So, hey everyone! My name is Carolina, and I actually found out this wiki before the Roleplay wiki, but the RP one was the one who made me want to create my account. Anyway, I hope you enjoy it ;)


I have been thinking of how a killing game such as the Hunger Games would fit the actual types of society, and it came through my mind the main idea of Battle Royale, which is taking up a random school class with forty-two students and making them kill themselves the day after they were chosen. I thought and came up with idea of how the "American Hunger Games" would be.

They would be called the Ranger Games, and it would be televised by all of the channels. The reason why they chose rangers was due to the nature of the Games, and how 'rangers' were descripted. Wonderers usually associated with the wisdom of nature, it would fit perfectly with the idea of these Games. Sending the 'rangers', young people sent to a remote and protected location of the country where they would have to kill themselves, until only one stands as the sole winner.

The school theme of Batlle Royale would be present in the way the 'rangers' are chosen for the Games. They would be two adolescents (a male and a female) aged between fourteen and sixteen, randomly selected by the government to represent each state. Volunteering to take the spot of a selected ranger would not be allowed as well. 

Many things would resemble the fictional Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins, there would be interviews and training for the tributes, but things such as the chariot rides and individual sessions aren't present in the Ranger Games. A special site in the capital, Washington D.C., would show to the viewers how the tributes were doing and where they were, since personal trackers would be placed inside their arms. The weapons would be placed randomly throughout the arena, with all of the tributes starting in a random location of the arena. Sponsoring is also present.

As contrary of the Hunger Games, the previous victor of these Ranger Games would not be contracted to help out the rangers, the only thing they could do for the rangers of their state is sponsoring them, with their own money. Mayors can also help the rangers of their state.

There were already sixty-nine Ranger Games, with sixty-nine victors - even though, nine of them were already dead, bringing the total to sixty. And it is now time for the 70th Annual Ranger Games to begin. Follow the adventures of some of these rangers as they experience the dangers of the arena.


1. Five rangers per user, in maximum. I have total sure that it's impossible to fill out one hundred tribute spots, but I am expecting at least thirty-five rangers.

2. It will be tough to write in the point of view of so many characters, so I will be choosing ten (five boys and five girls) of the entered rangers to narrate through the story.

3. Please, don't get mad at me if your ranger dies, it's a hard choice to decide who is going to die, but we have to do this because only one will stand as a victor.

4. I'm not North American, but I thought United States would be a perfect location for these Games to happen. Correct me if something in the story about USA is wrong, it would be really helpful! Mistakes in spelling and grammar are also common, so feel free to tell me.

5. The rangers don't need a specific template, all I need is: Name, Gender, State, Age, Personality and a Weapon of Choice.

6. Real life pictures must be provided, but if you can't or is not finding one, you can send me a description of the appearance of your character and I'll search one out.

7. These Games may contain mature language, not much, but you can expect it.

8. For a list of the states, check out here .

9. The signing up time will end when I think that people enough have already entered.


Name State Gender Age Weapon User

Character Gallery

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