Hello everyone and welcome to the 101st Hunger Games. Please enter tributes. Don't forget to include:
Julia Shay

Julia Shay

District, Name, Age, Appearence, Skills, Strategies, and History. Happy Hunger Games and may the odds be ever in your favor -Effie Trinket
Julia's little sister

Samantha Shay

Our Victor is Julia Shay:

Here is a picture of her sister, Samantha Shay, because she came on the Victory Tour:


Arena The Arena is in a roundish shape. It basically is a giant maze. When the games start, the tributes have two choices- To head forwards to the cornucopia of backwards into the maze. The Cornucopia is in a clearing with a small stream running through it. When the tributes start there are walls between each one so they can't see each other. On the north tip there is a desert-like area with lots of muttations and large rocks. There are a couple small ponds but not much. On the south tip there is a forest with a stream running through the center of it. There are small animals to hunt. On the east and west tips there are big lakes. The walls of the maze are rock but they have some sort of vine on them. They are very tall and basically impossible to get over.

Day 1


1. Olivia Potts, District 9, Killed by Killarn

2. Megan Ice, District 5, Killed by Sota

3. Sota Shard, District 6, Killed by Aaron

4. Jazmine Reed, District 10, Killed by Lillian

5. Cheezu Meezu, District 2, Killed by Kristin

6. Pansy Wellfare, District 11, Killed by a poisonous apple


The gong goes off and the Games begin. Kristin gets to the Cornucopia first, grabs some supplies and escapes before anyone notices. The Careers head straight there and their alliance includes: Killarn, Glow, Melarka, Cheezu, Jake, and Hannah. Olivia is trying to decide what to do when a knife comes straight at her and hits her chest. She dies instantly. The knife was thrown by Killarn. Megan and Aaron have already allied when they run into Sota. Sota immedietly throws a spear and it hits Megan. Aaron wants revenge and takes his knife and stabs Sota until he is dead. Aaron runs deeper into the maze. Megan dies right after Aaron leaves. Jazmine is running around the maze unarmed. She is very scared. She turns a corner and Lillian is standing there with a sword that has a shining blade. She runs straight to Jazime and slices straight down on her head. It practically cuts her clean in half. Back at the Cornucopia Cheezu is bending over to grab a sword when an arrow comes flying at her. It was from Kristin. It hits her in the back and Kristin escapes before they can do anything. Cheezu falls over dead. Pansy is walking around when she sees an apple on the ground. Her mouth waters when she sees it. When she takes a bite she knows something is wrong. She tries to spit it out but she has already swallowed it. The apple was poisonous and she dies. The temperature stays warm throughout the night.

Day 2


1. Gander Lufonda, District 10, Killed by the Careers

2. Sal Derew, District 7, Killed by Kristin

3. Glow Greater, District 1, Killed by Lillian


Day 2 begins and most of the tributes awake to a loud bang. It was a cannon. Gander had died. He was walking through the maze when he rounded a corner and fell into a trap. His arm was sliced of as he fell but he wasn't dead. The Careers ended up walking right past him. They speared him and he died. Melia and Sal wake up and head south. They hit the forest by noon. Just as they enter an arrow flies past Melia and hits Sal in the head. He lets out one last breath and fall down dead. Kristin is notching another arrow but Melia escapes. She cries about Sal's death, but then stops instantly and remembers that she is on TV. She wants sponsors so she stops crying and runs north. The Careers are walking through the maze when they see Lillian with her sword ready to kill. She runs up to Glow and stabs the sword straight through her stomach. The sword extends through her stomach and out the other side where it is glistening with blood. Killarn is too shocked to do anything, and runs off. Hannah and Jake follow close behind and when Melarka realizes that he is the only one left and runs off. Lillian smiles sweetly and skips away. The rest of the day is uneventful.

