Hi people, this is my first games in a long time, since my first games i had run out of inspiration and i decided to quit them. But, over time i have been wanting to write a games and this idea just popped up into my mind. I had decided to improve my writing quality and how i capture the tributes personality and i would like everyone to consider these my first games. This is going to be a series. I have started to try writing games in a notebook and now i have the confidance to write the games on wiki, i am really shy about writing my own games! I hope you all enter. Happy Hunger Games and may the odds be ever in your favour!


A rebellion has ravaged the great nation of Panem, the games had to be stopped by the president himself because of the chaos. The rebels took over the capitol and just as they were about to take Panem they were pushed back, there was blood on both sides but there was only one victor, the Capitol and this year, President Winter will let the rebels know that the Capitol won, this will be a bloody Hunger Games and it will be rememberd throughout the history of Panem. They will not forget, never. This games will be one of a kind. 


- You can have a limit of five tributes but this may always rise depending on the amount given in.

- i will do three days of traning and reapings

- There will be The Capitol annd District 0- 14 and the Capitol will be a carrer district.

- Please no comment wars

- When you send advice please do not target a cartain tribute, i do not mind if you want to target and alliance but if you want to try to put them into categories.

- I would prefer links but anything but profile pages is fine. 

- I would like tributes to have a good amount of detail but i don't mind just knowing a brief bit about them. 

- Try to remain active, a comment supporting the tributes is always helpful to see if you are here.

- Reserving is allowed but over 24 hours and it will be given away but you can reserve again but you can not if it is not posted

- If i have any grammer of spelling mistakes please tell me, constructive criticsm always helps 

- Advice does not need to be long, all i need to know is if they have any plans, but, the more detailed the advice the more likely the tribute is to get a POV, but, it does not affect your tributes life, unless i ask for advice. 

- Have fun!

Sponser table

For sponsering every tribute gets to start off with $500, a kill will add $25 to their total amount. Every day you can write the name of 1 tribute who you can give $50 to but you can't do that 2 days in a row (will be added when i have the tributes as will the items)


Tribute 1

Tribute 2

Tribute 3

Tribute 4 Tribute 5

Goddess        Diamond(11)


Amethystia Thall(7)


Caylene Thall(13)


Taylor Astrid(12)



Alluria Nexus(C)


Calliope Antio(9)


Jacob Antio(9)



Euan Lorelle(7)


Huxley Binarie(6)


Dylan Murrow(13)



Roedo Baldios(2)


Jin Torigawa(3)


Saerin Vrox(10)



Analisa Latimer(2)


Mikelle Quenton(14)



Yuya Renedy(10)



Dimitri Kerr(C)


Easton Silverbead(5)


Deklyn James(6)


Colton Thorne(1)



Saibi Deller(8)



Brittany Glacier(3)


Oceania Seacrest(4)


Katarina Seacrest(5)


Ashlyn Mauntell(1)


YourFavoriteSalmon  George(11)        Peter(12)            Caius(14)       Winter(8)          Mitchel(4)

$500                   $500                 $500               $500                $500


all credit goes to LIghtStone123

Antidote (cures poison): $150

Anti-Infection: $125

Awl: $50

Alcohol: $75

Axe: $150

Baton: $100

Battleaxe $175

Blanket: $50

Blowgun: $125

Bow: $150

Bread: $50

Burn Cream: $125

Canteen: $75

Camouflage Paints: $100

Chakram: $175

Chlorine: $75

Cookies: $25

Crossbow: $175

Crackers: $15

Dagger: $100

Darts (12): $25

Dried Meat: $75

Dried Fruit: $50

Flail: $125

Flares x3: $125

Flashlight: $100

Hammer: $125

Instant Relief: $400

Iodine: $100

Katana: $125

Knife: $50

Knife Glove: $100

Mace: $150

Mace (Chained): $175

Machete: $125

Matches: $75

Morning Star: $175

Gasoline $100

Hatchet: $150

Needles (3): $125

Net: $75

Net Trap: $125

Night-Vision Glasses: $150

Piece of Plastic: $15

Painkillers: $75

Poison: $100

Quiver of Arrows (12): $50

Raft: $125

Rocks: $15

Rope: $25

Scythe: $150

Shield: $125

Shield (Spiked): $200

Shurikens (5): $125

Sickle: $125

Sleeping Bag: $50

Sleep Syrup: $125

Slingshot: $75

Soup: $75

Spear: $125

Spike Trap: $250

Spile: $50

Sword: $150

Throwing Axes (3): $200

Throwing Knives (3): $200

Trident: $225

Water: $100

Whip: $75

Wire: $75

Wooden Club: $100

Wooden Club (Spiked): $150


District Male Age Weapon Female Age  Weapon
  Capitol Dimitri Kerr 15 dagger and awl Alluria Nexus 15  Mace, Machete and Flail
1 Colton Thorne 18 Kinfe, Sword, Spears Ashlynn Mauntell 17 bow and arrows, combat and intelligance
2 Rodeo Baldios 16

hand to hand combat

Analisa Latimer 18 Katana, Shriken and Nunchucks
3 Jin Torigawa 15 wire, poison Brittany Glacier 12 Blowgun
4 Mitchel Salmon 17 Trident, Net and Sword Oceania Seacrest 16 Trident
5 Easton Silverbead 16 Spear, Knife Katarina Seacrest 14 Axe
6 Huxley Binarie 18 Sword, Throwing Kinves and anything electrical Deklyn James 15 Knife, Convincing Skills
7 Euan Lorelle 15 Axe, Kinves and Throwing knives Amethystia Thall 15 Spiked mace and Throwing axe
8 Saibi Deller 12 Axe, Throwing Kinves and Sword Winter Glacius  15 Trident, Throwing knives and Kukri
9 Jacob Antio 14 Scythe, Throwing kinves and Bow Calliope Antio 15 Curved sword, Crossbow and Mace
10 Saerin Vrox 14 Anything he finds  Yuya Renedy 17 throwing knives and crossbow
11 George Grain 18 sickle, sword and scythe Goddess Diamond 16 Claws, Poisen
12 Peter Vaughan 15 Bow, Spear and Hands Taylor Astrid 17 Hand-to-hand
13 Dylan Murrow 17 Trident and Throwing Kinves Caylene Thall 13 Shruikens
14 Caius Celsus 16 Sword, Dagger and Shield Mikelle Quenton 13 Blowgun, longsword and machete


Careers- Colton (1), Analisa (2), Mitchell (4), Caius (14)

Anti-Careers- Britanny (3), Oceania (4), Euan (7), Amethystia (7), Winter (8), Taylor (12), Caylene (13), Mikelle (14), Dimitri (C)

6, 9 and 13 alliance- Huxley (6), Deklyn (6), Calliope (9), Jacob (9), Dylan (13)

Blissfully serphent-cat alliance (BSC)- Yuya (10), Saerin (10), Alluria (C)

DIstrict 5 alliance- Easton (5) and Katarina (5)

loners- Ashlynn (1), Rodeo (2), Jin (3), Saibi (8), Godess (11), George (11), Peter (12)

Lunaii Gallery

rebel gallery

These will be all the rebels who will play a big part in the story line.

Here is a small snaek peak of what i have in store for the rebels (Celia's Diary Log)

I thought we were doing somthing good, we were being human, but, know i know we are not humans, it was all a lie. Please help. if you see this kill him kill him. Help me. He's coming for me.


Mystery POV

The woman runs through the white halls, she wears a black and white army suit and her blond hair is tied in a tight knot. She carries a small gun and a file, the gun is for anyone who tries to take the file from her. A hand grabs her shoulder and it is another woman with brown hair, she looks at the woman and pulls out a gun. 

"show me your ID card, now!" The blonde woman shouts and then she realises this woman is a Capitol spy, there is a camera on her black helmet with a Capitol symbol on it. Without a second thought the blonde woman pulls out her gun and shoots the spy, people rush out of their rooms and take the body away. The woman then reaches an office with a wooden door, it says on a golden plaque Dr. Auro Black. The woman pushes the door open and a soft music is playing, the room is white apart from Dr. Auro's black hair and the wooden desk and chair, he is watching the 449th hunger games and tutters as he sees a tribute get stabbed in the stomache. 

"sir, file from Number One, top priority" says the blonde woman, placing the file on the desk.  "Sir, also some advcie, i would stop letting in people from the districts who were not from the first 100, we can trust who we have now. I just had to dispose of a woman, possibly a spy, i found a camera in her helmet, who knows what the capitol could find out from that?" 

"Now, Celia, don't get angry, soon we will be able to come to the surface after 450 long years, our ancestors came down here to escape the games and hopefully get out later, now we will get out for them." Says Auro smiling, he then starts to read the file and his eyes open wide in excitement but then fear strikes his face "Celia, have you read this?

"no, why, is somthing wrong?

"Yes, this file contains secrets only me, One and the council of 6 can read, bring me his assistant who posted this to you"

"that would be Claus, but, what are you going to do to him?"

"just, get him Celia. Now!" Auro shouts, if what he has just read gets out to everyone they will all be dead, this needs to be kept secret, even if it means another sacrifice.

Ceila then comes back with Claus and she says "he read the file" and a tear runs down her face, this has been done before and she knows what is going to happen next. 

"Claus, come here and i need to whisper somthing to you" Claus moves forward and as he leans his ear down to Auro's mouth. Auro then makes a shooting motion at Celia pointing to the head of Claus, her eyes widen but she gets her gun out and aims it at Clauses's head and shoots, his body goes limp and the floor, walls and Auro's white suit is splatterd with blood.

"no one must ever know what is in this file" Says Auro while Celia cries, he was a good friend but the revoloution is more important.

Auro then gets out a small notebook a puts a drop of Claus's blood on an empty page and writes his name, this is page 100 and each page behind it contains a name and a drop of blood and the front cover says 'those who died for freedome' 

The Capitol- Alluria Nexus

I look into the mirror, my black hair falling just past my shoulders. I look at myself, my blood red eyes staring back at me, every time i look in the mirror i see a monster. I guess i am a monster, a monster is somthing not human and that is what i am. 

I was born as Aurina, my family were happy and my dad was a very smart scientist. At first, this made our life perfect. There was a disease spreading through the capitol and it would infect childern, Aurina, who was what i am, got infected when she was 13. My dad had been working on a cure and he tried so hard to save her, but, it never worked and Aurina left this life. This is when i was born.

