Welcome to the Mockingjay5 44th Hunger Games! Please enter tributes. The limit is two tributes, and I am NOT doing reservations for anyone. When you are submitting your tribute(s) don't forget to include: Name, Age, Gender, District Number, Appearance, Skills, Strategies, and History. If you would like to add anything else (Like personality) that would be awesome! For these Games I will be posting the Chariot Rides and the Training Scores.

Happy Hunger Games, and may the odds be ever in your favor. - Efiie Trinket


The arena is circular with the Cornucopia in the center. Part of the arena is forest, with lot's of animals to hunt (Rabbits, squirrels, birds, occasionally deer) and a couple ponds. It has a river in it, but it is very shallow and it moves slowly. Another part of the arena is just a big meadow/grassland area with really tall fields of grass. Some of the stalks are wheat and occasionally there is corn. It also has some poisonous snakes and bugs in it. It is in a valley with really steep mountains surrounding it. It is impossible to get to the top, but tributes might be able to climb partway up. There are some small caves but they are deserted. The special thing about the arena is when the tributes start out, it is pitch black and freezing outside. After 6 hours It canges to a blinding sun and scorching heat. It changes back and forth every six hours. You can't see in the darkness unless you have the night-vision glasses. When the sun is up you can see, but it's very bright out.

Day 1


1. Ernie Sasalot, District 2, Killed by Ivy

2. Rivan Fenerm, District 6, Killed by Ares

3. Ranuel Foreens, District 3, Killed by Ares

4. Swanna Zell, District 10, Killed by Thorne

5. Star Damakos, District 9, Killed by Poisonous Snake


The gong goes off and Ares, Goddess and Lucy form an alliance at the Cornucopia. Ernie is debating whether to ally with them or not when a knife hits his back. He slumps over dead. The knife was thrown by Ivy who is now in the forest allied with Flint. They have some food and no water. Ares manages to take out Rivan with a spear, Thyme cries out and starts sobbing at the death of her District Partner. She sees Ares aiming at her, so she immedietly runs into the forest. Just then, everything turns pitch black. Dutch is calling for Danielle, who finally finds him. They grab hands and Dutch kisses her on the cheek. She then slumps over. Dutch looks around and feels Danielle's back. A spear is in her leg. Dutch scoops her up and grabs her backpack. He runs into the forest section. Lilith meets her brother and they ally. An arrow comes whizzing by Lilith and it hits Ranuel in the chest. Lilith screams and the a hand comes and grabs her by her shirt. It's Ares, and Lilith has no idea how he can see when it's this dark. He whispers in her ear, "Ally with us or we'll kill you." Lilith walks with him towards the Cornucopia. She has no idea why they would want her but, she goes along with it. Zak and Swanna are running through the forest when an ax comes and digs itself into Swanna's skull. Zak starts sobbing when he knows she's dead. He runs and runs until he is so tired that he falls over and sits down. He falls asleep on the ground. Fill and Jane are allied with Forest and Star and they head into the meadow area. Just then Star is bitten by something. She screams in pain and says, "Something bit me. Oww! Oww! It hurts so bad! Just kill me!" She starts screaming and Fill stabs her in the chest with a knife. Forest turns around and Fill mutters, "Had to be done." Forest has nelt down by Star and he sees a 4 ft. long snake grabbed on to her foot. He kisses her cheek and walks away without turning back, with tears rolling down his cheeks. Hazle is far away from the Cornucopia with a spear, a knife, and a backpack containing iodine, crackers, some bread,and night vision glasses. It also has a warm sleeping bag. Echo shivers because he is alone in the forest and he is really cold. It is about 15 degrees F. Sapphire doesn't realize it, but she is only a couple feet away from Echo.

Day 2


1. Echo Stone, District 12, Killed by Ivy

2. Flint Shadows, District 5, Killed by Echo


At 12:01 on Day 2 a scorching hot sun rises from the darkness. It blinds almost evert tribute for about an hour. Hazle, The Careers, and the alliance with Fill, Jane, and Forest are already inside Caves and other shelters so they are protected from the light, but not the heat. No one is protected from the heat. Ivy and Flint are in the forest when Ivy trips on smoething. Flint turns around to see Ivy trapped in a net. Just as he runs over to her an arrow comes flying at her. Flint dives in front of Ivy and he takes the hit. It goes into his upper chest and he falls over. Ivy quickly manages to grab the knife out of her pocket. She cuts the net off of herself and runs over to Flint. She sees a figure in the distance and throws her knife directly at it and Echo falls out of a tree to the ground. A cannon goes off and Ivy glances at Flint. He is breathing harshly and couphing. Ivy kneels by him and says, "Flint, Please don't go!" "I have to Ivy. I will always be watching you. Take this-" He hands Ivy a small token that seems to be made from wood, "-and remember that I love you." His breathing grows shallow and slow. Ivy says, "I love y-" A cannon interupts her. She still finishes, "-ou too." She has tears rolling down her cheeks. She puts the wooden token in her pocket because she doesn't think that she can look at it now. She climbs a tree and hides as far away from today as she can. At noon, the sun goes down and it is pitch black and freezing cold in the arena. The Careers go hunting, but they have no luck for the rest of the day.

Day 3


1. Thyme Fletcher, District 6, Killed by Thorne


At 12:01 the sun comes out. Hazle is trekking through the woods when she comes upon Jacob. She has her knife in hand as she approaches him. She knew that from the minute she saw him, he saw her, so she couldn't runaway, it would make her seem scared. As she approaches him, Jacob drops his knife and his sword and puts his hands up as if to surrender. Hazle raises an eyebrow at him. "You know I couldn't win in a fight against you." He says as if answering a question. "Fine, Allies?" Hazle says obviously annoyed. "You bet." Jacob replies. "So, I see you have a knife and a spear." Jacab says. "Yea, Captain Obvious." "Whatever, what do you want to do first." "Well, we should probably keep walking and then mabye you can find a squirrel to talk to on the way." Hazle turns her head and starts walking. Jacob struggles to keep up. Thorne is in the meadow when he almost trips over a sleeping Lily. He stops and gently wakes her. She is startled and screams as she wakes. She tries to back up but she trips. She is clutching her knife. Thorne says calmly, "I'm not going to hurt you Lily." "Please, ally, I'm so lonely." Lily whispers on the verge of tears. "Of Course." Just then Thyme comes speeding towards them with a knife in her hand. Thorne is too fast for her though. He takes his knife and buries it is Thyme's chest just as her knife is a couple inches away from Lily. "Thanks." Lily says in a shaky voice. "She suddenly bursts into tears and runs into Thorne's arms. Thorne hugs her back and then eventually gets Lily to go back to sleep. The Careers are out hunting when it goes pitch black again. They pt on their night vision glasses just as Ivy shoots an arrow into Goddess's leg. She cries in pain and Ares carries her back to the Cornucopia. He silently vowes to himeself that he will kill Ivy.

