The mind games aren't over yet, I know. But I had toget this idea written down and ready before I forgot about it! This takes place still in my 20 district panem, so click here for the info, yo.


With the victor of the most recent mind games, the capitol was bored with the formula. They demanded something new, something interesting. So, the capitol consulted Japan's wacky ideas for a new games. They had their own kind of hunger games, consisting of one solid week where a random amount of "players" would participate. They had two choices: Kill each other off in order to survive the day, or finish a given task in the form of a riddle before time ran out that day. Players who got a kill would be immune from "erasure" should the task end up incomplete, while those without a kill would be erased alongside anyone else who did not get a kill. Anyone could finish the task, giving everyone immunity that day, and after the task there is one free hour for the players to do whatever they wish.

In the game, there are reapers and their versions of mutts called "noise". There are many different noise species, and two types of noise in general. Noise that can be targeted or encountered via challenges opposed by reapers, and taboo noise, noise that attack by their own free will. Killing either types of noise can give you new pins, which are basically the weapons you fight with, giving you a reason to often fight them. The piun brands a player uses can also impact how powerful is. Say 7 out of 23 players use a Converse branded pin, that pin would be upgraded while the weaker brand would be downgraded. Then you have the filling, which is unaffected.

Reapers can create normal noise, and they cannot be attacked or directly attack players until the final day. Thye reapers are also at stake, they need to rack up points by the end of the day by creating noise that manage to kill players, or at least wound them. There are also four different reaper rankings. Wall reapers, who block your way indefinitely or until you finish a small task given by them (immune to erasure), normal reapers who seek players and send noise after them to rack up points (daily risk of erasure), assist reapers, who as the name states assist the players in small ways. They are similar to wall reapers but instead of making you complete a task, they help players without asking them to do any tasks. They are rare however (immune to erasure) and finally, the GM. The GM is the person in charge of the game that week, basically the gamemakers. They are in charge of the puzzles and tasks given each day, and at the end of the week when it's Players vs. Reapers, they're like the "final boss"

Players who are picked have to give up an entry fee of their choice, it cannot be another player. It is always something they hold dear to them, say their family or even their memories of something/someone. It doesn't matter what it is, it just can't be another player.

The capitol liked the idea, but they wanted to make their own twist to it aside form the 20 districts and two tributes from each. They came up with something so sinister, the players would never know until they see it.

The game would be played all across panem, and the players were invisible. Nobody would notice them aside form reapers and the other players.

Ladies and gentlemen, the mind games have evolved. I  present to you

The reaper's game.


Player entry rules:

  • No whining. About ANYTHING.
  • If a tribute died feel free to be sarcastic about it but don't insult the tribute or their creator. I've seen enough internet fights to know how obnoxious it gets.
  • 4 players per person
  • No spamming
  • These games will include training sessions and training scores. 
  • Reservations will last a week. I sometimes have a hard time keeping track to be quite honest with you.
  • Districts 0-20 in these games.
  • Give advice at the end of each day. This has been proven to be very effective through experience
  • You cannot be an anon
  • Follow this specific template, since it will be very simple

Game rules

  • You must give up an entry fee if you are reaped
  • Reaper's cannot attack players and vice versa until the final day
  • Player sponsors can buy pins for them in the case of abundance of weak pins or for the hell of it
  • If the task is not completed before time runs out each day, all players without a kill will be erased
  • Reapers with the lowest score each day will be erased
  • Assist reapers cannot be used to access restricted areas or boundaries
  • Entry fees by default cannot be another player. Should this be the case, an entry fee will be picked by the gamemaker
  • There are 42 players and 7 reapers. New reapers are picked each week
  • Any forms of rule breaking will result in erasure
  • More than one player can win the game, but only one can be freed (alongside the top reaper). The process will be rinse and repeat until only one remains (In english, more than one person can win but only one can be freed each week)









Alliance: (Loner, Puzzle-Solver, Fighter)









District Name Age Personality Alliance


3F Dayta Bolts 12 Shy, innocent, sweet. Avoids trouble of any kind, naive and sees what's good in a person, sensitive. Will do things if she has to Puzzle-Solver
3M Reserved For MRS Gurl
4F Reserved For MRS Gurl
5M Reserved For MRS Gurl
7F Dessa Ackley 18 Outspoken, bold, dry sense-of-humor, sweet if you don't get on her bad side, anxious. Puzzle-Solver
8F Twila Paisley 15 Shy, calm, quiet. Fiery when provoked, headstrong and stubborn, will enact her plans fully, doesn't like the thought of killing though. Determinant
9F Reserved  For Bekah Ribbonz
9M Lance Heggley 12 Silly, chill, upbeat Loner
13F Reserved For Bekah Ribbonz
18M Guy Shotgun 17 Cruel, Bloodthirsty, Unlikable, No sense of humor, outcast Fighter
19F Reserved For MRS Gurl
20F Reserved For Meoryou Dude


District Name Age Personality
Reserved For Meouryou Dude
Reserved  For Bekah Ribbonz
Reserved For Sambaross guuuuurl

Noise (Mutts)

You may assign your reapers certain types of noise to use based off this list . However, on day 1 you can only assign them to use Noise No.1. Choose wisely, because you can only have them send 4 groups of noise consisting of 5 kinds of noise, and only 1 group can be assigned to 1 player per reaper. (Say Reaper 1 sends a group of noise after Player 6, while Reaper 5 sends a group of noise after Player 6 as well. Reaper 5 wants to send another group of noise because Player 6 destroyed their noise, but they cannot do so until the next day. However, Reaper 5 can try to convince other reapers to target Player 6 with more noise groups, resulting in shared points varying on the amount of reapers unvolved in the kill. Say the kill earns the reaper 50 points, and there were two reapers involved, each reaper then gets only 25 points. Share wisely!)

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