My mom, devestated at my fathers failure left. My once perfect famlily was falling apart, but, my father never gave up. My father was convinced he would save me, while slowly losing his sanity. Then, he came up with an insane but brilliant plan, he was going to create a android, one with Aurina's memories and apperance. The android he made was perfect, that android was me. I woke up that day and Aurina II was born. I looked nothing like Aurina, my skin was a pale colour and my eyes were blood red. I started to become more independant, i was maturing into my own person and i then named myself Allura, that was my birth. 

My father became afraid of my growing independance, i was not Aurina, i was Allura. My father had created me so he could have his daughter back and now i had myh own mind, my own life, but, this was not in my fathers agenda. My dad had previousley presented me to CSTO (Capitol Science and Technology Organization) and they decided to work on my sister, Electra, who i had become friends with, this was what Aurina would not do, she was too scared and shy. I worked with CSTO to help create a machine heart to make the user very energetic and upbeat, but, it would be painful and to my horror, Electra was the victim. I would hear her scream and i knew the pain she must feel, it made me feel horrible. The experiment worked and she became very fast and upbeat, but, sometimes she would start crying at the fear of the pain she would feel when my father wanted to work on her more. I knew i would have to do somthing out of pure stupidity.

I told Electra to run away, my evil dad was going to work on her the next day. I hugged her and we were now true sisters, i was devestated when she left. When my father came looking for Electra i jumped on him and attacked him holding a knife. I was mocked by him about just being a machine and losing Aurina, but, Aurina was inside my head and she was still my sister. I stabbed him in an animal rage and i tried to run away. I heard the alarm sirens , i ran but i was caught. I was taken to CSTO, i was questioned and strapped to a chair, they came to the conclusion i was out of control, but, i knew who i was and i screamed at them. They then let me free if i followed the laws, but, i knew they were going to put me into the games.I knew no one would volenteer, bribed not of by CSTO. I found out if i win i live a normal life but if i die, it all ends. 

Now, i look in the mirror, if i was a human, tears would be rolling out of my eyes. I know i am going to be reaped and i am scared, what is going to happen from me? I look at the alarm clock, there is 5 minutes until i have to head to the caitol square, to get reaped. I take a sigh of breath and i know if i return home i will destroy all the people who have done this to me. I then hear the loud chime of the bell, the time has come. 

I walk on the street, small clumps of ruble lies on the floor from the recent rebellion, the Capitol has been scarred for life, i kinda respect the rebels who showed them they can't control us and we all need free-will. I then see a large line of excited kids, what idiots, mindless sheep, even being a robot i think i have more emotion than them. I wait to get my blood pricked but all that happens is i have to state my name, since i don't have any avaliable blood, another thing good about not being human. I then walk into the 15 year old section, next to a bored looking girl. They all know they can't volenteer this year, this is reserved for me. 

I then see President Winter stroll to the stage, he watches us and smiles and shouts "Are you excited for the historic 450th Annual Hunger Gamesssssss!!!?" and the boys give a large cheer but the girls let out a few grunts. 

"Now, for the girls"

He dips his hand into the bowl, it only had my name in it. I start to walk out the crowd as he calls out Alluria Nexus, what a suprise!

"Any volunteers?" he asks, a hint of threat in his voice. I reach the stage and shake his hands, my eyes staring into his emotionless grey eyes. His grip starts to tighten, i let out a small grin at him and he then shouts

"And now for the boys" He dips his hand into the bowl and shouts " Dimitri Kerr!" and a blonde boy walks onto the stage, his eyes looking down at the floor. The president offers his hand but Dimitri ignores it and the president lands over and whispers into his ear, his eyes widen open and he offers his hand, i just want to kill the president, how can he do that to anyone?. "I present to you, the wonderful capitol, the tributes of the historic 450th Annual Hunger Games!" The crowd gives us a few pity claps, i think they were hoping for better. We are then escorted into the justice building. I look at Dimitri who has a tear rolling out of his eye. 

"This is going to be great fun" I say sarcastically, rolling my eyes.

District 1- Colton Thorne

I walk to the district square, alone. I am waiting for the moment, the moment my fate is decided. I am going to volunteer for the hunger games, i have nothing else to lose. 

I was born into a very walthy and powerful family. Before i was born my dad was the head peacekeeper and my mom was a fisher. My mother was killed by my father just after i was born for having sexual relationships with another man. My father then became depressed and left me in an orphanage so he could head to district 4, put all his troubles behind him. I am still angry at him and i want him dead, he just left me for the dead. 

When i turned 7 i was adopted by a blacksmith and i attended the top carrer traning academy in the district. I was not arrogant or as evil as the other district 1 kids so i was bullied in school and called a 'softie', this was a insult because in district 1 being soft is not what you want to be, unless you want constant abuse. I then got a 'reputation' in the district, when i was 14 i save the mayors daughter, Cassie, from drowning. After that everyone kind of left me alone but i just trained. I then became very good friends with Cassie and our friendship started to turn into love. I knew what it felt like to love someone and i loved Cassie and she loved me. But, like most tragic love stories when i turned 18 Cassie was killed in a fire by the docks, somthing inside me broke that day. After that, all i did was train, ready to volenteer for the hunger games in rage. 

A tear runs down my face as i remember seeing Cassie and the fire consume her after a piece of wood fell on her,breaking her neck. The small thought makes me even more angry, i am going to volenteer and i am going to show them i am not weak. I then see the line waiting for the blood, i have no time to lose and most likely i will never be here again so i push my way to the front and whack a boy who challenges me hard in the jaw. I then take my place in the 18 year old section along with many eager volunteers. 

I then see the mayor comes up on stage, he looks broken because of Cassie's death, i feel sorry for him, because he must feel worse than i feel, wanting revenge. I watch him finish his speech and then the escort comes. Flura Blazzin comes on stage to thousands of cheering kids, she looks insane, just a blob of pink, her clothes, skin and hair, all a hot sickly pink, i just want to vomit. 

"Are you ready...for.The one.The only. 450th Annual Hunger Games??!" She screams

the response is thousands of cheering kids, but i don't cheer, i can see beyond the true hunger games and the horrors it holds, unlike all of them.

"So the reason we are all here is--"

"i voluenteer" I shout with fury and rage, i hear shouts of other angry kids and i go up to Flura who looks shocked, any kid that tries to challenge my gets a cold stare from me and they back away. 

"um--What is your name young man?"

"Colton Thorne" I don't bother to say anything else and i see some angry kids shout insults at me, i will show them that i am more powerful than all of them when i come back victor. 

"Now for the ladies" She dips her hands into the bowl and a girl shouts "i volunteer!"

I see a beautiful girl come to the stage, she has a very large scar on her cheek and she looks a bit damaged, i can see it in her eyes. The girl snatches the microphone away from the escort and shouts, she sounds even more mental and angry than i sound "My name is Ashlynn Mauntell, this years victor!" I see her throw the microphone at peacekeepers, i am not sure she loves them. Flura looks in confusion and has to shout.

"I give to you this years tributes. Colton Thorne and Ashlynn Mauntell!" i see all the kids cheering and shouting in joy and some in anger, i am then lead into the justice building. I look Ashlynn and i really want to talk to her, get an early friendship and alliance before the games. 

"Hi, um--I--um" I am too shy and the words get jumbled up in my head. 

I then see Ashlynn look at me, her eyes are like daggers piercing my sole "Here is some advice, never talk to me again. If you do you will be dead before the games begin. got it?" Ashlynn looks away and sighs, i then see a small tear roll down her face, i know she has had a tough past just by looking at her.

I look away. Thinking about what lies ahead of me

District 2- Analisa Latimer

I swing my katana through the dummies head, it is a perfect sweep and half of the head lands on the floor with a satisfying thud. My sensei looks at me and nods, he is like a father to me. I know that today it is my last reaping for the hunger games, i have never had any interest in them, i only train just incase i get reaped and i have a large passion in fighting.But,  I would never volunteer, it would just be a waste of time but if i was reaped. I think i would have a good chance, i know i could survive if i was though. I see the sensei place 3 moving dummies in front of me and within a few seconds chunks of plastic lie on the floor, i small grin curles on my face as the sensei smiles at me and claps. I see sensei as a father because he came to me when i had no father. 

I was born in a far away land, Japan, there the was no Hunger Games, i think that is why my parents ran away there, and so i could train and fight for my future. I remember Japan well, but, my parents were a small part of it, when i was 2 a tsunami came and killed them both. The sensei saved me and took me to live with him in his dogo. I trained there for many years and soon i became stronger and stronger. I was elegant and perfect and most important, i was dedicated. I was the best in the dogo and i even beat the 18 year old Sing-il Leio who was the best. I knew i had a bright future of martial arts ahead of me. I loved it because it was elegant but deadly, what i would describe cunning as and that is a large part of my personality.

I then took a walk and that changed my life forever. I was called into a shop by a man who started to do strange things to me, he even kissed me, i was scared and i was angry, i was afraid of how someone could do this to a child so i escaped and i killed him, i knew i was the stronger one, that is why i am still alive and he is dead. After i killed the man i was arested and i put put on a small ship to Panem, and i landed in district 2. I liked district 2, everyone was into fighting but in this world some 'lucky' boy and girl would get to fight to the death each year in the hunger games. I was also very unknown, no one knew of Japan and thought i was insane, like many good fighters and victors, making them think i was already the best. 

My life in district 2 became alot better, i was liking my new life. I then met a man on the street who looked like my sensei. I looked him in to eyes and to my suprise it was sensei, i cried and ran to hug him. I asked why he was here and it was because Sing-li's parents, the emperor had deported sensei because he had taught me to hurt their son, what idiots. I knew this was what was ment to happen to me and him, we were now happy and together in district 2. 

I smile at the memory as a shriken hits the head of another dummy. I then hear a large bell go of. Reaping time. I run towards the district square late, i get my blood taken and a woman looks at me with a cold expression. She presses the buzzer in very hard and i feel alot of pain and i supress a small shout. I then look her in the eyes and give a cheeky smile at her. 

"now for the boys" the escort shouts, wow, i really was late. I see the escort put her hand in the bowl and she takes an excited breath in and makes a dramatic pause. "Mason Ste-"

"i volenteer!" and boy screams and sprints from the 16 year old section, he is eager. He has blonde hair in a ponytail and wears bright yellow clothes. What a freak. "my name is Rodep Baldios and i am here to show Panem justice and save it from evil!" some people laugh and i think is he for real? Rodeo gives all of us a death stare and he is about to say somthing else when the escort snatches the microphone from his gloved hands. 

