. I slap Ratchet out of his drowsiness, and I throw a knife towards the gasoline jug Mimic was looking at. She trips over the fluids and falls into the puddle, rolling around as she tries to get up. The music stops for a brief second as a voice echoes in; "You've met with a terrible fate haven't you?".

The music jumps to a tear-wrenching static/howl, and I can't help but scream an inaudible yell when I see Mimic burst into flames as the BEN statue finishes it's rotation towards her. The happy mask salesman's laugh plays in the background of the now repeating siren sound, and I just fall to my knees. "WIRE!" I see Ratchet yell to me as he tries to hold back the sound of the music. I feel someone grab my hand and start dragging me away. It isn't Ratchet however.. who.. who is...

Grand Rebel, Master Of Puppets

"Curses!" I yell as I see the flames lick at my puddle. I melt into the puddle as I slide around it, absorbing Clocky's corpse while I do so. He tastes... insanely delicious, I feel a new vibe burst through me as I suddenly find myself growing twice my size. My string tail has gained a little ornament, a stopwatch. "Tick tock" I giggle as I begin to corner the horrified Slaughter boy. He looks up at me, his red eyes with both fear, anger, and hope. Hope? What could he possibly expect from me that brings hope?

He drops his knife, then stand still, arms wide open. He.. wants me to kill him? Very well then, I suppose no harm will be done in that. I begin to form a tentacle to rip through his throat when suddenly, I feel an arrow shoot through my core. I feel the threads of string rip a bit as the arrow cuts it, and I helplessly melt back into the puddle. Shit, I need to find a puddle of shadows to recover...

I slide away with heavy, slow strides as I go far into the forest. Nothing to do here, I shall let Zalgo take over. In the meantime, I have a puppet to create.

Nikita Summers, D4

"ZAK!" I yell as I see him snap out of his trance, and he quickly runs over to me. "What?!" he asks as I quickly hush him and grab a bag of food and begin to run away. "Wario, I'll split up just this once alright?!' I yell as he nods. Wait.. the music stopped? Could it be the cornucopia causing the effect? I shake it off and enjoy the silence as I run away, farther into the forest. "Thank you..' says Zak as he starts getting his own pace. What else can I do? He just lost his sister.

Wario Web, D10

I motion Joelle to come over to where I am along with Sonic. But as soon as Sonic turns around, I see Zaphire grab him and push him towards Slenderman. Slenderman's tentacles engulf Sonic as he grabs at them, hoping for an escape. But it leads to no avail as I see the Slenderman's head rip open in half as it chomps Sonic into pieces before consuming them. No cannon, but I know that this isn't the games anymore. Zaphire smirks at me. "What else are you going to do?!" I challenge him, but he gives another sneer and he runs off west of where we're standing.

Why would he go there? Wait.. no.. Nikita!

We begin to run behind him, at a slower pace to make him think we're not following. But, his dark outfit easily lets him blend in with the shadows until finally, we lose him. Shit.. I can only hope those two will be safe, they're dealing with a bloodthirsty monster here now...

Wolf Fang, D12

"NO!" I scream as I see SeedEater pick up my bag and run off. I can't lose now, I have to fight! I chase him behind the cornucopia when suddenly, he disappears. Where did he go? I look behind me, ntohing. Left and rught, up and down, still nothing! I look down in defeat, when right there, staring right back at me is a smile. A dog actually, a smiling dog. Hell's found me, it's hell on earth now. "You failed me, Wolf" he says as he emerges from the ground, circling me as he splits into two, then three, then four. I'm surrounded by the beasts when I break out crying, "WHY WON;T YOU LEAVE ME ALONE!?" I cry as I begin to get angry and I throw a sickle right into the face of the original, watching it vanish instantly.

I laugh as I see the others fade away as I hear a "you win.." in my ear fade away. I fall to my knees and laugh, like a madman as I hear a bubbling come from behind me. I turn around and instead of the glow from the cornucopia's fire, I see the eyes of a bloblike creature. "Sure was pulling your strings, wasn't he?" says the thing. "Yeah" I chuckle, laughing as I hear him say "My turn" and he lunges at me. I feel a cold, soft texture around me, like a luxury pillow when suddenly my vision goes darker than the darkness I'm surrounded in.

I suddenly feel a white, toothy smile form in my face, and a white glow emerges from my eyes that feel like plain, round circles.

