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  • MixalisDuddy

    OK people, you know the drill better than I do when it comes to the tributes however for the rest Ill need to explain. These will be more of a story than a game. Ill take some artistic licence with your characters so don't be upset if your tribute acts differently. Ill only do 12 tributes so it is easier to manage. Go ahead and tell me what you want, give me a district, a gender, a name, an age, and a brief physical description.

    District Gender Name Age Training Score
    1 Male Garnish 17 7
    Female Bailey 18 10
    2 Male Mario 17 7
    Female Cati 16 8
    3 Male Wario 16 7
    Female Jade 18 9
    4 Male Luigi 17 8
    Female Atla 17 9
    5 Male Baxter 18 11
    Female Shyvana 18 12
    6 Male Buck 16 8
    Female December 15 5

    This is going to be exciting folks. Its a story not just a game s…

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  • MixalisDuddy

    Welcome to my first Harry Potter games! You know how it works folks; just post the district you wanna be from and the character from the HP series you want to be. I would prefer it if we exhausted all the younger characters before we start adding adults and teachers for obvious reasons. It is first come first serve so make sure you enter quick because all the good characters might be taken.

    D1 Boy Draco Malfoy

    D1 Girl

    D2 Boy

    D2 Girl Belatrix Lestrange

    D3 Boy Fred Weasley

    D3 Girl

    D4 Boy Bill Weasley

    D4 Girl

    D5 Boy Harry Potter

    D5 Girl Luna Lovegood

    D6 Boy

    D6 Girl Hannah Abbot

    D7 Boy

    D7 Girl Leanne Runcorn

    D8 Boy Cedric Diggory

    D8 Girl Cho Chang

    D9 Boy

    D9 Girl Lavender Brown

    D10 Boy Seamus Finnigan

    D10 Girl Katie Bell

    D11 Boy Neville Longbottom

    D11 Girl Ginny Wea…

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  • MixalisDuddy

    So this is the arena and below is the legend. You might not understand how it all works at first but trust me you will be able to during the games.

    Green Disc: Cornucopia

    Long Blue Strips: Rivers

    Black Patches: Caves

    Green & Light Brown Patches: Trees, Bushes, Shrubs, Forest, etc

    White Patches: Snow

    Large White Patch: Snow Mountain

    Blue Ring Around Snow Mountain: Reservoir

    Source of the Rivers in the Bottom Left: Water mountain

    Ring in the Middle: Volcano (black dot is the crater)

    Red Lines: Network of Underground Tunnels.

    10…9…8…7…6…5…4…3…2…1 And the games start. Bryan and Hannah are the first ones to the cornucopia followed by Harvey and Ashley. They aren’t trying to kill each other though, which is bad news for everyone else running to the cornuco…

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  • MixalisDuddy

    Here is the link.!_(interactive_fanfic_hunger_games)

    Ok so now that everything is almost done its time so start the games. This is the table that shows the prices of everything. Keep in mind that while everything else might be a basic idea of what you can send, the weapons category is staying that way; in other words you can NOT send a weapon that is not on the list, but you can send some medicine that is not there if you notify me so I can set a price. The most important thing to remember is that since this is more of a story than a game, I have already planned the plot out in my head so if you want to send something that would make a tribute win but I was plann…

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  • MixalisDuddy

    Post the district you want to be a part of in the comments. These games only contain tribues from districts 8 - 12.

    Post your characters name, gender, age (12-18), brief physical description, strengths and weakneses, strategy, token, weapon/s of choice, and anything that seems relevant. After all slots are filled more instructions will come.

    District 8 Male:

    ​District 8 Female:

    ​District 9 Male: Thresh is Fresh

    ​District 9 Female:

    ​District 10 Male:

    ​District 10 Female:

    ​District 11 Male:

    ​District 11 Female: QuinnQuinn

    ​District 12 Male:

    ​District 12 Female: Milly N. Hodgins

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