Hello Everyone and welcome to the Mockingjay5 43rd Hunger Games. Please enter tributes. The maximum that you can enter right now is 4 tributes. Don't forget to include: District, Name, Age, Appearence, Skills, Strategy and History. History is optional but if your tribute makes it to the final 8 I need to know their family for the interviews.

Happy Hunger Games and may the Odds be ever in your favor. -Effie Trinket



The arena is circular with 3 different sections. The first section is a dense forest with a lot of small ponds. There are a lot of animals to hunt there. There are rabbits, squirrels, and occasionally deer. The second section is a swamp/jungle. There are some trees and a lot of water. It is very muddy but there are a lot of bushes and plants. There are a lot of snakes there and some are poisonous. There are also a lot of poisonous frogs and spider. The only other food there is fruit hanging from trees. The third section has lots of snow-covered mountains. The mountains are possible to climb but they are still tall. There are polar bears, and snowshoe hares all around but the polar bears will try to eat people who get to close. There is a large lake at the bottom of the mountains, but it's covered in ice. The only other water source is to melt snow. There are a lot of pine trees there. The Cornucopia sits in the middle of the circle and it is surrounded by weapons, food, water, and backpacks that could contain a number of things.

Day 1


1. Lennox Linden, District 5, Killed by Jarvis

2. Emela Krayfar, Distrct 9, Killed by Allona

3. Silvenus Nairn, District 2, Killed by Blaise

4. Anton Wilhelm, District 9, Killed by Tomara

5. Oalk Quail, District 7, Killed by Barley

6. Tomara Fortin, District 3, Bitten by poisonous snake


The gong goes off and the tributes find themselves in a variety of landscapes. Lilla and Sapren make it to the Cornucopia, grab supplies and Lilla heads to the woods while Sapren goes to the mountains section. District 1, 2, and 4 make it to the Cornucopia and grab supplies but Alexander and Karina have a different plan. They grab suppies and dart away as fast as they can. But, they weren't fast enough. Alexander gets speared in the arm but, they keep running. Lennox is deciding what to do when a knife hits him in the back. He falls over dead. The knife was thrown by Jarvis. Jarvis picks up another spear and manages to hit Anton in the leg just as he enters the swamp section. Allona finds a knife nearby her and easily kills off Emela. The Careers decide that they want her on their team. She accepts and joins them. Tomara and Gearick head to the swamp section in an alliance. Blaise grabs a knife and aims at Silvenus. With perfect accuracy, it hits his back and he falls over dead. Anton is in the swamp section when he sees a movement in the trees. He crawls towards it unarmed. Tomara jumps out and stabs Anton multiple times until he is dead. Oalk is in the woods when an arrow come whizzing towards himn and buries itself in his skull. He falls over dead. The arrow was shot by Barley. Tomara is walking towards Gearick when she gets bitten by a snake. She screams and Gearick runs towards her. It doesn't take long for the venom to spread. Tomara is screaming, "It hurts so bad! Gearick just kill me! Kill me now! It hurts to bad!" She is letting out ear-piercing sreams. Gearick takes out his knife and plunges it into Tomara's heart. The last thing Tomara says before she dies is, "Thank you. I love you." Gearick has tears streaming down his face when he says, "I will never forget you Tomara." He runs towards the forest section and hides in a tree. Clak manages to find Lilla and he says, "Allies." "Of Course," Lilla replies. They hide in a tree together and Clak realizes how much he likes Lilla. He actually loves her. He falls asleep thinking about what she thinks of him.

