Hello everyone! Welcome to the Mockingjay5 45th Hunger Games. These will be like any other Games where 24 tributes will be submitted, one girl and one boy from each District. Now, first off let me make it clear that I want at least semi-realistic tributes. I'm not saying that it can't be where two siblings live alone in the forest or something like that. Just make it seem like you put at least a little effort into it. Second, I will be doing reservations but, for 36 hours only and after that your name will be removed from the space. Third, if you could I would like you to include: Name, Age, District Number, Gender, Skills, Strategies, and History when entering your tribute(s). I would like it if you could put in Personality, but it isn't required. I will be doing Training Scores, Chariot Rides, Arena, Tribute Pictures, Final 8 Interviews, Returning Home, and the Victory Tour. Only two tributes per person. Thanks to everyone who will enter!

Also, If you would like your tribute to have a specific District Token please add that to your tribute description.

Happy Hunger Games and may the odds be ever in your favor. -Effie Trinket


The tributes begin on their plates in a circle around the Cornucopia. They are perched atop a snowy mountain. Tributes are dressed in thick trousers, wind and rain proof jackets, and sturdy boots. The ground is coated in snow and surrounding the Cornucopia is a variety of weapons, supplies, and backpacks. There are also 10 pairs of skis that their boots can fit into. Half of the mountain is sheer cliffs and the other half is steep powder. The only way down is to ski, or tributes could walk but they risk freezing to death. The journey on foot would take them days. Once tributes arrive at the bottom of the mountain, it is dense forests with an ocean surrounding it. There are no islands, bur throughout the forest there are small streams and ponds. The animals in the forests include: squirrells, rabbits, birds, deer, and occasionally elk. Also, throughout the mountain and forests there is a very dangerous bear-like mutt that will kill anyone it sees. If a tribute manages to kill it, it would make a great jacket or hat, but the meat is deadly poisonous. At the top of the mountain, temperature during the day are usually 30-40 degrees. At night they can drop to below zero, but usually it is about 10-20 degrees. In the forests temperatures during the day are usually 60-75 degrees, but at night they can drop to 30-40 degrees. Occasionally there will be a rabbit or a bird near the top of the mountain, but other than that, the only animal is the bear-like mutts.

Chariot Rides

District 1

The chariot comes out and the audience is immedietly appauding. Glisten is wearing a sparkling red blazer and Minie is wearing an almost see through red gown. Her hair is woven around a glittering red head piece. Glisten's tatoos seem to glow an unearthly green. Then, his hair starts to glow green as well. The audience is going crazy as Minie and Glisten blow kisses to the crowd.

District 2

Randy and Lucy are sitting side by side on the chariot. They are dressed in brown jumpsuits with gray crowns on. The audience is disapointed until they hear a crackling noise. The brown is fading away into a glowing orange. Soon Lucy is in a glowing orange-yellow dress and the crown starts to glimmer. Randy is in a bright orange shirt, with black trousers. His crown is also sparkling. They both smile and blow kisses to the crowd. The audience starts to cheer madly as the tributes glow in the night.

District 3

The district 3 tributes come out on their Chariot. Xenia is in a dress that looiks like it's made of wire. Galder is in a shirt and pants made out of wire. Xenia's hair is sticking straight up on her hear and Galder's hair is in spikes. The audience isn't impressed, but they still clap.

District 4

Barret and Angel come out on the chariot. Angel has on a ocean blue dress that reaches just above her knees. Her hair is laced with blue-green ribbon. Barret has on a blue t-shirt and white shorts. He is wearing a blue-green head-piece. They give the illusion of them riding on the waves. The audience is very impressed and they clap very loudly.

District 5

The district 5 tributes come out and Keilyn is wearing an icy blue dress with her hair sparkling in frost. North is wearing an icy blue shirt and white pants. His hair is in spikes with glittering frost shaking off of it. Keilyn has on light blue makeup and the audience thinks she looks beautiful. They both wave to the crowd and the crowd cheers for them.

District 6

Nate and CJ come out wearing all black. CJ is wearing a jet black dress and Nate is wearing a black suit. Then, suddenly, Her dress starts to turn grey and so does Nate's suit. Then they spark white and emit a soft glow. The crowd is clapping but, they are not overly impressed.

District 7

Eric and Cara come out on their chariot, both wearing brown pants. They both have on red t-shirts, which suddenly start to sparkle. Then they turn orange and yellow. They look like the leaves on trees in autumn with the sun sparkling through. The crowd is impressed but, they wish that District 7 could do something besides trees.