Day 4


1. Jane Derpil, District 8, Killed by Dutch


Dutch wakes up and sees Danielle sitting near him. He hears a rustle in the bushes. He jumps up and slowly wakes Danielle. "Listen." Dutch says. There's another rustle in the bushes. Dutch picks up his spear. He throws it just as another spear comes towards Danielle. It hits her leg and he hears a cannon. He looks at Danielle and sees her leg bleeding badly. She is whimpering. "Dutch, It hurts so bad. Who was that?" Dutch walks over to her and says, "That was Jane. I just say Fill run away sobbing. Now, lets fix up your arm." Dutch picks up Danielle and carefully wraps up her arm after they share a romantic kiss. Sapphire is watching them as a silver parachute falls in her lap. It's a wooden bow with 12 strong arrows. She grins and looks at Dutch. Hazle trumps through the woods followed by Jacob. An arrows comes through the air and hits Jacob in the leg. He falls over and cries in pain. The attacker runs away. Hazle says,

"Come on Jake, get up, we don't have all day."

"Um, I kinda have an arrow stuck in my leg."

"Awww. Does it hurt?"

"Uh, yeah."

"Well, do you think you're gonna die, or can you tough up and move on."

"Come on Hazle."

"Fine" Hazle mutters annoyed.

Hazle quickly bandages it and stands up. Jacob can walk, but he has a very bad limp. Hazle says, "Come on, Limpy." Jacob sighs and slowly follows. Thorne recieves a note later that day that says, "Keep it up Thorne! Great job out there! We Love You! Come home for us ok? Love, Lily and Daisy." He has silent tears rolling down his cheeks as he finishes reading the letter.

Day 5


1. Zak Bagan, District 10, Killed by Sapphire


The Day begins in the scorching hot sun. Zak is walking through the woods thirsting for water. He hasn't had any since day 2. He collapses on the ground and says, "Water, or food." 4 apples land by him. He reaches for one with a chaky hand. He takes a bite and the juice flows into his mouth. Just as he takes a second bite, the arrow hits his skull. The cannon fires and Sapphire grins in delight.

Danielle wakes up to feel a soothing feeling on her leg. Dutch is rubbing medicine on her wound in concentration. Danielle tries to move but she cries in pain.Dutch whispers, "You've lost a lot of blood. Go back to sleep and I'll take care of you."

Hazle feels an object hit her leg. She sees an empty water bottle and sighs in relief. She can at least drink clean water now. She looks over and sees Jacob sleeping with his mouth wide open and he is slightly snoring. She tries to make the best of the moment and wakes him up. She says, "You look like a dead rat when you sleep, Jake." "Oh yeah, 'cause you look so much better when your sleeping." Jacob replies. They continue traveling.

The Careers have no luck on kills today, but right before midnight they spot Forest asleep in a tree. Earlier that day, a basket of fresh bread was sent to them. Only Lilith knew that it was from her sposor because it was District 3 bread. The other Careers thought that it was from the District 1 sponsors.

Day 6


1. Forest Damakos, District 9, Killed by Ares


Day 6 begins and Ares sees Forest asleep on the ground. He grins in delight and takes out his knife. He first cuts off his arm and he wakes up screaming. Ares then cuts off his other arm and Forest is unconscious. Ares finally just stabs the knife into his heart and the cannon fires. Goddess comes through the bushes pulling Lilith. She says, “So, another kill?” “You got it!” Ares yells in triumph. The sun then disappears and they put on their night-vision glasses.

Lily wakes up and feels Thorne stroking her hair. “Hey, Thorne, did you ever wonder what happens to the victor right after they win?” Lily asks in a sweet voice. “No.” Thorne replies obviously upset. “Thorne, what’s wrong?” “Nothing.” “Thorne really what is it?” “I told you, nothing.” Thorne says in a louder voice. He stands up and turns around. “Thorne!” She jumps up and puts her han

d on his shoulder. He angrily shakes it off and starts walking. “Fine, I’ll just stay here alone.” Lily replies in a shaky voice. Thorne trudges off into the woods. Just as he enters them, he thinks: lucky I have my night-vision glasses. He then hears a scream behind him, a scream that could only be Lily’s. He realizes that Lily doesn’t have a pair of glasses. He runs back towards her. “Lily! Lily!” He yells as he runs. He comes upon Lily lying on the ground. She has a gash on her face and a deep cut on her leg. She is surrounded in a pool of blood. He quickly finds some bandages and wraps up her leg and her forehead. The entire time he mumbles, “I’m sorry Lily, I’m sorry.” She is unconscious and doesn’t wake for the rest of the day. The day ends with Sapphire smirking on the outside of the forest. She thinks that even though the shot wasn’t perfect it was pretty close.

Day 7


1. Lilith Foreens, District 3, Killed by Hazle


Day 7 begins and the Careers come upon Hazle and Jacob walking through the woods. Hazle darts up a tree, but it's too late. The knife grazes her calf and she yelps in pain. Jacob is lying on the ground with a wound in his shoulder. Ares and Lilith are the only ones there. Hazle guesses that Lucy and Goddess were somewhere else. Hazle grabs her spear and aims at Lilith. She throws just as her hand slips from the tree. She plumets to the ground as she hears the cannon. She doesn't panic, though. She braces herself and lands in a roll. She is uninjured except for her calf. She sees Ares limp into the woods, and Hazle goes to examine Jacob. He has a deep wound in his shoulder and he is unconsious. She drags him into a nearby cave and wraps up his shoulder. She falls asleep muttering to herself, "Oh Jake, what will I ever do with you?"

Danielle wakes up and sees Dutch's face inches from her's. She hears him saying, "Danielle, Danielle?"She sits up but the pain stops her. "Oww!" She yelps as she leans back down. "It's all right Danielle." His face is just inches from hers. She leans up to kiss him, but he pulls away. He whispers, "Not until you've had some food and water." Danielle gulps down a full water bottle full of water and she eats some meat that Dutch got yesterday. She says, "How long have I been out?" "About a day." Dutch says casually. "So how about that kiss?" Danielle says. He leans down and kisses her on the lips, just as the world goes dark.

