Two thousand years after the rebellion, Panem has had to resort to districts in the sky. Why in the sky, you ask?


The titans had overrun the land and left panem no choice but to abandon their home land and literally take what they coud from Earth up into the sky. Lives were lost and many were left behind to die. This sparked yet another rebellion that broke the peace the Capitol had regained with the Districts. The rebels blamed the Capitol for the lives lost and the hell they were going through, claiming that if they used force fields to keep innocent children in an arena, why can't they use force fields to keep titans out of a city? Eventually, the rebels lost the battle yet again and as a punishment for the third time, the games have been re-established.

Arena Info & Mutts

The Arena: The arena is a walled off location, with a village below it. A crater had been blown smack-dab into the center of the arena, so that serves as the cornucopia. Eventually, steps will emerge from the ground to lead out of the cornucopia's location. The village homes contain random goodies, but don't expect any weapons in the homes that were easier to get into. A small lake is found in the southeast and northwest corners where tributes can get water. An underground pasage will lead you into the second part of the arena, which is the soldier's district. The passage is dark and cramped, so if you're confronted by an enemy in there don't expect to dodge any attacks easily.

The soldier's district contains nothing but weapons in the homes and buildings. However, effectiveness in that district ranges from a very used and almost blunt knife, to a sniper crossbow or a lightweight and sharp spear. Inside the soldier's academy lies a second cornucopia. However, the tributes will not no so whoever finds it first gets the spoils.


Titans: The arena will have Titans slowly making their way into the arena by breaking down the walls surrounding it. They range from 3 meters to 16 meters. They kill and feed by eating the newest members of the arena; humans. They have weak spots on the back of their necks and kneecaps. They are rather slow, but when provoked they can run pretty fast and of course, far.

Don't worry, the 60M one won't be in these games ;3

Clay Mutts: Some homes will have a pile of clay just randomly tossed in there. Don't stay there too long because that thing will work like a blob and engulf you, obviously suffocating you and killing you. It takes them a while to become active but don't ty touching them, that just wakes them up.

Hawk Mutts: These mutts were originally created to alert the Capitol when a titan was arriving, but when Panem's government escaped the titans, these guys were left behind. They are mischevious creatures actually, and they will steal your sutff if it is left unguarded. Just don't upset them, like any creature it can anger easily and will not hesitate to get you back. I'm basically saying that it will attack you in the worst way possible at the worst moment possible. (Fun Fact, I never used them. Maybe a different games...)
Red-tailed-hawk 681 600x450
Oooh so scary

"...The hell is this thi- OH GOD STOP HELP ME!" -A happy customer

Tribute Titans: Similar to the mutts from the 74th games, fallen tributes with enough popularity will be revived as titans. UPDATE: The "popular" revived tributes were actually hand picked to serve as titan shifters to fight against the titan outbreak, killing them all and leaving the titan species extinct

TEH SURRPISE: I lied, have fun fighting off the Colossal Titan, tributes c:


Ok, to begin lets start with the rules.

  • No whining. About ANYTHING.
  • If a tribute died feel free to be sarcastic about it but don't insult the tribute or their creator. I've seen enough internet fights to know how obnoxious it gets.
  • 4 tributes per person
  • No spamming
  • There will be a sponsor system. I will add the list of weapons and items once all the tributes are in.
  • Sponsors can sponsor ANYONE at any moment. The only difference is that if you're giving a tribute you aren't sponsoring a gift, they have less chances of getting it.
  • Districts 1-13 in these games. Sorry D0, D14 and Capitol fans, maybe next time.
  • Give advice at the end of each day. This has been proven to be very effective through expereince (Come on Gamzee.. win the games ;w;)

Now, the template













Bloodbath Strategy:

Games Strategy:

Feast/Final Battle Strategy:

The Tributes!

District Tribute/Age Weapons Strengths/Weakness
District 1 (M) RESERVED FOR  XXToxicScreamxx
District 1 (F) Daniella River; 14 Blow Gun, Harpoon

Strength: Climbing, traps, speed

Weakness: Swimming, hand-to-hand combat, being alone.

District 2 (M) Briccio Polloski; 18 Strangling, sword

Strength: Brute strength, career training

Weakness: Sucks at plant ID, swimming, and is arrogant

District 2 (F) RESERVED FOR Ben54ben
District 3 (M) Damien Amplitude; 14 Knife, Traps

Strengths: Amazing intelligence, Trap making is excellent, stealthy

Weaknesses: Weak, Slow, not trained with weapons

District 3 (F) Vienna Forte; 17 Steel Claws, Dagger

Strengths: Very good with the basics, can seduce people easily and she is very athletic

Weaknesses: Overthinks some things, Insecure, Refuses to take risks and very rude/bossy.

District 4(M) Felix Seaworth; 17 Trident, Nets, Throwing Knives

Strengths: Great Swimmer, Charming, Strong

Weaknesses: Scared of heights, Plant ID, Sluggish

District 4 (F) Bubbles Foam; 17 Trident

Strengths: Sword/Trident fighting, running, swimming and showing off

Weaknesses: She just won't hurt little kids.

District 5 (M) Ghost Soul; 15 Scythe

Strengths: Fast and nimble, strong, survival skills

Weaknesses: Can't swim, fears losing his sister, can't stand critical people/issues

District 5 (F) Spirit Soul; 15 Dagger

Strengths: Familiar with human anatomy, survival ablilities are excellent and has a bit of career knowledge in her.

Weaknesses: Can't make fires, kindness is easy to deceive and she has bad weapon training.

District 6 (M) Brandon Ivey; 15 Sword, Throwing Knives

Strengths: Running, hiding, climbing

Weaknesses: Not very strong, bad swimmer, trust is easy to manipulate

District 6 (F) Lacey Myers; 15 Trident, Poison, Spear, Sword

Strengths: Seduction, Speed, Dodging, Camoflauge, Plants

Weaknesses: Strength, Climbing, Swimming

District 7 (M) Sam Mason; 16 Throwing Axes, nunchuks, spear

Strengths: Fast, strong and likeable

Weaknesses: Bad swimmer, panicks when scares, self-concious

District 7 (F) Selena Kyle; 15 Whip, Knife

Strengths: Agile, Easy to be around, talkative, gymnastics, hand-to-hand combat, manipulation (when needed)

Weaknesses: Insecure. Not in a ' 4 tonnes of makeup' way but an 'unsure of how good she is at things.' Very little self-confidence. Also scared of big massive people.

District 8 (M) River Greene; 16 Strangling, Spear, Bow, Small Knife

Strenghts: Swimming, throwing, senses

Weakness: Freaks out when he kills people, can't stand heat.

District 8 (F) Layla Twozone; 15 Club, Mace

Strength: Fast, Crafty, Srong

Weakness: Cocky and arrogant, bad swimmer.

District 9 (M) Pacster Adams; 16 Dagger, Bow

Strengths: Strong, Fast

Weaknesses: Can't Swim, Always Seems to be Hungry

District 9 (F) Djerica "Jean" Dyumblekoff; 16 Poison Throwing Needles, Dagger

Strengths: speed, cleverness, strength

Weaknesses: Clumsy, Autistic, ADHD

District 10 (M) Jeremey Glasscock; 16 Hidden Blade, Dagger, Bow

Strengths: Speed, Agility, Parkour, Deflecting attacks and countering with deadly force.

Weaknesses: Too trusting. Mentally unstable. Prone to random acts of blind rage.

District 10 (F) Aurora Mendoza Bow, knife, sword

Strengths: Quick, smart, good swimmer

Weaknesses: Not very strong, fear of lizards

District 11 (M) Sevra Faalu; 15 Any ranged weapon or close combat weapon.

Strengths: Stealth, survivalism, temparute resistance

Weaknesses: Not a very fast swimmer, heavy weight slows him down

District 11 (F) RESERVED FOR Kman528
District 12 (M) Ecio Lavanto; 15 Pitchfork, Scythe

Strengths: fast (physically and mentally) and he has an eye for details

Weaknesses: Bad fighter, won't kill 12 year olds

District 12 (F) Reyna Alvarez Axe or Dagger

Strengths: Fast collector and can find easy solutions to problems

Weaknsesses: Perfectionist, doesn't always get a long with tributes, size difference

District 13 (M) Shadow Arc; 17 Poison, blowgun, slingshot, knife

Strenghts: Good at plant ID and tree climbing. Good at hiding, dodging and is stealthy and fast

Weaknesses: Very cold and has bad combat skills.

District 13 (F) Felecity Tagater; 16 Knife and Throwing knives

Strengths: Deadly Accuracy, Strong

Weaknesses: Not very fast, Bad plant ID


Five tributes will be having training PoV's. This does not affect your tribute's chances of surviving the bloodbath if they are mentioned, it is simply done to keep things under a certain "flow".

Ladies First!

Daniella River, District 1

"Daniella, get up training is starting soon and you know you want to do your best on the last day". Travis, my mentor is knocking on the door with a rather chill and annoyed tone as he speaks. "Yeah, Yeah give me a second Travis", I reply as I slip out of bed and get dressed. Same breakfast, but Travis is eyeing me strangely. "Is there a problem?" I ask, and Travis just looks down and nods "no" as he looks down and cuts part of a "Tamed Nightlock Berry Pancake" as the chef called it. Guess the fans got curious as to what it tasted like without having to die.