Mictlantecuhtli, God Of Death

"THAT'S IT!" I yell as I break free from my pedestal. No longer a statue, my body becomes the body of a living man, my Aztec clothing becoming of color again as well. I shrink half my size, to about 7'5, and I stretch as I pull out my blade made of sinners' spines. I begin my chase for Jeff when suddenly, I see the face of Giygas in the sky tear as a black void comes form it, red, disgusting tentacles, the sound of a million deaths of all kinds being made from Zalgo. I must end Jeff, and I must stop Zalgo. Once he gets the arena, there will be no hope for the world. I must save what I intend to kill in the future.

It is my duty and only mine.

Hunter Proverse, D7

I'm the last one at the cornucopia and I awaken to the sight of an Aztec giant ripping the head off the gorilla-like creature with a leather face. I see darkness come spitting out like a flamethrower, when suddenly the corpse begins to dissolve into a ragdoll version of the beast. The man drops the doll and looks around, seeing the other monsters flee into the forest. Then, he sees me. "You there, your name." He says. "Hunter.. Hunter Porverse, sir" I reply.

He smiles and motions for me to follow. "Hurry, we need to stop them". I couldn't agree with him more on this.

We begin to run north of the cornucopia's mouth, fleeing from the awkward red glows that were coming out from the hole in the sky. It feels like there's been a paperthin world over our sky and space, it's.. mind bending just thinking about it. I look up to find the most chilling sight ever: Nothing. The beast is gone, and now it could be anywhere. It could be right behind us, it could be breathing down my neck.

It could have already killed me, and I might not even know. I stop to check myself, but I'm intact. "I said hurry!" says the giant. I just shake it off and run ahead until we reach a clearing. In the center of it all, there lies a statue. Sinister with it's blank stare, I see it crack. More cracks form and the outer texture dissolves. All that is left is a dark outline, with purple orbs flying in and out in an orbit of sorts. It all melts into the ground, and it seems that BEN is gone. "Wait" says the giant, readying his blade as suddenly, a horrifying creature with many spectral colors emerges from the ground as it screeches hysterically.

"RUN!" he says, pushing me back about 50 feet with some strange wind. I'm sent flying back through the trees as I see the purple tentacles fly at him before I'm blinded by the trunks I've passed. I hear a yell, much like my newest ally's, and then darkness engulfs everything. I can only see a gray light about 2-4 feet in front of me, and I'm left stranded in this forest.

Zaphire "Zaph" Beaux, D1

I'm about to confront Nikita and Zak when suddenly, everything becomes englufed in a shadow. I can barely see a few feet in front of me before the darkness is in front of everything else, and I hear Zak scream and run once the effect takes place. I chase the sound as best as I can, following the crumpled leaves he steps on as a reference to his location when finally, I see him on the floor crying as Nikita calls for him.

He can barely see anything with the tears in his eyes, and I'm behind him. One stab, he's done. Nikita will be alone, and she'll be weak. Traitors deserve to die.

I sneak up behind him, and he turns around as soon as I step on a twig. Fuck. He turns around with an insane smile, "Yout thought I was that scared?!" he says, throwing a rock right at my forehead as I fall back. "Listen, Zaphire. I've never had anything against people like you, but when you exhibit an insanity that proves to be much crueler yet humble than my own... well..." he threatens, trailing off as he looks behind him. He slams the rock into my kneecap before going to grab a knife on the floor. I try to drag myself away but he throws it at my other leg, and before I can scream he has the knife up to my neck.

"Au Revior!" he giggles as I feel the knife ener my neck. I feel him slowly cut at my vocal cords, feeling them snap as they break in my neck. I throw my head back in pain and tears instantly fill up my eyes. Is this my punishment for being such a bastard? Is this what I truly deserve as the person I am? Misunderstood, with an honest heart filled with innocence under all the bloodthirst? Perhaps it isn't. Perhaps my inhumane thoughts and acts bought me this. I smile, and I smile more as I see Zak's unsatisfied face when he sees me enkoying this.

My vision fades as I feel him shove his hand into the cut in my neck, tearing at the skin like a beast. Hah. Fucker, he doesn't realize that in the end, I won. I escaped this hell, and now I hope to live in a world where my kind is respected. He can enjoy this world, as lost as it is.. I repeat the words over and over in my mind until I don't even notice my death; "I win.. I win.. I.. Win.."