Day 2


1. Curtel Eren, District 10, Killed by Jarnis

2. Ash Redfern, District 11, Killed by Ember

3. Sapren Argoyle, District 7, Killed by Adam

4. Alana Henderson, District 6, Killed by Allona


Day 2 begins and Lilla wakes up and Clak isn't there. She panicks and almost falls out of the tree, but she doesn't. She runs to the stream and sees Clak gathering water. She runs up to him and almost knocks him over with her hug. "I thought you were gone!" Lilla says. Clak lets her go and says, "Sorry, Lilla, I was just thirsty." "It's ok." Lilla replies. During this the Careers are on the move and come across Curtel asleep under a bush. Jarvis walks up to him and says, "Wake Up!" Curtel wakes up and before he can scream, the knife plunges into his chest. The sound of the cannon jolts Ash out of his sleep. He wakes up and hears a noise behind him. Then, a knife comes flying at him and hits his arm. Ash is enraged and sees that it is Ember. He is very mad that a girl could do this to him. He says to Ember, "Is that the best you can do scar-face?" Twine leaps out of the bushes behind her and throws a spear and Ash's skull. It thuds as it hits the target. Sapren is watching this and as she turns around a face is right in front of hers. It's Adam. He stabs his knife into her chest and turns around to Alana. "One less tribute." He says. But one look at Alana's face and he knows that something is wrong. She falls over and starts twitching madly. "Alana! Alana! Whats wrong! Are you ok! Help, somebody please help!" Alana manages to say one last thing before she dies, "Adam, win for me. Please try as hard as you can." Her body goes limp and Adam runs away crying. In the bushes Allona hides with a large grin on her face and in her hands is an empty vile of poison.


Day 3


1. Sparkle Meezu, District 1, Killed by Alexander

2. Allona Moody, District 5, Killed by Karina


Day 3 begins and the Careers head to the swamp section. They are walking through some bushes when Alexander and Karina attack them. Alexander has a knife and stabs it into Sparkle's throat. Sparkle manages to get her knife into Alexander's thigh before she dies. Alexander cries out in pain and Karina sees Allona in the bushes stabbing her knife into Alexander arm, and twisting it painfully. Karina throws her spear at Allona and it thuds as it stabs into her chest. The remaining Careers race back to the Cornucopia and Karina runs to Alexander. He isn't dead, but he is very pain and screaming in pain. Karina carefull bandages and washes his wounds. Halfway through the process, Alexander passes out. For the night, Karina manages to drag him into a soft bad of leaves in a clearing. The Careers are going to the Cornucopia when they see Gearick. They give him a choice to ally or die. He chooses the alliance but he doesn't want to ally with them. He heads back to the Cornucopia along with him.

Day 4


1. Barley Salder, District 10, Killed by Linnea

2. Twine Anderson, District 12, Killed by Clak


Day 4 begins and the remaining Careers head to the forest section. They are walking under a tree when an arrow comes flying down centemeters from Linnea's head. They all look up and see Barley up a tree, with a bow and arrow. She souts down to them, "How are you guys?" "Good enough." Jarvis replies. Linnea quietly sneaks away from the group without being noticed by Barley. She darts up the tree and as she approaches Barley she says, "Hi." Barley turns around but as she does Linnea punches her jaw and she flies backwards out of the tree. She lands on the ground with a thud as the wind is knocked out of her. She is struggling to breath as Jarvis draws his knife. Jarvis yells to Gearick, "Hold down her arms!" "B-bbbut I don't want to." Gearick says. "Just do it!!" Jarvis yells. Gearick goes over to her and holds her arms down to the ground. Just as Jarvis approaches her, she kicks her legs up and knocks Gearick in the face. She jumps up and runs straight at Jarvis. Right as she gets near him, she darts to the side to confuse him and then she kicks his leg and he falls down. She takes her knife out of her pocket and is about to stab him in the heart when Linnea comes over and punches her in the side. Her knife still cuts deeply into Jarvis's chest. She falls over and Linnea spears her multiple time until she is sure that Barley is dead. The cannon signales her success. Jarvis is still lying on the ground but Linnea and Gearick manage to bandage him and lug him back to the Cornucopia. Lilla is out hunting with her bow when she hears a twig snap behind her. Twine is there with a knife. He throws it at Lilla and it hits her arm. She screams in pain and Clak comes running. Just as he is about to throw another knife, Clak jumps out and tackles him the ground. Twine manages to escape, leaving Clak with a very bloody nose. He runs over to Lilla and takes the knife out of her arm and stabs it into her arm again, and starts twisting it. Lilla is screaming in pain. Clak runs over and stabs his knife into Twine's back. He falls over dead and Lilla is still screaming. Her arm is pouring blood. Clak runs over to her and tries to calm her. She is screaming, "It hurts so bad! Clak help me please! Plaese!" Clak says, "It'll be ok, don't worry." He leans down and picks Lilla up. He carries her to a cave and gently sets her down. He leans down to her and their lips meet. Lilla now feels no pain. Only the warmth of Clak's lips. The last thing Lilla hears before she becomes unconsious is Clak saying, "I love you."