Day 3


1. Pinkar Urippa, District 8, Killed by Killarn


Day 3 begins and the Careers head off. They hit the forest by noon. Lillian and Pinkar had already been in the forest since early this morning. They are near the stream when the Careers sneak up behind them. Hannah and Jake decide to wait by the maze and watch for other tributes. Right as Killarn is about to throw the knife Lillian turns around. She jumps up with her sword in hand and is ready for a fight. She shouts at Pinkar to run but it's too late. The knife buries itself in his back. He slumps over and falls into the stream. Lillian is waiting for an attack but only Melarka has a spear. He takes it, runs by Lillian, grabs her hand and pulls her deep into the forest. Killarn can't keep up and he returns to the other Careers. When Melarka and Lillian get a safe distance away, they stop. Right when they stop it starts pouring rain. They find a small cave and go inside it. Luckily, Melarka has a backpack with food, water, and a blanket in it. They lay out the blanket and sit down. Lillian says, "Melarka, why did you save me?" "Well, umm," Lillian doesn't say anything. She leans up and kisses him on the cheek. "Thanks" She says. They sleep well that night.

Day 4


1. Ayami Fern, District 6, Killed by Killarn


Day 4 begins and it is still a terrible storm. Lillian and Melarka are still asleep but awake to a noise outside. They both wake up and Lillian wants to go look but Melarka doesn't let her. He gets up and peeks around the edge of the cave. He hears a terrible scream. A girl's scream. He turns around but Lillian is fine. He walks out of the cave motioning for Lillian to follow. She grabs her sword and meets him at the entrance to the cave. They walk outside and another scream fills the air. They start to run and find Killarn with a sword in hands and Ayami laying on the ground with a large pile of blood around her. She looks almost dead. Killarn can't see Lillian. She runs out and slashes him with her sword. He cries out and holds his shoulder. The cut is very deep and he runs away, but not before attempting to injure Lillian. He ends up slashing he arm and the blood starts flowing instantly. She runs over to Ayami and sees that she has a deep cut in her leg and shoulder. Lillian knows she will die. Lillian carries her to the cave entrance in the rain and lays her down on a pile of leaves. Lillian gets a few leaves of radiant yellow and glowing orange. She weaves them into Ayami's hair. Before she dies Ayami whispers something to Lillian. She says, "Don't Forget-" Then she sighs heavily and dies. Lillian just stares at her. A single tear falls down her face and lands on the top of her forehead. Melarka goes up to her and wraps his arms around her. He buries his head in her wet hair. They stand like that until they hear the hovercraft take Ayami. Lillian is bleeding badly, so Melarka wraps her arm in a bandage. They sit in the cave with Melarka sitting up and Lillian resting her head on his knees. Lillian falls asleep and so does Melarka. Right before midnight a cannon goes off.

Day 5


1. Fred Tinason, District 11, Killed by Killarn

2. Finn Brown, District 9, Killed by mutts


Day 5 begins and the cannon shot last night was from Fred. He was killed by Killarn when he was walking through the maze. Finn is in the middle of the desert and he is almost out of water. He finds a cave to rest in and falls asleep. Lillian wakes up and Melarka is gone. She jumps up in a panic and screams his name, but you can't hear it over the storm. She darts out of thesees him by the stream and runs over to him. She runs up to him and hugs him tight and she starts to cry. "Lillian, it's ok, I'm right here." Melarka says. "I know." Lillian manages to say, Lillian's arm has started bleeding again so Melarka just picks her up and carries her inside the cave. He sits her down and leans in close to her. Lillian props herself up on one elbow and leans in to kiss him. Their lips meet and it's like a wave of warmth has spread through Lillian. Melarka is the first to lean away. He sits up and grabs the blanket. He wraps up Lillian and rocks her to sleep. Finn wakes up to a barking noise. He jumps up and sees two dog-like mutts at the entrance to his cave. Drool is slobbering down their mouths and Finn is scared. He knows that he is done for. He screams and runs straight at the mutts. He attempts to jump over them, but one grabs him by the shirt and pulls him down. He is dead in a matter of seconds.

