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    Hey all of you Hunger Games Wiki Users. I don't know if any of you remember me, but I've decided to come back for a while. I miss the thrill of entering tributes for games and waiting to see if they live or not. I'll be glad to enter anyone's games so if you're starting some, please comment with your blog name. It's good to be back!!

    Mockingjay5 23:28, November 29, 2011 (UTC)

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  • Mockingjay5

    Hello everyone! Welcome to the Mockingjay5 45th Hunger Games. These will be like any other Games where 24 tributes will be submitted, one girl and one boy from each District. Now, first off let me make it clear that I want at least semi-realistic tributes. I'm not saying that it can't be where two siblings live alone in the forest or something like that. Just make it seem like you put at least a little effort into it. Second, I will be doing reservations but, for 36 hours only and after that your name will be removed from the space. Third, if you could I would like you to include: Name, Age, District Number, Gender, Skills, Strategies, and History when entering your tribute(s). I would like it if you could put in Personality, but it isn't …

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    Welcome to the Mockingjay5 44th Hunger Games! Please enter tributes. The limit is two tributes, and I am NOT doing reservations for anyone. When you are submitting your tribute(s) don't forget to include: Name, Age, Gender, District Number, Appearance, Skills, Strategies, and History. If you would like to add anything else (Like personality) that would be awesome! For these Games I will be posting the Chariot Rides and the Training Scores.

    Happy Hunger Games, and may the odds be ever in your favor. - Efiie Trinket

    The arena is circular with the Cornucopia in the center. Part of the arena is forest, with lot's of animals to hunt (Rabbits, squirrels, birds, occasionally deer) and a couple ponds. It has a river in it, but it is very shallow and…

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    Hello Everyone and welcome to the Mockingjay5 43rd Hunger Games. Please enter tributes. The maximum that you can enter right now is 4 tributes. Don't forget to include: District, Name, Age, Appearence, Skills, Strategy and History. History is optional but if your tribute makes it to the final 8 I need to know their family for the interviews.

    Happy Hunger Games and may the Odds be ever in your favor. -Effie Trinket

    If you would like to sponsor a tribute, make sure that they have enough money next to their name and then post what you would like to give them in my comments.

    Basket of Bread - $450

    Bottle of Water - $300

    Water Purifier - $200

    Spear - $250

    Knife - $175

    Bow and Arrows - $575

    Sword - $550

    Vial of Poison - $375

    Medicine - The price depends on…

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    Hello everyone and welcome to the 101st Hunger Games. Please enter tributes. Don't forget to include: District, Name, Age, Appearence, Skills, Strategies, and History.

    Happy Hunger Games and may the odds be ever in your favor -Effie Trinket

    Our Victor is Julia Shay:

    Here is a picture of her sister, Samantha Shay, because she came on the Victory Tour:

    Arena The Arena is in a roundish shape. It basically is a giant maze. When the games start, the tributes have two choices- To head forwards to the cornucopia of backwards into the maze. The Cornucopia is in a clearing with a small stream running through it. When the tributes start there are walls between each one so they can't see each other. On the north tip there is a desert-like area with lots …

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