Day 5


1. Gearick Strathis, District 3, Killed by Alexander

2. Alexander Lettom, District 4, Killed by Jarvis


The day begins with a cannon shot. It was Gearick's death. They had been going through the swamp section when a knife can flying at Gearick. It dug deep into his chest and he died. Jarvis grabs the knife and runs towards the person. It is Alexander. He dies before he knows what happens. Karina run away screaming with sadness. Lilla wakes up and sees Clak tending to thier fire. "Good morning, beautiful." He says.

"Hey Clak?" Lilla says.


"Remember last years games?"

"Of course, how could I not?"

"I don't know, but I remember the day that Lillian left. I was 11 and Lillian took me in her arms and said, Lilla, It's your job to protect Maple. Your little sister needs you." Lilla is now starting to cry, but she continues, "And at that moment, I knew she was telling me that she wouldn't come home. That day when I had to leave, Maple was there and she said, Lilla, you protected me for that year, now you need to protect yourself. I can see that dad is about to die, even if I'm not a doctor. I'll protect myself, I'll be ok untill you come back. I knew that her sister's death had changed her. She'd grown up too fast. Watching Lillian die, was like watching a part of me die. I cried and cried for days. Maple talked me through the hard parts." Lilla is know crying very hard. "When Maple left, the last thing she said was remember me and what they did to your sister. I knew that by them, she had meant the Capitol. I left her alone. A six year old, alone in her own world." Clak whispers, "Lilla, listen to me, You will return home even if it means me commiting suicide. You will see Maple again." Lilla and Clak embrace in each other's arma and then Lilla falls asleep in Clak's arms.


Jarvis Day

Jarvis's older brother and parents show up at the Capitol. His older brother says, "Jarvis, be ruthless and kill, kill, kill. That's how you can win." His mom says, "We love you honey, please come home." His dad just nods his head.

Linnea Maxx

Linnea's older sister and her mom show up. Her sister says, "Linnea. please try and come home. We miss you so much. It's so lonely without you here." Her mom says, "Linnea, try as hard as you can and remember, I am very proud of you.

Karina Lettom

Karina's parents show up. Her mom says, "Look, Karina, I know you are very sad about your brother's death. We are to. But don't let that keep you unaware. Stay alert and try to win. Remember that I love you and I always will." Her dad doesn't say anything.

Adam Henderson

Adam's mom and dad show up. His dad says, "Adam, you need to get over your sister's death and fight. You need to find other tributes and kill. If you don't, then you won't succeed." He walks quickly offsatge and his mother follows with tears in her eyes.

Clak Peetason

Clak's older brother and dad show up. His dad has crutches and his arm is in a sling. His brother says, "Clak, it's great that you're protecting Lilla. She really trusts you and I hope that this is what you wan't." His dad doesn't speak and they leave.

Lilla Blooms

Maple, Lilla's younger sister, is the only one to come. She says, "Lilla, you are doing well. You are doing just what I told you to do. This is for you. Maple starts to sing an old lullaby that Lilla had tought her. She finishes with, "- I know you're always here for me, I love you." Tears are falling down her cheeks and she quietly walks off stage.

Blaise Harman

Blaise's younger sister and parents show up. Her younger sister is holding on to her mom's hand and she looks like she is about to cry. Her mom just says, "Blaise you're doing great, keep it up. Don't worry about us we're fine." Everyone walks off stage after that.