Day 8


No Deaths Today


Day 8 begins and Hazle is standing over Jacob. "Jake, Jake?" She says. She is trying to wake him up. He blinks as he opens his eyes. He sees Hazle and he smiles. "I wrapped up your shoulder, but it still looks absulutely revoulting." Hazle says casually. "Well that's a relief." Jacob replies sarcastically.

Lily wakes up and she sees that her wounds have been bandaged. She sits up, but she groans in pain. She is laying in the middle of a meadow alone. Lily is basically unable to move. She thinks, Thorne left me here alone. Why would he do that? Nothing is here, no supplies or food. But, then again, my wound is bandaged. Lily suddenly bursts into tears. She doesn't know what to do. Just then, Thorne comes out of the tall grasses with two rabbits in his hand. He kneels by Lily and he says, "Oh, Lily, I'm sorry. I'm so so sorry." He now has tears in his eyes. He then says, "I know you can never forgive me-" Lily uses all of her strength to lean up and kiss him. She evntually pulls away and whispers, "I forgive you."

Day 9


1. Dutch Mason, District 4, Killed by Ares

2. Lucy Fighter, District 2, Killed by a trap

3. Fill Derpil, District 8, Killed by Sapphire


The Careers are out hunting when they come across a slight cave. They whisper to each other and Lucy decides to go in first. She peers around the corner and she sees Danielle asleep with Dutch sitting next to her, his hand gripping a spear. Lucy says, "Ok, in exactly 1 minute I'll go in." She oucnts down in her head. When she has 10 seconds left she prepares. 5 seconds left. At the exact time she hits 0, a knife comes out of nowhere and hits her in the shoulder. Ares runs into the cave and throws his spear. Goddess is next to Lucy as the first cannon goes off. Lucy is losing blood and she slowly dies. Goddess is weeping and she runs way. Ares feels he has no choise but to follow her.

"Dutch! Dutch! Please don't go! I need you." Danielle is yelling. Dutch was hit with a spear and now the other Careers are outside trying to help Lucy. Dutch whispers, "Goodbye Danielle, I'll always love you." Danielle has tears streaming down her face and she manages to say, "Doodbye Dutch, I love you too." She hears his cannon, closely followed by another one. She then realizes that there are booby traps everywhere. How else would Lucy have been hit by that knife. She dozes off wondering, "Mabye it has something to do with the time?'

Fill is wondering through the forest when he comes upon a bed of leaves. He plops down on them Then he realizes that he is falling. He hits the bottom of the hole and he knows that one of his legs is broken. Sapphire pokes her head down the hole and yells, "So Fill, How's it going?" Fill is in too much pain to reply. The arrow hits his chest just as he tries to stand up.

Day 10


1. Sapphire Rolland, District 12, Killed by Ivy


Day 10 begins and Sapphire is lurking in the trees. Ivy walks right under her, but as Sapphire aims her bow, Ivy hears her. She jumps off the gound and throw her knife in Sapphire's direction. Ivy runs away just as she hears a cannon shot. She turns around to see Sapphire's limp body fall from the trees.

Hazle wakes up and says, "Jake, if your not awake in five minutes, I'm leaving without you." Jacob slowly gets up and after five minutes, an ax flies into their cave. It pins Jacob's arm to the rock and Jacob screams in pain. He is screaming so loud and Hazle doesn't know what to do. His arm is gushing blood and she is trying to comfort him by saysing, "Jake, Jake listen to me! You're going to be ok. Calm Down!." Jacob is still screaming and tears start to roll down Hazle's face. She takes the ax and rips it from the wall. Jacob sort of calms down but he is still crying in pain. Hazle leans over him and kisses him right on the lips. It's a long kiss until Hazle accidentally touches Jacob's arm and he screams. He passes out and Hazle bandages his arm. She is blushing badly as she finishes wrapping up his arm. She then realizes, "Of Course! If you say a time, then something bad happens at that time." She figures that if you say 5 minutes, then in five minutes something bad will happen. Hazle whispers, "I've figured out their trick."

That day Danielle was given a vial of poison and a knife from her sponsors. She plans to take out the Careers by poisoning the knife and attacking them.


These are all answers to the question: Is there anything you would like to say to______________?

Ares and Goddess Natalya -

Their father and sister show up. Her sister is an avox, so she doesn't say anything. Their father says, "Nice Job you guys! Show'm what you're made of! Remember Kill! Kill! Kill!." The father and the sister high five and they both strut off stage.

Danielle Sevilla

Danielle's father and younger sister show up. Her father is in a wheel chair that her sister, Sarah, is pushing. His father says, "You're doing great Dan-" He breaks into a racking cough and Sarah says, "Danielle, please come home. We need money to cure father. Please Danielle, try to come home." She is crying and she slowly puches her father's wheel chair off stage.

Ivy Thorn

Ivy's dad and sister show up. Her sister says, "Dawn, please come home. Mother is having a child and we need your help to take care of her. The child is a girl and her name is Sky, after her light blue eyes." Her father nods his head and turns to walk off stage.

Jacob Syke

Jacob's mother, father, brother and sister show up. Even before the interview starts, his mother looks close to tears. His father says, "Jake, your doing great. Hazle really trusts you, so don't let her down." His brother says, "Jake, please try as hard as you can to come home. I really miss you. Also, Hazle is beautiful. You got lucky with her." The audience laughs and his sister whispers, "Yes, very beautiful." They all walk off stage.

Hazle Traceur

All of Hazle family is there and the first one to speak is her youngest sister. She looks about 11 years old. She opens her mouth and sings a beautiful lullaby. The crowd is close to tears as she finishes. Just then her father falls over and lands hard on the stage. The young girl yells, "Father!" The Capitol medics take him away and the little girl is sobbing as she leaves.

Thorne Shadows

Thorne's sisters show up. One of them looks strange to the audience. They ignore it and one sister says, "Thorne, we need you. We are starving without you. Please try to come home. I love you and I dearly miss you." She is close to tears, as well as the other sister as they walk off stage.

Lily Dawn

No one knows any of Lily's family so they are excited to see if anyone shows up. One little girl who is about 10 and who is Lily's sister shows up. She says, "Lily please try to come home. I-" She breaks into tears and kneels down on the ground. She stays like that and the Capitol medics have to come and escort her off stage.