"now for the girls" i watch her pick a name and she makes the annoing dramatic silence "Analisa Latimer" i hear the crowd mumble and whisper, i am kind of a legend here with my extreme fighting skill, i think people are too afraid to volunteer or they already know i have better chances than them. I am a bit shocked and i make a awkward giggle as i reach the stage, this was not ment to happen. I look around and i spot sensei and he nods at me, i know this seems bad but i know i can win and if i do i will get fame, i suddenly feel a surge of excitement run through my body and i can't supress a wide toothy grin. I take the microphone from the escort and shout

"hello district 2, i am this years winner, i am the warrior, i am death and i am the samurai!" I laugh and i see sensei cheering me on, the one person i will think about is him, i will win this for him, i know i can win, i am the best. 

"This fine young man and this beautiful woman will be representing disrict 2 in the 450th Annual Hunger Games, are you happy!?"

the crowd erupts into cheers, it is like the worlds biggest party and they all chant my name, i laugh and i see Rodeo staring at me, i am not sure he likes me that much. I wave to my adoring fans and i am pulled into the justice building. As i sit down the escort squeals in excitement and she wraps me in a hug. "You, my friend, were amazing, i bet you 1 gazillion dollars that you already have sponsers" i  see the escort jump around in joy and i close my eyes and lean back.

"so, i assume you will be joining the carrers, am i right?" Rodeo says in a sly manner, looking at me like he is evaluating me. 

I almost laugh out loud at his obvious question "duh, we are district 2, the warriors." I smile at him but he looks at me in a matter of fact way " i will not join the carrers with them killing innocent kids, unlike you i am not evil".

I stand up and tower over him, he has just insulted me and no one will insult me, i will not take it. "then why the hell did you volounteer?" i plan on getting under his skin, it is elusive and cunning, my best traits. Rodeo looks at me with a puzzled expression and then his fist swings to my face, i block it and head but him, he stumbles back but to my suprise he does not fall, he charges towards me and he manages to jump onto my back, i gasp, i do not know how he can defeat me. I scream and hit my back against the wall and i hear him shout in pain. I still see him standing, i have defeated people older and stronger than him, how it this possible? I shout and i charge towards him and i start to grab his arm and pull it to his back, he starts to bit my arm and i look in horror to see the blood flowing out of the open would and i hear him laughing like a maniac. I scream and grab him by his ponytail and smash his head into the corner and he lies on the floor, out cold. I notice my nose and my forehead are belleding and i see the savage wound he gave my arm. I look at him and he only has small cuts on him. The floor is coverd with blood, and it is mostly mine. I now know that this game is full of underdogs, hopefully there will only be one Rodeo, i am still confused about how he could beat me. Then the escort skips in and screams and peacekeepers run in. I see one approaching me and a small injection is placed in my neck and everything goes dark.

District 3- Jin Torigawa

I am in my room, waiting for reaping time, i usually just sit in my room, waiting for the hours to pass by, it's notmlike my parents care, i bet they don't even know my name. I decide to go downstairs and i see my parents talking in hushed voices.

"i'm going to the reapings now"

I hear nothing in return and i just walk out the house. I see a body of a dead cat is lying on the street, a small girl walks past and starts to cry, i really have no idea what is wrong with that, everything dies in the end. I once killed a cat, when i was alot younger, i cut off its limbs and took out all its stomache contents. I never felt any remorse for it, it was not human, and i did'nt feel remorse for humans, watching the hunger games does not scare me, even if i see some 12 year old girl being stabbed by a 18 year old boy. I think i get my emotions, or shall i say no emotions from my parents, they ignored me and never talked to me so i never talked to anyone, it makes me feel wierd and uncomfortable if i am in a conversation. I look and i see the reaping square with the big screens everywhere. I wait in line to get my blood taken and when she puts it on my hand i shout in pain, a few people laugh, to them it is a little jab of pain but i am not as strong as them. I walk away, what does their opinion of mean to me? It means nothing. 

I get in line with the 15 year olds, everyone is silent, i am silent because i don't want to talk to any of these losers, but, they are silent in fear, i'm not really that afraid, the odds are exactly 100,000 to one in my favour of getting reaped. I then see the escort comes on stage. He is very tall and slender and he wears a white suit and his skin is very pale, what goes on in the Capitol i don't want to know. He then takes the microphone. 

"Welcome, now to see which young man and woman will die, i mean fight in the Hunger Games" the crowd looks at him silently and some idiot tries to clap, i see some of the 12 year olds start to cry. "Now for the girls" He says, breaking that awkward slience, pulling out the first slip he sees. 

"Britanny Glacier" 

a small 12 year old steps out of the line, i roll my eyes, i guess this year we will not be getting extra food. I watch her as she comes up to the stage, to my suprise she shows a little fear, but, just shock. She looks at the crowd with a brave smile.

The escort rolls his eyes, hoping for better. "now for the boys" i watch him walk to the bowl, the boy next to me grips my arm but i push him off, why would he touch me like that?

"Jin Torigawa" my eyes open, have i just been reaped? I feel empty. The guy i pushed shoves me out of the line and i stumble for the stage, i am going to faint, this is a dream. Everything goes dark. 

I wake up on stage with the people looking at me, i see cameras focused on my face, i must look so weak. The escort, however, looks mental, he was hoping for much more. 

"Anything to say to the Capitol, Jin?"

"i--is-thi--s a-j-joke?" i stutter

I am responded with laughter from the crowd and the escort rolls his eyes "the tributes represting District 3 in the 450th Annual Hunger Games" and he grabs our arms and pulls us into the justice building. I see him start to shout at some avox and he whacks a flower pot down. I lean back in a soft chair but i feel wierd. I then see Britanny looking at me with wide eyes and i jump back. 

"what are you looking at?"

"you, when you fainted i found it so funny, especially your face" and then she does a wierd imitation of my face and she laughs, i just close my eyes and i wonder if i am being punished, after me killing that cat i guess karma got hold of me, even though i think karma is a bunch of bullplop. I am then watching Britanny play with a fallen flower, i am not sure she understands the current situation we are in very well, i just want to punch her and i know i could if i wanted to, she is only 12. Then the escort runes in, he looks like he is about to explode, he must be so angry with us right now. 

"It is the same every year! I get the weakest tributes in the games who will die in the bloodbath" He moans

"well, i am not gonna die in the bloodbath, i am going to win Mr Slenderman" Britanny giggles

"you are not gonna win, i am going to win" I whisper to myself at first, when i got reaped i was afraid, but, know i know that the tributes will not get any smarter in the games and i know people who have won using the most important tool in their body, their amazing mind.

i look towrards Britanny who is having an argument with the escort and i close my eyes,  i know she is going to die, but it does not hurt me, i am not really that fond of her anyway. And i also know i am going to win and everyone else will die before my feet. I feel no sadness at this because

everything has to die in the end

District 4- Oceania Seacrest 

I hold my trident, ready to ambush the fish i see waiting in the shallow water, i am trying to focous and is i get my trhow ready i am thrown back by a large bell noise reaping time. I look over to Marina, my best friend who is also spear fishing

"let's go, can't be late" Marina shouts and i run towards her, i see the ther teenagers who work in the docks getting ready to leave, everyone is pretty happy, it is reaping day. I look at the docks and i smile at the ocean that streches on forever with the glittering water, i am so proud to call this place home. I guess my family kicking me out was not so bad, i can't even remember most of them. 

I was born as the fifth youngest child and i got all the attention, this seems like an un-important fact but if i did not get all the attention i would probably still be there. I enjoyed the attention but then my younger brother was born and all that attention was gone in a flash, i craved that attention and it made me angry about how my parents just left me. I never really talked to my parents and i was looked after my older sister. I was envious for a while and school was ment to get it out of me.

I soon learnt not everything could go my way, but, due to my childhood i started to rebel, not like full scale rebellions against the Capitol, just small things, i just loved everyones faces when i did somthing shocking, it brought me so much joy. I then decided i hated how all girls in district 4 had blonde hair and a perfect tan, so i dyed my black hair a bright blue and i did not get the reaction i was going for. I was soon forced to leave school and my parents found out and kicked me out of my own home, and, to make matters worse this was like the first time they ever payed me any attention in years.

I decided to travel around, i loved this even more than rebelling, it was so much fun. I would do favours for people in exchange for accomidation and money, it was good that district 4 was a rich district or i would have been dead a long time ago. Things started to go downhill and i soon found myself giving up and on the street. I then found new hope, a girl, Marina Trench. I soon became well and i started to help out at a place called the docks, soon i was given a job there with Marina. I have only had one problem there, a girl called Katarina, she came to me when i was asleep and she tried to kill me, i fought her off and she was sent to an asylum in district 5, she said somthing about being my cousin, i think she was an extreme oddball. But, life has been good and i have no regrets anymore.

"So, are you scared?" Marina asks, a hint of sarcasm in her voice

"Yes, i am so afraid i will get reaped and win and get all the money i need and my whole army of fans, i will soon be the queen of Panem!" i laugh and hug her as we walk to the square 

I wait in line to get my blood taken and i see a familiar face walk into the crowd, it is my sister who i have not seen in years. I get my blood taken and rush to her. This is going to be fun. 

"Hey sis, remember me, it's Oceania, the one our parents ditched" I smile and she looks at me with shock and runs away, me and Marina laugh. That felt so good. 

Then the escort runs on stage, he is wearing winter clothes and it is the middle of a hot summer, i can't hold my laughter and a few others laugh around me, i am not sure he even has the brains to take off his coat. 

"Hello everyone, are you as excited as i am?" and everyone cheers, District 4 is known for doing well in the games. "So. now the moment all you wonderful people have been waiting for, the tributes of the 450th Annual Hunger Games" I watch him as he almost jumps to the girls bowl and pulls out a name before he can read it me and about every other girl shout i volunteer, i did not do it becuase i wanted to, but, more because it made me feel so excited and i have never done it before. I then see the escort scans the crows and his eyes widen when he sees me and he points his finger at me. I look at him and i realise i have just been picked for the Hunger Games, is this really happening? I walk up to the stage and there is a large smile on my face, i am really shocked i can't stop laughing, i am not afraid, just shocked.

"what is you name young lady?"

"Oceania Seacrest"

"What a beautiful girl, give her a round of appluse" and he is responded with thousands of people cheering, this is already fun. "now for the boys" and he dips his hand into the bowl and pulls out a slip, the boys wait. 

