Okay, i'm not realy sure how to do this since this is my first games but i'll do my best.

Welcome everyone to my 1st Anual hunger games! u no the drill; 12 districts, 2 tributes each, male and a female, etc, etc. limit 2 districts per person, plz post lunaiis on my talk page. becuz this is my 1st games, i wont b doin chariot rides or interviews. the tribute
  • Chic Bucci (1)
  • Tux Golden (1)
  • Rebecca (Becca) Behead (2)
  • Tyler Throw (2)
  • McKarlyle Eoau (3)
  • Seamus Fanson (3)
  • Misty Wave (4)
  • Thorn Wave (4)
  • Heather Lavender (5)
  • Malco Crest (5)
  • Canada Bon (6)
  • Zuan Klowc (6)
  • Primrose (Primmy) Axe (7)
  • Zebrawood Biceps (7)
  • Sew (8)
  • Weaver (8)
  • Saphire Rolland (9)
  • Echo Stone (9)
  • Angel Wisp (10)
  • Phoenix Gold (10)
  • Lemon Grain (11)
  • Uniform Strut (11)
  • Ashley Rose Saunders (12)
  • Birch Saunders (12)
info i need is:
  • Name
  • Age
  • District
  • Skills
  • Weaknesses
  • Strategy
  • Token
  • Family (optional)
District Male Female Creator
District 1 Tux Golden Chic Bucci Tommyboy97
District 2 Tyler Throw Rebecca Behead Effieluna
District 3 Seamus Fanson McKarlyle Eoau Algernon, the mustache man
District 4 Thorn Wave Misty Wave Nate777
District 5 Malco Crest Heather Lavender Skybender101
District 6 Zuan Klowc Canada Bon Eievie
District 7 Zebrawood Biceps Primrose (Primmy) Axe Effie Luna
District 8 Weaver Sew Morgan silve
District 9 Echo Stone Saphire Rolland Purplexmuffin
District 10 Phoenix Gold Angel Wisp Jabberjay78
District 11 Uniform Strut Lemon Grain Effieluna

District 12

Birch Saunders Ashley Rose Saunders Anon...

May the odds be ever in your favor!

Arena hints:

  1. everything is HUGE!
  2. LOTS of trees.

many mutts.

Training Scores

District Female Score Male Score
1 Chic Bucci 9 Tux Golden 8
2 Becca Behead 8 Tyler Throw 7
3 McKarlyle Eoau 6 Seamus Fanson 7
4 Misty Wave 10 Thorn Wave 9
5 Heather Lavender 7 Malco Crest 3
6 Canada Bon 5 Zuan Klowc 5
7 Primmy Axe 8 Zebrawood Biceps 7
8 Sew 6 Weaver 11
9 Saphire Rolland 9 Echo Stone 6
10 Angel Wisp 7 Phoenix Gold 8
11 Lemon Grain 7 Uniform Strut 9
12 Ashley Rose Saunders 8 Birch Saunders 5

Weaver got an 11 because he stood in front of some spears and made himself blend in perfectly! the gamemakers wouldnt have known he was there if they hadn't watched him do it!

Malco got a 3 because he tied the most impressive and dificult knot he could think of but the gamemakers weren't very impressed. to them, all knots looked pretty much the same.

The Games

Day 1

Heather Lavender

As we rise up on our metal plates, all i can see is trees. just a bunch of huge trees. i dont know what kind they are. Or would be if they were real trees because even though I'm not from 7, i know that no natural trees could grow to be that tall. All of a sudden, a HUGE shadow of something (some giant bird mutt?) sweeps over the tributes and the cornocopia. As i crane my head back to try and make it out, the back of my earing falls out! I scream in terror as it bounces off my metal plate (I am too scared to try and reach out for it, not knowing if i will just fall off the plate while trying) and on to the ground. The gong is almost lost amid the sound of my canon.