Day 11


1. Goddess Natalya, District 1, Killed by Thorne


From Lily's Perspective-

I wake up and feel Thorne's hand stroking my hair. "Good Morning, Beautiful." He says to me. "Morning." I reply. I'm still in pain from my earlier injury. Just as we start to cook breakfast a twig snaps near us. I jerk my head over and I grab Thorne's hand. He slowly picks up his spear and grips it tightly. There is a rustle in the bushes and Goddess jumps out at them. She is weilding a knife and she aims at Thorne's skull. He moves just as I scream and it misses. Thorne throws his spear at Goddess and it strikes through her neck. I feel sick as her blood pours everywhere. Ares is no where to be seen and her cannon goes off. I turn around and I hug Thorne as tigh as I can. Just then a sweatshirt and a knife come down in silver parachutes. The sweatshirt is far to big for me, so Thorn puts it on. I take the knife and it is still in my hand as I fall asleep.

From Hazle's Perspective-

I wake up and see blood around me. Jake's arm is still bleeding and he is unconscious next to me. Do I really like him? I kind of just kissed him to get him to shut up, but it was really nice. And he's really funny. I try to shake him awake and he eventually wakes up. He says, "Owww. My arm feels like it's on fire." I take my water bottle and I spread water over the wound. He sighs in relief and then says, "So about that kiss..." I start to blush and maybe it's just impulse or I don't know but we both lean forward at the same time and out lips meet.

From Ivy's Perspective-

Today has been so boring. I wake up, I hunt, I eat the food that I hunt, I get water, I hunt some more, I eat some more, I pack up some of the food, I search the area for other tributes, I go to bed. Right now I'm searching for other tributes, when I find a cave. I hear whimpering and I see Danielle. A pair of night vision glasses fall next to her as the world goes dark. I turn around and use my hands to find my tree. I scurry up it and I turn on my flashlight. Then I see a movent near me and I flick it off. I don't know who it is but, I go still and then I eventually fall asleep.

Day 12


1. Danielle Sevilla, District 4, Killed by Ares


From Ares's Perspective-

I am hunting through the woods. I come across a cave that I know all too well. Daneille will probably be in there. Maybe I can attack her using the element of surprise. I jump in front of the cave with my spear inmy hand. Danielle screams and I say, "Prepare to die." She replies, "Please, Please don't kill me. I'll be your ally. Come on we're both Careers." I give her a ruthless look and decide to kill her. I say, "You had your chance. You couldv'e allied with us from the very beginning." Her cries are cut off and the cannon fires.

From Thorne's Perspective-

I wake up and Lily is laying right next to me, still asleep. I put my arm around her and I whisper, "Oh Lily what would I ever do without you?" I slowly stand up as her eyes blink open. Her hands stretch out as she yawns. She says, "I'm hungry." I take out the remainder of our kill and I start a fire. Lily snuggles up close to me and I realize that it has gotten much colder. Soo the fire is blazing and we have both eaten. Lily falls back asleep when sitting on my lap.

From Jacob's Perspective-

I wake up with a smile on my face. Hazle, of course, is already awake. Her hair is up in a bun with small strands falling down her face. There are dirt stains all over her face and arms, but she looks so pretty. Her eyes glow as she looks at me. She says, "So, I'm going hunting." "No." I say out of impulse. "I won't let you go out alone." She gives me a look like I'm underestimating her and then she says, "Come on. I'm I really that bad of a fighter?" She is out of the cave before I can say another word. She returns in about an hour and she is holding two fat rabbits. She shivers and I let her come sit next to me. We cook up one rabbit and it is delicious. Hazle slowly falls asleep and eventually I find sleep.

Day 13


1. Jacob Syke, District 7, Killed by Ares


From Ares's Perspective-

I see Hazle hunting a rabbit. Her shot is through the eye. She then hears me and sprinfs straight into a tree. She is leaping from tree to tree and I start to follow her. She darts into a cave and says "Jake, Jake. Someone's coming. We have to go." Tears are running down her face and Jacob hugs her. Eww, I think. I should probably kill Jacob first. I take out my sword and I aproach the cave. Hazle sees me and screams. She takes out her ax and flings it at me. She grabs Jacob's hand and runs out of the cave. Ow. The ax went into my arm, but I won't give up. She is literally pulling Jacob behind her. I take my knife and I throw it at him. It hits his shoulder but she doesn't realize. I turn around and head back to the Cornucopia. When I return I find a basket of bread waiting for me.

From Hazle's Perspective-

"Jake! Jake! Please stay with me! Please!" Tears are streaming down my face. Jake has a knife in his shoulder and I fear that he will die soon. He looks me in the eye and says, "Hazle, Listen to me: I love you. I love you more than anything else and I wan't you to win. I did all I can to protect you and now you need to protect yourself. I know that you can win. Take care of my family when you get back to 7. I love you so much, Hazle, I love you so much." Tears are flowing down my cheeks and I know that he's going to die. He uses all of his strength and leans up. He kisses me right on the lips and I can almost feel the life draining out of him. His eyes close and he leans down. The cannon goes off. My tears make clean marks on his dirty clothing. A single tear falls on his forehead and I kiss that exact spot. I stand up, remembering our final kiss. I just run and run as far as I can go. I jump into a tree. Tears roll down my face as Jake's face is in the sky.

Lily and Thorne were hunting all day and nothing very interesting happens to them

Ivy is just scouting the area and occasionally she starts to hunt.

Day 14


1. Lily Dawn, District 11, Killed by Ares


From Thorne's Perspective-

I wake up and Lily's tiny hand is buried into mine. She wakes up and we hear a noise. I jump up, startled, and I grab my knife. I think of the remaining tributes: the girl from 7, the boy from 1, and the girl from 5, along with Lily and I. Maybe I can get Lily to win. Maybe I can convince her to take care of my sisters when she gets back. A knife flies into the cave when I'm unprepared. It is aiming for Lily and I dive in front of it. But, I'm too late. The spear strikes her chest. I scream and run at Ares. My spear stabs into his arm and he runs off. I turn around and Lily is lying in a big pool of blood. Oh no, oh no, oh no. I race over to her and I grab her hand. Her tiny hand is grasping mine. Things are going exactly opposite than planned. I should be the one laying there dying. She says, "Thorne, take care of my sister if you get home, please." I nod my head as tears roll down my face. She says, "Thorne I love you, I will always be will you in here." She raises her blood covered hand to my heart. Her hand falls and her eyes close for the last time.

Nothing else happens for the rest of the day.