Travis and I are in the elevator with my district patner. "Alright, so I'm giving you advice as to what you should do on your last day guys. Use everything you adapted to be able to show off and be avoided in the bloodbath, because if you don't they'll see you as another puppet and cut your strings. Being a career has it's benefits and with experience I myself, was the leader of my group in the games.". Travis goes on about how he showed off and such, but I wish to be humble at training. Actually, standing out makes me feared. Fear drives people to kill.

Me? I kill because I want to live, because I want to see the next day ahead of me. You know the phrase "Lived to fight another day"?. Well my version is "Fight to live another day".

And that's exactly what I'm gonna do.

Jeremy Glasscock, District 10

I'm sick of the capitol and their motherfucking BULLSHIT. The games ended ever since the 75th games backfired, and as a way to punish us for the titans magically appearing the fuck out of nowhere on us, they just started these games up! A-MOTHERFUCKING-GAIN The gamemakers need a knife up their asses, a knife so long it ruptures every organ in their fucking body.

Alas, this won't be the case. I'm in the games and instead of me killing the gamemakers, sons of bitches are gonnna be killing me. Or at least, that's what they think. We're in training right now, and honestly I doubt these tributes are going to last long on their own. But that's no problem, I know I can find something to keep myself alive as the games go. However... I do crave blood at the same time. Heck, why should I argue with myself. Blood is the best damn thing you could have in the world. And in order to get blood you can either hurt yourself, which I won't do, or you can hurt someone else, which sounds like a damn good idea.

Anyways, I'm walking over towards the weapons rack, there seems to be an interesting array of weapons here. Hmmm...I think I'll grab a nice, long dagger. The careers stare at me with fear and jealously as I swish it around without trying, cutting the air with a swift and quiet "woosh, woosh". With a grin I stand over at the combat station, the dummies start circling me and jabbing the foam tip spears and weapons at me. I get hit a few times but I manage to counter mortal attacks, even sending one's head flying off. I get an idea, maybe I should try to jump on top of one and stab it to death. Show the careers that loners are more dangerous than meatheads in a group.

I pounce and I start stabbing, but suddenly I'm thrown off the dummy as it suddenly increases in speed. It brakes and I'm sent flying, straight into the weapons rack. The last thing I see are the careers faces as it changes from disbelief to a cruel grin as I approach the rack.


Felix Seaworth, District 4

"Dumbass" I laugh as I watch Jeremy fly into the weapons rack. I hear a sickening sound that makes me wonder if its a bone breaking or the weapons as they fall onto the floor. Daniella starts joining in with a simple giggle, but she quickly backs out as the paramedics start arriving. I don't get that girl, she's one of us but she's too soft on people. Yesterday in training, an anti-career loser tripped and fell from the highest point on the gauntlet, and when he fell she instantly ran over and began to make sure he was ok. If she keeps that up, she'll learn not to trust enemies the hard way.

I've become leader of the careers, which is going to be an advantage AND a disadvantage. I get the privilege of ordering eveyone around without question, but I also have a bullseye with LED flashing lights on every part of my body. I know that the so called "anti-careers" plan on being some sort of repellant on us, but I doubt they can last long. You see, I have a plan. The anti-careers seem to be wanting to try to take us out at the bloodbath in a group, but I plan on having us split up and hopefully confuse them, thus keeping them away from us.

Besides that, my posse and I walk over to a station where most of the anti-careers are. "Hey, punk. Move your scrawny little ass over so I can practice" I tell who seems to be the leader. The smartass replies with "Oh really? Are you trying to practice because you think you're going to lose?". He just earned himself a target, a target bigger than his ass-kissing allies' targets. I grab a sword and purposely have it barely brush his face as I prepare myself and swing at a dummy's neck, slicing it off so cleanly it stays on there as if nothing happened. They're wide eyed as I walk away. Well, now I know what my new favorite weapon is, and HE knows where his worst nightmare is.

Ghost Soul, District 5

I volunteered and I even think I'm crazy. But what can I do when you're going to be forced to watch your sibling die in the games if you DIDN'T volunteer? I can't let Spirit die alone, and I hate being a hypocrite when I say this but I have to be critical when I say that whoever kills her will get whats coming to them twofold. 

My sister and I walk over to a mutt station, it looks like the trainer there is talking about to special mutts they will be adding. One is called a colossal titan... great. What the games need is a reminder of what sparked the hate once more, that is deeeeefinitely what they need. A 3D animation is shown of its actions, and apparently it will try to break down the wall surrounding the arena, letting in the other titans. Its huge, and has smoke coming off of it, and I have to admit I am very intimidated by it. Knowing it's going to be looming over the wall is enough mental torture for me.

Then they move on to tribute titans, which is basically a rip-off of the 74th hunger games wolf mutts as quoted by the trainer. Its basically just popular dead tributes being reincarnated as titans, which I call a "dick move" considering the fact that titans are the last thing we want to become a part of. Spirit looks over at me with a curious look, then she looks at the instructor again. Is she thinking the same things as me? How I feel about the mutts and everything? Is she thinking of me dying or worse, her killing me?

The Hunger Games; Ruining and ending lives since the first rebellion.

Shadow Arc, District 13

Nobody has noticed me here, good. I don't want to be noticed, just like my name. Shadow. The thing that is always there but you never notice unless you want to.

I stand at the gauntlet, which is a rather curious mix of parkour, combat and speed. It is themed with village rooftops and is in its own, miniature arena for a change, which I see as a hint to what the bloody hell the arena is. The green light starts and I pull out my dagger as I dash across the rooftops, when a giant hand flies at me. I slide under it and raise my dagger to cut it's fingers, which works as I see the improvised cotton fly out as if it was titan blood. I Slam my feet onto the roof as I reach the edge of the roof I'm on, then I run back and U-turn as I jump onto the next rooftop. This rooftop however has loose tiles, which has me sliding here and there as I run. Here we go with the speed part of the gauntlet.

I don't have time for running, mainly because I see rubble ahead of me which indicates parkour. I just jump back and kick the tile in front of me, causing a domino effect and eliminating any further issues with this branch of the gauntlet. I just run normally across the roof and jump down onto the floor. Only to be greeted by an odd figure. This.. this isn't a titan, this is Jeremy! He pushes me back and springs off me as he gracefully rolls onto the rubble's smooth ground. He slides out something from his wrist and grins as he looks back at me. Another titan hand shows up and he stabs it in, riding it as it loops around and he releases as it appears once more, flying all across the parkour and reaching the final part.

Wait.. it came out of his WRIST. What the hell? No, don't get distracted... I need to finish the gauntlet regardless of the surprises. I start jumping across the flat parts of rubble until I reach a pillar of srots, too high for me to jump down and to my sudden dismay, right in the path of a titan hand. I get slapped off and fall onto the mats, cussing as I walk back in line.

Now, one thing is left on my mind. What the hell happened to Jeremy?!

Chapter 1- The bloodbath and the titans.

Vienna Forte, D3

I'm stabding on the pedestal, looking at my stylist as she waves goodbye and blows a kiss. Suddenly, the tube goes up and I close my eyes to avoid getting blinded by the sun. It worked and beside me I see the other tributes, Jeremy is sliding his blade in and out with excitement and bloodthirst, and I see Felix do hand motions to his allies to show them what to do. Well HE'S prepared.

I then focus my attention on the arena. But.. it's a crater. I don't see ANYTHING or any way out.... are these games going to end so quickly? There is nowhere to hide except the top of the cornucopia but even then you're still exposed to ranged weapons or other good climbers.

I see the timer reach 20.

What should I do... Damn it why can't I just make up my mind! Being unarmed will just get me killed and if I get a weapon I can stand a chance....

I see the 5 glow in front of the cornucopia.

That's it, I'm going to the center to grab a weapon and I'll try to avoid attacks until I can get out. But on second thought maybe just dodg-

Jeremy Glasscock, D10

Easiest kill EVER. Vienna was a sitting duck after the gong rang and I just pounced at her and gave a sweet stab to her neck. That's what you get for not making up your mind in a battlefield. I run into the center where I see a GORGEOUS array of weapons on a rack. I smile and giggle like a schoolgirl as I pick up a bow and snap it. Theres a second one next to me anyway, so breaking one makes it easier to restrict access to more bows for other tributes.

Suddenly a scrawny litle cunt runs past me and grabs an axe, and the fucker can sure hold that thing! I just swing the bow around and it wraps around his neck like a tetherball, which I then place my foot on his chest and pull as tightly as I can, choking him. The cannon sounds and I let go. He died, perfect!

I turn around as I see a sword sticking through someone else's neck however, the kid isn't dead yet! I turn back around to see an axe swing onto my nose, slicing it. Fuck this hurts! I roll in the ground trying to find a bag and escape, but I get the butt of the axe's handle into the face. It all goes black, but I don't feel the cold grasp of death... maybe I just need a forced nap....

Ghost Soul, D5

Holy SHIT! I.. I'm alive! I thanks the career's involuntary help as I grab a backpack and grab a dagger for my sister and a lightweight scythe, spitting on Jeremy as his nose bleeds like a squished bottle of gel. On the way out I identify the dead body as Felecity and her killer was Felix... What a fucking traitor! Jeremy isn't dead but he won't last long with a serious bloody nose.

I meet up with Spirit as I hand her the dagger, jogging towards the crater's edge as I open up my bag to find a convenient rope. I toss it up and lasso it to a rock, and I climb up, Spirit behind me as she makes sure nobody is coming. We reach the top and I pull her up as we run across a bridge and into a village, bringing the rope with me once more in case it could be of use in the future. We're alive and safe, now we just need to fight and win.

