so hai people!!!

my first games kinda of failed but these are going to finish and i hope they will be great!


NO spamming, you have to ask first or else....:3

you can swear but nothing mayor ok!

i may swear so if that is a problem for you get out NOW!

i accept wiki contributers but give yourself a name so i know who u are

i have plans to make this VERY grousume 

i do like good names!



so the pain games are simple, the tributes are stolen from their homes and put in a old but huge tourture chamber. The tributes have to find eachother but here is the twist, there is a tourtue master in the castle looking for the tributes and if he finds you he will take you to a tourture chamber and torture you untill you have died but there are many things around the castel you can use but the better the things the more hard it is to get them....


it is a four floored castel and it has these rooms

entrance- you can't get out but it is huge and has weapons hidden behind chairs and pianos and there is a chamber leading down there and there is the basement

basement- it is the biggest place in the castel and is compleatley dark and it makes you feel like you are being watched all the time but it has weapons and food everywhere

dining room- it is not huge but it is big, it is full of food and water and has 3 tabels but the tourture master lurks in there the most...

bedrooms- these are simple rooms they are full of light and have at least 1 weapon, 1 peice food and 1 glass of water and they are cozy beds and a cubord full of clothes but the clothes are old and ducty but great for fighting in

tourture chamber- there are at least 10 of these and they are all differant and change sometimes and they have no weapons and a tribute would be crazy to even go in there and the tourture master brings all his catches here

important people

name- unknown

distrct- unknown

personality- she is a mystery she is unknown by anyone but all we know is she is 

Unknown Presidant
presidant, she is evil and she is devious and hates all life and she likes to be alone and some people think she was a victor and that victors name was Tisser Alamon from district 7 who dissaperd 3 years agoapperance-

name- Warner Hunter aka Torture master

district- capitol

personality- he is evil and ruthless and is just like a carrer and loves the feel of blood and holds many mysteries and hates all people 
Torture master

name- Kister Sland

district- capitol





personality- she is the stylist and she is happy and bubby and loves to do the best she can for all the tributes, but she is a compleat idiot and does make stupid creations and she hates to see mud and will creep out and is very vain and always gets a fasion job every day

name- Tristion Shadows

district- Capitol

personality- he is funny and kind but he does like to dig into the tributes past and he can be a bit in-sensitive and makes rude comments on the way they look or their past

arena wear

they start off in tight jeans that are cream and the shirts depend on what district you are and they are jumpsuits and are also tight and have a white undershirt, if you are too hot and the shoes are made of leather and are knee high and are good for running

district 1- gold

district 2- black

district 3- silver

district 4- blue

district 5- brown

district 6- purple

district 7- green

district 8- pink

district 9- cream

district 10- red

district 11- yellow

district 12- black

template- 4 tributes per user








game stragedy-


the chosen tributes this year are...

name district weapon user name district weapon user
Ruby Bloodstone 1 female almost any type of blade EmpressOreo 1 male

Midget In a Bikini



2 female

sickle Midget In a Bikini

Moon Ander

2 male strengh Equestria Gurl
Dolls Mgurf 3 female sickle and awl Rainbow Shifter  Elec Tech 3 male  electric traps ClovelyMarvelous
Kree Finch 4 female pick axe and knife


Hero Pyromancer 4 male Tridant EmpressOreo

Synthesia "Sylvia" Velonte

5 female bow and curved sword  EHKnight  Shane Fines 5 male kunii ClovelyMarvelous
Penelope-Janet *PJ* Hoopes 6 female throwing knives and batons Midget In a Bikini Ari Malonet 6 male spear and axe Hyta100
Quinberly Dane 7 female spears, throwing knives and blades Midget In a Bikini Lohan Treas 7 male axe Equestria Gurl
Alexis Castel 8 female sickle and blades EmpressOreo Jason Lewis 8 male sword Equestria Gurl
 Ryely Oats 9 female curved knife ClovelyMarvelous Brett Ward 9 male sickle Hyta100
10 female EHKnight Dario Smith 10 male sword Hyta100
 Ivy Violet Florameadow 11 female slingshot ClovelyMarvelous Jacob Theradol 11 male mines Equestria Gurl
Pandora Raven   12 female whip and tridant Midget In a Bikini



12 male daggers EmpressOreo

kidnappings- tributes POV just before they are taken away by the capitol

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