Day 15


1. Thorne Shadows, District 11, Killed by Ivy


From Ivy's Perspective-

Oh, my head hurts. Its been what 13 days in the arena? 14? I don't know. I jump when I hear a noise. I look down from my tree and I see the boy from 11. I think his name is Thorne. Yeah, of course I remember him and Lily from the interviews in the beginning. Poor Lily, I saw her face in the sky last night. Thorne must be devestated. He is stalking through the trees and I jump down in front of him.He backs with a start and He raises his spear. I hold out my hands as if surrendering, although my knife is tucked in my back pocket. I raise an eyebrow and he looks at me with weird eyes. Something about him looks very strange to me. He bursts into an heart wrenching scream and launches his spear at me. I dodge to the side, but not before it punctures my arm. It burns; a lot. I keep myself from screaming as I take my knife from my pocket. What do I do? Should I kill him, so he won't even have a chance of being tortured by Ares? Maybe It'll be a good thing if I kill him. Well, if Lily's dead then he'll probably need to go home and take care of his family. The knife is in my hand but it starts to slip out. I grip it tigher, but my hands are swaeting like crazy. I close my eyes and I grip the knife tighter.

From Hazle's Perspective-

Tears still fall down my face. How could I let Jake die? How? It was all my fault. I try to focuse on my hunting by taking a deep breath. But, I can't. I take my rabbit and I vault into a tree. I look in my pocket. I pull out a wristband. Jake's wristband. It is a peice of twine wrapped in a strand of metal leaves that is painted brown and dark green. It has 5 different symbols on it that each stand for something. They are written in the leaves and each one is very small. The first one I see is a 7. Of course it's for District 7. Then I see a J. Meaning Jacob. Then I see an arrow, which I have no idea what it means. Then I see small bird that looks like a bluejay or something like that. And the final one brings more tears to my eyes. He carved it in while he was in the arena. I never saw him do it but I know exactly what it means. It is an H. Of course it's for my name; Hazle.

Day 16


1. Ares Natalya, District 1, Killed by bomb


From Ivy's Perspective-

My heart races and I'm filled with anxiety. Todays the day, I think. My heart beats fast as I spy on Ares. He is sharping a wicked looking sword with a silver blade. It makes my knife look like a stick. I then see a figure moving behind the Cornucopia. It must be the girl from 7. I think that her name is Hazle. She looks like she's flying as she jumps on the Cornucopia. Ares has no idea she's there because, of course, she's as silent as the trees. My heart skips a beat when she looses her footing. She stays on top and she doesn't panic. Oh, no I think that I kind of like her. She seems nice, and brave. Oh, why did I ever kill Thorne. Because he tried to kill me, I answer to myself.

From Hazle's Perspective-

I stare at Ares, and then I see Ivy lurking in the trees. Jake's wrist band glints in the sun. Ivy and I make eye contact and I make a countdown on my fingers. 3, maybe this isn't a good idea. 2, I'm so dead. 1, It's now or never. I jump down and my knife slashes into his shoulder. The handle of his swprd slams into my eye and it starts to swell. Ivy comes bursting out of the trees and throws her knife at him. He yells, "In one minute, you'll both be dead!" I whisper,"Oh no." Then, I start to count down. 50, 49, 48, Ivy has a large gash in her leg. 41, 40, 39, Ares lifts her up throws her into the meadow as I just stare. 30, 29, 28, Ares turns around and charges me. 25, 24, 23, I grab my ax and my knife. 20, 19, 18, I throw my knife like a boomerang and it makes a small cut across his chest. 14, 13, 12, He screams in rage and looks at the wound. 10, 9, 8, My heart is racing. Poor Ivy, she is in a pool of blood. Ares throws his knife into my arm. 5, 4, 3, Blood start pouring out of his stomach as the sword slams into my leg. 2, 1, 0, I jump into the air, as high as I can, just as the bomb goes off. I try to roll as I land but my leg is hurting badly and I land on the other one. I feel it shatter as it slams into the ground. I sceam and I hear the cannon. Ares is now ash and some burnt flesh. Ivy is breathing hard next to me and I feel like my leg was just dipped into a pool of lava. My eyes close and I smell the burning around me.

From Ivy's Perspective-

My leg hurts and I feel the warm blood around me. Hazle is lying right next to me and I know that we will both die soon. I think of a single lullaby. The most beautiful one I know and my eyes slowly close.

All of the TV screans throughout Panem turn off leaving everyone to wonder, who is the Victor of the 44th Hunger Games?

The Gamemakers

They all sit at a long table. There are about 20 of them. The president sits at the head and opposite from him, sits the head gamemaker. "Well, what am I supposed to do?!" One of them asks. "Well it's obvious isn't it?!" another one yells. About half of them all scream "Ivy!" And the other half all scream "Hazle!" "Why don't we vote?!" another one yells. "SILENCE!!" the president yells. He takes a deep breath and continues, "Well, what good would voting do? That's a stupid idea." The one with the idea of voting puts his head on the table and sits silently. "-we shall kill the one that was closest to death." One yells, "But, that's the problem! They are both so close to death, that if we bother anything they will both die! We must decide quickly or they will both perish now! We have to-" Security guards come in and with their meatl gloves, punch his nose in. They drag him out of the room, as he dies. "Fine," The president says, "we shall do it randomly, if that's how it must be." He pulls a golden coin out of his pocket. Heads is Hazle, tails is Ivy. The coin vibrates as it is flicked into the air. It lands on the table with a clinking noise.

The Final Death

From Ivy's Perspective-

My heart beats heavy. I open my mouth and I start to sing. Hazle's eyes are closed and her bracelet glints in the sun. I wonder what the symbols mean? I sing an old lullaby that my mother used to sing to me. I sing louder and Hazle stirs. She tries to sit up but, she screams in pain. Tears roll down from her eyes. She stares at me and I feel sorry for her. I keep singing and then I start another song. Hazle's eyes slowly close.

From Hazle's Perspective-

My eyes close as I listen to Ivy sing. Her voice is so pure even though she is almost dead. We are both almost dead. I can feel the sticky blood running down my leg. The beautiful meadow is now filling with blood. I accidentally move my leg and I can't help but scream in pain. I can feel the shattered bones grinding together. My eyes close again and I see black. Then a small light appears above my head.

From Ivy's Perspective-

I stop singing. Hazle has gone completely limp and I know that she will die soon. Then everything goes dark. Then light flashes on again as if someone had just turned on a light switch. A hovercraft appears ahead of me and a ladder falls down. Then I see someone in the doorway. They are holding a crossbow that is notched with a wicked looking spear. The point is glinting gold. There is a rope attached to the other end of the spear. So one of us will live and the other will be murdered by the Capitol.