"Mitchel Salmon"

There is silence and then a very handsome boy walks out of the crowd, he is so good looking, i then realise what i am thinking and i give myself an imaginary slap, no distractions. I am sure the other boys are afraid to volunteer. I see a small smile forms on his face and he reaches the stage. He then waves to the crowd and to the cameras, it is like he has all of this planned out. He shakes the escorts hand and moves forward to me and offers his hand, his beautiful eyes connect to mine.

"you, are very beautiful, i bet you already have sponsers, Oceania."

I cough and i realsie i look like a comelete idiot, he is the one with all the sponsers, his looks are already his most deadly weapon and i am not really that good looking. I am then saved by the escort breaking tne silence between us.  

"So the tributes repreaenting district 4 are Oceania Seacrest and Mitchel Salmon, are you happy?" and everyone screams in joy, the girls especially for Mitchel. I am then taken into the Justice building. 

Me and Mitchel talk and i start to really like him, he is so nice but deep down somthing feels wrong, the escort is very happy and i see he is already on the phone with sponsers, wow, he also has this all palnned out, i guess he is smarter than he looks. I am still so happy this has happend to me out of all people. i continue to talk to Mitchel, he is so polite and kind, he is nothing like the good looking district 4 guys. I look up and see photos of past victors and i see an empty one and i try to see my face in it. I know what i have to do.

I have to win. I will win. 

District 5- Easton Silverbead

"Get up, you're going to be late for the reapings!' My mom shouts to me, i can't be botherd to get out of bed, it makes me feel so tierd to get up and walk all the way to the square, it is not because i am lazy but becuase i was bitten by a snake and it ruined my muscles, but, positivity still keeps me going. 

I get up, i take in a deep breath and i make my way down stairs to get breakfast, both my parents are there, i love living in district 5, we were once living in district 8 but my parents had to run away becuase we were illegal immigrants there and we came to district 5. 

"i'm gonna go now, see you later" I smile, i see my friend waiting at the door. My mum leans down and she has her silver cheeks shining in the light, i was the only member of my faimly not born with silver cheeks. I hug them both and go with my friend. 

I feel fine up until the halfway point, i feel that i can't go on more, i smile but i know i will fall if i continue.

"you go on, i'll catch up later"

"No, you're coming with me" and my friend picks me up, i laugh but i do feel a bit helpless like this, sometimes i wish i did not go in the forest and get bitten by that horrible snake. I then see the screens are showing a re-run of the district 4 reaping, they both look very powerful, i would not want to be against them. I then hear a girl shout in joy after looking up at the screens, showing the face of the blue haired girl, wonder if she did not like her very much. 

I wait in line to get my blood taken, i gasp a little at the sharp jab of pain but i get in line with the other 16 year olds, i see that girl who was smiling at the district 4 volounteer again, she is laughing insanely and she is whispering "I'm coming Oceania, i will get you" and she laughs, i really don't like her, she is creeping me out. Then the escort takes her place on stage.

"welcome, everyone, to the 450th Annual Hunger Games, i will take it that you are all very excited for it, it will be a game of honour, hope and loss and then, for one fine district 5 boy or girl they will bring home victory!" I see a few people clap, she is nice and she makes us feel like we have a chance so i decide to join in.

"now, we will be doing the girls" The escort puts her hand in the bowl and opens a small slip

"Lalia Sa--"

"i volunteer" and i see a very beautiful girl rush up to stage, she has beautiful brown hair and soft lavender eyes. but, i know this is the girl who was laughing like a maniac when she saw the district 4 female volunteer.

"wow, i have never see anything like this in years, give her a cheer" and people clap, i guess they know they have just been given a very good chance of a victor, i see her cover her mouth and giggle "what is your name sweetie?"

"Katarina Seacrest, i am so excited, may i please give a shout out to a friend?"

"yes, who"

"Oceania Seacrest, cousin, i have been waiting ever so long to see you" and i see a flash of evil comes on her face to the camera and then she is back to smiling. I can tell behind all the smiles and laughs there is something very dark in this girl. 

"now, hopefully the boy is as strong and wonderful and the lovely Katarina"

"i volunteer" i shout, wait, no, what have i done, how did this happen, i did not even mean to say that. I see all the boys around me look in shock, and i think i am going to die, this was not ment to happen. "no! Wait, i take it back, i was not thinking" I shout but then i am taken by peacekeepers to the stage. My whole body feels stiff, my mouth is dry and I can only hear a small ringing in my ears, everything else seems like it des not exists frozen in time.

"so, what is your name"

"Eas--Easton Silverbead"

"well, you look like a fine young man, Easton. I am sure you will do very well" She smiles, i feel empty, how could i do this and why did i do this?

i am then taken into the justice building, Katarina smiles and hugs me, her grip is a bit too tight "how exciting is this, we are going to the Capitol!" she smiles and jumps around i laugh at her, she is so clueless, but, i guess i have to move on, i have made a horrible mistake and i can't turn back time, i can olny hope for the future. I smile and laugh and talk with Katarina, there is no point in being sad anymore.

District 6- Deklyn James

I look at myself in the mirror, i am so pretty. I flick my long black hair behind my head a laugh. Today is reapin day but i don't care, honestly, i am not going to be reaped, lets face the facts, i am in no need of extra food becuase of my father, he invented a new hovercraft engine and after that we became kinda rich. I know i have to look perfect, that is all i really care about. I continue to admire my own reflection and doing up the smallest details until i hear my parents shout.

"honey, eat breakfast, you don't want to be late for the reapings!

"coming!" and i run down the stairs, my parents are waiting like i am the queen and smile and hug me, my brother then looks over at me in a bit of anger, he is a waste of space, unlike him i am athletic, popular and perfect, that is why my parents love me and hate him, i feel for him sometimes but that does not stop me from making his life a living hell. I eat my breakfast, a simple meal of toast and bacon, though i know some people would kill for a meal like this, if a dirty commoner came for me i would kill them, no joke. I finish my meal, and sigh, before the reapings most people feel sick, it is a common thing, if i was pitted against 29 other kids my odds are high, i know they would be but there are some people who have actually trained for this, last year out pathetic tributes were killed in the bloodbath, i mean, that was useless, hopefully this year we will get a better haul. I decide to leave now, seeing my friends on the street waiting for me. 

"bye, see you for dinner, i will probably be at Sara's house"

"yeah, we can't come to the reaping today, but don't worry, we know you will be fine"

I smile, i just ant to get these stupid reapings over and go over to my friends house. Me and Gayson leave the house and i ditch him to talk to my friends about useless things and i pretend to pay attention. We reach the district square and we all go to the front of the line, no one gets in my way or i will end them. I push my hands out, trying to impress my friends, the lady jabs my finger and it really hurt. 

"ow, who do you think you are you dumb bit--"

"move along"

I grumble curses under my breath and get in line with the other 15 year olds, pushing my way into the middle. I see the mayor and the escort are together, i am not sure what gender the escort is, it is under too many layers of clothes and makeup, i want to vomit right now. Then the escort starts to speak of why the hunger games are on and what we all did wrong, i look over to where the victors sit, there are only 4 old and idiotic people there, we have not won in about 50 years, it sucks, sometimes we are so useless, why can't a good tribute be reaped. I contine my complaning in my head and am then 'awoken' by the escort getting a name out of the boys reaping bowl, it takes it a while, yes, putting you hand in a small bowl full of names and taking out one is very hand indeed. It finally takes a name out and calls.

"Huxley Binaire" what a wierd name but he has not got a wierd face, he is tall and muscular and he has wavy brown hair, he looks tough and he walks to stage with a strong face, he must be so brave. I am suprised i have never met him, he does stand out. All the girls giggle about him and then the escort moves to the girls bowl, i am betting it will be some poor girl who needs alot of food and will die in the bloodbath. The escort takes a deep breath and here it comes 

"Deklyn James" What. i feel frozen, did he just call my name out, i realy have no idea what is going on, why me? out of all people why was i chosen? my my name was in there 4 damn times. Some girl pushes mr out of the crowd and i make my way to the stage, some people are crying while some look happy, the bully popular girl is gone. I then remember my parents are not here, i am alone. I try to think of the posotives and i remember that i can win, i remember what i told myself earlier, i will get high odds and i will become the victor, a small smile of confidence comes on my face and i grab Huxley's hand and hold it in the air. 

"we are coming home victors!" and i grab Huxleys face and kiss him before he shoves me off, i am smiling while he is not so happy about this, i guess he, unilke me, is as strong as he looks, he still looks at me in shock as i wave to my adoring fans. The escort then jumps in.

"oooh, how exciting, i gues we have our first couple"

"no, you have not" Huxley jumps in before i can say anything, how rude. And then the escort takes us into the justice building and he seems happy about us, i am sad i will not get to see my parents for a long time but i know i will be coming home, i have to. 

District 7- Euan Lorelle

I am working in the factory, it is early in the morning, about 6 more hours until reapings. I am so bored, i have been working all night when i could be hanging out with my friends, i know, torture. I haved to do this though, ever since my mom died i deicded to help my family by getting a job. I also work as a load puller, i will do that after reapings. I do the same thing every day, collect parer and put it into a box, ready to send off to the dazzling Capitol, i wonder what it is like, but i have seen the women, sometimes makeup does not work. I then hear a large bell go off and i throw up a stack of paper in the air and run off back home. 

I get home and no one is awake, i go to my sisters room and i have a large pot of warm water, i then throw it over her face, a large scream then wakes everyone. 

"screw you, Euan!" she screams and i can't hold back my laughter and she is laughing to. My dad then sprints in and he rolls his eyes, no one can understand siblings. I smile and i pull my sister up, we all have a big day today. We all have applied for extra food, it does not just grow on trees, we are not allowed to 'poach' food from trees. I go downstairs and see my three other brothers waiting at the table, eating small amounts of rations we keep, we will all have the chance ti get reaped but we all remain optimistic, what is the point of crying about it. I like our life, we do not live in fear, we are the fun house, we like to clown around. We then watch the Capitol tv, basicaly showing broadcasts of how much we suck and how there has been a 5% decrese in seafood, how horrible! i have never even had seafood, if i did i would not be sad to lose 5% of it, jeez. We watch the television and the screens atart to turn black and white and a face appears in a balck and white military uniform and all i hear is him saying 'deliver us from evil' and the TV shuts down, we all stare in shock. There was a recent rebellion only last year, but there were no rebels in black and white, i wonder what is going on. Then a woman comes on screen "all capitol tv will be shut down for an unknown amount of time" i guess they are making a big deal outta this. I don't really think about it, but my older brothers start to chat about them saving us from the games. 

