Hi everyone. I'm making a 100th Hunger Games. Their will be several twists that will be announced later. Please enter a pair of tributes. Don't forget to include: Name, District, Age, Appearence, Skills, Strategies, and if you want you can put in their history. Happy Hunger Games and may the odds be ever in you favor.

4th Quater Quell

Twist #1: As a reminder that not even the wealthiest districts can overpower the capitol, there will be double the number of Career tributes. (districts 1, 2, and 4)

Twist #2: As a reminder to the rebels that during the Hunger Games you are on your own, each tribute is only allowed to recieve one sponsor gift.

The Victor of the 100th Hunger Games is Ice Hawk.
Ice Hawk

Ice Hawk

She returns home but is sad by the loss of her brother. She later find out from her mentor that Blaze and Willow had become friends while in the Capitol and had made a deal to protect Ice with their lives. Ice is upset that two people would risk their lives for her. When she goes to District 12 on the Victory Tour, she gives Willow's family food and money.


The arena is a big circle. The Cornucopia stands in the center. The arena is seperated into 12 sections, each section representing a different district. For example district 11 would have fields and tall grass, district 4 would be a big lake with islands on it, etc. There are dirt lines between the sections. There is a water souce in most all of the sections.

Here is a list of what each section has in it.

District 1- A small abandoned city. Nothing in the buildings. No food source or water source.

District 2- There is a small mountain type thing (like "the nut") with a cave system. Inside the mountain there are weapons. There is no food source but there are some small water sources inside the mountain.

District 3- A bunch of abandoned factories with nothing in them. No food source. There is a small stream running through it.

District 4- A lake that takes up the entire space. Has islands on the lake with food. The water is saltwater.

District 5- Unknown what the district does

District 6- Unknown what the district does

District 7- A large forest. Small animals are in it and there is a stream running through it.

District 8- Has lots of buildings with warm clothes in them. Nothing else is in the buildings. There is no food source but their is a small stream running through it.

District 9- Unknown what the district does

District 10- Some abandoned farms with hay in them. A couple small animals are there. (rabbits, squirrels, etc.) There is a small lake.

District 11- A large meadow with tall grasses. Small animals are there. There is a small swamp were you can get water. There are some trees.

District 12- A large forest with small animals and a stream running through it. There is a mine but it's not that deep.

Day 1


1. Andrew Bartik, District 4, Killed by Tom

2. Tom Brown, District 10, Killed by Marta

3. Kip Larst, District 3, Killed by Jax

4. Seina Woodard, District 9, Killed by Olivia and Ethan

5. Lesly Golden, District 5, Killed by Willow

6. Spruce Ash, District 12, Killed by Fall

7. Chanel Lynch, District 6, Killed by Marc

8. Mullac Heming, District 2, Killed by Cooper


The gong goes off and the tributes are scrambled throughout the sections of the arena. The Careers pre-made alliance makes it to the Cornucopia firts. It includes Carl, Marta, Jax, Johanna, Mullac, Evam, Cooper, Soolet, and Andrew. They arm themselves and start killing off other tributes. Tom finds a spear close by and throws it at Andrew. It hits him directly in the chest. Before Tom can do anything he gets hit with a knife thrown by Marta. Kip carefully approaches the Careers to try and be one of them but before he can say anything he gets speared by Jax. During this Willow and Fall have picked up the only bows and arrows in the arena and they both run into the District 12 section. Seina is walking through the District 7 section and meets Olivia and Ethan who are already allies. They discuss and decide to just kill Siena now. They kill her easily. Lesly heads into the District 12 section and walks right under Willow who is hiding in a tree. Willow shoots an arrow through Lesly's head. Spruce also heads into the District 12 section looking for Willow. Before he find Willow he stumbles near Fall, who kills him instantly. Chanel is walking through the District 11 section when Marc jumps out and kills her with a knife. Back at the Cornucopia Mullac and Cooper are arguing over who gets the spear. Mullac takes it to far and Cooper picks up his knife and stabs Mullac. The rest of the day is uneventful.

