Gale to Katniss "Katniss, there's no District 12.

What other ending that gives you suspense like that? I love the way the author put the Catching Fire ending like that.

Before everything started about this The Hunger Games mania, I've seen the books in my local library, but just don't have the heart to borrow those. My first impression: political theme BORING, I wouldn's want to read a young adult fiction loaded with politics.

However, when the movie first came out, I'm really surprise with the storyline. It is still political but told in a different ways. I'm happy to be wrong with my first impression about the series. :-) Glad my local library had all those Hunger Games books. So, after watching the movie, I've read all the books, now can't wait for the next sequel movie.

It's sad to note that Prim died in the end, she is the epitome of innocent here but got killed due to unforeseen circumstances. Also note to Buttercup, wonder what happen next to him. Even if his potrayed as ugly, hideous cat, but I still think its beautiful of him, walked all the way by himself from District 12 to District 13 just to find his owner. Poor thing though, getting thin and full of bruises. I feel for him cause I'm a cat lover. Cried my eyes out when he and Katniss both mourn for beloved Prim.

All and all, I love The Hunger Games trilogy, books and movie(s). Screenwriters nowadays look for inspiration/adaptions from books couse that's where the great stories came from. The era of books to movies adaptations. know the many examples, The Hobbit, The Percy Jackson series, The Mortal Instruments, just to name a few..

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