Ember Sage

Ember's younger sister and dad show up. Her sister says, "Ember, I know you can't hear me right now, but I want you to try your hardest to win and come home. I really miss you." She is crying as she walks quietly off stage. Her dad says nothing.

Day 6


1. Adam Henderson, District 6, Killed by Clak


Day 6 begins and Lilla and Clak wake up to find two spears sitting outside of their cave. "I wonder why they sent us these?" Lilla askes. "No idea." Clak responds. Just then there is a thud outside the cave. Clak runs out first with his spear in his hand. He sees Adam and decides to take him down. He throws his spear just as he hears a scream. His spear hits Adam and he falls down dead. Lilla is looking around wildly saying, "Maple!" "Lilla what's wrong?" Clak asks. "It's Maple, Clak, She is the one screaming." Another scream comes and Lilla shields her ears with her hands and runs deep into the forest. She sits down and curls up to block out the terrible noise. Clak finally reaches her and has to pry her hands off her ears. "Their gone now Lilla. They were Jabberjays. They just create the sound. It's not really Maple." "What if they're torturing her somewhere?" Lilla says. "Listen Lilla, you know they wouldn't do that." Clak responds. Lilla glances up and sees a mockingjay. She starts to sing an old lullaby. The same one that her sister sang at the interview. She finishes and Clak says, "Wow, My brother told me your sister was an amazing singer too."

"Really, When?" Lilla asks.

""He sent me a letter from the Capitol that read, I met this girl today, the most beautiful girl I've ever seen. She can sing. When she sings it's as pure as when raindrops land on leaves. As smooth as a still pond. She sang to me, the day before we left to the arena. A lullaby that was about someone leaving you, but they still love you. She was the most perfect girl I have ever met. Now we have to go into the arena and one or both of us will not make it out alive. I wish you the best, Melarka."


"Yea, and I knew from the second I saw you, that you would be the same. Just as perfect as your sister."

Lilla walks over to Clak and hugs him tight. She whispers, "I never want to let go." Clak respnds, "You never have to."


Day 7


1. Karina Lettom, District 4, Killed by Jarvis


Day 7 begins and Linnea wakes up to a thump at her feet. A gleaming silver bow and and silver arrows are wrpped in a silver parachute. Linnea wakes up Jarvis and says, "Let's go hunting." "Right you are." Says Jarvis. They head towards the swamp section and just as they enter it they hear a rustle in the bushes. Karina jumps out with a knife in one hand and a spear in the other. Jarvis says, "We have room for another member of our alliance." Karina just says, "I'd rather die than join you!" "So be it." Jarvis replies. He takes his knife out just as a long silver sword falls on his feet, wrapped in a sliver parachute. To Jarvis it seemed to say, "Use me to kill!" Jarvis picks up the sword and runs at Karina. She attempts to throw her knife, but Jarvis dodges it easily. The sword enters her stomach and protrudes out her back. The cannon fires and the keep hunting. Lilla is still embraced with Clak and they wake up. Lilla jumps up when she hears a noise out side. She wakes Clak who voulenteers to go out first. He takes his spear and a knife. Just as he exits the cave, a knife comes whizzing toward him and cuts his forehead. Blood starts pooling into his eyes. He throws the spear in the direction of the knife thrower who happened to be Ember. It thuds as it digs into her leg. She staggers away quickly leaving Lilla still inside the cave. She runs outside and screams at the sight of Clak. His face is covered in blood and Lilla thinks tha he is dead. "Clak! Clak! Speak to me please!" Lilla says. Clak mumbles, "It's ok Lilla, it's just a little blood." "A little?" Lilla asks. "Ok, a lot. Lets get inside the cave and get some bandages. Clak stands but almost falls over. He leans on Lilla as she drags him into the cave. When he slumps on the ground, Lilla realizes how much blood he has lost. She cleans and bandages the wound. She manages to get some water into him and a little food as well. Lilla doesn't sleep that night.