District 8

Jack and Bailey come out on the chariot wearing patched up clothing. Bailey is wearing a dress made up of a mish-mash of fabrics. Jack is wearing a pant and a long sleeve shirt made out of the same materials. Then they start to mix together making a single fabric that is plaid. The crowd is slightly impressed, but they think that it could have been much better.

District 9

The district 9 tributes come out and the audience seems confused. They look more like Careers than anything else. Florence has on a bright, sold red dress. Her hair is in some weird fashon and Iroh is wearing a solid red shirt and pants. His hair is in spikes. The audience slowly claps, but they think it's very strange.

District 10

They District 10 tributes come out and the audience gasps. Shannon's dress is made of leather and it falls to her knees. Her hair is in a long braid and she has on a leather hat. Jakob is wearing a plain white shirt with a leather vest and leather pants. He has on a simalar hat. The audience thinks that the idea is very creative, and they clap.

District 11

Krystal and Lightning come out on their chariot. Krystal is wearing trousers and overalls, and a simple t-shirt. Lightning is wearing a simalar outfit and they both carry farming tools. Their faces are streaked with dirt and so are their hands. The audience thinks of it as a typical farming day, but they don't necessarly think it's that great.

District 12

Navaho and Jasmine come out on their chariot. They are both dressed in bulky black costumes. They are apparently supposed to be pieces of coal. Then the costumes explode, showering the audience in coal dust. They are now dressed in orange outfits. The audience is impressed, but not amazed.

Day 1


1. Eric Loree, District 7, Killed by Glisten

2. Jasmine Whirl, District 12, Killed by Randy

3. Lightning Tree, District 11, Killed by North

4. Galder Zale, District 3, Killed by CJ

5. Cian 'CJ' Hustrezed, District 6, Killed by Galder

6. Jack DeMille, District 8, Killed by Nate


The gong goes off and the Hunger Games begin. Shannon manages to grab a pair of skis and she starts to head down the mountain. The Career pack includes Glisten, Minie, Randy, Nate, and Lucy (Who was apparently forced into it.) They take out Eric and Jasmine easily as Barret and Angel escape down the mountain on a single pair of skis. Keilyn and North both have skis. On their way down, they run into Lighting, who is quickly stabbed through the skull with an arrow shot by North. Galder is hiding in the trees and hits Keilyn's upper thigh with an arrow. North picks her up and continues to ski down as quickly as he can. CJ is on her way down when she sees Galder. She throws her knife at the same time that Galder shoots his arrow. They both die at the same time. Jack is on his way down the mountain in foot when a huge gust of wind comes. He is blown across the hill and he is hanging on to teh edge of a cliff. It looks to him at least 200 ft down. suddenly, he sees a shoe above him. It's Nate and is foot crushes Jack's hand. He screams and he is now only holding on with one hand. Nate says the words, "Goodbye Jack." He stomps on his other hand and Jack falls to his death. Jakob has a pair of skis and he catches up with Shannon. They make an alliance and continue down the mountain. The remaining tributes head down the mountain.

Here is a list of who has the skis:

1, 2, - To the Careers

3- North and Keilyn

4, 5- Shannon and Jakob

6- Barret and Angel

7- Bailey

8- Navaho

9- Xenia

10- Iroh

Day 2


1. Florence Syren, District 9, Killed by Jakob

2. Lucy Sister, District 2, Killed by Iroh


Day 2 begins and Jakob and Shannon recievce Night Vision Glasses and a Bow and Arrow. Shannon picks up the bow and arrow and practices. Her arrow hits the mark. They grab their skis and continue on. Just after they begin, they run into Florence. Her face is terrified and she is shivering uncontrollably. She walks up to them and goes, "Please kill me. Please!" Tears roll down her face. Jakob says, "Give me your bow." Shannon grips it tighter. "No." She says. "Shannon give me your bow." He says more forcefully. Shannon still holds it and Jakob rips it out of her hands. Shannon screams, "No!" Just as the arrow hits her chest. Shannon sinks to the ground and starts to cry. Jakob picks her up and starts to ski with her in his arms.

Meanwhile, the Careers have recieved Night-Vison Glasses and a chest plate of armor that fits Nate perfectly. Then suddenly a spear comes right out of the trees and falls right into Lucy's neck. The Careers scream, as Iroh skis quickly down the mountain. They are unable to catch up with him, so he escapes. That night, they go in search of other tributes.