Malco Crest

My district partner has just died. I'm not sure how, but it looked like something fell from her head... I don't know and there's no way for me to find out. Now there are only 3 others left in our alliance; Primmy, Zebrawood, and Zuan. Primmy and Zebra wood can probably identify the trees... unless they're not real trees. Zuan is really good with food so i don't think any of us will die of starvation as long as he's still alive. As I am running to the cornocopia, I see that Zuan has been caught in a net thrown by Misty Wave and he's only inches away from a sword! I grab a knife that's very similar to my hunting knife back home and take off towards Misty. She doesn't hear me untill I'm 10 ft behind her and by then it's too late. I could tell in training that she didn't do so good at close range. I leap at her and skick my knife in her chest. As she crumples to the ground, I rush over to Zuan and try to cut the net open. We finally get it open and run over to where Primmy and Zebrawood (both have good sized backpacks and a few choice waepons) are waiting. Together we run off into the woods.

Seamus Fanson

I just saw Malco kill Misty. I think I will kill Thorn now so there will not be some insane tribute looking for revenge. Oooh! a throwing knife! i think i will use that to kill him! There he is! Why wont he stay still? Ok, here we go. aaaaannd... THROW! YAAAAAAY!!! I like the Hunger Games! They are FUN!

Ashley Rose Saunders

I run as fast as I can toward the cornocopia and grab a bow and 2 quivers of arrows (just in case). I see a small backpack and run for that as well but just as i reach it, i see something come bursting out of the trees on my right. IT IS A GIANT SQUIREL!!! I see it run towards another tribute (I think it's Echo Stone) and stuff him in it's cheek! Then I see it start towards me! I scream as i run imediately in the other direction and hope it sets it's sights on another tribute but the 15 ft tall squirel si already upon me and lifting me into the air and all I can do is scream as it puts me into it's mouth. I can feel its saliva burning like acid as it makes contact with my skin and I can hear Echo screaming too. Then I feel the squirrel start to run the other way; back where it came from and know that there will be no help coming for me and Echo.

Uniform Strut

There is so much killing, i just grab a knife and fun away from the cornocopia as fast as i can and hope noone sees and follows me. my plan is to hide among the trees and possibly out-last the others. mabey, if i get 2 the final three, the other two will just knock eachother off... but i suppose that's just too much to hope for. oh-well. i got thrown into these stinking games and i'm gunna try to finish them asap. i hear a twig crack behind me and start running. after about a minute it occurs to me that it might have just been an animal like a squirrel or a bird or sumptin but then i remember the 15ft squirrel i caught a glimpse of as i ran away from the cornocopia and the giant shaddow that flew over the tributes before the gong sounded and start running faster. after about another 2 minutes i stop to catch my breath. all of a sudden, i feel a knife slide between my ribs. i hear Weaver laugh (it is a very evil sounding laugh) as i slide to the ground. i wonder vaguely where he came from as my canon sounds.

Angel Wisp

as i run away from the cornocopia, i hear the cannons start to sound. BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM! six dead. 18 of us still alive. wether i like it or not, i'm gunna have to start killing. oh-well. it's only a matter of time in the hunger games. wait, what was that? i peek around a tree and see the district 6 female tribute. i dont remember her name but i remember that she could throw knives realy well in training. i watch as she turns around, sees me, and chucks one of her half-dozen knives right at my head! or where my head would have been if i hadnt ducked! i dodge 4 more knives and, just as she's about to throw her last knife, i behead her with one sweep of my sword! BOOM! as i walk away to make camp for the night i cant help but think: 7 down; 16 to go.

Saphire Rolland

ive been running away from the cornocopia for about 5 minutes and have slowed my pace to a steady jog. after about another 5 minutes, i lean against a tree to catch my breath and hear voices in the distance. i freeze and listen harder. it sounds like a large group of ppl who are not expecting trouble. as they draw closer, i hide behind the tree to eavesdrop and find out that it is the career pack. good. mabey i can pick them off with my bronze bow and arrows. i only got 10 arrows but if need be i can make some more. as soon as they realize what is happening, ill run as fast as i can away into the forest. i slide slowly out from behind the tree. not enough to let them know im ther but just enough to let me get a clear shot. i take aim aaand... FIRE! damn it! the career i was aiming for moved at the last second and, after a moment of confusion starts to run after me!