However, I see a dark cloud form above the walls. I begin processing this and suddenly it hits me. This isn't an arena, this is an actual abandoned village! 

The lightning strikes and suddenly, the huge, MASSIVE titan I learned about is looming over the wall, staring right at us as I see him raise an arm and slam it against the wall. I see stone fly everywhere off the wall from the bridge, but I waste no time as I take Spirit's hand and I run into a house. The clay mutts aren't here, that's good. We're still near the fight but we're lucky the chances of someone else stepping through this specific door are 1000 to 1. I, am alive.

Reyna Alvarez, D12

I watch a HUGE thing watch the fight from over the wall, it's arm in a broken part of the wall it just made. I manage to climb up a bit until suddenly, I'm grabbed by someone. Chingada Madre this guy can pull! I turn around and see Pacster from 9 pull out a dagger, this guy wants me dead! I try to kick him away but it's no use, I just gave him an idea on where to stab me. Sure enough I hear my ankle pop and I scream as I'm on the floor, Pacster stabbing at me over and over. Like some sort of miracle, he misses each time and I use my good leg to kick him in the groin. He howls in pain as he drops his dagger and holds his parts, which I then take to my advantage and jab it into his jaw. He stares wide eyed into the sky as he falls down, dead.

I try to drag myself back out of the crater, but it isn't doing any good with this maldito ankle. I eventually get an idea and use the dagger to pull myself out and I soon find myself on the edge of the crater, a beautiful village in front of me. I start crawling towards a house or shop, maybe both, and I open the door. In front of me, I find medicine to my surprise. I don't hesitate as I ingest the pills and my leg feels great already! The ankle is still dislocated though...

I try to stand up and I drag myself down the streets. I too am alive, now I just have to win.

Djerica Dyumblekoff, D9

I see the edge of the crater and I jump as I continue trying to climb up. I finally get my footing as I get up above the crater and into a.. village. I just shake off the surprise as I run down the streets, but then I spot a shadow coming out of a home. Someone is there! I run in and kick the door down, finding my two best weapons! Throwing needles and a dagger. I begin to look around the house as I realize that there was no shadow to begin with. I yell in anger, I just wastd my time!

Suddenly, I hear a strange "Plop" behind me I turn around to see a pile of clay on the floor, which I think is odd since I don't see where it could have come from. I just ignore it and I jump over it, but suddenly the thing grabs my leg! I scream as it engulfs my leg, it's warm and I can feel tiny little bits of teeth rub up against me, this is such a gross way to die!

No, I can still live! Against my own pain I begin to cut off my lower leg, and I suddenly notice that two of them are in the house, one is larger and coming from the living room! I grab a nearby chair and slam it onto the monster, stunning t as I finish the horrible self-mutilation. The blood is emerging from my wound as I begin to drag myself out of the way of the next creature, and I notice it lapping up my blood as it slides over towards me. I finally reach a window, I finally have a way out!

I climb out and fall into the same street from before, only to find another tribute right next to me, she's dragging her leg and has a knife at the ready to stab me with. I close me eyes as I wait for the impact, but I don't feel anything.

"You there, alliance?" she asks as she hold her hand out to help me up. She actually wants to HELP me? I nod yes in pain, I hate not being able to talk like a normal person...

She picks me up and we serve as each other's good legs as we begin to trot and slide down the street. An act of kindness has kept me alive... "What's your name?" I ask between grunts. "Reyna Alvarez" she replies, with the same tone as me.

Shadow Arc, D13

I finish killing Ecio as I swing my sickle down at his spine. As a cannon sounds I see the anti-careers turn their look to me. Time to run.

I run around the cornucopia like a benny hill scene until suddenly, stairs emerge leading out of the crater. I jump in between them and I run towards the closest stairs, watching as I see Sevra fall down from the ky as his head lands on the edge of some steps. Brain matter flies everywhere and a river of blood gushes out of him like a water balloon that just got punctured. Talk about the blood rushing to your head.

I jump over his body as I run across the bridge, taking care not to fall into the water. I see the titan by the wall give a kick and pat of the wall soars over my head and splashes into the river flowing through the town, making the floor slippier for me to traverse. I make this fun as I go all slip n' slide on the floor, sliding down the streets until the floor is dry once more. I hear the anti-careers cuss as they slip and fall like kids at an ice rink. I escaped, time to fight and win!

I climb up a building until I see a typical titan's shadow emerge through the hole, which proves that the colossal titan was doing it's job. I start running across the roofs again like I was in the gauntlet, no Jeremy to stop me now. I decide to follow the river, the arena looks to be unguarded at the part where if flows in. I might be able to escape all this! I start dashing down the street, following the river. I'm either going to give the capitol what they want, or I'm going to escape and start a life of my own.

Felix Seaworth, D4

Me and my alliance group up as we start checking the dead bodies. I spit on Ecio's body as I pick up his weapon and hand it to Briccio. I love that guy, we think alike.

I then come across the flying scizophrenic: Jeremy. He must have died form some bad cut on his nose by the looks of it. I turn around and start grabbing food and then I call over Bubbles to have her check out anything she might want. I start walking towards some crates we used as chairs when suddenly, I hear a sick gagging come from behind me.

Holy fucking shit, Jeremy wasn't dead! I watch as a blade retracts into his wrist. Yes, his wrist and I can't believe it either. He then shoves his fist into Bubble's open wound and pulls out her throat, the spine and the veins still connected to it. I stare, wanting to do something but I can't move a muscle out of cold fear. He looks over at me, blood splattering all over his face as he gives me a death look, lowering his eyebrows and smiling.

I can finally respond, "GET HIM!" I yell as my guys start running at the freak. Now he's done for, he won't get out alive at this rate. I grab a sword and swing at him as he rolls away laughing as he gets up, grabs a bow, quill, arrows and two bags of apples as he heads to the stairs. Breccio however, tackles him. The time to die is now Jeremy.

Or so I thought, he pulls out an arrows and shoves it into Breccio's leg, kicking him off and fleeing successfully as he skips flights of stairs on the way up.

He got away this time, but next time I'm gonna make sure his body on the floor is DEAD

Chapter 2 - A miserable rescue

Briccio Polloski, D2

I can still feel the tip of the arrow in my leg, so deep.. so.. very deep... Felix had to slap me out of some screaming as he pulled it out, and I swear to god if I ever catch a glimpse of Jeremy, he's taking this same arrow I hold in my hand to the neck. Everyone in the careers already hate him more than the anti-careers, which I see as pathetic but hypocritical as well since I hate him too.

I look over to the sun rising over the colossal titan, it's disgusting body somehow managing to sweat. If I got some sort of rope and a good leg to climb with, I'd climb up that wall and take the fucker out. It's just a mutt, the capitol designed them to die with the right skills. I have them, I'm gonna be the one to slay the colossal titan. However, it appears that everyone else beat me to the idea as I see Felix stand up and raise his sword. "It's settled!" He yells, "Before we kill the tributes, we kill the titan!".

You took the words right out of my mouth Felix.

Shadow Arc, D13

I wake up to the sound of footsteps coming my way. I jump up and slide my backpack over my back as I watch a titan slowly turn over into my direction, a stupid grin on it's face as I watch it trot towards me. I'm close to the river's edge, I just have to find a way in. But before that, I need some privacy you dumbass titan.

I climb up the nearest village, seeing the titan swipe it's hand at me like I'm a fly. I jump back, but the titan knew what it was doing. I find myself in it's grasp, shocked and frozen as I see it raise me over it's mouth, it's fingers twitihcing a bit, waiting to drop me. I watch the saliva settle so it can start chewing me up, and as it does I fall onto it's soft yet smelly tongue. I'm greeted by a white tooth about to smash into my hand, when I swipe it back and jab the sickle's top into the roof of it's mouth, a scream emerging from it as I jump onto it's uvula and from the inside I swipe at it's inner neck again, killing it. It falls but it's tongue serves as a cushion as I climb out of it's now melting mouth.

By the time the titan is gone, I still have no luck in finding a way out. It turns out the river's edge is blocked by a force field, which I later used to cook some fish. I sit there and eat as I watch a shadow settle into a rather odd spot. I raise my eyebrow as I chew the fish and I then notice that there is some sort of trap door. I stand up, dropping my food as I run over and pull it open. Webs cover the mouth, but I manage to cut them away anyway. It's too dark to see anything however... I need a light.

I stand up and close the trap door, giving it one last look as I walk back over to my meal.

Brandon Ivey, D6

"Shadow you son of a bitch, where are you"  are the first things I hear as I wake up, seeing Sam pace around, carving "Shadow" with an x in it into the walls of the villages. I became the anti-career leader after Ecio died, he was meant to be our leader but ever since Shadow killed him I took over since I had an eye for traitors. I stand up and stretch as I see a titan in the distance. Sam stops and smiles a bit as he looks at the titan, which I can't comprehend already after the second time I've seen him do that. The alliance consists of just me and Sam, which I feel can work if we stay hidden and effective.

I then look over at an interesting scene, this should be good.

Damien Amplitude, D3

I'm busy working on an electric trap until I suddenly see Brandon wave at me, which is odd for the games, especially if someone isn't in your alliance. I just look back down and resume my job when suddenly, the wire won't give. I tug, and tug, and tug but it just isn't working damn it! I look up to see what's holding it down, when I suddenly see a figure on the other side of the building.