From Hazle's Perspective-

Nooo! I yell. But I can't hear my own voice. I try to pull away from the light and eventually my eyes flash open. Light floods around me and I'm still sitting in the meadow. Ivy is shuddering next to me. A ladder falls next to me and I scream. This time I can actually hear it. The ladder swings towards me as I am still screaming. I am frozen as I am being lifted up. Then I see something that makes my heart rip apart. The spear enters Ivy's body as blood pours out. I scream and tears rush down my face. She is hoisted up by the rope attached to the spear and I am still screaming. The second the ladder lets me go I start to sing. The same song that Ivy sung to me before she died. Tears make clean trails on my dirt caked face as they fall. Then, as I finish the song I scream and I feel the small pinprick in my arm. Everything goes black.

The Victor

From Hazle's Perspective-

I wake up on a hovercraft. My eyes are crusted with tears and doctors surround me. My leg is on fire and when one doctor touches it I can't help but scream. I can feel the grinding between the bones. I see the dried blood coating my other leg. My head is swimming with memories; Ivy getting murdered, Ivy singing to me. So, am I the Victor. Well, the definitely wouldn't show that on TV. I try to grab my wrist with the other hand but they are tied down. I scream again as the needle is inserted into my leg. Oh, it hurts so bad. I look at my wrist and Jake's wrist band is gone. NO! Where is it? I search the room and I see it resting on a small metal table next to me. I might be able to grab it with my teeth, but what good would that do? I decide the only thing that I can do is get them to do it for me. I scream as loud as I can and the doctors ignore me. One doctor comes over to me and looks at my face. I keep screaming. He says, "What?" I can only read his lips, so I scream, "Jake's Wristband." He seems confuesed and then he realizes. He picks it up and puts it on my wrist. Then I realize that I'm crying, like hard. I scream again as the needle goes into my arm. The world goes dark.

Returning Home

From Hazle's Perspective-

The doors of the train are about to open. The video at the Capitol was terrible. Even more so because they replaced the part where Ivy died to a part where I killed her. Apparently the power was out during that part so the whole of Panem missed it. So then, I had to suffer through the interviews, and tell everyone that I killed Ivy. The President even thretened to kill my family if I didn't. I never took Jake's wristband off.

The train doors slide open and I look around. My little sister jumps into my ams as tears run down her face. Then I see my brothers and my othere sisters. They all come and hug me. My little sister is the only one wo is crying. I look at the others questionably, but they just shake their heads. I then realize that mother and father aren't there. My heart starts beating really hard. I shake off their grips and I race home. I don't see either off them anywhere. Then my sister runs at me and jumps into my arms. Her eyes are filled with tears and she says, "Well you know how father has been... sick for a while?" That's true. He has had this weird condition where he randomly faints. "Yeah." I reply. She bursts into another round of sobbing. "Father.. is... is.. dead." She keeps crying and I feel that stares from my other siblings coming from the door way. They all look concerned. Then I say, "and mother?" Tears start rolling down my face. Then my older sister says, "I really don't know. The TV's blanked and she ran into the woods. We waited for days, but she never came back. I think that she thinks that you're dead." I gasp and run into the woods. My heart starts pounding even harder. Then I trip on a root. My face hits a rock and a gash opens in my cheek. Then I hear the words, "Hazle?" A voice that could only be my mother's. I turn around and there she is. I jump into her arms and she says, "I thought you were dead." "No." I reply. I walk back to the house and we are all involved in a group hug.

Victory Tour

All From Hazle's Perspective-

District 12

I step out and I see the whole of District 12. I suddenly get nervous as I see the faces of their families. Sapphire's mother is sitting alone in a rickety old chair that might topple over any second. Echo's Parents are standing with their arms around his two brothers and his little sister. I start to say, "Hello, People of District 12, I know that both of your tributes were killed by Ivy. I feel very sorry for their deaths. I never really knew either of them, but I did know that Sapphire was a killing machine. She lasted until the 10th Day were as Echo only lasted until the 2nd day. Again I apologize for your losses." I stand like a statue as they start to slowly clap for me. I manage a shaky smile and I walk back inside.

District 11

I step out onto the marble ground and I see the most terrible thing ever. In Thorne's family there is just two little girls standing there. And then what's even worse is that I see one little girl that looks about 10 standing as the only person from Lily's family. I choke down my sobs and I begin, "Hello, People of District 11, I realize that Lily was killed by Ares. He killed my ally Jak-.... uh, Jacob and I never forgave him for that. Also, I know that Thorne was killed by Ivy, but that was only because he went kind of psyco after Lily died. They both did really well by making it to the final 5. I apologize very much for thier deaths and I wish the families of the tributes a long and safe life in District 11." I try to smile, but I can't. I turn around before the audience can see the tear fall down my face.

District 10

I step onto the balcony and look down at the faces of the families of Swanna and Zak. On Swanna's side I see two parents who look very healthy and on Zak's side I see a little girl who looks like she might cry. I slowly open my mouth and I start to speak, "Hello, People of District 10, I realize that I didn't kill any of your tributes, but, I still grieve for their deaths. Neither of them made it very far in the Games, but that doesn't mean they will be forgotten. I apologize for their deaths, Thank you." I nod my head and I force a smile. They start a slow round of clapping that then moves faster and faster. I turn around and walk inside the building thinking that I still have to do this 8 more times.

District 9

I step out onto the balcony and I see no faces on the elvated platforms. Obviously they had no family besides themselves. I start to say, "Hello, People of District 9, I never killed any of your tributes but I knew that Forest and Star had a very close bond that will last forever, even if they're not here with us. Even though Star was killed on the first day, Forest kept going and made it a little further. I apologize for both of their deaths and I know that their spirits will definitely be with all of us forever." The audience applauds and I make a slight bow. I slowly turn around and head back into the building.

District 8

The first thing I see when I step out is two parents that look like they might kill me. Their stare burns through me and I start to get really nervous. I say, "Hello, Pe-People o-of D-D-District 8-" Pull yourself together, I think. "-Jane and Fill were both very close and Fill was devestated by Jane's death. When she was killed, Dutch didn't even know it was her. Later on, Fill was horribly killed in a trap that Sapphire created. I apologize for their deaths and I moarn for them along with you." I finish as the audiencs starts clapping. Their parents don't move an inch so I quickly turn around and rush back inside the building.