Frade Spectrus, Gamemaker

My army of peacekeepers storm into the portals left around Panem. My team of 11 enter the arena, where darkness is everywhere like a toxic gas. "Night vision isn't working, sir" says Mitchell. "You think I don't fucking know that?" I bark back. I take off the helmet and I light a flash bomb, throwing it into the darkness in front of me. "POOF!" emerges from the silence and I catch a glimpse of Jeff. "PREPARE YOUR WEAPONS MEN!" I yell until suddenly, I hear a knife shatter a peacekeeper's visor. "SPREAD OUT MEN, DO NOT RISK YOUR OWN LIFE IF YOUR ALLY CANNOT BE SAVED!" Is the last order I give as I run forward.

I run for about 8 minutes, bumping into trees everywhere until I slam into a metal structure. The cornucopia! I shudder as memories start returning. The archer girl.. she defeated me like a fool. But, I returned. Returned as what everyone called me as a "Spectrus" in a district no better than my own. But, I got a second chance. I became gamemaker, and the very arena where I perished is this game's arena.

I climb the cornucopia, lighting a strobe bomb as I turn on my visor's darkness feature to protect my eyes, ans the stobes begin to show snapshots of what's passing by. I watch the ghosts of the bloodbath fight like they did, seeing my first victims squirm. The District 4 brat, he thought he was safe. I see his young body's ghost fly out of the cornucopia after I slashed at him. I chuckle, when suddenly the strobe light reveals Zalgo right in front of me. The shadows instantly dissolve and in front of me is an army of monsters. Slenderman, Zalgo, Eyeless Jack.. and.. Jeff.

"About time we set the record straight, Frade" he says as he slams a shadowy, red fist into my face. I hear a demonic laugh as I see the beasts lunge at me. "It's time you took a nap, Frade!" says Jeff as I see him parry the knife before jamming it into my shoulderblade, popping it as he swiftly pulls it out and repeats with my leg. "GAH!" I yell as I become less useful. I feel like there is no hope when suddenly, a hook flies out from behind him and it stabs into his neck. Then, another. More and more hooks on stirngs engulf him as he sturggles to fight back, screaming as he's pulled into the body of a beast. The Grand Rebel that I was told about by my sister's friend, Rebel Groots, had just killed.. Jeff..

I see Zalgo throw a shadow punch at Grand Rebel when the hook tears it in half and I see a tall, human figure behind Zalgo's vortex of a body. I see a bony sword raise, and it stabs Zalgo square in the core of the body. I hear a screech, and then, everything blacks out. The last thing I hear is the static from my earpiece before I go unconscious.. and through my visor's screen, I catch a glimpse of the slenderman's face. Oh god.. please.. help me..

Chapter 6 - The Final Five

Wolf Fang III, D12

What? I'm.. watching myself attack someone else. I see myself hunched over the Slaughter child, a disgusting tentacle emerging from a hole in my neck, violently thrusting in and out of his mouth until suddenly, spikes emerge from inside Zak's body. I look away when I see the blades twist the skin as they begin to spin, chopping up the corpse of Zak. I blink, and I suddenly find myself sitting in front of the puppet I used to be. I look at myself, and I walk away.

Could I be dead twice now? No... Impossible. Yes, I died when I saw the Smile.Dog, but I woke up as if nothing happened. Then I was attacked by the Grand Rebel, and now I'm alive yet again... Mercy from death himself? "No, mercy from death's boss" says a voice behind me. I look to see a tall man, I believe it's that Aztec god of death. "I have temporarily suspended Zalgo's activites" he says. I don't recall the name Zalgo.. wait.. Zalgo... President Zalgo!? No, ridiculous. "What do you mean Zalgo, he's only human!"

He shakes his head in a sad disagreement, "He succeeded in making you think what you wanted to see, but he has no true form. If he wishes to be a cat, he can be a cat. If he wants to be this.. beast, then he will be a beast." I'm not buying this, not from a stranger. "How am I sure you're not him?" I ask. He turns around and shows me a symbol, a sun surounded by black lines. "The sun will drive away darkness, it is a symbol reserved to the allies of the sun god. Not allies of the devil."

I guess I can trust him...