Day 2


1. Soolet Won, District 2, Killed by Marc

2. Marc Weeks, District 5, Killed by Cooper

3. Antoine Ware, District 9, Killed by Daniela

4. Filbert Aster, District 11, Killed by Nightlock Berries


Day 2 begins and half of the Careers set out to the District 11 section and the other half go to the District 2 section. The people who go to the District 11 section are walking through the swamp when Marc jumps out with a spear. He spears Soolet and she dies, but in revenge Cooper kills Marc. By noon the Careers have met back at the Cornucopia. Antoine is on the brink of dying from dehydration. He happens to go near the border to the District 10 section. Daniela is near the border and she sees Antoine. She kills him easily. Filbert and Edelweiss are in the District 11 section when Filbert picks some berries and starts to eat them. He thinks they are blueberries but they are really Nightlock. He dies instanly and Edelweiss runs away crying.

Day 3


1. Jerimiah Shields, District 6, Killed by a mine that collapses

2. Pine Maple, District 12, Killed by a mine that collapses

3. Johanna Watson, District 1, Killed by Ellie


Day 3 begins and Jerimiah is on the move. He ends up in the District 12 section by noon. The Careers decide to search the District 3 section and the District 2 section. Jerimiah sees the mine and enters. Pine wanders into the mine as well. Just as he's about to meet up with Jerimiah the mine collapses, they are both buried and they both die. Johanna, Jax and Cooper are looking in the District 3 section when Ellie jumps out from behind a building, throws a knife straight at Johanna, and runs away quickly. Johanna dies instantly and Ellie is already too far away for them to catch her. The remaining Careers are furious and head back to the Cornucopia. Olivia and Ethan are out of food and have been for three days. They are weak and tired. As it turns to afternoon it starts to look bad for the both of them. Just as they settle in for the night a silver parachute comes down and lands on Ethan's lap. He opens it and there are two freshly baked loaves of bread.

Day 4


1. Evam Nahart, District 2, Killed by Erica

2. Erica Watson, District 10, Killed by Cooper


Day 4 begins and it is really hot out. It's about 109 degrees. The Careers decide to hang out in the Cornucopia all day. Most of the tributes are resting somewhere. At about noon it instantly gets colder. Now it's about 50 degrees. The Careers decide to go look for other tributes. Carl, Marta and Jax go to the District 11 Section while Evam and Cooper go to the District 10 section. While Evam and Cooper are in the District 10 section they hear a noise from inside one of the barns. They go in and investigate. It is really Erica who has almost starved to death. She hasn't had any food for about 4 days. She gets her only weapon (a spear that her sponser sent her in hope that she could hunt with it) and charges at the Careers. She manages to spear Evam and she dies instantly. Cooper, then, takes his knife and stabs Erica in the chest. She dies. Cooper returns to the Cornucopia along with the three other Careers. The rest of the day is uneventful.

Day 5


1. Ellie Stardam, District 3, Killed by Cooper

2. Olivia Bishop, District 8, Killed by Jax


Day five begins and the day is scorching hot again. The Careers wake up and Marta has heat stroke. The other Careers go out and look for other tributes while Carl stays and watches Marta. Cooper heads to the District 3 section and comes across Ellie who is passed out in the middle of the street. He has no problem killing her. Jax heads to the District 7 section. It comes to noon and it gets freezing cold suddenly. Jax hides up a tree and when he reaches the top, Olivia and Ethan walk right under him. Ethan is well armed while Olivia is carrying two small backpacks. Jax just has one spear and he goes for Olivia. It hits her chest and she falls over. Jax decides to run, so he heads back to the Cornucopia. Ethan bends down and sees that Olivia is still breathing. Her last words are: " Ethan, You have to win for the both of us and remember I will always be watching over you." Her eyes flutter closed and she lets out one last straggling breath and everything is silent. Ethan starts sobbing. He runs through the forest until he can't run anymore. He then falls to the ground and keeps sobbing. He whispers to himself, " Oh, Olivia, Goodbye forever. I will miss you." He lets out one last sob, climbs up a tree and falls asleep.