Tux Golden

"where are Misty and Thorn?" i ask Becca. "they were both killed in the blood bath. Thorn was hit by a throwing knife from that insane guy from 3 and misty was cought as close range by the dude from 5 i think", she says. i swear under my breath and instantly wheel around to kick a rock. now there are only 4 careers. its not like i feel i need the strength of #s, its just i kinda wanted to prove our dominance to the other excuses for tributes that those stupid gamemakers throw into the arena with us. as soon as i turn, i feel something fly past my head and stick solidly into the tree behind me. i whip around to look @ it and see that its an arrow. i look back 2 where it came from and see a wimpy looking girl running away from us. i imediately start to run after her, unsheathing my sword as i go. the girl is fast but ive been training all my life and i am faster. i slowly close the distance between us and, when i am within arms reach of her, tackle her. she struggles a little but it duznt last long. shes surprisingly strong but i am stronger (of course). after that she just lays there and wimpers like a lost puppy, blood trickling from her nose where i had punched her. i take pride in my ability to torture and, lets face it, we all want to give the audiance a good show, now dont we? so i do what i always do. cut off the right thumb, then the left thumb. all of a sudden i sense that we're not alone, and im not talking about tributes. i look around and see 100s of ft-tall crows just staring at us, probably waiting for me to be done with the pathetic girl. well then, theyll just have to wait. still, i decide to preed it up a bit. i start to cut off her right foot when one of the crows dives at me. i scream abuse and hack at it w/ my sword. it falls to the ground and i look at the all the other monster crows, waiting for another attack. but when it comes, it does not come from the 100s of bird mutts, but from the girl i am pinning to the ground. i thought she had fainted from the pain but apparently she was just alive enough to stick a big hunting knife (where did that come from?) in my stomach. she rolls me off her and yanks her knife out of my stomach. as she hobbles away on her one good foot, barely keeping a hold on her knife, i feel blackness closing in on me. i vaguely wonder why there are so mnay feathers among the blackness. as i slide slowly into death i vaguely catch a distant BOOM!

Lemon Grain

well, i was going to try to climb a tree but, seeing how these are taller than any NORMAL tree and the branches are right at the very top, i guess thats kinds out of the question. oh-well. when i ran away from the cornocopia i managed to snag a slingshot and i found a poisonous vine and ground it on the slingshot pelets. i also shot a rabbit so im good on food for a while. im knawing on a rabbit bone and walking along, looking for shelter when, all of a sudden, i feel my ankle YANKED up in the air! suddenly, a boy appears and quickly aims his bow at my head. "alies?" he asks, right as the capitol seal lights up the night sky. "i dont ally with people who hang me from trees," i say, and spit in his face as the 7 dead tributes start to appear in the sky. "fine," he says. "one less competetor, either way. he shoots me and then turns to watch as my face appears in the sky as well.

End of Day 1

Day 2


a wake up in my little hiding place; just a shallow indent in the ground right next to one of the abnormaly large trees. but still, its good cover, especialy with some modifications i made using my TOTALY AMAZING CAMO SKILL THAT GOT ME AN 11 IN TRAINING!!! YAAAA!! anyway... i wake up and see a rabbit just staring at me. it is a nice fat rabbit and i'm moving towards it, knife held out of sight so as not to startle it. it keeps staring as i move toward it, then it decides that im no threat and continues grazing. how wrong it is i lunge at it with my knife and stab it through the back (ive been doing that a lot lately, havnt i?) and momentarily rejoice because now i have food, a weapon, and posibly some sponsors because ive proven to be exceptional in the games. the brakes get put on my little victory dance when i hear the rabbit start beeping. beep. beep. beep. this is obviously some mutt or robot or something so why didnt it attack before i stabbed it? and why are its eyes flashing red in time to the beeoing? beep. beep. beep. and WHY is it beeping? BEEP. BEEP. BEEP BEEP. i know that it will only get worse for me if i stay, but i am so curious about the weird rabbit that i decide to stay. BEEP.BEEP.BEEP.BEEP.BEEP. i start to get a little woried and try to get up but my hands are stuck to the rabbit where i touched the blood and the rabbit is practically glued to the ground by the gore spilling from its back! BEEPBEEPBEEPBEEPBEEPBEEPBEEP! i am starting to get REALLY woried now and re-double my efforts to break free of the rabbit with blood like cement. BEEEEPBEEEEPBEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP... all of a sudden, something clicks in my brain and i stare in horror at the rabbit that is actually a cleverly disguised bomb. BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM!!!!!! BOOM! my cannon come only a few seconds after the rabbit explodes.