Day 3


1. Barret Mason, District 4, Killed by Xenia

2. Krystal Glass, District 11, Killed by North


Day 3 begins and Xenia wakes up to a basket of fresh bread and a wicked looking knife. She breaths in the scent of the bread and her mouth waters. She eats two rolls out of the 7 and then she hears footsteps, She sees The male and the female from District 4. Her eyes go to the knife and she picks it up. Her hand has released it before the tributes even know she's there. It thumps as it slams into Barret's chest. He falls and the girl runs away sobbing.

"Keilyn wake up! Please wake up!" North yells. Her eyes flutter open and she screams in pain. "Shhh." Noth whispers. The bandage on her left leg has blood seeping through it. North knows that she has lost a lot of blood. He makes her drink some water out of their only water bottle. They also have managed to ctach a stray rabbit whick he feeds to Keilyn. He realizes that they are very close to the bottom. Then they hear footsteps near them. A girl runs past them without even noticing them. Then anaother girl runs by who actually sees them. She turns around with a dagger in her hand. But, North is too fast and has an arrow in her chest before she knows it. Her eyes roll to the back of her head as the cannon fires.

Day 4


1. Iroh Ragnorok, District 9, Killed by Minie


From Shannon's Perspective-

I cry into Jakob's shoulder. Why am I even crying? I mean if I die, my family dies too. It's just all too much. Jakob sits against a tree trunk and whispers, "Are you finally done crying?" I nod my head and I take out the small locket. Inside is a picture of my sisters and a picture of my mom. I take it in my palm and I press it against my chest. We continue to ski down the mountain.

From Minie's Perspective-

We are silently creeping through the trees. Me and Glisten. Then I hear movement to my left. I see a shadowy figue that looks like a boy. I atek out my bow and I string it. The arrow hits his skull and the cannon fires. Glisten runs over to me and gives me a high-five. We head back to camp to tell the others the great news.

From North's Perspective-

Her eyes open slightly and I sigh in relief. She has been like this on and off for the past few hours. The stream rushes beneath us as I tuck her back into the sleeping bag. Another cry of pain and I try to calm her down. I make her drink water and take a small bite of the rabbit. Finally we made it to the forest. There must be tons of Game here, but I'm kind of leery about leaving Keilyn alone. I wrap a fresh bandage around her leg and her eyes close again.

Day 5


1. Carabella 'Cara' Button, District 7, Froze to Death


From Cara's Perspective-

My breath looks smokey as it rolls out of my mouth and into the freezing air. I shiver and I can't feel my fingers. Both of my feet are entirely numb and my gloves are frozen. I know that I will die soon. I sit perched atop a tree as the snow falls. My back is against the tree trunk. My eyes slowly close and I slide off the tree trunk.

From Keilyn's Perspective-

My eyes flutter open as I hear the cannon. A moan escapes my lips and I realize that North is gone. My breathing groes hard and I begin to think that he is dead. Tears fill my eyes and I see his blurry face. He brushes the hair out of my eyes and I hear a sound next to me. He opens a container and inside it is a srynge. It is full of clear liquid. Suddenly I feel a burst of pain and I can't help but scream. North's eyes grow large and he shoots the medicine into my arm. I immedietly feel drowsy and I fall asleep.

Day 6


1. Glisten Shine, District 1, Killed by Navaho


From Bailey's Perspective-

The sun blinds my eyes as I open them. My skis sit against the tree trunk. I sling my back pack over my shoulder and I toss my skis in the water. No point in giving hints that I was here. Then I hear a faint voice. I follow it and I see the District 5 male tribute, I think his name is North, trying to wake up the girl. A srynge sits next to them and Keilyn, at least I think that's her name, is asleep. I decide that they might be valuble allies. I walk towards him and he notices me his knife sticks into the tree next to me and I hold up my hands. He looks at me questionably and I say, "Allies" :I don't know..." He replies. "Well, decide now." "Umm, Ok. But, Keilyn really needs help, she was injured and then I got medicine and then..." "Yeah, let me look at her."

From Nate's Perspecticve-

Glisten follows me through the forest as the first arrow comes. It misses his skull by centimeters and he raises his knife. Then another arrow comes and hits his arm. Then another arrow comes from the opposite direction and it hits his chest. He falls and the cannon fires. I search for the source and I see the outline of a male figure running through the woods. I shrug and heads back to camp.

