• Mockingjay2

    The 59th Ranger Games

    January 7, 2015 by Mockingjay2

    So, hey everyone! My name is Carolina, and I actually found out this wiki before the Roleplay wiki, but the RP one was the one who made me want to create my account. Anyway, I hope you enjoy it ;)

    I have been thinking of how a killing game such as the Hunger Games would fit the actual types of society, and it came through my mind the main idea of Battle Royale, which is taking up a random school class with forty-two students and making them kill themselves the day after they were chosen. I thought and came up with idea of how the "American Hunger Games" would be.

    They would be called the Ranger Games, and it would be televised by all of the channels. The reason why they chose rangers was due to the nature of the Games, and how 'rangers' were de…

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