UUUUURGH!! NOONE WANTS TO ALLY WITH ME!!! that totaly kills my strategy!! ...i guess if i could find someone in this horrible forest to begin with that would be a start... noone seemed to like me very much in training either... and it would help if i had a weapon... ok this sucks. i wish i could do something that would get me tons of sponsors like take out the whole career pack or something... like thats gunna happen. their camp is sooo well guarded, even with the guy from 2 who cant hear. i at least wish i knew how to make a knife out of a sharp rock or sumptin but i never went near those boring stations at training. OMG LOOK! there's a person! "HEY YOU! WANA ALL-" oh shit...take mushrooms! its a career! lets just hope shes not a good runner... the problem is, neither am i. i wish there were some landmarks or something besides the cornocopia in this stupid forest... OOOF! "get OFF me you psycho career!" i punch her in the face hard enough to give her a black eye and feel a lance of pain shoot through my chest. ow. i think she might have broken a rib or two when she tackled me. through the haze of pain i hear her say: "shut up! i dont like you but i promised the others we'd ask anyone who put up a good fight if they wanted to come with us. so, do you want to be a career? (at least for a little while)" im so stunned i automaticaly reply "hell no!" which is a mistake because, before i can take it back, i hear the girl laugh evily and say "fine by me!" the last thing i see is her poison-laced sword swing down and be-head me. as i die, i vaguely hear "well, that was fun!"


ok. about half of us are gone. im getting kinda nervous about our alliance. im great @ decieving people so i think ill try to betray everyone soon. Malco and Zuan are out trying to find some firewood. Zebrawood is taking a nap so i think it will be easy to kill him, especialy since he doesnt like killing anyway. i slink over to where he's lying by the smoldering coals that are all thats left of our meager campfire. he's snoring loudly and i slip my knife out of the sheath on my belt. i freeze as he rolls over and mumbles something about mutts and careers. his eyes slowly flicker open and he sees me holding my knife above his head. he immediately jumps up and stares at me, horrified. "Primmy, no. PLZ dont do this. we're allies, remember? we're friends." he's still begging as i throw my knife at him. he blocks it with his spear and turns to run. "There are no friends in the arena... AND DONT CALL ME PRIMMY!" i grab up my ax from a few feet away and start to chase after him. i throw my axe at him and it sticks in his back with a solid smack! BOOM! i start to head back to our camp when i hear malco running hard, as though being chased by something. "Zuan... Zuan got... attacked," he pants when he finaly reaches me. "by the career pack... wheres... Zebrawood?" "he's dead," i state simply. "how?" Malco asks. "like this," i reply as i swing my axe at his head. another satisifying smack! BOOM! its a good thing Zuan got killed off. i know he would kill me if he knew i had killed the others.


AAAAAAAAAAARGH!!!!!!!!!!!! I HAVENT KILLED ANYONE YET!!!!! SEAMUS KKILLED SOMEONE BUT I HAVENT!!!!!!!!!!!! I WANT TO KILL SOMEONE CUZ CUM ON, ISNT THAT THE WHOLE POINT OF THE GAMES????? i dont know about the audience, but IM getting bored here... and frusturated. me and seamus havent seen anyone else in this endless forest since the bloodbath. we have plenty of weapons and food but we never see anything but trees, trees, trees, and the ocasional stream. THIS FOREST IS GUNNA DRIVE ME CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!! (bcuz im totaly NOT crazy already) I JUST CANT STAND IT!!!!!!!!!! AAAAAAAAARGH!!!!!!! (10 long minutes of complaining later) THIS. IS. SO. BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORRR wait, I THINK I SEE THE CAREER PACK!!!!! oooooo, this is gunna b fuuuuun. i silentley signal to seamus and we slowly slide around to either side of their camp. i see that there are only 3 careers left which makes our job so much easier. i can hear them talking from my position behind a tree. they are upset because theyve only made 2 kills today and theres only three of them and blah blah blah. i dont realy care. the only part i realy pay attention to is the fact that the girl from district 2 (i think her name is Becky or Bella or something) seems to be their leader. well, i think slyly, now i know who to target first. i whistle a bird call and me and Seamus both run out screaming, knives drawn.