"time to go" My oldest brother, Ceder shouts, for him it is his last reaping. 

I take off for the square and i join my group of friends.

"Euan, did you see the Capitol tv this morning, i was well scared!"

"yeah, it was so creepy, i bet there is a rebellion" i say and everyone becomes quiet, i am not sure they considerd this possibility, once again Euan saves the day. I smile at myself and do a little victory dance and i get my friend, Cece and make her dance with me, she is dying with laughter, these are the best years of our lives. We then all reach the line, waiting to get our blood taken, i smile at the woman and all she does is hurt me with the sting, i guess she has not got the Euan bug. I then get in line with the other 15 year olds. Most people are scared, i have to admit, i am a bit, being forced to kill 29 kids is unthinkable, i shudder at the thought, but in district 7 we have a good axe knowledge and we tend to do well, we have the 4th highest amount of victors in all of Panem, it would be amazing to be a victor, but is it worth the risk? then the escort, a suprisingly normal looking man takes his place.

"welcome everyone, we are here today to see which male and female will take the title of tribute and hopefully move on to victor" I hear a few people clap, some people here have a bit of arrogance, i have to admit i do carry alot of arrogance but i look normal when you see those muppet carrers who are basically on strings being controlled by insanity, i am so glad i am not from those districts, i remember seeing the district 2 reaping and this insane looking dude came onto the stage and this minja girl came up l, the news said they got into a bloody fight but no one was hurt, must suck before the games to have a nemesis. 

'"So, for the girls, i will be choosing...Ruby Diamond" i then hear a group of girls talk, one with bright purple hair, it sounds like a little squabble, then the girl with the purple hair shouts 

"i, Amethystia Thall, volunteer as tribute" and the girl, Ruby hugs her and Amethystia makes her way to the stage, hugging another girl.

"why did yu volunteer?" the escort asks, he seems a tad bit shocked

"an oath of friendship" she replies, i could see her as a fighter, but she also seems nice, no one volunteers even if it is their sister. 

"how, sweet, now for the boys" and he dips his hand in the bowl, an dpulls out a small slip "and the boy representing you is...Euan Lorelle" i take a deep breath of relief and then reality kickes in, oh my god, i was reaped, i feel faint but i need to be brave, i need to be brave for my sister and my brothers, i hear my sister crying in the girls crown and i walk up to the stage, i try to put on a brave smile and i grab Amethystia's hand and kiss it, he face turns into a look of pure confusion and i smile at her, she slowly backs away and i hear the crowd laughing and some are clapping and i bow down to them and wave to my friends, i need to be brave even though i am breaking in the inside. I see my siblings all crying, i will be strong for them, though i am the one who may die, i should be the one crying here. 

"well, Euan, i see you are already a favourite, district 7, your tributes!" and some people clap and cheer, i guess they like us, we both look capable and i guess i am the joker now. 

"what was that for, was it a joke?" and i see Amethystia standing in front of me, she is blushing, i know, she has now got the Euan bug.

"so, someone has caught the case of the Euan bug, has anyone told you your face, especially the hair is as special as your name" 

she does not tell me to stop but she just looks at me with a small smile on her face. I guess friends are easy to make, and i need friends to survive. 

district 8- Winter Glacius

I sit in my bed, i see my reflection off a small cracked mirror, i feel sick, today is the reaping day, i know my odds are low of getting reaped but still, the thought of killing so many kids would kill me, i think i would crack before the games begin. I see my intelligant blue eyes are reasoning over the possibility of my survival, i can feel the wheels spinning in my head and i know there is a chance but would i be able to kill another living thing? 

I get up, i know i should not be sad, i go up to the roof of my house to look at the stars, the amaze me and i know all about the patterns, it makes me feels safe. I sit on the roof and i see a girl is waiting for me, i get my fists out, it is out of instinct, i was once bullied becuase of my intelligance but i beat the one who would beat me up and now they give me no trouble, but it was horrible. I get ready to strike until to see Alexandra coming up, she was a former bully but she soon became my friend, i forgot she was coming, we consider it good luck to look up to the sky and look at the stars, especially on reaping day. 

"you scared?" Alex askes me, i can tell by her whispering she is scared

"of course, but, without fear life would be so dull, don't you think" I am trying to do a good out of the bad thing, it always seems to work, make dark situations better

"yeah, i guess, but if you get reaped, i am not sure i could handle it, and i am scared i could not volunteer for you"

"no, if you volunteer i will kill you, never say somthing that supid again" and we hug, i feel a small tear come down my face. I then hear a large bell go off and we head for the reapings. It is a cold time of year, it is snowing and cold, i heard district 3 had created an invention that kept the capitol warm all the time, i heard the capitol is like heaven, food is never a problem and everyine is happy. I walk with Alex in silence to the square, then a snowball hits me hard in the face and i see a few idiot girls start to laugh, just becuase people are scared of me does not mean they leave me alone, i wipe the cold frost off my face and shiver. I then get in line. I see the capitol volunteers are wearing expensive clothes, it does make me a bit angry that they can live a wonderful life while we are begging for a slice of bread. I get my blood taken, i am to scared to notice the pain. I follow Alex into the 15 year old section, people push me and give me dirty looks and i take my place near Alex. Then the escort, a skinny woman with blonde hair highlighted with a neon orange with about a hundred layers of makeup comes on stage, she looks angry and bored to be here, we are not know for our production of victors.  I see Alex shivering fear and i hug her, everything is going to be ok, ot at least i hope it is.

"hi guys, i am Trinka Sadler and i will be this years escort, now, we are all here today becuase of the rebellion before 1BDD and now we are here in 450ADD due to last years rebellion where the districts were crushed by the amazing capitol" i am glad she knows her facts but boast much? "so, we will be selecting the boys first this year" and she dips her hand in the bowl, she moves it around and finally takes out a name.

"Saibi Deller"

a boy with brown hair comes out the crowd and he is crying, but to my horror those are not normal tears, they are tears of blood, i am not one to judge people but that is really creppy. He then asks for the microphone and takes it from the escort and says "mom, i'll win for you" i give myself an imaginary facepalm, that is possibly the most idiotic thing to say on live tv, now the tributes will see him and think of him as a target, he has just commited suicide right there and it looks like there will be no volunteers, a few girls around my laugh and i trip one who is about to say somthing to insult him.

The escort does not look too pleased, he is scrawny and a bit of a loser by what i can already tell "any volunteers, please" and all you can here is the awkward silence, she rolls her eyes and moves onto the girls bowl, she takes out a name and just before she says it a girl whispers a threat into my ear and i miss the name, but i see Alex burst into tears, she was reaped, no.

"i volunteer" i scream but people just laugh at me, they must be glad i am gone, but i will come back.

"you were the one who was reaped" a kind girl whispers to me, no, and i then realise i am going into the games, if i use my head i can win but i do not want to hurt anyone, i do not want to kill anyone, please don't make me do this and i am then pushed out the crowd and i fall face first is the slush, i get up and walk to the stage, feeling like i could voit any second now.

"what is your name?" 

"Winter Glacier" 

"that was the name i called out" and the crowd starts to laugh, except my brother and Alex, they both start to cry, i will win this for them, at least i looked funny, but weak, i am smart and i can win, maybe without hurting anyone, but deep down i know i will have to kill to survive. I will win for Alex, come home for her, i have to. 

It is survival of the fittest

District 9- Jacob Antio

I wake up shivering, there is cold sweat over my body, i have had a nightmare again, the worst part of it was it all had happend. I remember, in the dream seeing the floating corpse of my mother, hanging from a noose and a small glimpse of the letter, my sister, Calliope gave me when she left me for the boy she loved and i remember the screams as we had a fight, after years she came back expecting forgivness. I remember the real times well, it was hard to forget, but deep down i wish i could forget that time. My family were once rich, we were habby, but, my mom then killed herself, i was shocked, we had everything and she wanted to die. My dad then left us, she thought we were pulling him down. Me and Calliope were in a conundrum, Calliope, who was 15 at the time wanted to run off into the fields and never return, but i knew our chances out there were slim and we had a good food atorage at our house, so we stayed put. We started to do well but then Callie had to get a low paying job to support us, in those weeks of sadness we had never been closer, we were brought together by the harsh reailty. Then there was another distater, i found a note and it said

"I love you Jacob, but I have too much to lose. If I blink my eyes, everything will be in ruins. I promise I'll come back for you as soon as I can, I love you too much to leave you forever. I may have chosen the long road, but promise you'll be waiting for me."

I was shocked, i could never support myself and i had no idea why she had left me, i had to get my own job to survive, but the job was still never enough. I was sure Callie would come back, she had to come back, but, i waited for years and she was like a memory that i was losing, but all i remember was the joy we had when we were children when i was asleep at night, i think that was what kept me sane at the time, i still don't know why i was chosen to be left. What had i done wrong? I then saw a boy in the darkness one night, it was a boy Callie knew, Shane. Shane had been crying, i ased him is Callie was alive and he said yes. Shane was in tough with Callie but i found out she was having a hard time, she was expecting a baby. That was, um, suprising. I was sad she had left me for antoher boy, but, i did not lose hope on her and i gave Shane a note, begging her to come back to me. I waited, i waited so long for a reply, a simple not saying she is ok but nothing ever came. 

I was then taken away by peacekeepers, they forced me into a child hoe and all i did was write to Callie, i was not giving up, i wanted to but our bond of brother and sister overcame that. At theat time i was cluesless what was going on, the truth was Shane never gave the notes to Callie, she had given birth and was having to much stress as it was, notes from her brother she had left would not help. Then, a few weeks later i did get a reply, i cried over a piece of paper and i treated it as it was my own child, it was the most valuable thing in the world. The letter said. "Jacob. I've read each and every single one of your letters and listened to ever word you've said. I did this for your own good. Trust me. I'm not coming back this time, I need to die to feel alive!" She wrote it with as much love as she had left in her dying heart. I had heard Shane had left her, we were now both alone in life, no guidance or hope. I was then adopted by the mayor, yeah, i know, the mayor, that was pretty cool and i was given a wonderful life but the memory and determination to find Callie was still like  fly in my head, once i got rid of it i wuld be happy. I soon heard of a red headed girl looking for her brother, someone told her about me, everyone knew our story and they told her she was hated and i was loved, and that is when she came back. I found out the baby she had had died, but when i saw her i felt no sympathy for her. I even asked her if she was my sister. Then she told me she wanted me and her to start over. I was mad then, everything she has done to me and all she wants to do is start over. I screamed at her and all she told me was that she loved me. I then accepted her into my life.

