The Games Have Begun!

Here is the link.!_(interactive_fanfic_hunger_games)

Ok so now that everything is almost done its time so start the games. This is the table that shows the prices of everything. Keep in mind that while everything else might be a basic idea of what you can send, the weapons category is staying that way; in other words you can NOT send a weapon that is not on the list, but you can send some medicine that is not there if you notify me so I can set a price. The most important thing to remember is that since this is more of a story than a game, I have already planned the plot out in my head so if you want to send something that would make a tribute win but I was planning on killing him I will probably veto that sponsorship. Also the oposite is going to be true; there are stuff on this table that have to be sent in because they will be part of the story so if you dont send them in then they will be sent in whether they have enough sponsors or not. Anyway here is the table. The games will start pretty soon and I will post them on a different blog page because this one is getting pretty crowded. I will give you the link when the games start. All the pledges and mentorings should be posted on THIS page though.

weapons Price Food Price Survival Price Medicine Price
Slingshot 2 Smallest meal, about the size of a small egg or a single chicken wing 5 Socks 2 Simple medicine, like Band-Aids, saline, sleeping pills, etc 5
Throwing Knife 3 Small meal, about the size of a large egg or a single chicken drumstick 10 Gloves 2 Medium medicine, like burn medicine, hydrogen peroxide, pain killers, inhalers, etc 15
Dagger 4 Medium meal, about the size of a cheeseburger and fries from the dollar menu at McDonald’s 17 Towel 3 Advanced medicine, like antibiotics, anti-inflammatories, cortisone, etc 25
Hunting Knife 6 Large meal, feeds one person enough 25 Blanket 5
Short Sword 8 Larger meal, feeds one person till their full 35 Rope 5
Spear 10 Flashlight 7
Bow 12(+1per arrow) Tent 15
Mace 15 Map 15
Long Sword 20 Matches 17
Crossbow 35(+1per arrow) Night vision Goggles 25
Trident 50
Semi Auto Gun with Full Magazine 100(+10per bullet)


Nathaniel's Interview.

Cesar: Hey there Nathaniel. You look great! Please tell us: How do you feel about the games?

Nathaniel: Actually Cesar I prefer to be called Nate. And I feel very comfortable. Everyone else might have a good chance of winning in their own right, but I have a few tricks up my sleeve that cannot fail.

Cesar: Oh boy! Would you care to tell us what those fail-proof tricks are?

Nate: Well I can’t give out much information because a lot of it is a secret but I can tell you that it involves a genius way to get sponsors, a strategy of saving up the sponsors’ pledges so I have enough to request something special, and forming an alliance with a certain tribute.

Cesar: And which tribute would that be?

Nate: Well If I told you Cesar that would spoil the surprise.

Cesar: Indeed it would. Thank you so much Nate it was great meeting you. Good Luck!

Nate: Thank you to Cesar. (Winks at a girl in the audience)

Cesar: Oh I see you are quite the womanizer.

Nate: You bet!

Jade's Interview

Cesar: Jade, you little princess. You look fabulous!

Jade: Well Cesar I might look like a princess but I am not little.

Cesar: Ha ha, that’s for sure. So tell me Jade. You are adopted aren’t you?

Jade: Yes I am. My adopted parents never kept it a secret and I love them just as much, but I always wanted to find out about my birth parents.

Cesar: I’m sure you do. I think anyone who didn’t want to find out about their birth parents was either crazy or had no curiosity whatsoever. Now tell me Jade do you have a boy that you are close to back in district 1?

Jade: Well not really Cesar. Usually being this tall is a good thing but in district 1 it almost always means you will volunteer for the games sometime. And no one wants to get emotionally invested in someone who may or may not live past their teens.

Cesar: But you did not volunteer. You were reaped, that is strange for your district. Your fellow district tribute volunteered as it was expected but strangely no one stepped in for you.

Jade: Well Cesar, no matter what happens, the odds will always be in my favor. That’s how I have lived my life.

Cesar: That is what I like to hear. Good luck Jade!

Jade: Thanks a lot Cesar.

Bryan's Interview

Cesar: Oh boy you are a tall one aren’t you Bryan?

Bryan: yes.

Cesar: So what are your plans for the games Bryan?

Bryan: My plan is to win.

Cesar: Ha ha ha. Im sure that is everyone’s plan. Care to elaborate a little more?

Bryan: (No Answer)

Cesar: OOO I think we have ourselves one determined tribute. You don’t waste your time talking do you? You always have your head in the arena.

Bryan: My head has been in the arena ever since I was born, and it will stay there even after I win.

Cesar: Oh boy it seems we have a beast in the games. Bryan Mchouston everyone!