Jeremy lets go of the wire as it snaps into my face, knocking me off the edge as I scream in fear and in pain as I approach the ground. I land on it, hard as I feel my face bleed like crazy. Jeremy is looming over the edge as he slides a blade out of his wrist and he jumps down.

I'm sorry District 3, I tried.

Jeremy Glasscock, D10

You know what sucks the most about killing someone? You can only do it once. I glare at Damien's lifeless eyes as the cannon sounds, then I smile as I climb back up with ease. My nose is a bit better, I just have an ugly clot that looks like a bunch of rocky blood on it but it'll heal enough. I then see Brandon laugh a bit with Sam as I begin to jump over to them, until I'm one rooftop away from them. "Well well well, if it isn't the boys who want to ruin the capitol's fun" I smile as I cross my arms.

"That kill was fun to watch, think the careers could handle that?" he asks me, nodding over to the wire that is now floating in the wind. I just slowly turn my neck as I crack it, and sweet jesus it feels good. I smile as I just shrug and nod no, which Sam reacts to by holding out his hand. "It's a deal" he says, as I jump over and balance myself on the edge of the roof as I put my arms around them playfully and walk around the rooftop, plotting our next move against the careers.

What I love is that they think I'm being noble to their non-career ways, when I really want to ruin the capitol's fun.

Aurora Mendoza, D10

I look over at a titan as it lays down to rest, almost like some sort of peaceful creature. I'm not falling for that. I slowly try to climb up a building that l think I can manage, but I swear I keep seeing something in the window. I shrug as I make it to the edge, and I pull myself up. The titan's nck is in range, as I prepare my bow to shoot it. I let go just as it tilts it's head back to yawn, the arrow impaling what would be fatal to a human, it's head. Instead of a death cry, I get an angered howl as it turns around and slams it's hand onto the rooftop, it';s fingers finding me and swinging me around until my shoe slips off my foot and I get thrown into the window of the home, right into a soft cushion. Thanks god this was here, if it wasn't the force from the throw would have killed me.

The titan looks into the house, trying to jam it's hand in but it's no use. Not taking any risks I get up, only to be pulled back into the cushion. I turn around to realize that this isn't a cushion, this is a clay mutt! It grabs onto my jacket and pants as it begins to suck me in, but I quickly rect and pull off my pants and jacket as I run into the hallway. However, I trip over fear and I fall down, hard. I see it inch closer as I stumble to get up, falling from dizzyness yet again. I feel it engulf my lower body, it's disgusting mouth licking at it. I feel gross but.. at the same time I feel pleasure. So.. not only am I gonna die, I'm literally going to be eaten out. I close my eyes as I scream in both fear and pleasure, the clay mutt muting me as it slides over my mouth. I release what I must, and then it all goes black. I hear my muffled cannon sound in the background as my body stills. BOOM!

Spirit Soul, D5

I wake up like i normally would. I yell out to mom to see if she´s there, but the colossal titan´s steam takes me out of my trance. Right now, I´m in an arena with my brother, hoping nobody finds us in the little house right by the cornucopia. I sigh a bit, then I nudge Ghost to wake him up. "What is it sis..." he asks, I just point to the titan we clearly saw the day before. If I´m dying in this arena, it´s because I was being dumb or because I was killed. I will NOT let a titan lay a single FINGER on me, I´m going to live through this and I´m going to win.

I hear a rustle from outside the door, like someone trying to open it. I grab a knife and I stand by it.. It opens and I stab at the figure coming in.

Lacey Myers, D6

I duck as soon as I see the outline of an arm swing at me with a knife. I swipe at my attacker's legs as I send an elbow into her jaw as she falls down. I dash over to her ally and I dodge a knife as I take my spear and launch it at Spirit, tackling Ghost as I see the light filter through the window, my way out. I use Ghost's chest as a launch pad as I jump and climb out the window, looking back to see Spirit take out a spear from her shoulder with anger and distress as she winces and yells a bit. She then watches me climb out, where she throws the spear as soon as I get out. It soars over my head as I duck and run, giggling as I hear it splash into the water. She missed so badly, It's not even funny.

I look in froint of me only to notice that a space between the bridge's fence is in the way of my head. I feel my head slide in as my shoulders stop me from going any further. I'm fucking stuck, damn it! I grunt and yell in anger as I try to slide my head up and down to find a space I can get out with but I don't find anything. I suddenly shut myself up as I hear voices approach me, three to be exact. One of them however, sounds all too familiar. Brandon!

I whimper as I identify the other two voices, Sam and Jeremy. Jeremy is crazy and Sam.. he's too strong for me to have a chance to fight back! Suddenly, the moment I mourned came. "Would you look at that, the girl who wants to be a career got her head stuck in places it shouldn't be" says Jeremy, I hear his blade ring as it hits against the stone in a taunting manner. They think I'm a career, and that's not good. "Please, don't" I beg, "I promise I'll do anything!". Again Jeremy speaks, cutting off Sam. "I'd ask you to do many things sweetie, but we're on national television here and I doubt anyoine would wanna see anything besides killing people you want to kill." With that I catch a glimpse of Jeremy patting Sam on the back and nodding towards me. I watch his worried frown turn nto a grin as he appraoches me.

I feel a dagger stab into my back, right next to my spine. I yell as I pull back, forgetting my neck is stuck. I hear something crack and feel somthing pop and tear, and then things get hazy. I can't move my arms as they dangle over the bridge, the water rushing below me. I then hear muffled voices as the water's flow is heard in the background, an echo follwing the voices. "First career down guys, let's go finish the rest."

I open my mouth as if to protest against their belief of me being a career, but I'm cut short as everything goes black, hearing a heavy door slam as it does, symbolising my life's door being closed for good.

Daniella River, D1

BOOM! A cannon sounds, close to where we are, meaning the killer is close. "Alright men!" Felix yells, helping Breccio up as he starts talking. "Ok, Daniella and Grande, you two can go look after the west stairs, Breccio and I will watch the stairs in front of us and anyone else can watch the cornucopia!". I look at my district partner Grande as he sighs sadly. He didn't want to be in the careers, but he had no choice if he wanted to live. Same for everyone else, they're just shadows in our alliance.

Grande goes ahead of me as he hops up the stars, a spear in his hand and throwing knives in the other. I'm halfway up the stairs until I hear Rio from D11 yell "I SEE SOMEONE!" As I hear her arrow fly through the air, hitting nothing as the figure runs away. I start heading in that directon until a cannon sounds. I look around and see nothing, but then a river of blood forms around my shoe. I turn around and see Brandon as he continues slicing at Grande's neck, laughing at the fact that the dead body is still standing. Jeremy, to my surprise, high fives Brandon as he blows on Grande's back, tipping him over the edge and down into the crater.

I stand there in shock, had Grande not been there it would have been me getting slashed at and being made fun of. I stand as still as Grande did when he was killed, as I watch Jeremy put a finger to his lips as if he was saying to stay quiet about it. I can't hear a thing but I watch as everyone from my alliance chases after them, Felix stopping to turn around and glare at me, shaking his head in disbelief and scoffing before he gets back to running. Grande didn't want to be a career, but because he had no choice he suffered death.

And here I am, still standing without any new expressions to make on these steps. I fall to my knees and look at the ground, tears welling up in my eyes. I begin to wonder if that should have been me. I begin to wonder if I'm not supposed to be here, if my selfish volunteering saved a life that should have perished by now. I wonder if I've broken a rule of life.

I wonder.. and that is all I can do.

Selena Kyle, D7

I climb up a house as I watch the careers chase after Sam and his group. I'd join, but I don't want to take risks with Jeremy as weird as he is. I eventually hear the careers come back, swearing as I watch Felix walk over to a crying Daniella, slapping her as he kicks her weapon away and stomps down the stairs. Some give her dirty looks, and some just walk past feeling bad for her. Me? I'm laying back and watching the colossal titan leave, Sam's group showing up some few ouses away from me. The two guys don't see mke, but Sam does. He smiles a bit, hen lies down as the anthem starts The faces go by, and I realize how Rio's arrow could have added me to the display, thank god she shot my shadow.

I hear Jeremy laugh as he points out that he finished off District 3 with his bare hands. Brandon asks about it and I hear Sam mention Lacey. I just head back down into the house and go to sleep, I have a long day ahead of me, that is if an enemy doesn't cut it short.

Chapter 3 - Progress

Sam Mason, D7

I wake up, surrounded by the careers. I scream to get my allies' help but they pull out their severed heads and grin as Rio pulls her bowstring and Felix spits on me. The arrow flies.

Then I wake up again, screaming this time. Jeremy is next to wake up, startled. "Out of all the things I could wake up to, Sam, that was the worst." He gives me a cold, angered stare. Brandon cuts him off, making a weird hissing sound as he points at a shadow below us. I recognize the shadow, it's Selena. I see Jeremy prepare to jump down, sliding his blade out as he does but I quickly respond by yelling "CAREERS!" as I ran in the other direction.

They follow suit and I turn around to catch a glimpse of Selena, coming into view and frantically running into a house. "Where are the bastards?!" Jeremy asks, a harsh but bloodthirsty tone in his voice. "I saw Rio come this way" I reply. I dont know what the hell I'm doing, keeping up the lie I just made. I wonder why I can't be like my mother, Johanna. Her two games went much better than this, but me? I'm the fool trying to save a helpless soul.