This all happend yesterday but it seems like it was all a story. I then go down to breakfast with the the mayor and his wife, i guess my mom and dad. I see a beautiful girl with curly red hair is there and i almost forgot it was Callie, i am trying to forgive her but it is hard, she is my sister and i love her. 

"well kids, i have to prepare my speech, and i think it is time you all go to the square"

I get up and hug them both while Callie waits at the door for me, i leave without loooking at her and we keep an awkward distance apart. People look at my and Callie, their mouths gaping, they must be shocked at our family reunion. I get in line and get my blood taken, it ony hurts a bit. It is hard to be scared of the hunger games, i have so much more to worry about, i think of these as a stupid distraction but i feel for the people who do get reaped, it is sad to see people die in such a horrible way. I try to avoid looking at Callie but i always do, i can't stop feeling worried for her. I get catch her eyes and we both look away fast. I decided to watch the reapings of the other districts, the ones in differant time zones to us. I see a girl from district 5 volunteer and jumps up to the stage, looks like a threat. I then see the 6 female plant a large kiss on the 6 male who does not react well to it and i see the 7 male charm the crowd, all this years tributes look smart and elusive, i am sure there will be some threats. Then the screens go static and a flash of back and white appears, that was wierd and then the escort comes on stage. 

"hello everyone and this year we will be seeing which male and female will be fighting for distrct 9, this year there will be a very special suprise in store. Now we will get the girl" She moves over to the girls bowl and grabs a slip, she shows it to everyone and opens it.

"ohh, what a lovely name. Calliope Antio" my who body goes stiff, i see Calliope walk up to the stage, the tears are fresh in her eyes and she looks at me, i can't believe this, how has she got reaped, i cold cry, i have just found her, even though she left me i will not let her leave me again. 

"well now for the b--" 

"I volunteer" i scream but it sounds like a cry, i walk to the stage with a stne cold expression, Calliope is now lost in tears. I will not leave her and she will not leave me. 

"what is your name young man?"

"Jacob Antio"

"oh, a sibling pair, are you going to protect your sister?"

all i do is stay silent and look off into the distance. I watch Calliope who has gained a grip of herself offers out her hand. I grip her hand i look into her eyes with a cold expresion.

"bye bye beautiful" i say and she looks at me and is thinking

"i need to die to feel alive" she says and i feel horrible, even though i hate her i want her to live, i will not let her die, even if i have to let myself, i see the mayor crying and i follow Callie into the justice building and give her a hug, i have to forgive her now with small steps. In the hunger games one of us could die any day and i want to die loving my sister but hopefully it does not come to that. I continue to hug Calle and i close my eyes.

District 10- Yuya Renedy

I get up to the sound of shouting, my insane family must be awake. I have spent 17 years in this house, i have 4 brothers and 2 sisters, when you see the Capitol tv version of a large family in a reality show, it is really nothing like that in realy life, i never knew my real parents, i heard they were rebel heros and that i was left on their doorstep, so lame. I am holding a note in my hand, i usually wake up with it in my hand, it is a letter from my deceased friend, Francine. She was my best friend before she died, i connected with her in school and we instantly became best friends, we were meant to meet and grow up as friends, but, like most emotional stories and tv shows one of us had to die, and it turned out to be Francy. I remember her like she is still with me, she made me feel like i had someone to rely on becuase she was my, um, only real friend. Me and Francy would meet outside school, like dorks and nerds and always talk about gossip and friends and who we liked, i felt like a girl, becuase i have never actually talked with anyone like that before, in my opinion she saved me. I remember her family had started to break up, her dad left her. I would also go up to the square, i remember the exact place we did it and we would look up at the stars before curfew, i sometimes look to the sky and i make a small pattern of her face in the stars, it is not insane but it is a bit wierd but i would never forgive myself if i forgot her. On the day of my 16th birthday Francy passed away, she had killed herself because her mother had been killed by peacekeepers, she had nothing else left to live for, having a mental breakdown, i was told by her brother. After her death i could not accept it, it sucked but her brother had given he a note from her adressed to me. When i read it i was flooded with emotions

Dear Yuya,

You really helped me gain self-confidence and feel better about myself, in all honesty. I'm sorry to write this so late, I should have probably said it to you in person, but by the time I'm done writing this I won't be here anymore. I feel like we had so many connections ever since you talked to me, sharing similar interests, etc. You're extremely smart and I swear, I'd trade anything to have brains like you. I'm as dumb as a doorknob. Anyway, I hope you hear the news elsewhere, because I can't really write it'd be so wrong to do that. So instead, I decided to describe how important you are to me through a letter, which is probably like, the most out-of-style thing ever, but I still felt the need to do it. My best wishes for you is to become successful, maybe be a teacher like I'd tease you about. That you'll see your family eventually. That you'll be a very independent and very smexy lady (I'm kidding, but seriously Yuya).

I hope that after this is over you'll still act like I'm there. But most importantly, I wis that you'll never forget me, and understand why I'm doing this, rather than hate me for it. I know my decision is horrible and all, but I feel like I made the right choices.

I hope you do too.

When i read this i was on the verge of tears, i still am. I start to cry but i am forced downstairs by my siblings screams. I get into the kitchen and a plate flies towards my head, i just dodge it and roll my eyes, all my siblings are younger than me and they run around like maniacs. I am like their carer. I don't clean up the plate and i start to forget about all the sadness, silently cursing all my siblings in my head. I then feel a twinge in my heart, reapings. I stand up and i realise all my siblings are ment to stay at home, all of them are too young. I grab my coat and rush off into the square. I realise i am really late, i decide to stroll to the square, what is the point of running as fast as i could for somthing i really don't like, i yawn in front of the blood taking volunteer and smile. He jabs the needle into my hand and i bite my lip and it bleeds, the capitol has all this amazing technologie but they can't get a painless blood taker. I see the past reapings are now up. The most recent, district 9 has a sibling pair, the brother volunteered to be with his sister, so brave. I then see the eight female volunteer for her own name, i can't supress a smile even if she is going into somthing horrilbe. I then watch the escort come up on stage and he smiles and waves

"hello district 8, now the time you have all been excited for um--" he grabs a slip of paper from his pocket, he can't remember his lines, that is so dumb "for the 450th annual hunger games, as usual we will be choosing the female first" he then goes over to the female bowl and pickes out a name, i then think of how i will have to clean up the glass when i get home, i wish this could last a bit longer.

"Yuya Renedy"

I guess i won't be cleaning up the plates and i will be here for a while, i wish i had not thought that, i feel my stomach feels empty and my head feels heavy, the people around me start to blur and i stumble out the crowd, i feel like i will fall over stay up, Yuya, do not fall  i think to myself and i realise somthing is in my hand, i realise it is the note given to my by Francy, i hold onto it tight, i realise i must win for her, i must not die. I reach the stage a gulp, the large crowd looks at me, i guess i am not that bad, i decide to look at a blosom tree that is close to me, it look at it and it keeps me calm, i must not cry. 

"i am impressed, now for the boys" and he moves over to the boys bowl, i have got the approval of a man who can't remember what hunger games it is, now i am happy. He pulls out a name and says 

"Saerin Vrox" and a boy with long bright blue hair walks up to the stage, he looks at the floor and he is shy, i can tell things by observing people and it is obvious to me, his apperance is very ambiguous. I try to smile at him but he still looks to his feet. 

"i give you this years tributes  and a few claps come from the crowd, i still feel empty but i have gained confidance thinking about Francy. I am then taken into the justice building and i run straight for a large plushy couch and i sit down, taking a deep breath. I then see Saerin sit down.

"didn't expect to be here today"

"i guess" he says and he still looks down to his feet, this is really depressing, i then read the note from Francy and i close my eyes and i promise her that is will survive and that i will win for her. I will not die. 

If i live, she lives. 

District 11- George Grain

I wake up in a small shack behind victors village. I do not normally live there, it has just started since yesterday. It was horrible what happend, i just lost my cool and i hurt people with a horrible fury. My friend and new victor, Sassafrass, invited me over to her home and my dad found out i left work, in our house we agree that to live we need to work, don't get me wrong, i am a hard worked and dedicated to what i do but she needed some support. My dad then found out i left work and he beat me, it sent a horrible fury down my whole body, especally the part when he called her lazy and fat, did he even know what it is like to survive the hunger games? The next day i went to work and my boss, Ivan, started to scream and insult me for not cutting the crops and that is when i lost it, i violently attacked him and i knocked him out, then i told the workers to go home. I then confronted my dad and did the same to him, i hated him and i was not normally like this but i had lost it. I then found a dark secret from Sassafrass, she had already had food from the breakfast before the games, i hated a liar and a cheat so i found her and grabbed her by the throa, she begged from me not to hurt her so i dropped her and i came to this shack. Now today is reaping, my last reaping, i am glad, it is another stress to get off my back. I then hear the large bells, signalling that we need to go. 

I be careful on my way to the square, my dad or anyone could be there and they could even kil me, i join in with a large crowd of people, my eyes scanning the crowd. I do not want to see my father. I then get in the blood taking line and i wince at the pain, working on a farm has made my hands pretty tough. I then get in line with the 18 year olds, there are all excited, it is our last reapings so we do not have to live in fear now. I then see the escort take his place on stage, it makes me angry how this is their job, talking and never really having to work, if i put one of them in my place they would not be so annoing. 

Hello district 11, we will be choosing who could bring district 11 glory, last year we got a victor so this year we can too!" yeah, through cheating and lies I think to myself, she moves towards the girls bowl, i see her gloved hands seem to have a hard choice, she has two slips and she can't seem to pick one, finally she drops the slip in her left hand an dopens the one in the right. There is people holding their breath, waiting to be able to breath again, knowing for another year they may not die. 

"Goddess Diamond" 

I hear people let out their breath, all but one girl who comes up to the stage, looking like she has been punched in the face. The girl is very beautiful with black curls falling down her face and beautiful face, she looks sad, of course she would be but she looks like she has had a bad past, it is just a guess. She scans the crowd and we do not do anything, we just sit back and think about what we are going to do when we get home, for her and a boy we won't be going home. I see the escort seems to scan Goddess, who looks like she does not want to be there and she smiles. 