"Come, I have opened a portal where you can flee now that Zalgo is unaware of your prescence. A boy by the name of Hunter has already arrived in this other world, he shall wait for the others." Wait, freedom! YES! I don't hesitate to stand up and I follow suit. We're walking through the forest, when I hear a pulse from under us. "Hey, is that pulse supposed to mean anything?" I ask, worried that I'm at risk of dying for the thrid time. He stops and pulls out a sword, and he looks over at me. "Get into the orb!" he yells as a blue orb resembling a hamster ball appears out of thin air. I jump in and it closes shut, rising up as I see a purple void come from the ground and ghostly figures coming out from it, with it slimy, glowing green and purple tentacles. The trees cover up the scene as I hear a distorted song fade in and out as I leave the scene.

I turn around and kneel as I see the land under me. It's all grey and black.. and it makes me wonder, was this land once pure, was this land seen by others before us? I ponder as I wait for my arrival at the portal, where freedom from this world awaits me.

Nikita Summers, D4

What is this... where am I? I mean.. I know I'm in this hellish arena but where am I in the hellish arena? I found Zak but he isn't here anymore, I hope he's ok. I stand up and try to find something to lean on as I regain my rationality... but suddenly, two circles appear in the dim light. Windows, overlooking the forest as I see a blue orb containing a boy fly into a portal. It closes, and with it darkness doesn't hesitate to engulf what was once light. I try to look at my surroundings and below me I see a staircase that my body doesn't hesitate falling into. I land hard on the steps, "OUCH!" I yell as I hear a grumbling from the very bottom of the steps. I keep walking, trying to feel my way around for a door or something when suddenly, I see a white face pop up in front of me and a violent howl shakes the stars. I hold on tight as they collapse, the angry howl becoming a death howl as it becomes the scream of a demon when suddenly, I see a metal rod fall towards my face as I hit the floor. I brace myself.


I feel the pole in my eye, I feel it through my brain. I watch as the blood comes out of the cracks in my skull as I begin to float away. Where the hell am I going?! Am I going to heaven? I try to fly back towards my body when I see a portal above me. This must be the portal that one guy went through! I smile a bit as I realize, I've escaped this hell.

Joelle Osias, D7

"YOU BETTER RUN!" I hear a voice say as I wake up already starting to run with Wario trailing behind me. I turn around to see Ratchet and Wire chasing us with throwing knives cupped in their arms as they toss them at us wildly. I scream as I pick up the pace but Wario fails to catch up as he gets a throwing knife right in the back of the kneecap. His knees helplessly buck as I see Ratchet stop a fcew feet behind him. "You go ahead, Wire. I'll catch up later" he says evilly as I see him stand over a grunting Wario. I see hem let the knives fall and I see Wario shake in pain as he dies. I keep running however, mourning the death of Wario n my own.

"Give up anti-career! I might not be your ideal target, but I can sure as hell take you out!" says Wire as a throwing knife whizzes past my cheek, cutting it. I yelp in pain as I place my hand over the gash and I trip over my feet and fall down hard. Wire pounces on me, a throwing knife in hand, his other hand holding my free hand down, and his left foot trampling my other free hand. "Game over, lemme start with that face" he says as he casually tosses the knife up, then jams it into my skull. "I'd love to do this again.. but sadly I can only do it once." are the last words as I see darkness.

Wire Elec, D3

Issabelle, what a fucking joke. There's a kill for you, dumb bitch! I turn around and I see Ratchet greet my with a bloodthirsty smile. It might not be the games anymore, not really, but we came here to end it. You never know, maybe this will all end if we fight. I pick up Joelle's axe and parry it as I circle Ratchet, carressing a knife as I wait for him to make the first move. I sure as hell won't, too risky. "You look like me now that I give your face one last good look before I slam my axe into it" I tease. I'm right, brown hair, same scar, same grin. Everything. "Yeah.. I know!" he says as I see him brace himself as he throws a throwing knife to surprise me. I duck and in response I yell "TOO SLOW!" as I close my eyes and tomahawk my axe towards him.


Bingo. He's down and holding his chest as I see him grunt in pain. Looks like I took out two of his ribs when the axe head bumped into him, and then it shattered the upper right ribcage when it finally landed on him. He's coughing up blood as I laugh. "Flawless victory, Wire. Congrats" he says as he gives and insane laugh, then freezes in death with a happy smile on his face.