I prepare for a harsh scolding on behalf of Jeremy when suddenly, an arrow flies past us. Holy fucking shit, speak of the devil. Rio was under us, another arrow ready to fly. However, Brandon swings a backpack in front of us, stopping the arrow as I see Jeremy run around him and jump down on Rio, a sick "CRUNCH" emerging from her. A gagging is heard, then a blade's ring follows. The cannon sounds and Jeremy runs to hide in the house. The careers run past the street and stop at Rio's body. 

Ghost Soul, D5

I wake up to a cannon, putting my hand on my knife as it does and looking for Spirit, the sound revebrating through the room as I finally spot her. She got hurt yesterday, all thanks to that bitch Lacey. I was glad when her face showed up, and I laughed when I saw the carrier failing to retreive her body, leaving it there. Since her death, her and I have been using it as a dummy to practice random combat with our current arsenal. It quickly wore out though, so I don't really know what we'll use now.

"Ghost, how is your chest feeling?". Right, I was Lacey's launch pad when she escaped. I honestly didn't remember, I was more worried about Spirit's wound. If her and I ever have to fight and I win, I'll slit my own neck so there can be no victor, to leave the capitol unsatisfied. The games are fun to just them, for us it's the neverending war.

I go up to the roof and notice the colossal titan leaving, could this thing really be leaving? Spirit flinches a bit as she joins me, taking my hand as she speaks. "It's ok Ghost, we can win this. Both of us, we just need to find a way.". I look over to her and sigh, smiling. "I know sis, I know."

To be honest, I really don't.

River Greene, D8

Steps approach as I finish eating some beef jerky. I'm unarmed, but that doesn't mean I can't kill. The steps slow down right in front of my door as I crack my knuckles. I hear Felix, which signals the careers as the group, telling the group to split up again, that's his biggest mistake as a leader. He won't last long, I'll make sure he doesn't. I then heard two people approach my door, I stand by it as they slowly open it. I hear the D2 girl, Summer, talk in her obnoxious "High school mean girl" voice. "Oh my god, like, if I see another fucking clay thing I'm gonna flip. They're like, so gross!".

The only good thing about the games: You can kill anyone who pisses you off..

Daniella River, D1

"Yeah.. I know Summer." I wait for a funny reply but all I hear is silence. I then slowly hear something slide across the floor. I turn around to see Summer foaming at the mouth, trying to grab at her back as her eyes widen and suddenly, her back arches violently as she falls flat on her back, dead. BOOM!.

I scream, I just scream. Why do my friends keep dying? Jackass loners keep picking us off an I'm always left to just watch, it's too fucking much! I decide to storm out of the house, and I see Felix raise his hand to slap me. No, not this time. I stop it and send a knife into his crotch as I spit a loogey onto him. Not very ladylike, but if he deserves it I couldn't care less. I then run off with his bags and go towards the end of the river, hearing as he yells "DANIELLA, YOU'LL REGRET THAT YOU FUCKING BITCH"

I would say the same thing when you slapped me the first time, dick. I'm done with the careers, Felix was right. I'm not like them.

Shadow Arc, D13

I sigh as I begin to step down into the tunnel, setting the webs in front of me on fire to serve as a moving light and a way to get rid of them. I don't fear spiders or anything, but the webs are obnoxious. As I close the trap door, someone else opens it. I pull out my sickle as I brace for an attack, but instead I'm greeted by Daniella, being quick to say stop as she jumps back. I run back into the tunnel as she follows. "LISTEN, SHADOW, IF YOU COULD STOP MAYBE I COULD TELL YOU SOMETHING." She yells, taking long strides across the floor as she catches up. I get tackled until I'm pinned to the ground and have a knife to my throat.

"Now, I don't want to kill you, I want an alliance. However, I shall have no guilt killing you right here if I must though.". Great, now I'm being forced against my will. "Fine" I say, with a relieved voice, faking a need for an alliance. I'll get her off my back later. She pulls me up and hugs me, but I don't really care. My eyes were for Felecity, but her being a career and being betrayed stopped me from getting closer. If what Felix wanted was to provoke me, he did. But I'm not a complete meathead. I push her off and tell her to follow me, we chase the flames burning the cobwebs as we run down the tunnel, wondering what awaits us on the other side.

Brandon Ivey, D6M

We had a close call with the entire career pack thanks to Jeremy getting bloodhtirsty again. I appreciate his loyalty so far but his bloodlust is too risky sometimes. After that event, we just killed some titians who got too close and stayed on the rooftops. Sam was telling us about his mom who was a big part in stopping the first batch of games and about how he wants to win these to be able to continue the legacy. Honorable, but only one dream can come true here.

The anthem plays and again Jeremy bluffs about his kill. If there was a way to shut his pride down, I would very much like to learn how. The next face to appear is Summer, and it ends. Two careers down, this is good for us. Lets see how tomorrow goes.

Chapter 4 - Annihalation

Felix Seaworth, D4

I wake up, angry like I was yesterday. I reach down to feel my crotch, and I don't think I'll ever be able to have kids after Daniella's act of betrayal. That bitch, she thinks she can leave the careers like she could sign a sheet saying so. She doesn't know that leaving the careers means dying. She has to complete that rule, she has to die if she TRULY wants to leave.

I stand up, my alliance made it to the end of the wall and we have the climbing gear ready. Breccio, Layla and I will be climbing up today. We're the only ones left in the alliance, and I honestly feel small. Half the tributes aren't even dead yet and we're down to three. We either need to force members into the alliance or lay low until they all kill each other down there.

That's where I have to stop thinking. I hate heights and I hate myself for my arrogance in stating that we will climb the wall and kill the colossal titan. Hate, hate, HATE. I kick Breccio in the arm gently to wake him up, and I swipe Layla's weapon from her to wake her up. She stays asleep until something in her radius is changed, so I don't know how she'd survive on her own. Maybe that's why the weakling decided to join, because she knows her flaws.

"You two ready?" I tell them, swinging the hook before throwing it up to a ledge. It sticks right as they reply in unison, "Yes".

Let's go.

Mist Scorchil, Gamemaker

I sit in the control room, sighing. I honestly hate my job, I'm seeing myself in the games every year now that President Spectrus forced me to. Shade, who was once my friend, had died in a quell we were in and his brother, Frade, volunteered to avenge him. He won, but it led to his popularity gaining him presidency when he became of age. He was evil at heart and said that Shade's death was my fault, that I was a failure and that if I wanted to prove my worth as a victor, I must become a gamemaker. So here I am, my highlights glowing in the darkness of the room.

I asked to have the lights dimmed to keep me in a dark enviroment, it reminds me of Shade. His death hurt me so much, I need SOMETHING to keep my mind on and off of him 24/7. I look over to the arena's map and notice the career symbols ging up the wall, I take this as an escape attempt. Nobody will escape my games, my revenge. "DUSKUS" I yell, and she comes ready with her gamemaker pen. "Yes, Mist?" she responds with her gentle voice. "I need you to lower the arena's forcefield to 500 feet, give these careers a surprise and a lesson on being so cocky."

She nods and sits down to begin her work. I sit back and again, I sigh. As I stated before, the theme for these games is revenge. Little do the tributes know that the fallen tributes will be reincarnated with the same memories as before, little will they know that they should run before their predators catch up to them.

Little do they know, that I have bought Shade back to life.

Reyna Alvarez, D12

I sit here with Djerica as we finish eating. Her and I have grown close over the past two days, and we're ready to be on the move again. Djerica made a peg leg out of a wooden table leg we found and I just had to rest my ankle before it was of full use once more. I like Djerica, she's been cheerful since the bloodbath. She's been purposefully trying to make an eyepatch to look like a pirate and she even makes the "arr" sound. "You ready?" I ask as I open up the hatch to the roof. She nods and we step out, a titan in the distance as it trots towards the cornucopia. "ATTENTION TRIBUTES" Says the voice of the announcer, Flippy. "I wish to inform you that revenge will always find it's way to you. You cannot escape the grasp of karma, no matter how good a person you claim to be. Good Luck Tributes and try to think about what I said."

I am, but it doesn't make sense. What does he mean by karma and revenge, could it have to do with the arena? I just shrug and help her across the roof. We're planning on going west from here, to the river so we can stock up on water. We walked across 4 rooftops until suddenly, a titan's death cry is heard. I turn around to see it's neck snap in a disgusting manner as if something pushed against it from above. Maybe a gamemaker interrupted an atack?

We finally reach the river and begin filling up our water bottles. Then, out of the corner of my eye I spot Selena as she walks down our street. I take Djerica and drag her behind a tree just as we come into her line of sight. She just has a knife, arrows, a backpack and a leather chestplate. Luckily we were well hidden and she doesn't see us, Djerica sighs in relief as she walks by, letting go of her tight grip on her knife. I do too but I motion to keep quiet as we walk into the next street.

But, as we do we hear the voices of two tributes right behind us. "Who, may I ask, are you two?". I turn around to see Spirit and Ghost behind us, Ghost with an axe and throwing knifes and Spirit with a spear and a knife. Both of them have close combat AND ranged weapons. Shit.. What do I do?!