Day 6


1. Sebastian Wallace, District 12, Killed by Jake


Day 6 begins and Julia wakes up to a scream. She sits up sees Sebastian laying on the ground and Jake is standing over him holding a knife with blood dripping off of it. Hannah is standing next to him with tears in her eyes. Julia realizes that they can't see her. A cannon goes off. Jake whispers, "I'm sorry Sebastian but if I didn't kill you, he would have killed me." Just then Killarn darts out of the trees, his arm heavily bandaged, and says, "Did you kill him?" "Yes." Jake mutters. Melarka wakes up and sees that Lillian is still asleep. he walks over to her and brushes a strand of hair out of her eyes. About a second later, Lillian's eyes fly open and she screams. Melarka jumps back and looks at her with worried eyes. She kneeles on the floor and mutters, "Oh no, Oh no, Oh no, Not them." Melarka walks over to her and says, "Lillian, what's wrong?" She replies, "The dream, it was so real, too real." Melarka says, "What dream?" Lillian doesn't reply. She runs over to Melarka and hugs him tight. They stay like this, in silence, for a long time. Julia is running through the maze, when she literally runs straight into Aaron. She has tears in her eyes, but she doesn't know why. She says, "Just kill me now." Aaron grabs her hand and leads her to a grassy, flat spot in the forest. Julia says, "Allies." "Allies." Aaron confirmes. The sky starts to go dark and Julia is very tired. She leans on Aaron and falls asleep.

Day 7


1. Jake Spakes, District 4, Killed by Guadan

2. Guadan Lillopope, District 3, Killed by Hannah


Early in the morning, Lillian wakes up. She nudges Melarka to wake him up. Melarka yawns and looks at Lillian. Lillian looks worries and Melarka asks her,

"What's wrong?"

"It's just the dream that I had.."

"Oh, yea, going to tell me anything about that?"

"Well I was in District 8, and I was at my house."


"I walked inside my house and my entire family was there."

"What happened?"

"Some peacekeepers rushed into the house and surrounded them with guns."

"Oh, Lillian-"

"Wait. Then just as the first shot went off, aimed at my sister, I woke up."

"Wait, Lillian, you don't think it was real, do you?"

"It's just, it seemed so real." Lillian bursts into tears and runs at Melarka. He opens his arms and Lillian runs into them.

The Careers are in the forest and they come opon Guadan who is pretending to be asleep. Right as Jake runs at him he jumps up and throws his knife. It lands in Jake's chest and he falls over, dead. Hannah is furious, so she takes her knife and stabs Guadan repeatedly. Guadan cannot defend himself because he has no weapons and he is weak from lack of food. Hannah keeps stabbing him even after he is dead. Killarn convices her to move on. They leave the area and head back to the Cornucopia.

Day 8


1. Hannah Spakes, District 4, Killed by Melarka


Melarka wakes up and Lillian is gone. He jumps up and notices that her sword is gone. He grabs a spear and a knife. He runs out of the cave and sees Hannah and Lillian fighting. Lillian has her sword but Hannah somehow found an ax. Hannah has a really bad arm injury and her leg is cut. Lillian has a deep cut in her arm that seems to have rocks and dirt in it. Melarka runs up and stands next to Lillian. Hannah takes her ax and throws it at Lillian. It skims across her leg. The cut isn't deep. Melarka takes his spear and throws it at Hannah. It spears her neck and she falls over. She is dead in a matter of seconds. Melarka runs up to Lillian and picks her up. He carries her into the cave. Her eyes are shining and she looks like she's about to cry. Melarka looks at her leg first. He wraps a bandage around it. Then he looks at her arm which is bleeding badly. There are rocks in the cut and Melarka has to pull them out. Right as he's pulling out the first one, Lillian pulls her arm away. She says, "Sorry, it just hurts so bad." She takes a deep breath and holds out her arm again. By the second rock, Lillian has tears rolling down her cheeks. Melarka looks up and says, "Lillian, it's ok." He leans up and kisses her which seems, to Lillian, to erase all of the pain. He whispers, "Better?" "Yes." She replies. He continues and by the ends Lillian has had enough. He wraps up her arm and carries her to the blanket. "So what happened?" He asks.

