This is the girl that died by trying to comfort me.

chapter 1

I don't have a name. I am telling you this because, usually, at the beginning of the story, a person says, "My name is..." But I don't have a name. Not that I need one. If I had a name, it would be of absolutely no use to me. I couldn't tell anyone it, anyway, so whats the point?

You can think of me as Avox Girl. Or give me a name, if you wish it. I can't object it. But you deserve to know why I am an Avox. It is gruesome, I admit it. I know it. I expierienced it. This is my only form of communication to anyone, anything. So bear with me.

This is my story.

I was small, about 7 years old. My parents were traitors to the Capitol. No big surprise there. They were always on the run. Always. They never had time to name me. Not that they were going to originally. Anyway, the Capitol eventually caught them. As I expressed, I was 7. They killed my parents as soon as they got back to the Capitol. I didn't understand what was going on, and for some reason they spared me. I still don't know why they did, but I wish they had killed me while they had a chance. The rest of my life was a living hell.

They shackled me to a wall unitil I was about 13. They never took me down during that 6 year period. I was fed moldly bread and foul-smelling water. But one day, when I calculated myself to be about 13, they took me down. I fell to the floor. My legs couldn't support me. The man standing above me had a whip in his hand. He stripped and beat me maliciously. When he was done, I was naked, weak, and bleeding. He whipped me again and again and again. Finally- finally- he stopped. I moaned. "Won't be doing much of that anymore, I assure you." he said. He laughed a scary laugh, and I knew he wasn't going to just chain me back up on the wall like I hoped he would. Something painful was in store for me, but I didn't know what.

I was brought into a glowing white room, screaming my head off. They chained me to bed so tightly that the only sound that could come out of me was a weak squeak. Suddenly, I was blindfolded and my mouth was forced open. They're going to choke me, I thought. They're going to choke me and it'll all be over. Well, good riddens. At that point I wanted to die. But the Capitol isn't as merciful as this. I felt a knife in my mouth, and, with one quick swipe, I couldn't feel my tongue, much less move it. All I felt was mouth pain. I sceamed. It wasn't a normal scream, though. It was high pitched, thick, and guttral. Then they unblindfolded me, and held a mirror in front of my mouth. The only reason I opened my eyes was because I didn't know what to expect. I was greeted with the most frightening reflection I had ever seen: the inside of my mouth, completely empty with no tongue. I didn't scream; I froze in shock. The doctors stared at me. A girl in red in the corner looked up and quickly opened her mouth. No tongue! The doctors followed my gaze and looked at the girl. Her mouth was still opened. Her eyes were closed. A team of Peacekeepers were summoned in and they seized the girl. Then they seized me. They strapped me to a chair and strapped the other girl to a chair at the other side of a glass window. We were staring at each other. Just as she was about to smile at me, the chair sparked and foam came out of her mouth. I was terrified. Then it all stopped. She was still alive, but barely. Then we were moved to another room where there was no wall to seperate us. She was concious and wildly looking around. She saw me and relaxed a bit. But then a Capitol person came out with a huge machete. She lost it. She thrashed around wildly in her chair, but it was no use. Then she began a high pitched, thick, guttral scream like mine. Slash! The person slit her neck and untied her. Her limp body fell on the floor. Dead.

end of chapter 1.

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