aka Smudge... i is Coulrophobic (look it up)

  • I live in District 3, 4, 7, or 12... or possibly the Capitol
  • I was born on December 19
  • My occupation is Game maker/Tribute
  • I am girl (it kinda sez it in my name: mnkyGRL)
  • MnkyGrlsj

    Okay, i'm not realy sure how to do this since this is my first games but i'll do my best.

    Welcome everyone to my 1st Anual hunger games! u no the drill; 12 districts, 2 tributes each, male and a female, etc, etc. limit 2 districts per person, plz post lunaiis on my talk page. becuz this is my 1st games, i wont b doin chariot rides or interviews. the tributepeople whove tried to be my friends, and my therapists who have all failed to make any improvment in my 'condition'. they all come to mind as i sit here, laughing at a little girl who screams as i slowly cut off her fingers with my dullest knife. between her screaming and my insane laughter (ok fine! i admit it! i am INSANE!!! MWAHAHAHAHA!!!) i can hear almost nothing else wich is why it comeā€¦

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