I turn around and I too, laugh. I won. Nobody wanted me to win, I shouldn't have won, but fuck society. I won. I sit down in the grey grass as I wait for the carrier. Minutes pass by, and nothing. I see nothing, just the isolated loneliness of the arena. A howl comes from the distance, and like a tv turning off, it all goes black. But I'm still alive.

"Child, you need to leave." says a voice. Light illuminates a path in front of me, a path like crystaline light. Under me is a void of light, and the sky is a calming blue. A threshhold is in front of me, where I can make out the streets of District 3. I stand up and start walking, turning around as I see the small circle of dirt from the previous arena crumble. No turning back. I keep walking towards my home, and I step into the streets of the Justice Building. I'm in a suit, classy and grinning against my will as I see an audience cheer. "WIRE! WIRE! WIRE!" They chant as I gain control of my actions. I run up and stand on a speaker, making a fist as I raise it into the air. "YEAAAAAH!" I yell as I dive into the crowd.

The mayor pats me on the back and welcomes me on stage. "The people of District 3 have a few questions for you, Wire. What was it like winning a typical games with your hallucinations?".

What? Hallucinations? "What do you mean?" I ask as he looks at me, a dumb look on hi face as he answers: "Tributes were given a hallucination through their trackers. They all saw a hellish, dull arena with disasters where what they did reflected in hellish beings. You spoke of a man named Jeff a lot, so your hallucinations were the strongest." So.. this was all a dream? "But.. what about Zalgo? What about Frade!" I yell. Frade steps onto the stage, "What about me?" I stare at him, speechless.

"You- Slenderman.. He..."

Frade shakes his head. "It'll wear off, I'll explain everything later. Now, tell me about this Zalgo character" he asks as the audience agrees. I sit there, speechless as I come to the conclusion that I simply cannot describe Zalgo. He's something, yet he's nothing. "I don't know..." I say. Frade looks at me with a grin as he walks into the darkness of the Justice Building, his hair resembling demon horns in the darkness. As he turns around to look at me again, I see a smile. A white, toothy smile in the darkness.

The mayor gives the dismissal speech and I'm taken to my victors home. My parents aren't home.. typical. I go up to my new room where I see a doll. The doll is a simple black figure, with the face of the Grand Rebel on it. I sigh as I sit on the bed, the doll in my hand. My thoughts begin to morph from the hellish arena into what I see as the actual games. Wolf was taken out of the arena by the gamemakers, due to him supposedly being needed for something critical to the games. The mutts were actually horrible accidents, the god of death was the only mutt in the arena; a giant. I then turn on the TV, where I see the recap of the games. Templesmith and Flickerman laugh as they recall me finishing off Ratchet. It's rubble, an arena of rubble. The camera zooms into me as I pick up the axe, and I stand over Ratchet as I slam the axe into his face. Awesome

"Can't wait for the 74th games!" says Flickerman. You know what, I am too.

Death Chart

Placing + Tribute Killer Method
30th: Julius De Mort, Capitol N/A Stepped off pedestal too early
29th: Lapis Hovercraf, D6 Jeff The Killer Stabbed Repeatedly
28th: Sabrina Morris, D8 Jeff The Killer Cut Open
27th: Emerald Diamond, D1 Jeff The Killer Stabbed In Back
26th: Ally Mya, 11F ??? Found dead with no wounds, tapes will be reviewed to determine death
25th: Ella Massey, D2 Piper Quinn, D13 Face Caved In
24th: Harley Swoop, D13 Issabella Electrode, D3 Sword Through Face
23rd: Jenna Nash, D9 ??? Clean hole through chest.
22nd: Hebe Mines, D10 Wire Elec, D3 Stabbed
21st: Lemin Jolice, D6 Ratchet Squires, D4 Stabbed
20th: Wolf Fang, D12 Smile.Dog Put into vegitative state
18th: Troi Cian, D0 ??? Gutted
17th: Issabella Electrode, D3 Scp-106 Unknown substance coughed up, immediate decomposition
16th: Kelebek Carnation, Capitol Grand Rebel Hook through neck
15th: Yoshi Hero, D2 SCP-106 Bitten and instantly decomposed
14th; Trent Korey, D11 SCP-682 Bit in half
13th: Dawn Angelfrost, D12 SeedEater Spine snapped in half, guts sucked out from tear in stomach
12th: Piper Quinn, D13 BEN, Jeff The Killer Severe stab wounds
11th: Dawn Olive, D0 Suicide Stabbed self in heart overnight
10th: Silver "Clocky" Clockson, D9 BEN Head blown into pieces
9th: Mimic Slaughter, D5 BEN Lit on fire
8th: Sonic Wayde, D8 Zaphire "Zaph" Beaux, D1, Slenderman Thorat slit, eaten
7th: Zaphire "Zaph" Beaux, D1 Zak Slaughter, D5 Neck torn aparts
6th: Zak Slaughter, D5 Grand Rebel Chopped into pieces
5th: Nikita Summers, D4 SCP-087, Disaster Metal Rod Through head
4th: Wario Wade, D10 Ratchet Squires, D4 Throwing Knives dropped on face
3rd: Joelle Osias, D7 Wire Elec, D3 Knife through skull
2nd: Ratchet Squires, D4 Wire Elec, D3 Axe to the chest
1st: Wire Elec Congrats Blake