"now for the boys", she moves over to the boys bowl and pratically leans over it. She does the same thing, she picks out two slips and puts one down, then i see a beaten up man in the parent crowd, i notice no one seems to cry for Goddess, maybe an orphan and then i see a beaten up man, my dad. I look at him, he has not seen me, hopefully, if he has i am pretty much dead already. I then catch his eye and i look away, thinking of how i wanted to kill him, but i am not that evil. I am then shoved out the crowd by a boy, i have no idea why and i hear the escort calling me, no, this is insane, this should not be happening, i feel sick, i would rather be facing my dad than this, i am really scared. I almost fall on my way up to the stge, why did this have to happen? I look at the crowd and i see my dad smiling, was this a bad case of karma? The escort scans me like she did with Goddess, it is really awkward.

"now, i present to you your tributes, i think they both have a good shot at winning, i think Goddess may die in the middle and George, you could come out victor" this makes me mad, she is predicting our lives for fun, i already hate this. Godess looks really shocked and she looks down, being told you are going to die is a horrible feeling, especially in the hunger games. We are then taken into the justice building, i realise Goddess must be a rich person becuase she wears expensive clothes and a gold necklace. I usually don't like rich people who don't have to work but tht makes me more likemy father and i am nothing like him. then, i realise i need an ally, better start off early,  iwould only go with my district partner. 

"So, seeing as we are district partners would you think of making an early alliance, get ahead of the game?"

Goddess looks shocked at what i had said and she looks up, she must be thinking about it, i guess i am not the worst option she could ever have. "um, i think i may try to do it alone, i just don't want to hurt anyone who i may care about" and she looks away, she is nice, she must feel bad. I guess in these games i am going alone, and i have to win, i have to come home to show everyone i can win, and i really don't want to die, that would really suck. 

District 12- Taylor Astrid

It is early in the morning, i sit by a flower bush, a Carnation bush. In my family we think the flower is a symbol of hope, much needed hope. My brother was killed and a purge a few years ago and my sister got reaped for the hunger games, speaking of the games it is reaping day today, where a horribly unlucky boy and girl will be sent to a fate worse than death, it is sad, when i saw it once i cried, it must be so horrible to be forced to kill. I smile as i see a bird sit on the top of my roof, i live in a rather large house and my family are rich, but i am not like like most rick people in my district, i consider my family to be more humble than the average person. I then hear my parents call me for breakfast. I sit by the table and i remember the day i saw my sister die, it was in the bloodbath and it was the most horrible thing i have ever felt in my whole life, i felt like the most unlucky girl in the world, i had already lost my sister and now that had to happen, it must feel worse than getting reaped for the hunger games. But, i remember the Carnation bush behind my house and it gave me a hope that i have never felt before, so every day i sit by the bush and take care of it. I finish my breakfast and i hug my parents, i know i will be coming home soon but it would be horrible to never see them again. 

I live close to the square so it only takes and short time and i reach a long line, most kids are groaning but i let people in front of me, kindness never killed anyone. I smile at too many people to count and i see the woman who takes the blood.

"hello, how is your day, i hope it has been wonderful" i smile at her

all she does i jab the needle into my hand and my eyes brim with tears, i still don't understand why people have to be so mean in life, it does suck. I get in line with the 17 year olds, most of them seem scared and sad, no one wants to get reaped, apart from some insane people, i feel so sorry for them, the fact they have no control over their mental emotion and then i see re-runs of the reapings in the other districts. I see a boy with amazing long blue hair go up in district 10, hopefully he will come home, but then i feel guilt for the 10 female with the exciting name, Yuya. I then see a the avearge 11 male and female get reaped, i feel so bad that possible all of those people will face their worst nightmare and i feel soory for the careers who want to die in these, it is so horribly sad. Then the screen goes black and i catch a picture of a face, it is half white and half black, i am confused and others saw it too, it also had a small sentance under it, there was a horrible rebellion last year, so many lives were lost for such a small thing, i think if we work hard we csn earn just enough to live, it is a rule of life but i think enforcing the hunger games was an evil thing to do, how could someone have such a sick and twisted mind, it almost makes me angry at them. Then the wierd escort takes his place, but, diversity always akes you stand out.

"heloooo district 12, now lets have the excitement of who will kill other kids, i am so excied, what about you" and he holds the microphone out to the crowd, there is silence but i clap, just to make him happy and he moves the microsphone back, looking a bit happy someone cared, that is what i am here for. I continue to smile but a small fear is creeping up, knowing that i could be forced to do somthing horrible later. "now, we will be choosing the girs first" and he skips over to the bowl, i cross my fingers, hoping it will not be me, i will not be able to do it. He pulls out a name, i look at the slip, the decider of my fate. And he talks a deep beath

"Taylor Astrid"

I feel like i have been shot, i look around and hear gasps, people know me as that kind and selfless girl that would never hurt a fly and that is what i am. I slowly make my way to the stage, a single tear falling down my face, why did this have to happen? i wish i could reverse the day, the escort looks a bit sad, that is a shock, i guess it was because i was the only one who made him feel better and now i am being sent to my death by him. I see the whole crowd looks a bit down but no one volunteers, i guess no one would for anyone, the last volunteer was back in the 75th hunger games, there was a rebellion but it failed. In districtr 12, volunteering is considerd bad luck for you and the district. I feel more tears falling down my face and my thoughts go back to my parents, i will not be going home tonight and my deceased brother and sister, who died in the hunger games, this is horrible, a living nightmare has been born. 

"now for the boys" the escort says, this is fast and quick and he seems in a bad mood, it helps me to know he cares for me, hopefully he will take care of me. 

"Peter Vaughan"

a boy with striking black hair like mine and grey eyes comes up, he looks brave and he is not scared, he shares a small smile with me and i realise that he must be nice, he does not seem scared but worried about somthing, he looks like he comes from the seam so he may have a starving family. I feel so bad for him and his family, partly becuase i know how he must feel, he must be so worried but hopefully he can go home, but, i am in his way, gosh, this is so evil, i can't do this!

"this years tributes Peter Vaughan and Taylor Astrid" and the crowd gives a few pity claps and the 3 finger sign, it is a tradition here and has been for hundreds of years in distric 12, the sign of the mockingjay. I am then taken into the Justice building and the first thing i do is hug Peter, he looks kinda wierd about it but he needs support and he needs to know i am here for him "i am so sorry" i whisper in his ear and i realise how horribly creepy i sound and i back off, he laughs and then looks away and i start to talk to him, i think he likes to listen more, maybe it is tatics, but, he will only find friendship off me. I hope i can go home without hurting anyone else, i guess i am pretty strong. but i am too kind.

And kindness never killed anyone

District 13- Dylan Murrow

I look outside my window, seeing people walking towards the reaping square, i feel scared, i am volunteering, i would not do it by choice, but for foolish love. The way it all started was i saw this girl, Juliet Aphrodite, she was beautiful and she was kind, that is why i liked her, someone humble and beautiful. I remember talking to her once and it was magical but i notices she would somtimes come into school wit horrible wounds all over her body, once her arm was broken, she would slways say it was her fault but i saw beyond those lies and i confronted her about it, it was wrose than i thought, her dad was a horrible alcoholic and he would beat Juliet, i felt angry that someone would hurt her like that, she was so nice, so kind. I would often talk to Juliet by the sea, the stars glittering over the ocean. I remember her dad, who was a fisherman worked late and he found us, we tried to fun away but he mamaged to get Julia and locked her away and we were not allowed to see each other, we stayed away from each other, she had been told not to by her evil father. Then, i met Juliet, she had a bag and she was going to run away, and she wanted me with her. I convinced my parents, or my adoptive parents to let Juliet stay. Juliet also was glad to find out her mom had run away from her husband, who also abused her. We even managed to expose Juliet's fathers evil ways to the whole district, now he knows what it is like to live in fear. Everything was perfect until yesterday, i was coming home from a late club and i was grabbed, i knew who it was, the breath smelled of the strong scent of alcohol, it was Juliet's father and i was told if i do not volunteer for the games, Juliet and her mother would not be safe, so for my love for Juliet i will volunteer and save her and give her and my family a better life. 

I decide to go down to my family, i see Juliet is sitting on a couch and i get up and hug her, i hold her for a while, i never want to let go, i am not leaving her becuase i want to, i am leaving her becuase i have to, she will understand, i have left a note on her bed. I get up an hg my family, i usually do this so it is not a rare event. I smile and eat breakfast, i then get up and i hold Juliet's hand, we have to go now. I give my famil a large group and and a small tear rolls down my face, i really don't want to leave them. 

"well, me and Juliet better get going, i love you all really" and i walk to the square without looking back, i may not be able to leave if i see their smiling faces again. I am holding Juliet's hand and she is talking about somthing, i am not really listening, i am thinking of what i am going to do to survive and get home, i wish this did not happpen but i have no regrets, i am glad i met Juliet and i saved she from abuse, life would be so much differant without her, she has changed it and sometimes i think it is for the greater good. I then get in line. I get my blood taken, i do not notice the pain, i am too districted. I watch the past reapings, i see a purple haired girl from district 7 gets reaped and a girl close to me gasps and whispers "Amethystia" and her face looks dark and horrible, i wonder how she knows her. I am about to get in line with the 17 year olds before i give Juliet a massive kiss, possible the last one i could ever give her, she just laughs and goes into her line, not knowing how much it means to me. And then the escort takes his place, it is a new guy with gohst white skin and blood red lips, creepy. 

"welcome, district 13 to this years reaping, i am so excited to bring back a victor, are you?" and a few people clap, we tend to do well, we do know how to fight. "so , this year we will do the ladies first" and he goes over to their bowl and dips his hand in, if Juliet is reaped i would die, i a begging it not to be her "and the girl is...Kiy--"

"i volunteer" a girl screms and she charges towards the stage, she has black hair and a chubby face, she was the one who reacted to the district 7 girl, i guess she knows her and wants to be with her.

"what is your name?"

"Caylene Thall"

"ah ha, that last name, isn't that the last name of that district 7 girl, by god, i bet my diamonds that is your sister!" and his face lights up in excitement. Caylene remains silent and looks off into the distance, i guess she does not want to be there, forced like me, she needs to portect her sister. "now we will be reaping the boys" and he moves over to the bowl and beofre her can do anything i scream 

"i volunteer'" i then make my way to the stage, knowing my fate has been decided, i look and see Juliet's dad in the shadows laughing and i see Juliet is crying and she is trying to run towards me but is being held back by her friends

"ohh, two volunteers, what a suprise people are so anxious to be in the games! What is your name?"