Djerica Dyumblekoff, D9

I stand still, hoping that the two tributes behind me will make like T-Rexes and not see us. But I guess the fact that they asked meant that staying still does nothing. "Well? ANSWER" A voice commands, I hear a weapon get pulled out, I can't stay here much longer

I begin to casually walk again as if I didn't hear them "Hey, Spirit, she's getting away!" It yells. That must mean it's the D5 siblings! I begin to start running as I hear Reyna tackle Spirit, a scream coming from one of them. I reach an intersection and run into a maze-like part hoping I can get Ghost off my trail. I make good progress as I hear him cuss at his first wrong turn. I decide to run into a building that's in the shadows, hoping I can actually lose him. Suddenly, a cannon sounds and I'm on the floor from being startled. Luckily, I was already in the house. Then, another cannon sounds and I start getting scared. One more cannon sounds, and I'm bawling. What the hell just happened!?

Did.. did Reyna die? Or was it Spirit? Did Ghost come finish Reyna off or did he miss and kill Spirit? WHY CAN'T I KNOW THESE THINGS!!!


Jeremy Glasscock, D10

Hah, pathetic. Breccio just kissed the forcefield and got sent flying to the ground. Looks like the gamemakers were smart about the walls and left a roof just in case. Sam laughs as he sees Felix and Layla yell in panic, quickly sliding down to check in on their fallen ally. He's done, I heard the cannon as soon as his body landed. Brandon mutters something about letting Felix fend for himself, and kill Layla as they check in on Breccio, but I disagree. I want both of them to die in a humiliating way, that's for sure.

Layla begins to cry as Felix looks away in anger. This is great, the careers are just two tributes now and we're three. I motion my allies to follow me as we leave the scene. I begin to think about the loners and about who else died just now, but my mind is full of adrenaline so I can't focus on my questions. I then just figure that I shouldn't worry since it isn't my allies. But one question does lie in my mind, who was it that killed the two other tributes?

Selena Kyle, D7

Did.. did I just see someone who wasn't in the games kill two people? I watch as the tall figure finishes looting the bodies of Spirit and Reyna, both impaled by a spear Spirit had dropped. I never heard about that Mutt, they were to hint us on all the secret mutts that would be in these games... Again, I ask what the hell just happened?

I begin to recall some memories from when I was younger however, I remember that there was a tribute just like the person I saw whoalmost won a quell, I think his friend won alongside his killer. I just can't remember the name, all I can recall is the district and the appearance. Long black hair with red outlines, a pale and skinny body.. I can't remember...

I decide to just lay down, but as I do I see the shape of a titan approach the east part of the arena. It looks an awful lot like Vienna, but I doubt it at the same time. I lay down and resume pondering on who it was that I just saw as the anthem plays. To begin, Spirit and Reyna appear, reminding me of my current question once more. Then, Breccio appears as well. I'm glad the careers are losing, VERY, glad. However, once the careers are dead, what will become of the anti-careers? I then remember Jeremy and his bloodthirsty ways, what If he kills Sam or Brandon once his job is done?

I sit up and realize something: I have to find Sam before it's too late.

Chapter 5 - Pain

Fucking troll browser fucking up my games. OK so what happened first was that Shadow woke up to find himself surrounded by titans. They had made it to high ground and into the second cornucopia, but regardless they were trapped. So, what he did was try to lead them away, but the Shade Clone passed by and made them focus back on Shadow. Daniella then woke up and though Shadow was trying to kill her, and then she attacked Shadow who ducked and pushed her off. But as she fell, she ripped his arm in two vertically with a knife as she fell.

Then, the anti-careers came to the career camp but were ambushed by Layla and Felix. Jeremy was a captive and so was Sam, but Jeremy kneed Felix in the crotch and slammed his elbow into Layla, letting Brandon use her as a human shield against a throwing knife from Felix, which he then took and stabbed Layla with. Then, Jeremy popped and cut off Felix's left shoulder and did the same with his right arm using Felix's sword. Torture happened in the way it was described in the death chart, but Brandon said he had to use the bathroom, taking his backpack in case Felix "escaped". Felix was then killed and Jeremy came down with Sam only to realize Brandon had left. They set out to find him.

Djerica had still thought about yesterday, and then remembered that the figure was Shade after seeing it pass by earlier that day. Paranoia, insanity and a lot of jumpscares involving ghosts and many other macabre things led her to commit suicide by jumping off the roof of the house she was in.

River had been following Jeremy so he could finish him off, and eventually Djerica's cannon caused Sam and Jeremy to split up. Jeremy being alone, was attacked by river and it was a fair fight that was still in River's favor. River was about to snap Jeremy's neck when suddenly, his hand was sliced off by Jeremy's blade and he was then punched in the face with his own fist. River screamed to intimidate and attack with might, but Jeremy simply shut his trap by violently shoving River's fist down his throat, choking him to death.

While Sam was looking for the source of the cannon, he stumbled upon Selena and vowed to not abandon her anymore. The cannon made him keep his promise even more and they fled towards the cornucopia, looking out for each other.

Mist was in the control room, pleased with the way things were going Betrayal done by every district but his own home district. It reminded him of Shade yet again and then, Mist snapped. He ordered all the gamemakers to release 4 colossal titans and 50 titans of each height into the arena to speed things up and keep Frade happy enough to not want to kill him. But as he did, Frade called him up to what was once the rose garden but replaced with a museum featuring the many tokens of fallen tributes in the previous games. They had a chat where Frade let Mist know that he forgived him, and told him to get back to work. Mist was later left confused, and torn after realizing that his theme of revenge didn't mean anything and that now, he became a gamemaker just to end lives and not get a message through. Not with what Frade was going to say at the crowning of the victor. Mist left to go to the sponsor room, where he conversed with a few of them and drank away his newfound sorrow. Now, he only hoped that his cloned friend Shade would make it out fine as well with the victor.

Brandon made good progress and was right at the corncucopia when all the titans showed up. He fled aross rooftops to try and hide but he was then surrounded by the titans who spotted him first in the plain center of the arena. He fought them off well, but a certain vengeful tribute named Ghost pushed him without him ever knowing who did so and the titans feasted on him. Ghost watched and with hateful eyes he set out to try and find the tribute who killed his sister. This is where the day ends.

I am sorry for the shoddy update, but when it's twice in a row I think the world's trying to tell you something, But regardless, there are 5 tributes left. One will survive. The games will end soon, lets anticipate what happens. See you next update

Chapter 7 - The end.

Selena Kyle, D7

I wake up, realizing that I'm ready to go with my backpack on my back and my knife in my hand. I look over at a trap door, it was opened and considering I don't know where Sam is anymore I'm guessing he went down here. I begin to descend and notice some burn marks on the roof of the tunnel, with another tiny light coming from the other side. I start jogging.

I fnally pop my head out of the tunnel, seeing a stretch of beautiful land before me and titans heading off into the mountains. I get out and begin to walk down a specially marked path leading to a big, tall building. I pick up the pace and start running, hoping to find something inside there. I need shelter until I can guess if I can escape or not. I begin to approach the building and push through the gates, which were slightly cracked open a bit. That's not good, I thought to myself as I pulled out a second knife just in case. I then began to walk into a giant hallway, a golden glow in the distance. I approach it more and realize that it's a cornucopia! Wow, this is amazing, I found a second cornuopia, what a sweet little surprise!

I approach the structure, sliding my hand across the crates as I pick up a crossbow, and a whip. I try to tie the whip to my hand to serve as a weapon in the style of Jeremy's blade, and it seems tight enough. I then search for food, but theres nothing here. Just weapons, weapons, and more bloody weapons! Damn it! I knew the gamemakers would have a catch on something this valuable. I turn around to leave when suddenly, I see a figure a few feet away from me. The light coming from behind him leaves him covered in darkness. I shake, as I brace my weapons. "Sam? Jeremy? Ghost.." but I then realize something. Sam wouldn't stand like the way he is, Sam stands tall with pride. Jeremy is far more hunched, and Ghost is smaller than this person. He then begins to walk, I see his arm swing lazily as I see nerves flail around as well, and I barf a little in my mouth.

I then see him jog, then run as he pulls out a knife and charges right at me. I jump to my left as he misses and he snaps back around as soon as he stops, rveealing his face. All I see is anger, but fear as well. An angry fear of losing I suppose. He then charges at me once more and I roll behind him, slamming an axe handle into his waist as he yells in pain. I then recognize the voice as Shadow from 13. "Shadow?" I ask, stopping to prepare my weapon for another swing when suddenly, I see his eyes wide open as he gives a terrifying yell and swing a sickle at me. I scream as if I was hoping to teleport somewhere else, but I jot back and forth as I pause for a second. He stands there, panting as he stares at me. I look down and see the sickle that has dug into my left breast and the second part of it it sticking out, like a nose piercing. I fall to my knees and try my best to lay down on my back to savor the last moments I have in my life.

As I lay down, I begin to remember the past events in the arena. The bloodbath and it's gruesome sights, how the tributes and the careers rapidly depleted. All this in one week, and to think that more people die on their own in one day. I then think about Sam and I in training. He was with his anti-career allies, practicing some new weapons to be accustomed to his potential options. He's always trying to be like his mom, trying to make her proud. If anyone should come home besides me, it's him. I remember watching Sam and his allies, seeing the Shade clone kill Spirit and Reyna. But mostly, I think about Sam, I can only hope he wins this.

I then see Shadow with his fist ready, he knows I'm not dead yet. He begins to slam it into me, but I don't feel anything. I see the blod, I see the bone, I see him punch my face, stab me with the sickle, pull and tear violently. I don't know if he's doing this to put me out of my misery, or to let out his anger. Maybe he's really a killer on the inside

I then reach the light at the end of the tunnel, just like I did when I appeared on the other side of the arena. I then hear the speakers booming in my fading sense of hearing, the voice of the gamemaker himself speaks. "At..ion ..butes! A ch..e of h..t ha.. TWO... VICTORS..."