"So," i say to Chic and Tyler, "since we're at the south-west corner of the forest, i say we start moving in a spiral pattern, starting by going north, then east, and so on, marking the trees with gouges that go all the way around the trunk. what do you think?" Chic looks a little sciptical but, before either of them can respond, i hear a whistle that kinda sounds like a mixture of a hawk and a sparrow and then two people come charging at us, screaming their heads off. i whip around and swing my axe at the attacker on my right but he ducks it and it accidentaly hits Tyler in the arm, sending him crumpling to the ground where my original target (who i now see is the lunatic guy from district 3) finishes him off easily. before i even raise my axe again, someone else beheads me from behind which is think is kinda ironic. most people say there life flashes before their eyes right before they die, but all i can think of as i feel the sharp edge of the knife slicing open the flesh on my neck is: apparently SOMEONE didnt like my strategy.


YES!!!!!!!HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WE TOOK OUT THE CAREERS! WE TOOK OUT THE CAREERS! the district 1 girl gave Seamus anasty slash across his face (it looks realy disgustingly AWESOME!!!) and someone cut off one of my ponytails but other than that, we're un-harmed! :D this is gunna b a PIECE OF CAKE now with only those other wimpy tributes (and Seamus) standing between me and that crown. now, lets go find someone to torture niiiice and slowly... >:)

End of Day 2

Day 3


im not even sure why, but im allied with my district partner, Phoenix. we dont like eachother much and i have a feeling that this alliance wont last much longer. maybe, in the next battle, he'll either get killed off or i can "accidentally" swing my sword the wrong way right into his face...... or he might just piss me off before then and thatll be reason enough for me. anyway, i shouldnt distract myself with fantasys of all the ways he could die. we only have a little bit of food left (just and apple and a pack of crackers) and we have no water. weve been jsut wandering around the forest, looking for food and water, but all weve found so far is a bush of berries and, after watching a squirrel eat one of the dark violet berries and drop dead a second later, we decided to keep looking. all of a sudden, i hear a scream. i sounds close by and i can hear a lot of what sounds like birds, maybe crows. "lets go check it out," is ay to Phoenix. "maybe well find something to eat"


no. no. no, they cant be back. i thought i finaly lost them last night. the huge crows have been folowing me. im sure theyre the same ones i watched eat that career i killed. now theyve come to finsh me off. me with no thumbs and only one good foot. i now know, without a doubt, that these are mutts. they have been penning me in. showing up each time i try to run. they have been chasing me for a day and a half, making sure i have no time to rest or eat or anything because these mutts are smart. they know that, either way, they will have me. if i stop, i get eaten. if they wear me out, i colapse and get eaten. either they win, or i loose. now they are back and they must know im on the verge on colapsing because they start edging closer, making those strange little croaking noises they make when theyre excited. ive heard them make it when they ate the career. and when they attacked the boy from 12. he didnt stand a chance. he had no visible weapons and he was asleep when they found him. i trip over a rock and fall flat on my face. the skwaking suddenly gets louder. after about 10 seconds, i realize im still alive. i painfully roll over and see a pair of people fighting the birds. most of the origonal flock is gone and only a dozen were still following me but tahts almost more than the pair can handle. the girl takes out half of them and i see one of the crows dive toward her. the boy jumps in front of her and the birds razor sharp beak lodges itself in his heart. the girl quickly kills the bird and then takes out the rest, her sword almost going to fast for my dying brain to see. she kills the last bird and quickly turns to me. "please," i croak out, almost sounding like one of the awful crows myself. "jsut... end it" i see her walk towards me and raise the sword blade. as she brings it down on my head, all i can think of is: yes! im getting out of the games! im going home!