"Well, I woke up and it was early in the morning."


"I heard something outside and I didn't want to wake you."

"Lillian, you know you could have."

"I know. I grabbed my sword and stepped outside. I had taken one step outside when something went whizzing by me. It was an ax that Hannah had thrown."

"Then What?"

"Luckily, I moved to the side but it still hit my arm and I fell over. I landed on some dirt and pebbles. Then I jumped up and started fighting her."

"Which is where I showed up."


Lillian and Melarka go to hunt because their food is running low. Nothing happens for the rest of the day.

Day 9


1. Aaron Thorn, District 5, Killed by Lillian

2. Melia Cox, District 7, Killed by Julia


Day 9 begins and Julia wakes up without Aaron. She jumps up and runs to the stream where she finds Aaron dead. He is laying right next to the stream with a knife sticking out of is chest. He is laying in a large pool of blood. Julia takes the knife out and starts to clean the blood off of him. She finishes and a single tear rolls down her face and lands right over his wound. She stands up and returns to their camp. She gathers their supplies and heads off. Melia is asleep in a tree when Julia walks right under her. She scales down tree silently and stands in front of Julia. Julia draws her knife and takes her spear. Melia only has a spear so she gets ready to throw it. Julia is ready for her attck and avoids the spear easily. Julia attempts to throw her spear but it only gives Melia a small cut. Melia runs straight at Julia and tackles her to the ground. She falls and Melia triumphantly puts her foot on Julia's chest. She picks up her foot and crushes Julia's arm with all of her strength. Julia cries out in pain. She still has her knife so she makes a deep cut in Melia's leg. Melia falls to the ground a Julia stabs her knife into Melia's heart. She stands up whispers, "Sorry." She has tears in her eyes because of the pain. She grabs some bandages and carefull wraps her arm in a sling. She walks off and hides in a tree for the night.

Day 10


1. Kristin Embers, District 12, Killed by Julia


Day 10 begins and Julia is camping in a tree when Kristin walk right below her. She grabs her spear and aims carefully. She throws it and it stabs into her chest. Julia jumps down from the tree and takes out her knife. She throws it into Kristin's heart and she dies. Julia takes her spear and takes hours cleaning the blood off of it in the stream. Julia sees her reflection in the water. She has blood on her hand and smudge marks of blood on her face. She says, "What am I turning into?" She runs away and stays in her tree for the rest of the day. Melarka and Lillian decide to leave their cave and hunt for the night.

Day 11


1. Melarka Peetason, District 2, Killed by Killarn


Lillian and Melarka wake up and hear a noise outside. They get up, weapons, in hand, and investigate. Melarka just steps ouot when a knife comes whizzing to them and buries itself in Melarka's leg. He screams and Lillian jumps out to defend him. Killarn is standing there with a very larga selection of knives. Lillian takes her sword and runs at him. Killarn is stunned when the sword stabs his leg but he manages to plunge another dagger into Lillian's arm. Killarn runs away screaming in pain. Lillian falls over dizzy from the pain. She wakes a couple hours later. Her arm is covered in dried blood. She sits upo and her head starts spinning. She sees Melarka on the ground and crawls slowly over to him. He is taking gasping breaths and is lying in a very large pool of blood. She says, "Melarka, this is all my fault." "No it's not." He whispers back.

"If I had just said let me go out first then it would have been me and not you."

"Lillian, go home to your family."

"I don't want to go without you."

By this time Lillian is crying and Melarka is breathing heavily.

"Lillian, listen, I never could have won the games, and I know that you can."

"No, Please don't die, Please!"

"Lillian-" He leans up with all of his strength and kisses Lillian for one last time.

"Melarka, I don't want you to leave me alone."