Two victors... Please god, please let Sam be one of them.. BOOM!

Sam Mason, D7

I hear a cannon sound as Mist stops talking. "I regret to inform you that apparently someone has gotten a head start on the two-tribute victory. The fallen tribute is Selena Kyle, from District 7." I feel sorrow in his pause as he announces the district. I'm District 7's last hope, no second chances with my district partner. "To speed things up, there will be a feast. The corncuopia will be full of armor and weapons, everything you'll need to last longer. Hurry however, because although I as a gamemaker has had a change of heart on the theme, I have a job to do. I have released 4 colossal titans and all the tribute titans as we speak, they are going to go and destroy the cornucopia. Hurry while you can. Good Luck and may the two best tributes win"

I then sigh and look around, when I notice a figure walking through the streets. I observe as I watch him covered in fresh blood. It's Shadow, and he killed Selena. Shadow, you motherfucker... I've lost all respect I ever had for you, every last bit.

I walk across some beams and jump to the building that follows his street. I prowl from above, grapsing my knife tightly. He doesn't deserve to see his killer, by the way he's covered in blood I can tell he made sure Selena saw him kill her. I run ahead as I see a tile slide behind me, shattering on the street floor. I then see Shadow look at the tile's broken pieces, then back towards me. Or, at least. Where I was. I ducked, and I stay put until I hear him open the door to the house. He's coming up through the stairs?

I climb down, minding the windows as I skip two levels and hand on to the first story ledge. I let go and quitly land as I quietly run into the house, like a soldier on a mission. I brace my knife as I skip flights of stairs, daring to be louder as I finally see Shadow's.. shadow. I slam my feet, harder and harder in rhythm with my hearbeat, like it's beating at a million miles per hour. I see him stop to turn around, but It's too Later. I take the knife's blade and jab it into the pressure point where it would knock him out if it was with my bare hand. I dig it out and fall on his instantly dead body. He never knew what hit him. I'm glad he doesn't.

Ghost Soul, D5

Two victors... pointless. Just, pointless. I'm sick of these twists. Give the viewers one victor, to shut them up over who's best. No.. keep your cool, Ghost. Keep your cool goddammit. Theres one guy left until you and the other victor go home, go back to your lives.

I stand up, filling every pocket and pouch in my bag with anything that makes sense to have in there. I then finish and I step out the door of the same village home, right next to the conucopia. I begin walking and it doesn't take long until I see the silver cornucopia in the crater, and as I walk down the stairs I begin to smile. As if it was waiting for me, a set of complete armor is right there on a rack. It isn't complete protection, but I'd raher die from my own idiocity than from someone else's hand.

I then hear a rustle behind me as I finish going down the steps. I turn around and see nothing. I then keep walking to the armor, closer, and closer...

Jeremy Glasscock, D10M

..."And closer" I say, as Ghost turns around and screams as I slash my knife at him. I cut at his neck and he starts gagging. FINALLY the fucker is gonna die! I laugh, and keep laughing, but it wears off as I see him tie a piece of padding to a cloth and wrap it around his neck, stopping the bleeding and keeping it a bit more stable. What kind of fucking kid IS he with his invincible fucking neck?!

I fake him out with a false left and I run around his right, grabbing the chestplate and helmet as I do. I then get some distance and throw the helmet on the ground, taking a club and smashing it in so it can't be worn. Then, I bend the chestplate and it's done. No more armor for him. I turn around and pull out my knife as I tackle Ghost, looking into his eyes as I slide my perfect blade in and out, teasing him as it inches closer to his neck. Finally, it's barely even kissing his throat. "Well, it's game over for district 5 buddy. Shame, your sister can't help you like she has before. Without her, you're fucked kid. I'll also point out this, you may have escaped me at the bloodbath to live, but this time, you can't. You know why?" I look over at the colossal titan running through the wall, tripping over as the tribute titans run across it's back.

"Your buddies are coming, that's why." I raise the blade, but then he yells with a gargling voice. "WAIT!" Ugh, fine. I keep my position as he talks, "Look.. I know I lost.. but you're at risk too" he says. Oh please, what the hell does he mean? "Isn't that right, glasscock?" he continues, emphasis clearly in my last name. What the bloody hell does he-

I suddenly feel a sharp pain right in my crotch as I see his leg bent, his knee smashing my dick. I cough, my eyes wide open as I hear the stampede of titans in the background, all is quiet. All I can think is that this hurts, it hurts a lot. I lay back and begin to roll around in pain, laughing a bit as I try to shake it off. "Good one, kid.. good one.. You got me.." I say, as I prepare to get up. But suddenly, I'm interrupted as a club swings down on me. I hear a crack similar to my wrist at the training center. "Fucker.." I hear him say, as a titan's roar is heard. It all goes black.. but this time, I do feel death's cold grasp. I hear my cannon sound, but my heart still beats long enough for me to grin a bit, and position my freezing nerves to flip off the sky as I die, the sunset glowing beautifully in the distance. I feel sorrowful, I couldn't appreciate the beauty of the Earth, and it's still all the capitol's fault. But it's my own as well, had I not been so bloodthirsty. Maybe in the next life I'll live a few years back in time, or in the future where the games are abolished hopefully . My middle finger stops in the perfect spot as I let my last breath go.. and I mutter my favorite words; "Fuck you too". 


Sam Mason, D7

I gasp, as I hear the second cannon. The two victors, me and the other person. I won, I WON! I'd stayed in the house as soon as I heard the titans rumbling through the town, catching a glimpse of a Spirit titan as it rose from where she apparently died, beating up the Reyna titan right beside her. It took a few hits until finally the eyna titan fell back down, dead. It roared and ran towards the cornucopia, just like the rest of the titans. I run to the roof and wait for the carriers to pick me and the other tribute up, wondering if it was my ally Jeremy, or Ghost. Those two fought well, so I wouldn't mind either.

I then head over to the glow of the hovercraft, and I see it approach when suddenly, I see the Felix mutt jump up and grab it, snapping it in half as it does. The explosion happens and I gasp as I see the titan roar with anger and excitement. I then hear the panicked voice of Mist on the speakers. "SAM MASON AND GHOST SOUL, MEET UP WEST OF THE ARENA FROM THE CORNUCOPIA, THE ARENA FORCEFIELD WILL BE DISABLED THERE AND YOU WILL HAVE PERMISSION TO ESCAPE THE ARENA BEFORE THE TITANS END UP FLOODING THE VILLAGE. WE WILL GIVE YOU THIRTY MINUTES TO EITHER ESCAPE OR HIDE UNTIL-" I then see the forcefield shatter and the chaos begins.

Well I feel motivated.

Ghost Soul, D5

I didn't wait any longer once I was told where to go, and I start jogging as I hold my cloth close to my neck stop the bleeding as much as I can. I can't run right, and I trip over repeatedly until I fall flat, my face getting cute up by the gravel on the crater floor. I then gasp as I hear a titan loom over me, and I turn around to see what it is. Instead, I see the gentle eyes of Spirit looking down on me, holding her hand out as she gently purrs. But.. Spirit, a titan? She wasn't anyone special to anyone! Anyone.. but me...

I sit up as I climb on to her hand, and she places me next to her head as I hold on to her hair. "Wait" I manage to gag again. "S..Sam" I say, coughing. Spirit nods and she runs towards the eastern part of the arena. We're close to a river when suddenly, I hear a voice like a demon emerge from the cornucopia. "HEEEEEEERES JEREMY!" I hear as Spirit turns around and I too see the most unique titan of them all, covered in armor and laughing as I hear it's disorted voice talk. "Don't act like I can't see you, fuckass." It says as it stomps towards us. Spirit starts running as I see Sam to our left. Right in the path of Jeremy. "Right" I say with enough strength to hold back a cough. I'm just gonna point from this point on.

She runs right and Sam screams as Spirit picks him and and loops around an attacking Jeremy, barely swatting me and Spirit. She places Sam next to me on her shoulder and she then ducks under another swing from Jeremy, punching at his exposed neck and he falls down, grunting. "BLOODY MOTHERFUCKING HELL, WILL YOU STOP WITH THE NECKS?!" He yells, as he begins to chase us. The chase continues, dodging the swarm of titans as we spot familiar faces on the way, such as Rio fighting a River titan and Felix swatting and fighting hovercrafts, one hit taking each one out without a single care in the bloody world.

Then, I see it. A special door in the side of the arena wall that's been opened. She slides on her butt as she puts us on her hand, braking until we come to a full stop. She carries me and Sam over with her fingers by our coats and drops us off at the door, not waiting to say goodby as she turns around and her ankle blocks the way back into the arena.

Jeremy Glasscock, Armored Titan

Oh man what a DEAL I get from this, I'm alive, I get to keep my thoughts, everything. The prize for being one of the best but not the winner. I grab this obnoxious Spirit mutt by the neck as I slam it against the wall, grinning. "Game over, x2 combo" I mutter with joy as I squeeze and end this piece of shit's life once more. I drop it and hear the body slam against the floor, and I hear Ghost across the wall yell "NO" as he cries again. You won brat get the fuck over it. I turn around however, and see the felix mutt charging at me with what looks like a mind of his own as well with a sharp looking cathedral lightingrod. He shoves it into my neck and I stumble back as I gag, I keep gagging as I see Felix raise his foot to finish me off, the shadows covering up my expression as I wait. Suddenly, I hear a neck snap in two and open my eyes as I get the lightningrod pulled out of my neck. Brandon, my old ally, saved me.