Day 7


1. Angel Odair, District 4, Killed by Randy


From Randy's Perspective-

My eyes open and I grip the spear tighter. I look around and I just see Minie and Nate. The I see a figure stumble out of the woods. I quickly wake Nate and Mine, who notches an arrow. The I see her, she is the most beautiful girl I've ever seen. Her leg has a huge gash in it and her hands are covered in blood. Her beautiful sea green eyes stare into mine and I scream at Minie: "NO!" Her arm falls and she replies, "What do you mean no?" I think of a reply to that and I say,

"M-m- maybe she could be an ally."

"Are you kidding me?"


Her eyes turn evil and she says, "Kill her or you will die." I decide and then I see her pleading eyes. They look at me for help. Actually they look like they are about to say 'please'. My arm grips the spear tighter and I aim. I close my eyes and hear a thud followed by a cannon. I see her pleading eyes inside my head and I immedietly feel regret.

From Keilyn's Perspective-

My eyes open and I see a face that does not belong to North. I scream and try to move, but my leg is paralized. My heart thumps even further and sweat starts to bead on my forehead. I scream again and I feel a warm hand on my shoulder. It's North's; I can feel it. I sigh and bury my face in his shoulder. Then I whisper to him, "Who's that?"

"A new ally." He replies. her hand comes out and she says, "I'm Bailey, what's your name?"

"Keilyn." I reply.

Day 8


1. Navaho Smith, District 12, Killed by Xenia

2. Nate Nesslak, District 6, Killed by the flood


From Xenia's Perspective-

I wake up to a crackling in the bush behind my tree. I silently grab my knife and I turn towards the movement. Just as my knife enters his chest, a connon sounds and it rises about 40 degrees. The snow immedietly strats to melt. It starts at the top of the mountain and it continues down. I think that I have about half the day to run before the flood reaches me. I grab my knife out of his stomach and I start to run.

From North's Perspective-

My eyes wander and I see the squirrel. I kill it and return back to camp. I see Keilyn and Bailey chatting on and on and on. Then I suddenly realize that my token is gone. The one with the wolf on it. Oh, no, I think. Then I see Keilyn's with the 3 doves on it that represent her sisters. She sees me and her face brightens. She waves and I show her the squirrel. She laughs and I think, 'How can a person laugh so much in the Hunger Games?'

From Minie's Perspective-

I trek through the woods with Nate on my right, towards the top of the mountain and Randy to my left, towards the bottom of the mountain. Then I notice how hot it's become. Then, I see it. I wall of water about 8 ft tall rushes towards us. I grab onto Randy and he climbs a tree. He screams at Nate to follow, but it's too late. He is swept away with the flood. Then, I hear a cannon shot. It must be for Nate, I mean who else would it be?


All of the interviews answer these questions:

1. How do you think ______________ is doing so far in the Games?

2. Is there anything you would like to say to ____________?

Minie Gold

Minie's parents show up along with her older sister. Her mother says, " I think that Minie is doing absolutely wonderful so far. She has been making very smart choices and I think that she can definitely win this." They her sister says, "Minie, I just want you to know that I love you and I always will no matter what happens." Then her father says, "Minie, I love you dearly and I know that you have the skills to do this. I know that you will try as hard as you can." He nods and they all leave.

Randy Steal

None of his family is alive to come to his interview.

Xenia Jarner

Her older sister and her mother show up. Her father was much to busy to come. Her mother says, "Oh, yes, I think that Xenia is doing wonderful in the Games. She has already made 2 kills, and I'm sure she will stop at nothing to win." Then her sister says, "Xenia, I just want you to know that I love you and I wish that you were here with me right now."

North Spruce

No family shows up for him but two little boys come. One of them is the boy that he voulenteered to go in for and the other is the son of the family that he works for. The second boy says, "North I think that you are doing very well in the Games, and I know that if you win, you will be able to have your own house." Then the first little boy says, "North, I could never repay you for what you did. I will always be grateful and I really wish that you could come home."

Keilyn Lark

Her father and her three sisters show up. Her father says, "Keilyn, I need you to hold on for me and for your sisters. You are doing great so far and I know that you can win. You need to trust North and trust that he will take care of you." Then one of her sisters bursts into tears and so do the other two. Then, Fern, her youngest sister, says, "Keilyn, Please, Please, Please come home. I need you, I miss your lullabies and your hugs. Please, Please come home." She cries even louder and she runs off stage.