"Lillian, I love you with all my heart. I'll be watching over you always. I love you."

He takes one last breath and his body goes limp. "No!" Screams Lillian she has tears flowing down her face. She jumps up with her sword, gathers all of the materials and puts them in a backpack, and sets off.

Day 11


1. Killarn Ponqui, District 1, Killed by Lillian


It is early morning when Lillian meets up with Killarn.

Lillian says, "You! You murdered Melarka. Now I will get revenge."

"Oh, yea. How do you think you'll do that."

Before anyone says anything else, Lillian takes out her sword.

"I'll kill you just like I killed Glow, your District parter. I'll cut you clean in half."

"Yea 'cause I'm sure you can do that."

"I can!" Lillian runs at him with her sword and Killarn didn't think that one girl could be so brave. He takes a knife and prepares for the hit. Right before Lillian reaches him he throws the knife. It lodges into her leg. Lillian uses the rest of her strength to stab her sword into Killarn's chest. He says, "Someday I will get revenge on you."

Lillian replies, "How, you'll be dead?"

"Oh, there's a way, trust me." He says with an evil grin. He falls over dead with blood pouring out of his chest. Lillian takes her sword and gets ready for the battle that will probably happen tomarrow. Julia has made her way to the Cornucopia and is sleeping there tonight.

Day 12


1. Lillian Blooms, District 8, Killed by Julia


The final day begins and Lillian takes her time while heading to the Cornucopia. She has a feeling that Julia will be there. By noon clouds start to roll in and Lillian sees the Cornucopia. Julia is hiding behind it hoping that Lillian won't see her. She has a dagger and a sword. She grips them tightly and fear grows inside her. She hears a twig snap near her and prepares for battle. Just as she is about to jump out, it starts raining hard. She still jumps out and manages to cut Lillian on her upper leg. Lighting starts to strike and they engage in battle. Lillian has a wicked looking sword in one hand. She lunges for Julia but her sword barely even touches Julia. She tries agian and this time she cuts Julia's leg. Julia falls over but grabs Lillian first. Lillian looses balance on the slippery ground and falls on a rock. Her head smashes it and she is badly injured. Julia takes her dagger and plunges it into Lillian's stomach. Julia realizes that she has to move away from the body before she can win. She manages to get to the Cornucopia. Right as she leans up against it a bolt of lighting strikes the Cornucopia and Julia is effected by it as well. She slumps over unconsious but not before she hears, "I am pleased to present the Victor of the 101st Hunger Games, Julia Shay"


Killarn Ponqui

Both of his parents show up, along with his older brother. His older brother yells, "Go Killarn!" His parents give him an angry look. His dad says, "I hope you win, we are lonely without you here." They all walk off stage.

Melarka Peetason

His parents show up along with his 7 year old brother. His mom says, "I hope you win Melarka, we need you." His brother says, "Go Melarka, Go Melarka, Please come home soon." He runs off stage crying. His parents follow him.

Julia Shay

Only her 12 year old sister shows up. She says, "Julia, please come home. Dad died in a fire and mom is very sick and close to death. Julia please come home, I need you." She has tears in her eyes and runs off stage.

Hannah Spakes

Her stepmom and her dad show up, along with 1 of her brothers and 2 of her sisters. Her dad is the only one who speaks and he says, "Hannah, I know you are upset about Jake, but keep trying harder to win." They all walk off stage.

Aaron Thorn

Aaron's mom and younger brother show up. His mom says, "Aaron try as hard as you can, and remember, I love you." His younger brother is too shy to say anything so they walk off stage.

Melia Cox

Her parents, and all of her siblings come. Only her dad talks and he says, "Melia, just try your hardest. I know you can win." Everyone walks off stage.

Lillian Blooms

Her mom, sisters, and brother show up. Her mom says, "Lillian, this is very important, even though you can't hear me. Your father is very ill and will die soon." She has tears in her eyes and walks away.