Day 8




Blaise wakes up to a thump at her feet. A basket of rolls are sitting at her feet wrapped in a parachute. She eats half of them quicky and there are 5 rolls remaining. She decides to save these until later. She takes a nap under a tree. Lilla is frantically trying to wake up Clak. Every once in a while he would mumble something that made no sense. He was still loosing a lot of blood and Lilla realized how deep the cut was. A slight sound of rocks clinking together alerts Lilla. She walks out into the storm and sees a sringe filled with a clear liquid. Lilla wonders if it is medicine or poison. She decides that it is most likely medicine and she runs back to Clak. He is lying on tyhe ground on top of a blanket. Lilla takes the sringe and injects the medicine into Clak's arm. She waits and waits but nothing happens. She doesn't here a cannon so she assumes that he is still alive. She sings to Clak for hours. She sings every song that she knows. Ember is up in a tree when a wooden bow and hard metal arrows fall in her lap. She smiles with delight. She sees a squirrell run by and she shoots it with ease. She falls asleep that night with her hand still holding her bow. Lilla cries herself to sleep, but no faces are in the sky tonight.

Day 9


1. Blaise Harman, District 11, Froze to death


Lilla wakes up to a hand stroking her hair out of her face. Her tear-stained face looks up to see Clak. Alive. Clak is Alive, she repeats in her head. Lilla hugs him tightly and they stay like that for a long time. Blaise is woken by a numbness in her feet. The temperature has dropped drastically overnight and Blaise is badly frostbiten. She fumbles for her heavier jacket, only to find that her hands are numb too. She has no feeling in them at all and she basically falls out of the tree when trying to get out of her sleeping bag. She hits the snow hard with a thud and she thinks that her arm is broken. She starts to panic when she tries to stand up. Her feet and her legs up to her knees are frozen. She tries to buils a fire but it fails. She accepts her death and miraculasly makes it up in the tree again. She sits in her sleeping bag and eventually falls asleep. She dies in her sleep of the cold. Lilla asks Clak, "What happened." "Well, I'm not sure. After you shot that into my arm my entire body went limp, but I could still hear things around me. Your singing was beautiful." Lilla says, "I thought you were dead." Tears start to fall down her face. Clak hugs her tightly and there lips meet. Lilla enjoys every minute of it and she isn't the first one to pull away. Clak whispers, "You had a rough night last night. Get some sleep. I'll stay on guard." "But-t-t are you sure you don't want me to stay guard." "I'm positive." Clak replies. Lilla falls asleep with her head rested on Clak's knee.

Day 10


1. Ember Sage, District 12, Killed by Jarvis


Ember's life is taken away as the dagger enters her chest. The dagger was thrown by Jarvis while Ember was asleep. She fell out of the tree and as she was in the air, her cannon fired. Jarvis and Linnea moved on to try and find Lilla and Clak. Lilla is out hunting when she hears a crack behind her. She whips around with her bow ready and sees Clak standing there with a handful of berries. "Just checking in. Don't shoot me." He says with a laugh. Lilla runs up to him and hugs him. "I thought you were Jarvis." She says. "Am I really that ugly?" Clak jokes. They return to their hunting and are rewarded with 4 rabbits and a squirrel. They feast on the squirrel and a rabbit that night. They try to get a good nights sleep for the battle that will probably happen tomarrow.