Bailey Spatz

Bailey's parents and twin brother both show up. Her brother says, "I think that Bailey is doing so well. I think that she made a great choice by become allies with North and Keilyn. She is very smart and I am very confident that she can win." Then her father says, "Bailey, I know you can't hear this, but I really love you and I know that you will try your best to win these Games." They both walk off the stage.

Jakob Carver

Jakob's parents show up to the interview. His father says, "Jakob, I know that you can win this. My life is completly empty without you-" His mother huffs as he says that, "-Keep doing what you're doing." Then his mother says, "Honey, I love you so much. You have lost lots of weight in the arena, but I'm sure you'll get it back when you get home." The audience laughs, and they walk off stage.

Shannon Crenshaw

Shannon's two little sisters come along with her mother. Her mother says, "Shannon has been doing very good throughout these Games. I think that she made a good choice with her alliance, and I really hope that she can win." Then her 9 year old sister says, "Shannon, please come home. Without you Katie and I will die. Please, we need you here." Tears start to roll down her face, and she runs off stage with her face in her hands.

Day 9


1. Keilyn Lark, District 5, Killed by the flood


From North's Perspective-

I awake just in time to see the water overcome me.

I hear screams. I yell Keilyn's name, but I get no reply. I struggle to stay afloat and I finally grab a tree. Then I hear a cannon. The base of the valley is about a mile long and a mile wide, so it wouldn't take to long to search. I see the water being whisked away into the air and I see Bailey hugging a nearby tree. I help her down and she immedietly starts weeping. I say, "What is it?" She says, "Keilyn she's.. She's... dead." My heart stops and my world starts spinning. Then I see something at my feet. The token is soked and cut in half. The token that I lost yesterday. The token that represted Keilyn.

From Shannon's Perspective-

I wake up and my head rests on Jakob's shoulder. I sit up and I look at him. He has lost a lot of weight in the arena and he actually looks really attractive. I stare into his eyes and I lean my head on his shoulder.

At about noon we both get up and I start a fire while he looks for food. He returns with a arabbit. We put it over the fire and wait. His eyes are staring rigth into mine. I lean in and so does he. Our lips meet and I can feel the warmth of his breath flowing out of his lips. I pull away first and we finish eating. I stand up and I walk over to our tree. My head rests on his lap and I eventually fall asleep.

Day 10


1. Xenia Jarner, District 3, Killed by Minie

2. Randy Steal, District 2, Killed by Xenia


From Minie's Perspective-

We hunt through the woods and I see a shadow before me. We've hiked far into the valley and Randy waits behind me. I raise my bow just as the dagger slams into his chest. My arrow flies and I hear a cannon. I look at Randy and he is gasping on the ground. A dagger protrudes from his chest and thin stream of blood pours out of his mouth. Then I take the dagger and I say, "It'll be faster this way." I plunge the dagger into his neck and a connon fires. I run over to grab my arrow and I find it sticking out of Xenia's neck. I pull it out and I continue to hunt.

From Bailey's Perspective-

"North, please, please, eat. Please, North." I say. He just shakes his head and I look at him. Ok, time to get serious, "North, If you don't eat this, I'll... I'll... I'll kill myself." He looks at me and I look back. He picks up a peice of meat and puts it in his mouth. Then tears fall from his eyes. I give him a big hug and I lead him to the blanket. He lays down and falls asleep. I put out the fire and I climb up a tree. Eventually I fall asleep.

Day 11


1. Shannon Crenshaw, District 10, Killed by Minie


From Jakob's Perspective-

I wake up and I see Shannon staring at me. She looks pained. She looks at me and she says, "Look, Jakob, we... we... we can't be together." I shake my head and tears sprout from her eyes. She continues, "Listen, One of us is going to die and you know it. It'll be even harder to watch the other one die." She shakes her head and the last thing I see is her feet disappear into the woods. Then I hear the scream.

I see her laying on the ground with a knife protruding from her stomach. I race to her and no one else is there. I grip her hand in mine and I say, "No, please, Shannon, don't leave me." Tears fall from her eyes and she coughs. I continue, "You were right, Shannon, this is too hard. I can't let you go." "I have to." She mutters. I whisper, "I love you." I kiss her forehead and she says, "I love you too." Her cannon fires and I will kill her. I will kill Minie. She killed my love.