Kristin Embers

Her younger brother and sister show up. They are young so they don't know what to say. Then her sister says, "Kristin, we need you, please come home. We can't suvive without you here." She is crying so she grabs her brother's hand and runs off stage.

Tributes - Training Scores

District 1 Male- Killarn Ponqui - 8

District 1 Female- Glow Greater - 9

District 2 Male- Melarka Peetason - 9

District 2 Female- Cheezu Meezu - 7

District 3 Male- Guadan Lillopope - 5

District 3 Female- Julia Shay - 5 - VICTOR

District 4 Male- Jake Spakes - 8
  • Killarn Ponqui, District 1
  • Glow Greater, District 1
  • Melarka Peetason, District 2
  • Cheezu Meezu, District 2
  • Guadan Lillopope, District 3
  • Julia Shay, District 3
  • Jake Spakes, District 4
  • Hannah Spakes, District 4
  • Aaron Thorn, District 5
  • Megan Ice, District 5
  • Sota Shard, District 6
  • Ayami Fern, District 6
  • Sal Derew, District 7
  • Melia Cox, District 7
  • Pinkar Urippa, District 8
  • Lillian Blooms, District 8
  • Finn Brown, District 9
  • Olivia Potts, District 9
  • Gander Lufonda, District 10
  • Jazmine Reed, District 10
  • Fred Tinason, District 11
  • Pansy Wellfare, District 11
  • Sebastian Wallace, District 12
  • Kristin Embers, District 12

District 4 Female- Hannah Spakes - 7

District 5 Male- Aaron Thorn - 6

District 5 Female- Megan Ice - 4

District 6 Male- Sota Shard - 5

District 6 Female- Ayami Fern - 5

District 7 Male- Sal Derew - 8,

District 7 Female- Melia Cox - 6

District 8 Male- Pinkar Urippa - 5

District 8 Female- Lillian Blooms - 7

District 9 Male- Finn Brown - 6

District 9 Female- Olivia Potts - 5

District 10 Male- Gander Lufonda - 4,

District 10 Female- Jazmine Reed - 4

District 11 Male- Fred Tinason - 6

District 11 Female- Pansy Wellfare - 5

District 12 Male- Sebastian Wallace - 8

District 12 Female- Kristin Embers - 8

After the Games

Julia wakes up in a bed in a boring room. She has a small tray of lunch and eats it quickly. She falls unconsious again. When she wakes up again her uniform that she wore for the Games is sitting on her bed. She dresses quickly and waits. A door slides open and she hears the word, "Julia?" Her mentor, of course is who is talking. She runs towards the noise and leaps into his arms. He pats her on the back and says, "Well done." Her stylist is next to him and he says, "Ready to get dressed?" "Of course." She replies. She is dressed in a forest green dress that reaches just below her knees. Her hair is in 2 braids and she has soft leather sandals. She enters the stage and the croud gives her a huge applause. Watching all of the tribute's death was horrifying for Julia. It finally ends and Julia is close to tears. She walks off stage and prepares for the interview.

Now she is wearing an autumn orange dress, with a pattern of red and yellow leaves. Her hair is tied back by a single band. She has on the same leather sandals. The interview goes wonderfully and the Capitol loves her. She is crying in some parts and laughing in others. She then boards the train that is heading to her home in District 3.

Returning Home

Julia steps off the train in District 3. The first person she sees is her little sister who comes running up to her with tears in her eyes. She jumps into Julia's arms and hugs her. "Please never leave me alone again." She says. Julia says, "I would never even think about it." Julia realizes that she is crying along with her sister. They walk together to their little house on the outskirts of town. "Where is mother?" Julia asks. "You didn't know?" Her sister asked confused.

"Know what?"

"Mom and Dad are dead."


"Julia I'm so sorry, dad died in a fire and of course you know that mother was very ill."

"It's just that you've been surviving alone."

"I know."

"Don't worry, I'll never leave you alone again."