phoenix is dead. and so is that other girl. i dont know what district she is from, but ill soon find out. night is falling fast, along with the temperature. if i make a fire, it will allert everyone in this stupid forest where i am but then again, i dont realy care anymore. there arent that many of us left and it would be so easy to kill anyone who showed up right now. im so full of adrenaline that i feel like i could kill anything or anyone. in fact, i almost wish someone could pop up out of the trees right now so i could kill them. just get it all over with. the anthem blares out over the arena and i look up to see the girl (who is apparently from district 9), phoenix, and, surprisingly, the boy from district 12. i do a quick count in my head: now the only ones left are the insane pair from 3, the girl from 7, and me. i suddenly realize im shivering. well, i think as i get up to get firewood. at least now i have some food... i wonder what giant crow mutt tastes like.

End of Day 3

Day 4


great morning for a walk. the sun is bright, shining off all of the fallen leaves. some hopefully non-murderous bird chirps cheerfully somewhere in the trees. oh, and im planning to kill again today. the hunger games have to end. TODAY. @ the moment, im sneaking through the woods, looking for something that will help win me the crown. or, more specificaly, someone. i walk around another tree and see her. lying in the middle of a rough circle of huge crow carcasses, a dying fire burning itself out beside her, lays the girl from district 10. Angel Wisp. i quickly aim my bow at her and whisper as loud as i dare: "HEY! Angel, WAKE UP!" she mumbles something in her sleep, i think about poultry, and rolls towards me. her eyes flutter slowly open and, as she sees me, she immediately wakes up, terrified. i can see why; im standing above her, pointing a loaded bow at her while her weapons lie on the other side of the fire. "stand up," i comand her. "i just want to talk" she gets up slowly, careful not to turn her back on me. "if you just want to talk," she sneers,"then why are you about ready to shoot me?" "just a precation," i reply. " so you dont try anything funny before i can make my offer." i then proceed to tell her about me plan; that we temporarily form an alliance to kill the two insane district 3 tributes. " i watched them," i say. "they took out the career pack! tehy almost found me and you know as well as i do that they wouldnt have let me live. as longas theyre together, they would be practically unstoppable. if we ally, just long enough to take care of them, we would either need to kill 1 or (preferably) both of them, or, at a minimum, split them up and make it so they cant find eachother again." she thinks about this for a moment and then laughs brutaly. "well! i dont realy have a choice, do i? either i ally with you to kill the district 3 tributes, or you shoot me to get rid of one competetor, right?" i laugh too and agree. she eyes my bow suspiciously for a moment, and, finaly, agrees. "great!" i say. i spit in my hand and hold it out for her to shake. she looks at me like im crazy for a moment (apparently they do not do this in her district) but then, shakes my hand. "lets go find those lunatics!"


ok, so its getting late and we,ve had no sign of those other lame loosers wandering around the woods. i had hoped to kill them today but the sun is already starting to go down and, after a full day of searching, we still havent had any luck. ill admit, im starting to get kinda nervous. not becuz of N E thing the tributes might pull, but becuz the capitol audience might be starting to get bored. and that is something the gamemakers absolutely will NOT allow. "we better find them soon," i mutter under my breath. seamus nods and then suddenly straightens. i do too. we,ve both heard the sound. a big section of ground behind us has suddenly lifted up, like a trap door. as we whip around, we see hundreds of gigantic ants slowly marching towards usout of the hole. they seem almost like robots, the way they just move in a straight line no matter what may be in their path. as we watch, more just keep coming and, as the lead one reaches the first tree, its pincers start sawing through the tree. we stand, imobilized, watching as the ant gnaws through the tree. then, as the tree slowly starts tipping towards us, i realize that we are in danger of being crushed by either an advancing ant, or a falling tree. just as i come to this conclusion, i hear seamus shout, "RUN!" we turn around and start sprinting through the trees. my only hope is that we can find our way back to the cornocopia and hide in it before the gigantic insects catch up with us.