"Dylan Murrow, i am going to come back and i am going to protect Juliet" i say with pride, acting alot more brave than i feel

"so district 13, your tributes" and lots of people clap, it is not everyday you get a volunteer and they must see me as strong. I smile and put my thumbs up to Juliet and i walk into the justice building and i look at Caylene, she to be asking to see the distrcit 7 reaping, i see the boy charm the crowd and she auses at the girl, and she looks really sad. I feel sorry for her, to have to fight to the death with your sister must be the most horrible thing possible. 

"It was reallly brave what you did, to protect your sister"

"thanks, i liked it how you were protecting that girl, is she your girlfriend?"

"yeah, i am going to win for her and save her"

after that Caylene's face goes dark, she looks away, i must have said the wrong thing, but, she seems really nice and she is going to last long, or i hope she is, i don't want to see someone that nice die. But, people will need to die if i have to win, it is horrible but it is life, but can i kill, that is what i am afraid of.

District 14- Mikelle Quenton

I am jumping from tree to tree, my white hair whipping my face as i almost fly through the air. I stop and sit on a thick branch and i hold a long strand of white hair in my hand, it is not normal to have white hair and i have faced abuse becuase of this, but, does it really matter? I don't really care. I was once bullied about it becuase of the amount of time i spent here, in the vast forest with all kinds of nature around me, i took them and showed them how i could jump from tree to tree and i became "squirrel girl" i actually think that name is really cool, i love it. It is reaping day for the hunger games, we are the last district to go for the reapings and then all the tributes are shipped off to the capitol where basically, most of them will die. I know, it is really harsh. I then hear the large chime of the bells and i jump from tree to tree, it really does save time, though no one else can do it. I smile as i reach the edge of the forest, watching the normal people take their places, but being normal is lame, people like me are fun and free. I jump from a low hanging tree and i smile at a boy, he is the bully who when i showed him my skills we becuase friends, he was my first ever friend. I get in line and i notice how the district had been hurt by the rebellion, district 14 had put up a big fight and it shows, sometimes people still find bodies of peacekeepers and rebels around the district, especially in the forest areas. I hate all that violence and the horrible stuff like that, why can't everyone be calm for one, i mean, lets all just chill and go with the breeze. 

"so, are you scared?" my friend asks

"nope, i mean if i get reaped that would suck but i would rather just not be scared all the time, like when you bullied me for my hair i used to hate it, now when people laugh i just don't really care becuase dies it matter? and it feels so much better than being scared and also it would help in the games, remember the odds of getting reaped are so low, we are both only 15" and everything i said was true, putting fear behind you really helps. I then get my blood taken, it really hurts, i am holding my finger and i say hug my friend, it is only in case everything goes wrong. I get in line and i hear the girls laughing at me and all i do is laugh at them, what nerds are they laughing at me, don't they have somthing better to do? I then see the escort, a wierd woman, people say se was a past victor, she is on drugs, she looks like she has been punched in the face, that thing on the stage drews attention away from me. I hate what the capitol do to people. She makes her way to the stage, her nimble legs shaking under her weight.

"Hello district 14, this is the reaping and we will be having some fun today won't we?" she groans, she has lost the plot, it is actually sad to see someone like her. The people cheer, district 14 is a career district and we have a good knowledge of mutts for the arena, i even found out one for this year, a giant ape with horrible claws and super sharp teeth, i would not want to be up against that thing, it is ment to drink blood, that is so gross, then i realise the escort has already got her female slip, i take a deep breath."Dalia Rose" she shouts and a small blonde girl comes out the crowd crying, i feel so bad for her and i can't let her die like that and out of pure impulse i scream

"I volunteer" and i run t the stage and there is a single tear rolling out of my eye, i guess i have saved someones life, i have done god, i look at the smaller girl in the crowd looks at me and she must be sad i am dying so she can live. I look at the crowd as the tear drops to the stage. The escort does not even ask for my name, she just stands there so i take the microphone from her and say "i am Mikelle Quenton" and i hear the laughs of some idiot beucase of my hair and there is an awkward silence then the escort comes back to life.

"ok, now for the boys" and she goes over to the boys and she grabs a name ad shouts "Caius Celsus" and a boy with brown hair walks up to the stage with an arrogant grin, well he dosen't seen that sad. He waves to the crowd and a few people clap, i guess they see a real fighter in him. He then gives me an arrogant smirk, i guess her is already a career. I then look around the crwd and the escort takes us into the justice building without saying anything while the crowd clap, i am really sad, why did i volunteer? And Caius seems happy, he is talking to me about how he can fight and how strong he is but i really don't care that much, i mean not to be mean but i hate people like him and he was the one who laughed at my hair, it does get a bit annoing. 

"so, you think you're I throw a stone at something going to win?" Caius asks, an arrogant grin on his face

"um, don't know, i guess i could do ok" i smile at him, this makes him angry

'no no no, you are going to die in the bloodbath, i see it already" 

"nice to know" i have no time for arrogant idiots like that wierdo, i just want to survivew and i have to win, maybe i could become the victor by being a "Squirrl girl" that would be the first victor ever, now all i have to do is survive against 29 other kids, this is going to be so much fun.


Dimitri Kerr

I reach the traning center, i am on time, i see all the tributes lined up, i decide to take my place next to the 5 female, she is insane, always laughing and glaring at the 4 female, i think after watching the reapings they have the same last name, that must be horrible to have a relative in the game, but i have no one left i love, they are all gone. I realise i am looking at her and she glares at me, her violet eyes are flashing with insanity and evil, i look away fast, realising many tributes here are powerful, not just the careers. The head trainer then takes her place and she starts to speak. "So, tributes, i am Helena, your trainer. In traning you will have the chance to learn how to survive and gain a high score in the personal assesment, use this time with wit and do not waste it. Now, go to the stations."

I then see the tributes leave, the careers start to come together but many people from career districts leave them, hopefully, the careers will not be powerful. I decide to stay away from the weapon station, i can't let them see me fail, so i decide to go to the survival station, something i am good at. I start to make a fire, i move my hands fast and i see the small smoke whisp out of the wood, i stand up as the fire starts and i smile at myself and i smile at me beautiful creation, staring at the dancing flames.

I got lost in making the fire and i realise three people are looking at me, the 7 pair and the white haired 14 girl and the 8 girl, who i think is the 7 girls sister. I 7 male has a large grin on his face and he claps out loud, and wraps his arms around the seven female, her face turns to shock and she turns bright red. The seven male walks up to me and in a regal tone he says "I, Euan of district 7 and the beautiful Amethystia, her lovely sister Caylene and Mikelle, the squirrel girl, invite you to the anti-careers!" and he shoots his arms out in drama, Amethystia laughs and i think these people are nice. 

"uh, yeah, i guess"

"deal, it is done, welcome" and he walks away, we all follow, he is already the leader. I think he is looking for new members. I realise we are already starting to outnumber the careers. I decide to walk away from them, i have to train. I go to the hook making station. The truth is people do not understand how important the little things can be, i mean, learning to throw a knife is good but what if you can throw a knife but have no food? I would never say this to anyone but it is fine to think it, i am smarter than most people, it is not arrogance, it is a fact. I look over to see my new 'friends' have already secured more allies, i realise we have a very large alliance, 5 more people than the careers, maybe we are the most powerful allaince.

I decide to move to the dagger station, the 5 girl is dragging around the 5 male, who already looks very tierd, sweat coming down his head, she looks angry. "Move it, do you want to die?" i decide to walk away, i do not want to be around people like that. I realise i am shaking, i guess i am scared, well, duh, i am going to be forced to kill people, some may even be my friends, this really sucks. I decide to walk back to my alliance, we know have the 3,4,8 and 12 female, we are not personally strong, i can tell that by looking at them, but the 4 female is from a career district, Euan calls her a win. We all decide to train together. 

The 4 female, who i know learned her name as Oceania Seacrest, the cousin of Katarina (5), who tried to kill her becuase of her good life. There is Taylor (12) and she is too nice for her own good, she seems scared to throw a knife at a dummy, that will not help in the games, but it is always nice to know there are still good people in the world. I know Euan (7) is a Capitol favourite, he is so funny, and a shameless flirt, i do see somthing brewing between him and Amethysita (7) who is always with him, laughing at all his crude jokes and always turning red when he puts his arm around her, a now common movement. I still think how i can kill these people, they all seem so nice and kind, and there is the 12 year old Brittany (3) who has a fiery sole, she does not let her small height and age get in her way.

I decide to go to the tree climbing station, i bet you that there will be trees, it is pratically impossibe. I climb up the trees, it hurts and strains my whole body, so painful. As i get my hand on a branch i feel a large pain and i fall flat on my back, i see Mikelle (14) standing up there, a look of worry twisted with a smile on her face, holding back a laugh but Euan (7) can't hold it back, i notice the careers are looking at me, arrogant grins on their smug faces and i realise i am bright red, i have failed and made myself look weak. I get up and i go back to the fire making station, something i am good at as my alliance awkwardly walks away. 

Ashylnn Mauntell

Coming soon 

traning scores

Name score odds




This year the arena will be a beatuiful jungle. There will a four parts to the jungle, North, South, East and West. The borders of each jungle will be a wooden floor which is a good way to navigate through the arena. In each sector they are all differant an dcontain beauty but also danger, the aim is to make tributes overlook the beauty so tey will be blind to the obvious danger. The tributes will have to face mutts who will confront them in every sector. The North contains mountains, East contains the rain, South contains the water and streams and West contains the animals. In each sector there will be edible plants but there will also be many mutts and each sector has a trigger point, this is when a tribute does a certain action that will make the sector become alive and the secotr will become deadly for at least a day. The whole sector will try to kill anyone in it after making a small warning buzz that anyone in the sector will hear. The cornocopia will be surrounded by a circular wooden border and it will contain everything the tributes will need. 

Trigger Points

North- Steal a glittering violet diamond from the mountain.

East- Pick a large and fragrant blue, red and green flower.

South- Kill a monkey that has a beautiful and owllike blue eyes.

South- Kill a very large fish that is a glittering silver colour.

Note: You can't warn your tributes not to do these things, if they do it it does not mean they will die. 

Arena Wear

Each Tribute will wear a green vest top with camoflage leggings that blend with the jungle. They will wear waterproof leather boots in a camoflage pattern and it will come with a black bandanna. They will also have a small pouch they can store food in. The tributes will be gaven eyeliner so when they die the water will make it look as if they are crying black tears. This will all add up later in the games (and it will be very dark and rather horrible)



Status Chart

Name allies items condition

Death Chart

placing Name Day killed Killed By How they died

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