Day 6


1. Carl Moreau, District 1, Killed by Ethan


Day six begins and Ethan is on the move. It's the same cycle of hot and cold today. Ethan ends up in the District 11 section by noon and meets up with Edelwiess. Ethan begs Edelwiess to form and alliance. They do and decide to hunt the Careers before they hunt them. Luckily, Carl and Marta show up at their camp. Ethan and Edelwiess are hiding in the bushes and Ethan manages to throw his spear in their direction. It flies towards Marta but, Carl dives in front of her and takes the hit. It buries itself up to the hilt in his chest. Marta wants revenge, but it's too late. Ethan and Edelwiess are long gone. Marta heads back to the Cornucopia, crying. The rest of the day is uneventful.

Day 7


1. Edelweiss Honeysuckle, District 11, Killed by Marta

2. Cooper White, District 2, Killed by Willow


Day seven begins and the remaining 3 Careers set off together. They head to the District 11 section. They are sitting in the tall grass eating lunch when Marta says she heard something and she's going to check it out. She takes a spear and tells the others to stay there. She is walking for about two minutes when she literally walks straight into Edelweiss. She is alone and has no weapons. Edelweiss turns and runs but it's no use. She dies quickly. Marta goes back to the group and says that they should head back to the Cornucopia. They decide to go to the District 12 section first. They are walking through the forest and happen to walk right under Willow who is snacking on some berries and sitting in a tree. She decides to have a little fun before she kills them. She shouts down, "Hey guys, What brings you to this part of the woods?" The Careers look up at her in astonishment. She pops another berry into her mouth. Cooper replies, "Oh, just looking for more people to kill." The tree that Willow is in has a large and sturdy trunk. Quietly she pulls her bow from behind the tree and notches and arrow. The Careers don't see her. She suddenly has an arrow flying straight at Cooper. He lets out a soft moan and falls to the ground. Marta and Jax are already on their way out. Willow decides to let them be and she whispers to herself, "Oh, Careers, if only you weren't so stupid." She laughs quietly and pops another berry into her mouth.


Marta Moreau

Her mother refused to show up, but her best friend came. She said, "Marta, I know you're sad about your brother's death, but you have to keep fighting and win." She then walks away.

Jax Peterson

Only his mom showed up. She started to say, "Jax I know you can't hear me but I know you'll do-" Then she got confused as if she didn't know why she was there. It is obvious she is on drugs.

Daniela Stanton

Her dad shows up. He says very loudly, "Daniela, I know you can do this. Just believe in yourself." He raises his head proudly and walks off stage.

Blaze and Ice Hawk

Only their mother showed up. She announced, "Listen, you are both doing great. I know you can't both come home. I will always remember you both no matter what happens." She gives the audience a small smile and walks away.

Willow Thorn

Her little sister and her father showed up. Her little sister said, "Willow, you have to try as hard as you can to get home. Mother is getting more sick, and if you don't win we won't have enough money to get a doctor and cure her." She runs off stage crying, her father follows closely behind.

Ethan Bishop

Both of his parents showed up. His mom said, "Ethan I know you can do this. I know you're upset about Olivia's death but you have to keep pushing forward." His dad doesn't say anything.

Fall Sparrow

Her brother, sister and dad show up. Her sister says, "Fall, you're doing great. You're in the final eight. I know you can win." Her brother just nodas his head. Her father says, "Fall, I love you and even if you don't come back, I will always remember you."