Day 11


1. Jarvis Day, District 1, Killed by Lilla

2. Linnea Maxx, District 2, Killed by Clak

3. Clak Peetason, District 8, Killed by Linnea


Lilla wakes up and sees Clak sharpening his knife. "I think that today's the day." "Probably." Lilla replies. They grab their thing and head out. They arrive at the Cornucopia by noon and decide to spy on Linnea and Jarvis before they attack. Linnea is sharpening swords and Jarvis is taking a nap. By mid-afternoon, Lilla and Clak decide to attack. Clak runs straight at them, while Lilla sneaks up behind the Cornucopia. Clak has his spear in one hand and his knife in the other. He approaches Linnea and stabs the spear right under her shoulder she screams in pain and Jarvis wakes up. He sees Lilla with a knife and grabs his knife out of his pocket. Lilla stabs him in the heart, but Jarvis manages to bury his knife in Lilla's leg. Jarvis's cannon goes off. Storm clouds start to quickly roll in. Rain beats down on the ground. Clak is wrestling with Linnea and manages to get his knife into her leg. Linnea repeatedly stabs Clak in the arms and legs. Lilla approaches behind her and stabs Jarvis's sword through her back. She dies instantly and her cannon goes off. Lilla looks over and sees Clak on the ground. "Clak!" She screams. There is a knife buried in his stomach. "Don't die Clak! Please don't die!" Lilla has tears rolling down her cheeks. "Lilla you deserve to win." Clak whispers. "No! I can't leave the arena alone." Lilla screams. "Lilla, listen to me, you need to go home and see your sister. You need to go home and live your life without me." Clak says. "No! I can't do this without you." "I know you can Lilla. Take this as a reminder of me." He places a small wooden token in Lilla's hand. "I love you Lilla. Do one last thing for me." "What?" Lilla replies as tears stream down her face. "Sing." Lilla starts to sing the same song that her sister sang at the interview. " - I love you." She finishes. Clak says one last thing before he dies, "I love you too." His body goes limp and Lilla is crying harder than ever. She stands up and wobbles to the ground, forgetting that her leg is very injured. She has lost much more blood than she realizes and the last thing she sees before she falls unconsious is the small wooden token that Clak had given her.

Returning Home

The door to the train opens and Lilla is overwhelmed by the flashing cameras. She smiles for the crowds until they eventually go away. She looks around and sees her best friend, Dawn. She runs to her and says hi. She says, "Lilla, I'm sorry to give you the bad news but, your father is dead." "What?" Lilla replies. "Maple!" Lilla screams. She looks around and doesn't see her. She runs to her house but it is deserted. "Maple! Maple!" Lilla is crying and she runs into the forest. She sits on her favorite rock, deep in the forest and she sings. The song is meant to be a duet, but when she gets to the second persons part, she stops singing. Another voise comes, as pure a a new raindrop, and sings the second part. She turns around and sees her sister walking towards her and singing. She has a bandage around her entire left leg, but blood was seaping through it. "Maple! What happened? Please tell me you're ok." "I'm fine, Lilla. But, I might need a doctor." Lilla scooped up Maple in her arms and carried her to the District 8 hospital. She was sent to the emergency room and Lilla ran after her. The doctors stoped her at the door. She saw Maple pass out and fall to the floor. Blood was pooling around her. "Let me through!" Lilla yells. She is screaming and punching the doctor as hard as she can. She feels a pin-prick in her back and she falls unconsious.

Lilla wakes up in a hospital bed. Her arm is bandaged and when she tries to move it, she feels a blinding pain. She looks at it and sees blood seeping through the bandage. She tries to remember what happened. Her sister had been gathering berries when a bear had attacked her. It had deeply scratched her leg and she happened to have some bandages in her backpack. She had stumbled upon Lilla while she was returning home and then she was taken to the hospital. Lilla racks her brain for more memories. She remembers hitting a doctor and him hitting her back, hard, in the arm. She also remembers her sister lying in a pool of blood. Her Sister! Maple! She jumps up from her bed and looks around. Her room is deserted She sees a door and a window leeding to the hall. She peers out the window and the hall is completely empty. She opens the door and sneaks into the hall. She turns the corner and runs straight into the president of Panem.

"Well hello young Victor. You have been making lots of trouble lately" He says politely.

"I-I-I it-t-t" Stammers Lilla

"Listen to me and listen good. Do what we say or your sister dies." A scream erupts throught the halls. Her sister's scream.

Lilla is strapped to a chair listen to the blood-curling screams of her sister. Lilla's tear-stained face looks horrifies. She is screaming, "Let her go! Please! Take me instead! Please!"