Hannah's Interview

Cesar: My, my, my, look at those eyes. I have never seen eyes that shade of green before. How are you Hannah?

Hannah: I feel as brilliant as my eyes Cesar. There is no question in my mind that I am going to win and I already have my alliances all sorted out.

Cesar: OOO and with whom will you be allying with?

Hannah: I think the answer is obvious Cesar; the same ones tributes from my district always team up with.

Cesar: Okay everyone. We have ourselves a pact already. One last thing Hannah; tell me what your strategy is going to be?

Hannah: I don’t need one. No one can defeat me.

Cesar: Man I love your confidence! Hannah Sparkinson everybody!

Reggie's Interview

Cesar: Hello there Reggie. How are you feeling?

Reggie: I feel great Cesar. Im confident about how it’s all going to turn out, I am not afraid at all, and my instinct tells me I have an advantage.

Cesar: Oh and what is that?

Reggie: Well I’m not to old I’m not too young I am just the right age. I can handle myself pretty well with weapons and I know how to survive.

Cesar: Well that definitely will come in handy. Tell me who are you looking forward to impressing the most back at home?

Reggie: Well there is this girl back at home that told me that if I won she would go out with me when I came back.

Cesar: Oh now that is nice.

Reggie: Actually Cesar If I do win I won’t have to go out with that shallow crow. I will have girls all over me. That’s why I want to show her.

Cesar: Ha ha ha. Well I wish you the best of luck Reggie.

Audacia's Interview

Cesar: Hello there Audacia and welcome. You are a pretty little girl aren’t you?

Audacia: Thanks.

Cesar: Ha ha and you are very cute. Now tell me how do you feel about being the youngest of all the girls?

Audacia: I don’t care. My dad always told me that I am as old as I feel and I feel 18 years old.

Cesar: Ho ho aint that cute. So tell me what did you do in that training center to get you such a high score for such a young little girl?

Audacia: Well I am good at throwing knives but I can hear very well and I have a photographic memory so I can throw knives with my eyes closed.

Cesar: Oh boy you better watch out for little Audacia because she can win this with her eyes closed. Thank you so much Audacia you are adorable.

Harvey's Interview

Cesar: Now you might be the youngest of them all but you are pretty big for your age. What is up with that Harvey?

Harvey: Well I have been waiting for this for a long time. I volunteered because I know I can win and I will win.

Cesar: So age isn’t a factor for you?

Harvey: What is this “Age” you are talking about Cesar?

Cesar: Ha ha ha. Touché Harvey. Tell me your strategy my boy.

Harvey: I am teaming up and making a group of deadly fighters. Nothing is going to stop us.

Cesar: Well at some point you will have to break it up wont you?

Harvey: We will worry about that when the time comes.

Cesar: Wise words from such a young boy. Good luck to you!

Ashley's Interview

Cesar: My God do you look stunning Ashley. Your dress matches your eyes. I’d never thought I’d be able to say that to someone wearing pink!

Ashley: Tell me something I don’t know Cesar.

Cesar: Ha ha good one. So everyone has been talking about you. You got a score of 11 and you are 14 years old. What is up with that?

Ashley: I am just that good. I am going to be unstoppable.

Cesar: I don’t think anyone doubts that. Tell me what do you think the arena is going to be like?

Ashley: I don’t care. They haven’t built an arena big enough for me. That is a fact. I am not just participating in the Hunger Games Cesar. These are my games.

Cesar: Well I don’t know about you guys at home but I am 100% convinced. Ashley Kennedy everyone!

Luke's Interview

Cesar: Luke! You look puzzled. Are you nervous about the games?

Luke: Well I am pretty nervous Cesar I’m not gonna lie. But what I am nervous about is how I am going to win the games and still give everyone a good show.

Cesar: OH I see we have ourselves a confident tribute. How are you so sure you are going to win?

Luke: I had a dream last night Cesar. I was standing in the middle of the arena and all the other tributes were dead around me. Whenever I remember a dream of mine it always comes true Cesar.

Cesar: Oh boy. I guess you are not the least bit afraid?

Luke: Ha ha. The only thing I am afraid of is the sound of an alarm clock; I hate being woken up.

Cesar: Aren’t we all? Thank you very much Luke

Zara's Interview

Cesar: Zara is a very pretty name. Tell me where you got it?

Zara: I got it tattooed above my backside if that’s what you’re asking.

Cesar: Oh my Zara you seem provocative don’t you? Your dress barely has any cloth in it.

Zara: Well Cesar if I am going to go into the arena I might as well live a little before I die.

Cesar: So you don’t think you are going to win?