Nikita Summers, D11

"RUE!" I hear someone yell from outside my window. Wha... Rue? I thought my name... my name was.... Nikita. I look out and I see a young girl with blonde hair about the age of 12 smiling. "Reaping day is tomorrow, we should hang out in case we get reaped you know?" she says. I nod awkwardly and I look into the mirror. I look younger, like me, but younger. I shake my head and run out, not bothering to say hi to whoever seems to recognize this "Rue" girl. I see a forest however, and before I decide to follow my friend I choose to go in. But, I hear something behind me, like a rock hitting hollow wood. I turn around, and I see him.

The man from my last life, the man.. who...

I wake up, I don't know who I am. I just see a girl, blonde and about my age. "Rue"? she asks, concerned. I guess my name is Rue. "Who.. are you?" I ask. "It's me, Stock!" she replies. I don't recognize her. "You have a bump on your head... amnesia. This is bad, I gotta tell the mayor!" she says as she helps me up. "Let me help you recollect who you are, you're sneaky and you're really nice. Shy most of the time, but still a sweetheart willing to help out.."

I listen. But as I do, a name fades away in my thoughts; "Nikita Summers..."

Hunter Proverse, D7

I sit up, panting. I reach to my neck and it's there, the necklace Jeff destroyed. I sigh in relief, it was all a dream then. Explains the whole portal thing, and with reaping day tomorrow there's no way I can think about something else. I switch on the TV and on there, a name chills my very soul. "Wire Elec, victor of the 73rd hunger games!". Wha- I just, Wire was... No.. what happened? I sit up and pace around my room, the dim blue light from the sky flowing in as it mixes with the soft glow from my lamp.

I recall Jeff destroying the necklace... the statue... Slenderman.... Wire was the biggest thought though. He won.. but if he won why did I dream it? I hear my name on the TV as I think about myself; "Hunter Proverse is still missing after a strange glitch had caused an unknown figure, about 9 feet tall, to enter the arena. It is being discussed that this was a mutt and it had slain Hunter off the arena grounds. No conclusions yet.."

The god of death... "You're welcome" I hear him say as I see a small figurine on my desk. It looks just like him and he smiles at me before getting into a battle stance and freezing into the position he was in. I pick him up, and he's just an action figure now. Under him is a paper that reads; "You are still Hunter Proverse, and you still contain Moon Moon. However, you must avoid the reapings at all costs. The following coordinates are where you must travel to escape the reapings each year; N: 249 Mi north of the justice building. S: 12 Mi east of the justice building. Point C is 45 degrees between the North and South points, be quick"

It doesn't make sense to me, I can't just walk in the middle of town like this! I storm out the door and in front of me are robes. Assassin robes by the looks of it. A note is attatched to this too, it reads; "I made these robes to help you hide in the shadows of D7. Enjoy them! -Mist". I remember him, he almost got reaped but someone volunteered to take his place. I slide the robes into my room and I sit on my bed as I stare at them on the wall. I sigh and look at the sun rise, but between the trees I see a man. Tall, skinny ad in a suit. It tilts it's head to the side curiously when suddenly, it disappears. The smoke makes a peace symbol as it fades into the sky. I'm safe... I'm free.. Finally.

I lay back, and I begin to dream again.


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