District 6

I walk out onto the balcony and on the elevated platforms I see two wealthy parents on one and two parents and a young bot on the other. All of them look fairly healthy. I begin, "Hello, People of District 6, Thyme and Rivan were both great tributes. Although they both died early, they were both very skilled. We will all moarn for them and I know that they will all live in your hearts forever. I apologize for their deaths, although I didn't kill either of them." I finish and a small amount of clapping greets me. Slowly it gets louder and louder. I bow slightly and I turn around and walk into the building.

District 5

I walk out as I swallow a sob. I wrap my fingers around Jake's wrist band and I prepare to re-encounter one of the worst moments of my life. In Ivy's family I see a mother and father and a young girl that looks about 10. I also see the mother holding a child that doesn't even look 2 months old. Then I glance at Flint's side and I see a father and 3 little boys that all look like Flint. I gulp and I begin, "Hello, People of District 5, Flint sacrificed his life for Ivy and I have always admired him for that. Now, I know what you're all thinking. I murdered Ivy in cold blood. But that's a lie!-" I start shouting. "Ivy was murdered by The Capit-" I see the stunned face of Ivy's little sister as I black out from the metal glove smashing into my head.

The Punishment

From Hazle's Perspective-

I wake up in a white room. I see a doctor in the corner looking at a clipboard. Then, the president walks in and glares at me. He says, "You have done wrong and now you will be punished." He stand up and opens the door. Just the a figure comes into the room. It's... It's.. It's Ivy! She is dressed in rags and a spot of blood pours out of her chest. "No, no, no. That's not possible." I say. She kneels down and hands me a dagger. I stare at it and Ivy looks up and me with sad eyes. "How is she alive? Is this just some random person who looks like her? Huh!!" I yell at the president. He replies calmly, "No, this is Ivy. You would be surprised at how good our doctors are." I feel a tear on my face and I shake my head in denial. Ivy looks at me and says, "Please." I don't really have a choice. Then she starts to sing again. I join in with her. Our voices are harmonized perfectly. Then she screams and falls down. The president says, "Kill her or she will be in more pain then she has ever known!" I hear another scream and Ivy is laying on the ground, jerking from side to side. I take the knife and press my finger agaisnt the blade. A single drop of blood falls and I grip the dagger with both hands. Ivy screams again and I plunge the dagger into my own chest.

The Second Victor

From Ivy's Perspective-

I wake up and I see Hazle in the bed next to me. How is this even possible? I should be dead. I mean, I died and then like, a day ago, I woke up with this bloody mark on my chest. Then the stupid president tried to get Hazle to kill me again. So, what's going to happen now? I see Hazle sit up and I mouth a silent Thank You. She nods her head and stares down at Jacob's bracelet. Then a doctor walks in and says, "Stand up, both of you." We both jump out of bed and stand in front of him.

From Hazle's Perspective-

My heart is racing. How am I alive? And Ivy is also alive. How is that even possible. The doctor looks at us, nods, and walks out the door. Then the president comes in and I stiffen. I am so scrared. He could do so many horrible things to me. I nod and he says, "So, since it's impossible to kill one of you, well it's not, but you know, then we would have to kill Ivy and Hazle would probably blurt out everything like she did before." He looks at me with evil eyes, but I stand my ground. He then says, "So, I have come to a conclusion that you will both be allowed to live under these circumstances. 1. Neither of you will say a word about what happened today. 2. You will tell everyone that Ivy wasn't really dead and the Capitol never killed her. 3. You will also tell them that this was supposed to happen, the double victor thing. And finally, you will convince them or else."

From Ivy's Perspective-

Ok. I can do that. Convince people. I take a deep breath and he says, "Your on air in 3 hours. You will meet your stylists on your District floor. Be at the ground floor in exactly 3 hours." Oh, so we're at the training center, I guess. I step into the elevator along with Hazle, but we don't speak. I hope off at the District 5 floor and I give Hazle a thumbs up. She gives me one too. Then I see my mentor and my stylist. I run at my mentor and we are engrossed in a hug until he says, "Time to get ready." My stylist puts a hand on my shoulder and we go through the prepping routine again. I am finally dressed in a white dress that has midnight blue sequins dancing up it. I smile in delight as he helps me into my flat leather sandals. He fixes my hair perfectly and I prepare to go out in front of Panem.

From Hazle's Perspective-

The elevator door opens and I run straight to my mentor. He hugs me back and says, "Nice job, staying alive again. After you purposly tried to kill yourself." "Sorry." I say. We both laugh and I am guided into a room were my prep team engrosses me. I ignore them. Finally they are done and I meet my stylist. He helps me into a black dress with midnight blue sequins going up it. He fixes my hair and helps me into flat leather sandals. I wonder what Ivy will be wearing? I take a deep breath and I prepare myself. Jake's wristband is wrapped tightly around my wrist as I step into the elevator.

From Ivy's Perspective-

The elevator door opens and I see Hazle looking beutiful in a dress that looks exactly like mine except her's is black. I whisper to her, "You look beautiful." Then she replies, "You do too." The elevator takes us down to the ground floor where the president is waiting. He smiles at us and lead us the the room under the stage. I stand there with Hazle and she says, "Ok, remember what he said: Convince them." I nod as the platform starts rising. We are greeted by a huge applause and we both sit down in seperate chairs. The president comes out along with a little boy carrying two crowns. They are both jet black, but they are beautiful.

From Hazle's Perspective-

He picks up both crowns and he sets them on out heads at the same time. I look into Ivy's eyes and she looks into mine. I wrap my fingers around Jake's wristband, wondering what will happen to us next.