The screaming finally ends. Lilla is released from her bed and she carefully stands up. Her head hurts from all the crying. A door opens and a person is shoved into the room. It's Maple. She lays on the ground and starts whimpering. Lilla runs over to her and kneels by her side. Maple's back is very bloody and the blood is going everywhere. Then Lilla realizes that they were whipping Maple, and really hard too. Maple slowly looks up and sees Lilla. She lifts up her arms, but she winces in pain. She throws her arms around Lilla and says, "Lilla they hurt me. Please don't let them do that again. It hurts so bad. Please make the pain go away. It hurts so bad!" Maple has tears streaming down her face. Neither of them see the door open. A very strong pair of hands pry them apart. "No! No! Please let me stay with her! She's hurt!" "Lilla, Please don't go." "I'm sorry Maple, there's nothing I can-" She is cut short by a pin prick in her back. Her world turns into darkness.

The whipping was still happening, "Please! I don't know anything about a rebellion! Let me go!" Lilla was screaming. She hears a familliar voice behing her, "It's obvious she doesn't know anything. Let her go home." Lilla passes out before anything else happens.

She is laying in the snow. Next to her sister, Maple. The snow around them is stained red. They both have small bandages around their backs, but the blood is still pouring out of the wounds. Then snow is refreshing on her back. She tries to sit up, but a blinding pain stops her. She sits there, for days. The bleeding has finally stopped. Her sister hasn't moved an inch since she woke up. She sits up, barely able to stand the pain. She taps Maple and she slowly sits up. "Where are we?" The little girl asks. "We're home Maple, We're home."

Tributes - Training Scores

District 1 Male- Jarvis Day - 10
  • Jarvis Day, District 1
  • Sparkle Meezu, District 1
  • Silvenus Nairn, District 2
  • Linnea Maxx, District 2
  • Gearick Strathis, District 3
  • Tomara Fortin, District 3
  • Alexander Lettom, District 4
  • Karina Lettom, District 4
  • Lennox Linden, District 5
  • Allona Moody, District 5
  • Adam Henderson, District 6
  • Alana Henderson, District 6
  • Oalk Quail, District 7
  • Sapren Argoyle, District 7
  • Clak Peetason, District 8
  • Lilla Blooms, District 8
  • Anton Wilhelm, District 9
  • Emela Krayfar, District 9
  • Curtel Eren, District 10
  • Barley Salder, District 10
  • Ash Redfern, District 11
  • Blaise Harman, District 11
  • Twine Anderson, District 12
  • Ember Sage, District 12

District 1 Female- Sparkle Meezu - 9

District 2 Male- Silvenus Nairn - 8

District 2 Female- Linnea Maxx - 9

District 3 Male- Gearick Strathis - 4

District 3 Female- Tomara Fortin - 7

District 4 Male- Alexander Lettom - 10

District 4 Female- Karina Lettom - 8

District 5 Male- Lennox Linden - 5

District 5 Female- Allona Moody - 5

District 6 Male- Adam Henderson - 5

District 6 Female- Alana Henderson - 7

District 7 Male- Oalk Quail - 8

District 7 Female- Sapren Argoyle - 7

District 8 Male- Clak Peetason - 8

District 8 Female- Lilla Blooms - 9 - The Victor

District 9 Male- Anton Wilhelm - 7

District 9 Female- Emela Krayfar - 6

District 10 Male- Curtel Eren - 5

District 10 Female- Barley Salder - 5

District 11 Male- Ash Redfern - 8

District 11 Female- Blaise Harman - 8

District 12 Male- Twine Anderson - 8

District 12 Female- Ember Sage - 7

If you would like to sponsor a tribute, make sure that they have enough money next to their name and then post what you would like to give them in my comments.

Basket of Bread - $450

Bottle of Water - $300

Water Purifier - $200

Spear - $250

Knife - $175

Bow and Arrows - $575

Sword - $550

Vial of Poison - $375

Medicine - The price depends on how your tribute is sick or injured

Blanket - $200

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