we havent had any luck finding the D3 lunatics and we've set up camp a couple hundred yards away from the cornocopia, facing its pointed end. we are in the middle of eating our meager supper of groosling and berries when we hear i crash so big that it makes the ground shake. i almost choke on a groosling bone and, after a lot of coughing, splutter: "what the hell was that?!?" primmy duznt answer, but looks of towards the direction of the sound. i then realize that the ground is still shaking. we sit, motionless for another 10 minutes in which the huge crashes continue and the vibrations get steadily worse. all of a sudden, the 2 people weve wasted the entire day searching for, the lunatics from 3, come sprinting out of the trees, panting, looking more crazed than ever. they run toward the cornocopia without even noticing us, followed by a long column of enormous ants. the 2 run to the cornocopia and dash inside. i wonder why, but then see that the insects are chopping down the trees, causing them to fall ahead of them. after the bugs are gone, i get up, grab my sword, and start towards the cornocopia but primmy grabs my arm. "WHAT?" i demand. "why not strike them while they're weak?" she shakes her head and replys," they may be out of breath, but they'll certainly be on guard after that. we all know that was a gamemaker's attempt to force os together. they'll be expecting us to attack now. so, thats exactly what we wont do. we just need to wait untill dawn when theyre (hopefully) both asleep. a glare at her for a moment, wanting, craving the end of these horrible games but, finaly i yank my arm out of her grasp and plop back onto the hard ground. "fine," i mutter, "youre the big strategist here." i fall asleep when primmy offers to take first watch, but my sleep is not a peaceful one, for my dreams are filled with giant ants, falling trees, and scared tributes whose lives i am trying so hard to end.

End of Day 4

Day 5


im on watch right now. Mckarlyle and i have been switching off every few hours and right now shes lightly snoring a few feet away, curled up on the cold golden floor of the cornocopia. neither of us got very much sleep during the for fear of attack either by mutt or by the other two tributes who, for the past 45 minutes i have been secretely watching by pretending to be asleep. they came around the cornocopia from different sides which makes me think they had been camped right behind it. now they are "hidden" in the bushes roughly a hundred yards away from us, whispering to eachother. probably discussing ways to kill us. i suddenly give a grunt, mumble something about ants and crushed, and roll over to try and see the others better. i see them stiffen at my movement but eventualy they relax and start whispering again. after another few minutes, they stop whispering and just watch us. this kind of worries me so i roll over (with more mumbling, this time about careers) to face mckarlyle and slowly nudge her awake. "what?" she hisses at me when i finaly manage to rouse her. i start to tell her about the other tributes and how theyve been watching us but before i can finish, i hear someone, no, two someones, sprinting full pelt towards us. i immediately grab my knife, roll over, and leap to my feet to see angel and primmy a mere 20 feet away.


we could tell seamus was pretending to be asleep the moment he rolled over. we had been watching him since the first light of dawn and when he rolled over, he didnt mumble. in fact, neither of them made virtual any noise except for when they traded watch shifts and we could only hear when they did that because the cournocopia gave off a weird echo that we could hear as though we were standing in it too. anyway, we had planned to rush out and attack them in their sleep but since we saw both of them were awake, we decided just to wing it and hope they were too drowsy to put up a decent fight. we knew that this was our one and only shot to end the games because either the lunatics would come after us later in the day or the gamemakers would intervene again, probably killing at least one of us. so as we rush out from our bushes, trying to stay as quiet as we can, i vaguely realize that seamus has stiffened and a second later, he jumps up, knife in hand, ready and alert. well, i think, so much for the element of surprise. primmy stops a couple dozen feet away from the cornocopia and loads her bow, waiting for a good shot. shes not the best with a bow but she can hit a target (usualy). i run in, sword held high and automaticaly start swinging at seamus. although both tributes are formidable fighters in a battle, mckarlyle seemed to be just a tiny bit better than seamus so, of course, i go for the weak link. we exchange blows for a while, neither of us really getting the upper hand. then, it takes a turn for the worst. as i step backward to absorb the shock of his blows on my sword, my foot lands awkwardly on a rock and i sprain my ankle, falling to my knees. tears spring into my eyes from the pain and the realization that i have failed. that i will never be going home to see my family. as i look up into seamus's face, he smiles his insane, horibly creepy smile at me and raises his knife. but before he can plunge it into my skull, i hear something whistle past, dangerously close to my ear and watch as seamus crumples to the ground, an arrow now sprouting from his right shoulder.


