Welcome to my first Harry Potter games! You know how it works folks; just post the district you wanna be from and the character from the HP series you want to be. I would prefer it if we exhausted all the younger characters before we start adding adults and teachers for obvious reasons. It is first come first serve so make sure you enter quick because all the good characters might be taken.

D1 Boy Draco Malfoy

D1 Girl

D2 Boy

D2 Girl Belatrix Lestrange

D3 Boy Fred Weasley

D3 Girl

D4 Boy Bill Weasley

D4 Girl

D5 Boy Harry Potter

D5 Girl Luna Lovegood

D6 Boy

D6 Girl Hannah Abbot

D7 Boy

D7 Girl Leanne Runcorn

D8 Boy Cedric Diggory

D8 Girl Cho Chang

D9 Boy

D9 Girl Lavender Brown

D10 Boy Seamus Finnigan

D10 Girl Katie Bell

D11 Boy Neville Longbottom

D11 Girl Ginny Weasley

D12 Boy Ron Weasley

D12 Girl Hermione Granger

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