Tributes - Training Scores

District 1 Male - Ares Natalya - 9

District 1 Female - Goddess Natalya - 10
  • Ares Natalaya - District 1 Male
  • Goddess Natalaya - District 1 Female
  • Ernie Sasalot - District 2 Male
  • Lucy Fighter - District 2 Female
  • Ranuel Foreens - District 3 Male
  • Lilith Foreens - District 3 Female
  • Dutch Mason - District 4 Male
  • Danielle Sevella - District 4 Female
  • Flint Shadows - District 5 Male
  • Ivy Thorn - District 5 Female
  • Rivan Fermen - District 6 Male
  • Thyme Fletcher - District 6 Female
  • Jacob Syke - District 7 Male
  • Hazle Traceur - District 7 Female
  • Fil Derpil - District 8
  • Jane Derpil - District 8 Female
  • Forest Damakos - District 9 Male
  • Star Damakos - District 9 Female
  • Zak Began - District 10 Male
  • Swanna Zell - District 10 Female
  • Thorne Shadows - District 11 Male
  • Lily Dawn - District 11 Female
  • Echo Stone - District 12 Male
  • Sapphire Rolland - District 12 Female

District 2 Male - Ernie Sasalot - 9

District 2 Female - Lucy Fighter - 8

District 3 Male - Ranuel Foreens - 5

District 3 Female - Lilith Foreens - 4

District 4 Male - Dutch Mason - 7

District 4 Female - Danielle Sevilla - 8

District 5 Male - Flint Shadows - 6

District 5 Female - Ivy Thorn - 6 - The Second Victor

District 6 Male - Riven Fenerm - 5

District 6 Female - Thyme Fletcher - 6

District 7 Male - Jacob Syke - 5

District 7 Female - Hazle Traceur - 6 - The Victor

District 8 Male - Fill Derpil - 5

District 8 Female - Jane Derpil - 8

District 9 Male - Forest Damakos - 8

District 9 Female - Star Damakos - 8

District 10 Male - Zak Bagan - 5

District 10 Female - Swanna Zell - 6

District 11 Male - Thorne Shadows - 6

District 11 Female - Lily Dawn - 7

District 12 Male - Echo Stone - 4

District 12 Female - Sapphire Rolland - 3

Chariot Rides

District 1

The red chariot rolls out of the stables. They are both dressed completly in black. The audience is dissapointed at first, but then in a matter of seconds, Goddess is wearing a sparkling redish gold dress and Ares is wearing a black suit with a shining red tie and he has a red crown on his head. The audience cheers loudly and they decide to hold hands. The audience goes crazy and they smile and wave.

District 2

The chariot rolls out and Lucy has on a shimmering siver dress that's almost see through. Ernie is in a suit with a silver jacket and black pants. His tie is jet black and his eyes focus on a small thing comming out of the chariot. A snake, the color of Ernie's eyes, slithers around the border of the chariot and the audience is partly scared but they are also screaming, "District 2 is the best! Go District 2!"

District 3

The tributes come out on the charot and Lilith is wearing a deep green dress, while Ranuel is wearing black pants and a green shirt. Ranuel pulls out a remote and he presses a button. There is a small explosion on the front of their chariot. The crowd is unimpressed, but they still slightly clap.

District 4

The deep blue chariot rolls out and Danielle is wearing a beautiful blue dress that makes her look like she is actually in the ocean. Dutch is wearing a white suit with blue lines running horizontally through it. He has on a deep blue tie. Daneille has her hair back in a ponytail and she has a blue crown on her head. Dutch leans over and kisses Danielle on the cheek. Danielle blushes big, but the crowd goes crazy. The ground shakes from the noise.

District 5

As the chariot rolls out, Ivy puts on a smile for the audience. She is wearing a pretty gray/brown dress with green streaks of ivy running across it. Her crown is made of ivy too. Flint has on gray pants and a brown shirt with the sleeves ripped off. He has a lot of muscle and the crowd goes crazy as they come out. Flint picks up a knife and throws it directly into the air. It reaches its maximum height and it explodes in a shimmer of red dust. The audience goes crazy.

District 6

The District 6 tributes ride out on their chariot. Thyme is wearing a yellow dress with sparkles on it and Rivan is wearing a black suit with a bright yellow tie. The audience watches them, but they decide that it's nothing special.

District 7

The wooden chariot rolls out and both of the tributes have on gray jumpsuits with gray crowns. The audience groans and says, "Trees again?" Their arma are out and they look like trees with no leaves. But then, smoke starts coming from the costumes adn the tributes are lost in it. There is a flash of light and the smoke is gone. Hazle has on an autumn colored dress with leaves as a pattern. Jacob has on a white suit with an autunm colored tie. He has random autumn leaves printed on his suit. The leaves seem to be glowing. The crowd goes crazy and the noise is so loud that the gound shakes.

District 8

The District 8 tributes come out wearing shawls made of different materials. Jane takes off her Shawl and uder is a beautiful plaid dress. Fill is wearing a plaid shirt and brown pant. The audience decides that it's ok, but it's nothing special.

District 9

The chariot rolls out and Star's hair is in a ponytail. It has black streaks in it. She is wearing a black dress with a shining green stripe down it. It matches her eyes perfectly. Forest has on a plain black suit with a glowing green tie that matches his eyes. They are both wearing identical green crowns. The green on their costumes seems to glow and the audience is mysified. They like it but they don't really love it.

District 10

The chariot comes out and Swanna is wearing a white dress with random cow prints on it. . Zak is wearing a white shirt and pants with cow prints on it. The audience thinks it is less than boring and they decide that it will probably be the worst of the night.

District 11

The chariot rolls out and Lily is wearing a brown dress with little beads on it that lookk like pieces of grain. Thorne is wearing brown pants and a brown shirt with simalar beads of grain. The beads start to slowly fall of and once neither of them have any more beads on them, Big stalks of grain start to grow out of the bottom of the chariot. The crowd cheers loudly in amazment.

District 12

The District 12 tributes come out wearing black jumpsuits. The crowd groans, but then something happens. The perimeter of the chariot looks like it's on fire and the tributes have transformed. Echo is wearing a nice black shirt and black pants. Sapphire is wearing a black dress. They are wearing matching crowns that look like they are flickering with fire. The crownd cheers loudly and everyone is really amazed.

The amount each tribute has is written right after the tribute's name and training score. Here is a list of all possible sponsor items that you can send to a tribute:


Knife - $200

Bow and Arrows - $575

Sword - $525

Spear - $300

Ax - $500

Hatchet - $375

Vial of Poison - $250

Poisoned Knife - $500

Clothing, Sleeping Bags, etc.

Sweatshirt - $300

Socks - $200

Sleeping Bag - $625

Blanket - $450

Thick Coat - $525

Gloves or Mittens- $275

Food/ Water

Basket of Bread - $500

4 Apples - $425

Bottle of Water - $450

Iodine - $300

Empty Water Bottle - $275


Rope - $300

Night-Vision Glasses - $575

Medicine - Depends on the kind of medicine

Sunglasses - $450

Note (keep in mind that I will not exept the note if it reveals anything about other tributes strategies or plans. Also I won't exept one that is really long. I would prefer it if the note was words of encouragment from sponsors, family, friends, etc.) - $100

I will only give 3 sponsor gifts a day at the most. Your tribute will get the item the next time I post after your comment. The prices of the items will go up more and more everyday.

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