Day 12


1. Minie Gold, District 1, Killed by Jakob


From North's Perspective-

I wake up and Bailey is gone. Then I see a peice of tree bark that is light on the inside next to a peice of charcol. There is a message on it that reads,

North, Please forgive me for not saying goodbye. I thought it would be easeir this way. I would've never been able to kill you anyways. From here on out we will be on our own. I hope you can survive. I have left you enough food for about a day, please eat it. Goodbye Forever North, -Bailey

I'm kind of glad that she left, I mean I couldn't have killed her. I also receive another note from my sponsors that says, North, we know Keilyn's death has hurt you very much. But you can't let yourself go. We need you at home, to take Keilyn's place. Please.

I can tell that the note is from Keilyn's sisters. The ink is smeared were taers have fallen. I crumble the note in my hands and I begin to eat the food that Bailey left for me.

From Jakob's Perspective-

I see Mine. She receives a knife and 4 apples from her sponsors. I could really use one of those apple. I will avenge Shannon's death. I take out the knife that killed Shannon and it is stained with her blood. Minie hears me and her mouth is open as the knife hits her stomach. A cannon sounds and all I think is: Mmmm, I'm having fresh apples for dinner.

Bailey receives a vial of poison later that night.

Day 13


1. Bailey Spatz, District 8, Killed by Jakob

2. North Spruce, District 5, Killed by Tracker Jackers


From Bailey's Perspective-

I walk through the forest with the poison gripped in my hands. Then, I hear a scrabbling noise. I tunr around to see a boy holding a knife that is stained with blood. I appraoch him and I hold up my poison. "This'll burn your face if you I throw it at you, so you better back off!" I yell. He seems stunned and he slowly backs up. I turn around and start at a run and then I feel the knife in my shoulder. I try to uncap the poison but my hand is slick with blood. He runs over to me and grabs the poison from my hands. He takes off the top and prepares to kill me.

From Jakob's Perspective-

I don't want to kill her, I really don't, but what choice do I have. Shannon's family will die without her there. I grab my knife and smother it with poison. I stick it into her chest and I hear a faint cannon shot. I grab my knife and I finally try to clean the blood off, but it doesn't work. Some of it just comes off on my hands. Now, my hand will always be stained with Shannon's blood

From North's Perspective-

I hear a screaming in the distance and I grab my spear. I know it was Bailey. She must've been the one to die. Then I sneak around the tree, soon turning around. I just saya glimpse of his face. He carried a knife. I slowly approach him and I throw my spear. It stabs into his lower leg and he trips. I charge at him and he holds up his knife. It stabs my arm and I grab my spear. His eyes stare into mine and he says, "I'm sorry for Bailey's death. I knew that you guys were allies." Funny, that he would apologize, but I actually think it's nice. I don't remember him from training. Oh, he's the boy from District 10. Boy, does he look different. He is thin and muscular now. He grips his knife with blood-stained hands and I grip my spear.

From Jakob's Perspective-

I don;t want to kill this boy. I think we would be friends, if he lived in District 10. I put down my knife and I sit down. He doesn the same and we start to talk. "So, what happened with you and Keilyn?" I ask. He just shakes his head and I say, "Yeah, I know how you feel. I held Shannon's hand as she dies." We stop talking and then I hear a buzzing noise. I look over and a swarm of wasps, - no Tracker Jackers! I stand up and bolt as fast as I can to the nearest pond. North, isn't so lucky.

From North's Perspective-

They slowly swarm around me. I feel one sting on my leg and anothe rin my arm. I run as fast as I can and suddenly they stop. I fall to the ground and start to see visions. I scream in pain and horror. I can tall that I have at least 6 or 7 stings. The pain is so terrible I lay trembling on the ground. My back arcs and I can't take it anymore. My world goes dark and I think that it is great that the pain is over.

From Jakob's Perspective-

My feet jump into the pond and I feel the coldness of the water. It is much deeper than I thought it would be. The pain is too great that I start to sink. I hear what I think is a muffled cannon shot. My ears start to pop and I can feel that last bits of air draining through me. I try to breath in air, but darkness surround me. I stop moving my arms and legs and suddenly I freeze. I feel the ladder under my grip as I'm being raised out of the water. Bur, it's not fast enough. The last thing I think before I go unconsious is, I won for you Shannon, all for you.