ive been trying to save my arrows; only shooting when mckarlyle got to close to either me or angel but now im running out. i only have 3 left. i watch in horror as angel crumples to the ground and i see seamus standing over her, smiling. i know i cant win these games if angel dies now so i use one of my few remaining arrows and shoot seamus in the shoulder (i was aiming for his head) and narowly miss angel. that has to sufice for now because i see makarlyle running at me again. i aim at her and, for once, hit her. it only grazes her thigh but it definitely slows her down. out of the corner of my eye, i see angel standing over seamus like he did to her. he looks beaten but suddenly kicks out at her legs, causing her to fall to the ground in front of him. i look away because mckarlyle is hobling towards me awfuly fast so i aim carefuly and shoot my last arrow at her. she moves almost faster than my eyes can follow and knocks my arrow out of the air with her sword. i fling my bow to the ground and quickly un-sheath my long knife. we run screaming at eachother and i see a sudden movement off to my left. i turn my head slightly to see seamus pulling his knife out of angel's ribcage. i lock blades with mckarlyle and feel a heavy weight of hopelessness start to settle in the pit of my stomach. now seamus will surely come and help mckarlyle finish me off (not that she needs the help). but as we strugle to gain the upper hand, i look over and see seamus lying next to angel, still breathing but with his shirt now soaked red and a pool of blood forming around his shoulder. i must have gotten a lucky shot and hit a major blood vesel or something. i feel so releived that i momentarily relax, just slightly, but it is jsut enough for mckarlyle to finaly shove me over into the dirt. she kneels on my wrists, imobilizing my arms. and smiles down at me.


haHA!!! i have her now. ive noticed that seamus is lying in a pool of blood and hope he is dead. i mean, it would have been fun to kill him myself but at least i wont have to waste anymore of my time with him. i kneel over primmy and whisper, just loud enough for the cameras to hear: "well, since this is the end and i havent gotten to truly torture anyone in the games yet, lets make you the frost and the last. i think ill do what i used ot do to all my old barbie dolls," i say. "first i cut off your hair, then your fingers, then your toes, then i rip off your head and chop the rest of you into little. tiny. bits. sounds fun, doesnt it?" she looks up at me, terror in her face as a swing my knife towards her skull. i hack at her hair until its lying on the ground like a blond cloud around her head. her dark eyes widen and fill with tears as i turn my attention towards her hand. she screams as i begin the... ah, surgery and, despite myself, i start to laugh. i know i am a sick, twisted person for loving and wanting the pain of others. i have been told so by my numerous therapists, people who ive hurt, my therapists, my parents, my therapists, people whove tried to be my friends, and my therapists who have all failed to make any improvment in my 'condition'. they all come to mind as i sit here, laughing at a little girl who screams as i slowly cut off her fingers with my dullest knife. between her screaming and my insane laughter (ok fine! i admit it! i am INSANE!!! MWAHAHAHAHA!!!) i can hear almost nothing else wich is why it comes as a complete shock when i feel giant claws rake my side and push me off the girl. i lay there, stunned for a moment before i realize i need to get to cover. i race back into the cornocopia and i see primmy run, crying, to the trees.


i lie on the ground, knowing i will die and despite all the crazy little voices in myh ead screaming at me to get up and fight, i dont. i just lay there, waiting to die. i turn my head slightly so i can watch mckarlyle torture primmy. i try to smile but i am dying and moving my head took most of my feeble remaining strength. i see her cut off the other ones hair... my brain isnt working well enough anymore to remember who they are and who i want to win. she starts to scream as she starts to cut off her fingers. i hear her start to laugh and suddenly i hear 2 voices laughing. just laughing at the pain of the girl. it takes me a moment to realize that i' am the other on laughing. that i also am enjoying her pain

2 b continued

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