They hug and they both have tears in their eyes. Julia has a house in Victors Village but she rarely uses it. She much prefers her small house where she used to live. Her and her sister are much closer now.

When the time comes Julia must prepare for the Victory Tour. She has a huge argument with her mentor about allowing her sister to come with her on the tour. She says that she would never leave her sister alone again. The Capitol agreed as long as her sister wouldn't interfere with the tour.

Victory Tour

District 1

Her and her sister arrive in District 1. Her sister will be able to attend the party but not the speech. She steps out on the balcony of the main building, owned by the mayor. It is giant with marble pillars in the front. Julia is wearing a blue/green dress, her hair is in 2 braids and she has on blue sandals. She begins to talk and she says, "Even though I didn't kill any of your tributes, I still mourn for deaths. Killarn was strong and a killer. Glow wanted to be like him but she couldn't reach that goal before she died. I am truly sorry for all of thier deaths." She finishes and the crouds applause is loud. She is handed a plaque and a boquet of flowers. She heads back to the train to prepare for the party tonight.

She is wearing a sky blue dress, with a pair of white shoes. Her hair is in 2 braids. Her sister is wearing a green dress, along with leather sandals, and her long hair is back in a single band. They eat and have fun at the party until it is time to go. They board the train and head to District 2

District 2

They arrive in District 2 and look out the windows of the train. The first thing they see is the "Nut." They are fasinated and are excited to arrive. Julia steps out on to the balcony of the main building wearing a golden dress with tinges of red. She had on leather sandals and her hair is in two braids. She begins to say, "Hello people of District 2. Although I didn't kill any of your district's tributes, I know that Melarka was very nice. I say how he fell for Lillian only to be killed right before her eyes." The people of District 2 are crying now. Then Julia says, "And Cheezu, well I never really knew her but she seemed...... uh nice-ish." District 2 laughs and she is handed a boquet of red flowers and a large plaque. She heads off of the balcony.

Her and her sister (Samantha) are wearing matching white dresses that fall to their ankles. They have of blue sandals and both of them are wearing their hair in a braid. They have a ton of fun at the party and District 2 loves them. They start to board the train that is heading to District 4.

District 4

They arrive in District 4 and see the ocean. Samantha and Julia are amazed. "It doesn't look real, Sammie." Julia says. "I know, it's amazing." Samantha replies. They get to District 4 and prepare for Julia's speech. Julia is dressed in a midnight blue dress that falls to her ankles and black sandals. She steps up to the platform and says, "I realize that I never killed any District 4 tributes but I still mourn for their losses. Hannah seemed very nice and I know Jake was very protective of her. Before the games me and Hannah were hanging out together and she said, See that guy over there. She pointed to her brother. She then said, he really thinks a lot of you. I know that if I died he would protect you even with his life. He loves you. Hannah then walked away." Julia says, "Jake if you can hear this, know that I love you too." Julia has tears in her eyes and the croud is hysterical. Everyone is crying. Julia walks off stage with flowers and a plaque, where her sister is waiting. Her sister hugs her and says, "That was so sweet, Julia." They prepare for the party.

They attend the party and they both have on sea green dresses with leather snadals. Her hair is in a braid and they have so much fun at the party. Julia eventually gets annoyed because everyone is asking her for her autograph. It ends and Julia finally boards the train.

District 5

They arrive in Disrict 5 and prepare for the speech. Julia is wearing a yellow dress that reaches her knees. She has on leather sandals and her hair is in two braids. She steps out on to the platform and starts talking. She says, "Aaron was my ally. My best friend in the games, the one who I could lean on. Then he was murdered and I never stopped thinking about him. I never knew Megan, but Aaron was a great ally." She has tears in her eyes and the audience starts cheering. She runs off stage.

For the party, She has on a blue/purple dress that falls to her ankles. She is wearing blue flip-flops and her hair is in 2 braids. Her sister is wearing the same sky blue dress that she already wors. Her hair is back in a single braid and she has on white sandals. They party all night and eventually board the train.

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