Zara: Oh I do. I am pretty sure I am going to win Cesar but I have met previous victors and they all have said that they changed when they returned home. I don’t want to change but I will have no choice. The old Zara is going to die in the arena and a new one will come out.

Cesar: That is probably the most beautiful thing I have heard from a girl with such a pretty name.

Zara: So you think that my name is the prettiest thing about me?

Cesar: Well you do look like a man grabber haha.

Zara: Cesar every time I look in the mirror and I see my teal eyes I decide on which boy I want next. The games aren’t going to change that.

Cesar: Well we all hope you make it back to see another mirror. Zara Lancaster everyone.

Training Scores are In

Now that the training scores are up I will be starting the interviews. No need to answer any questions. I will post the interviews as if I am the tributes. I take controll of the tributes actions from now on so all you have to worry about is getting sponsors for the tributes and sending them supplies. I will post the prices later on. Also I know I should have mentioned this before you joined in but you I might change the personality of the tribues from what you normally have them say and do so if you think I have destroyed your wonderfull character that will be too bad because I will have already started. But if you want to withdraw now you are welcome to, however I encourage you to stay and see how this turns out because it will be great and I promise I will try my best not to offend anyone who created a character.

Training Center

Now that all the tributes have been reaped it is time to decide your scores. Post a comment saying exactly what happened in the training center in the private sessions. I will decide your scores. The deadline for you to post is 24 hours from now (Monday 3:30 California time). If you dont make it in time but you still want to participate you better convince me that you will be on time for the rest of the steps.

Interactive Fanfic Hunger Games

The Games you are about to witness are like no other. For the first time in the history of Panem, the Hunger Games will not be just a spectacle to watch, they will be a spectacle to participate in. No longer will you have to idly watch as the tributes fight to become the champion; you will have the oportunity to influence the games yourself. So make way for a new era as the first ever interactive Hunger Games commence. And may the ods be ever in your favor!


Tributes will be reaped on a first come first serve basis. Post the following and ONLY the following in the comments:

Name of Tribute:

Age (12-18):


District (1-5):

Appearance (NOT your abilities or your fitness, just your measurments and characteristics):

Name of Mentor:

Everything else will be revealed in the training sessions, the interviews etc. The games will start as soon as all tributes are reaped. Make sure to be serious about the games because once all the slots are filled, there will only be 24 hours to complete each subsequent step untill the tributes enter the arena. As for the interactivity, the readers will be the sponsors, and the users will be the mentors of the tributes they create while I will control their actions. The readers that are just watching (not a mentor) can post a comment saying "pledge to [Name of Tribute]" if they like a tribute and that will mean that they sponsored that tribute. I will post the ammount of pledges next to the tributes names and the mentors can post a comment saying how much of it to use to send to the tribues and what to buy. I will also post the prices of the products later on. Only one pledge per user per day, and mentors cannot pledge. I will post one day of the games every day. So if users skip a day then too bad for them. If they miss the deadlines of the steps before the arena they will be eliminated, and the deadlines wont be lenient so dont miss them. There will only be 10 tributes because it needs to go fast in order to test this new type of game. But if it is successful you can count on full length interactive games from me in the future. Remember this is also a fanfic so there will be some romance and some character development so be prepared to have your tributes fall in love, have some secrets and exploit their angst.

The Tributes With Training Scores.

District Sex Name Age Appearance Mentor Training Score
1 Boy Nathaniel Jones 18 6'1, Brown shaggy hair and deep brown eyes Paige 8
1 Girl Jade Seeku 18 She is very tall, long blonde hair, blue eyes. She is skinny and very pretty Glimp 8
2 Boy Bryan Mchouston 18 Ice blue eyes,Dirty Blonde curly and short cute looking hair, and 6'7 height Benjamin 9
2 Girl Hannah Sparkinson 17 Greenish Lime eyes,Long Brown Hair,5'7 Benjamin 7
3 Boy Reggie Miller 16 Tall, Skinny with Brown Hair and White Skin Larry Brown 7
3 Girl Audacia Undersea 13 Raven black hair to waist. Black eyes. Really pretty. Small for her age Srish 10
4 Boy Harvey Free 12 Normal dark brown hair,Tall for his age,brown eyes and moderatly handsome Sterling Wilki 6
4 Girl Ashley Kennedy 14 Blond hair to shoulders. Pink eyes. Pretty. A little skinny for her age Los 11
5 Boy Luke Ster 13 Brown hair, quite tall, and handsome Tim de Winter 7
5 Girl Zara Lancaster 17 Long brown, teal eyes, tan, 5'9 Riley Harwood 6

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