Day 8


1. Daniela Stanton, District 4, Killed by Ethan


Day 8 begins and Marta and Jax decide to stay at the Cornucopia until noon. Ethan is up and moving by sunrise. He is in the District 4 Section by noon. He starts swimming towards the biggest Island and when he sees Daniela walking along the beach. He isn't that accurate in the water but he tries to throw his spear at her. It hits her leg and she falls down. Ethan swims the rest of the way. He makes it to the island and pulls out his knife. He sees Daniela laying there. She has no weapons and she is defenseless. All she can say is, "Goodbye," before the knife hits her chest. She dies instantly. Ethan starts to regret that he killed her. He knew in his heart that it was wrong to kill her like that. He jumps back in the water and is suprised to find tears in his eyes. He swims to the next closest island and sees Ice running around on the beach laughing. Blaze is with her. Ethan decides to come up from the back and kill them. Ethan is hiding behind the palm trees when Blaze goes to their camp to get some water. Ethan decides that this is the perfect time to kill Ice. He is about to throw the spear when Blaze sees him. He jumps in front of Ice and takes the hit. It only hits his arm but he is bleeding badly. Ethan runs away but not before Ice throws the spear. It skims across his leg and he jumps into the water. Ice looks over at Blaze and says, "Blaze! Blaze! Are you Okay! Talk to me!" Blaze has almost fainted from blood loss. Ice runs to get bandages but when she comes back he is laying on the ground. He is still partly conscious and the last thing he hears is, "Blaze! Don't die! Please don't die! Not now, don't leave! Blaze! Blaze!" He falls unconscious and Ice wraps up his arm. Ice manages to get some water in him but she is scared to death. She doesn't sleep that night. Blaze is still alive but he is unconscious. The rest of the day is uneventful.

Day 9


1. Marta Moreau, District 1, Killed by Ice

2. Blaze Hawk, District 4, Killed by Marta


Blaze wakes up and he is tired and sore. Ice is gathering fruit. There is no sign of Ethan. The Careers decide to look in the District 4 Section. Jax doesn't know how to swim so Marta goes by herself. She gets to the Island where Ice and Blaze are. She sneaks up behing Ice while Blaze is getting some water. She is taking out her knife when Blaze sees her. She is about to throw it and Blaze dives in front of Ice again. But this time he's not so lucky. Before Marta can do anything she is hit in the chest by a spear that Ice throws. She dies instantly. Ice runs back over to Blaze. He is on the ground with a knife buried halfway into his chest. Ice runs over and knows that this is the end. She says, "Blaze, it should have been me. Why would you do that?" "I had to save you. It was my last wish. I knew that if I protected you, mabye you could win." He shudders and coughs, "Blaze, I'm so sorry. This is all my fault." "Ice, listen to me, I know that you will go home. Stay strong, for me and for mother. I love you and I will always be watching over you." Tears are streaming down Ice's face. Blaze lets out one last word, "Goodbye", and then falls silent. Ice is sobbing. She wants to leave. She gets a spear, a knife, some water and some fruit. She takes one last look at Blaze and says, "Goodbye, Blaze. You will always be in my heart." She starts swimming and is in the District 12 section by late afternoon. She is still crying. Willow is watching her and feels sorry for her. She jumps down from the tree and lands in front of Ice. Ice is scared and starts to run away. Willow calls, "Wait I could use an ally." Ice stops dead in her tracks. She turns around, tears still in her eyes and says, "Sure." Willow takes her up the tree and they fall asleep under the full moon.

Day 10


1. Ethan Bishop, District 8, Killed by Ice


Willow and Ice wake up and gather food and water. They haven't seen anyone but they still decide to take a knife with them just in case. They're sitting by the stream when a twig snaps. They both turn around. Ethan is there with a spear and a crazed look in his eyes. He throws the spear and aims for Ice. Willow leans in front of her and gets hit in the upper leg. Ice instantly grabs a knife and throws it a Ethan's heart. It buries itself up to the hilt in his chest. He falls over and dies. Willow is still alive but she is losing blood fast. Ice manages to bandage it up but Willow is very pale and looks like she's about to pass out. Blood is seaping through the bandage and she falls unconscious. Ice gets her back to camp and eventually gets her up in the tree. She gats her to drink some water and then lays her down. Ice knows that she is barely alive. Ice falls asleep even though it's only afternoon. Nothing else happens for the rest of the day.