The Victor

From Jakob's Perspective-

I awake in a white room. I'm sitting in a bed and a bandage wraps around my cheek. I reach up to it and I feel a small lump where I was stung by the Tracker Jackers. I also have a bandage on my shoulder where I was stung. My leg is bandaged where I was speared. A long tube stretches from my arm to inside the wall. Suddenly it fills with a purple tinted liquid and I drift off to sleep.

I wake up and find that both of my stings are healed, along with my leg. I stand up and wince as I look at the end of my bed. My traing outfit sits there. A forest green t-shirt with a black wind-breaker. Light brown trousers that reach my ankles. My shoes include a pair of fast, water-proof, mahogony clorored boots. I dress, but I decide to leave the wind-breaker, because it seems to be about 100 degrees in this room. Suddenly a door opens and I dart out of the room. I see my mentors Tori and Shawn. I also see my stylist and my prep team. They take me into a room and soon, I am dressed in a blazer with a light red shirt under it. They lead me to a platform under the stage and I prepare to watch Shannon die again.

Tributes - Training Scores

District 1 Male- Glisten Shine - 11
  • Glisten Shine - District 1 Male
  • Minie Gold - District 1 Female
  • Randy Steal - District 2 Male
  • Lucy Sister - District 2 Female
  • Galder Zale - District 3 Male
  • Xenia Jarner - District 3 Female
  • Barrett Mason - District 4 Male
  • Angel Odair - District 4 Female
  • North Spruce - District 5 Male
  • Keilyn Lark - District 5 Female
  • Nate Nesslak - District 6 Male
  • Cian 'CJ' Hustrezed - District 6 Female
  • Eric Loree - District 7 Male
  • Carabella 'Cara' Button - District 7 Female
  • Jake DeMille - District 8 Male
  • Bailey Spatz - District 8 Female
  • Iroh Ragnorok - District 9 Male
  • Florence Syren - District 9 Female
  • Jakob Carver - District 10 Male
  • Shannon Crenshaw - District 10 Female
  • Lightning Tree - District 11 Male
  • Krystal Glass - District 11 Female
  • Navaho Smith - District 12 Male
  • Jasmine Whirl - District 12 Female

District 1 Female- Minie Gold - 10

District 2 Male- Randy Steal - 9

District 2 Female- Lucy Sister - 9

District 3 Male- Galder Zale - 6

District 3 Female- Xenia Jarner - 6

District 4 Male- Barret Mason - 9 -

District 4 Female- Angel Odair - 7

District 5 Male- North Spruce - 6

District 5 Female- Keilyn Lark - 10

District 6 Male- Nate Nesslak - 5

District 6 Female- Cian "CJ" Hustrezed - 6

District 7 Male- Eric Loree - 5

District 7 Female- Carabella 'Cara' Button - 9 -

District 8 Male- Jack DeMille - 4

District 8 Female- Bailey Spatz - 4

District 9 Male- Iroh Ragnorok - 3 -

District 9 Female- Florence Syren - 6

District 10 Male- Jakob Carver - 3 - VICTOR!

District 10 Female- Shannon Crenshaw - 7

District 11 Male- Lightning Tree - 6

District 11 Female- Krystal Glass - 7 -

District 12 Male- Navaho Smith - 6

District 12 Female- Jasmine Whirl - 8

The amount each tribute has is written right after the tribute's name and training score. Here is a list of all possible sponsor items that you can send to a tribute:


Knife - $175

Bow and Arrows - $550

Sword - $500

Spear - $275

Ax - $475

Hatchet - $350

Vial of Poison - $225

Poisoned Knife - $475

Clothing, Sleeping Bags, etc.

Sweatshirt - $275

Socks - $175

Sleeping Bag - $600

Blanket - $425

Thick Coat - $500

Gloves or Mittens- $250

Food/ Water

Basket of Bread - $475

4 Apples - $400

Bottle of Water - $425

Iodine - $275

Empty Water Bottle - $250


Rope - $275

Night-Vision Glasses - $550

Armor - Depends on how much the tribute wants

Medicine - Depends on the kind of medicine

Sunglasses - $375

Note (keep in mind that I will not exept the note if it reveals anything about other tributes strategies or plans. Also I won't exept one that is really long. I would prefer it if the note was words of encouragment from sponsors, family, friends, etc.) - $30

I will only give 3 sponsor gifts a day at the most. Your tribute will get the item the next time I post after your comment. The prices of the items will go up more and more everyday.

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