I look behind him to see the rest of the tribute titans, River, everyone who stood out.. and even Selena. I then feel myself shiver as I notice them fall down, dead. So this is goodbye, for reals...

I close my eyes and wait for death to grab me yet again, and I wait. Minutes pass until It goes black. Then, I feel a pat on my shoulder as I wake up, startled as I see the smiles of Sam and to my surprise, Brandon, River, Djerica, Lacey and Selena. They're.. human? What the.. weren't they gonna do something if things got out of hand? I then notice, there are no normal titans left. Did the others try killing the titans that were flooding the arena? Did we just make the titans go extinct?

I then look over to Ghost and see him crying next to his sister's body. I feel so guilty.. I just killed his sister when she had a chance to live. He stops crying, then he wipes his tears away as he glares at me, pain in his eyes and he's biting his lips. I look at him, trying to say something to apologize like I want to but nothing comes out. Sam looks at me, then he goes over to him and mutters something. Ghost looks at Spirit in disbelief and I too see what Sam pointed out. She's breathing, she's actually breathing.

I notice the hum of a hovercraft as I see Mist, the gamemaker, stand on the lowering platform. "Congratulations, victors, and congratulations, titan shifters. "Titan shifters?" asks Sam, confused. "You see, tributes. These games were a test to see which were worthy of fighting back against the titans. We knew that your prescense would bring them closer, and we waited until the outbreak to revive the ones who I felt were worthy as titan shifters."

Mist Scorchil, Gamemaker

"WHAT?" They all say, and I chuckle a bit to myself as I motion Duskus and Flippy to bring a display. "This slideshow shows what we had planned." I say. "We had rigged the reapings to be able to pick out the good fighters, the unique ones, the ones we think could do something right" I explain. "It's wrong, but I'll get to the point in a second." I pause to look at their faces, some seem to trust me, some don't. "The titans took our home land, correct? We had done research and not too far from here, there has been a civilization using titan shifters to fight back. That civilization has since diminished, so we needed the best fighters to eliminate them permanently Those fighters, are you 7 tributes."

Duskus then interrupts. "We don't want meatheads winning these priviledges" she says, grinning a bit as she looks over at Jeremy. "Am I right?". He pauses, then grins as well. "Yeah, I guess" he says.

We finish giving the explanation to each individual shifter, telling them how we injected the titan shifter fluid through the trackers and then we get to the final rewards. "The best fighters were rewarded a second chance at life, having two strikes before they can die. One is in titan form, the other is in human form. This is why Spirit did not perish when you attacked her, Jeremy." I tell him in a stern tone. "I realized that I had done the mistake of giving you superiority as an armored titan, and for that I'm downgrading you to a normal titan. Regardless, you need to stop being such a bloodthirsty fool and take responsibility for what you have." He nods, and I then congratulate them all on succeeding in the fight against the titans.

"As for the victors, they will gain governmental advantages and support in lieu of the victor's village. The games aren't happening anymore, at least not when President Frade is around, it's up to your generation the youth you spawn to prevent this from happening again, both the games and the titans." I say as they nod. I then tell them all to board the hovercraft to cure them of any wounds and to rest up before going home. But, I walk over to Ghost and Jeremy. "Ghost, Jeremy, come here please." I tell them. "Look, Jeremy. I don't have to repeat myself at all. But Ghost, you need to understand that Jeremy has an awkward bloodlust. I wouldn't let someone who just killed me escape either, so that's Jeremy's position in this case. Don't have any hard feelings, he atacked your sister because she helped you get away, but now you see his remorse." I say, placing my hand on his shoulder. I look at both of them. "You two need to help each other out in healing those emotional wounds. Ghost as a victor, and Jeremy as the runner-up." I look at them, waiting for them to reply.

Jeremy nods, and Ghost hesitates. He then sees his sister, then over at Jeremy. He then breaks out in tears and throws a hug onto him. "I'm sorry man.. I killed because I was afraid.." He says. I smile a bit and watch as they carry a drowsy Spirit into the craft, hearing her ask what the hell happened as they do. I chuckle a bit, as I'm the last one standing directly on this Earth where I came from. I sigh and look into the distance, my sighs becoming depressed as I realize that I just lost Shade again in all the madness I caused. I'm about to turn around and go back to the ship, but halfway through my turn I see Shade's clone staring right at me in the space in the wall. "You know, I clearly remember my head falling off, so you have some explaining to do about why the fuck you're in your thirties now and why I'm alive" he says. I smile, and he joins me as we walk up the stairs and into the hovercraft.

Once we're back in Panem and we set things up again, it'll be time to come back to Earth. Our, Earth.

The End...

D̤͎̞͓È̩̱̝͈́͌͒́ͮ̂A̢̗͙ͨT̨͙̣̻͖̲̂̾̉͋̓̏H ͋ͧͯ̈́͏̟͔̰̰̪̘C̬̓̄H̛̤͑ͯ͛̿͒̋A̖̯̦̞̳̫ͧ̓R̉̄ͤ̈̉̅͗͡T͔͇̗͙̬̣̍ͣͭͫ

Placing Tribute Killer Method
26th Vienna Forte, D3F Jeremy Glasscock, D10M Knife to the throat
25th Felecity Tagater, D13F Felix Seaworth, D4M Sword through the neck
24th Pacster Adams, D9M Ryna Alvarez, D12F Knife in jaw
23rd Ecio Lavanto, D12M Shadow Arc, D13M Sickle to the spine
22nd Sevra Faalu, D11M Arena Thrown up by stairs, then head smashed into steps
21st Bubbles Foam, D4F Jeremy Glasscock, D10M Throat stabbed, then ripped out
20th Damien Amplitude, D3M Jeremy Glasscock, D10M Wire snapped into face, wounded from falling off a building, and killed by an air attack.
19th Aurora Mendoza, D10F Clay Mutt Eaten by the Clay Mutt, in both ways ._.
18th Lacey Myers, D6F Sam Mason, D7M/Involuntary Suicide Dagger to the back, then neck broken from pulling back too hard in pain.
17th Grande Minorius, D1M Brandon Ivey, D6M Neck slashed repeatedly from behind
16th Rio Flock, D11F Jeremy Glasscock, D10M Air Assassinated
15th Summer Blizzard, D2F River Greene, D8M Spine Trauma
14th Spirit Soul, D5F Shade Spectrus Clone Impaled by spear
13th Reyna Avlarez, D12F Shade Spectrus Clone Impaled by spear
12th Breccio Polloski, D2M Force Field Thrown into floor.
11th Daniella River, D1F Shadow Arc, D13M (Forced) Pushed off building roof
10th Layla Twozone, D8F Brandon Ivey, D6M Human shield
9th Felix Seaworth, D4M Sam Mason/Jeremy Glasscock, D7M

(Multiple causes)

1.Blood Loss

2. Impaled in the stomach by 3 arrows

3. Kicked senseless

4. Fell Off Bulding

5. Ribcage Shattered

8th Djerica Dyumblekoff, D9F (Indirect) Shade Spectrus Clone Driven insane and caused suicide
7th River Greene, D8M Jeremy Glasscock, D10M Own fist shoved down throat/choked to death
6th Brandon Ivey, D6M Ghost Soul, D5M Pushed off village roof into titan mob
5th Selena Kyle, D7F Shadow Arc, D13M Beat and ripped apart, Sickle impaled Chest
4th Shadow Arc, D13M Sam Mason, D7M Instantly killed with a pressure K.O. used with a knife
3rd Jeremy Glasscock, D10M Ghost Soul, D5M Club smashed into chest
VICTOR Sam Mason, D7M Congratulations
VICTOR Ghost Soul, D5M


Revived Tributes (May count as victors to you, but not in my records/blog)
Jeremy Glasscock: Revived for his efforts and last-minute change of heart (His sudden regret over not appreciating life)
Spirit Soul: Revived for her efforts at saving her brother not being in vain
Selena Kyle: Revived for her generous concern over her ally

Brandon Ivey: Revived for his good leadership and dedication after his alliance's leader died in the bloodbath

River Greene: Revived for his amazing efforts at trying to survive with his own fists
Djerica Dyumblekoff: Revived to have a second chance at life after being tormented mentally, without Autism this time thanks to the Capitol's science

And as a final message to you all: It depends on where you want to stop reading in terms of who won. You could stop right at Jeremy's death, or you could keep reading for the happier ending. Regardless, I wanted my first games to be special for the typical arrangement it was in. You guys all took part in it, and the tributes I hold dear to me are revived in the story. Yes, they still lost, but it's best to remember them as living losers than dead losers, am I right?

So now, as a nutshell for the final story, Mist and the Shade clone lead the repopulation of Earth and abolish the games permanently, Shade creating a movie about the games in a dramatic and horrible light to serve as a "holocaust" effect, causing fear in hopes of keeping each generation less encouraged to imitate the games.

However, although things are happy and dandy in this Panem... an alternate universe has only begun their string of games under the rule of a more sinister and heartless creature.. in those games, there will be no happy ending. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you a world where happy endings spell disaster, where having a heart means nothing, I present to you, the world of The Operator Games!

I shall wait for your tributes there, and again, CONGRATULATIONS TO GHOST SOUL AND SAM MASON!

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