Day 11


1. Willow Thorn, District 7, Killed by Ethan


Day 11 begins and Willow is getting worse. Ice has managed to give her some water. She is losing more blood. She wakes up around noon and knows she's about to die. They are on the ground, near the stream when she says, "Ice, I know you can win. When you go to district 7 on your victory tour, tell my sister that I love her and I wish I could see her again. Tell her that I will always watch over h-" Willow stops, "Ice look behind you!" Jax is standing there with a knife. Ice gets him first. She lodges a knife deep into his arm. He runs away. Ice turns around. Willow takes one last breath and falls silent. Ice starts crying, "First Blaze, and now you, I wish it wasn't all my fault. Why is everyone trying to save me." She starts crying harder. "Goodbye, Willow." She whispers. That night she decides to stay in the tree.

Day 12


1. Fall Sparrow, District 12, Killed by Jax


Day 12 begins and Fall decides to sleep in. She wakes up and hears a rustling in the bushes. It's Jax. He has a spear. He instantly throws it up in the tree. It hits Fall in the leg and she falls out of the tree. Once she is on the ground she is able to take her knife (which she had with her) and hit Jax in the upper arm. Jax is very angry and stabs Fall multiple times even after she is surely dead. Jax is un able to climb the tree and get her things. He decides to just head back to the Cornucopia. Ice is still near the stream. She also, is still very sad about Blaze's and Willow's deaths. She climbs up into the tree around mid-afternoon and stays there for the rest of the day

Day 13


1. Jax Peterson, District 1, Killed by Ice


Ice wakes up and finds a parachute sitting on her lap. She opens it and there is a couple rolls and a dagger that has a blade at least 14 inches long. She takes the rolls and eats them. Then she gets water. Ice takes the dagger and slips it into the front pocket of the backpack. She also takes Willow's bow and arrows. She heads to the Cornucopia. It is mid-afternoon when she arrives. She is on the outskirts of the forest and Jax is sitting there, eating an apple. His spear is sitting about 5 feet away from him. She sees no other weapons. Right when she gets ready to notch the arrow, It starts to snow hard. It is a full on blizzard. Ice gets the knife ready by slipping it into her belt. Her bow is ready to be used. She hears some one start coming towards her. She has 5 arrows. She shoots the first one. It misses but it is very close. Jax holds his spear. Then the snow stops suddenly. Ice takes out her knife. She is facing toward the Cornucopia. She hears a twig snap behind her. She gets her knife ready, spins around and throws at Jax. He is unprepeared and gets hit right below his neck. He falls to the ground, but not before he throws his spear at Ice. It hits her upper leg. Ice grabs the small knife out of her backpack and is stabbing Jax repeatedly while she is crying. Jax is dead and Ice manages to get far enough away from him. The hovercraft comes to pick him up. Ice is still alive but she is about to pass out. The ladder fall and she grabs on to it. About half way up she passes out. She wakes up in the Capitol.


District 1 Male - Carl Moreau

District 1 Female - Marta Moreau

District 1 Male - Jax Peterson

District 1 Female - Johanna Watson

District 2 Male - Mullac Heming

District 2 Female - Evam Nahart

District 2 Male - Cooper White

District 2 Female - Soolet Won

District 3 Male - Ellie Stardam

District 3 Female - Kip Larst

District 4 Male - Andrew Bartik

District 4 Female - Daniela Stanton

District 4 Male - Blaze Hawk

District 4 Female - Ice Hawk - Victor

District 5 Male - Marc Weeks

District 5 Female - Lesly Golden

District 6 Male - Jerimiah Shields

District 6 Female - Chanel Lynch

District 7 Male - Spruce Ash

District 7 Female - Willow Thorn

District 8 Male - Ethan Bishop

District 8 Female - Olivia Bishop

District 9 Male - Antoine Ware

District 9 Female - Siena Woodard

District 10 Male - Tom Brown

District 10 Female - Erica Watson

District 11 Male - Filbert Aster

District 11 Female - Edelweiss Honeysuckle

District 12 Male - Pine Maple

District 12 Female - Fall Sparrow

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