Welcome to the Mockingjay5 Hunger Games. Please add more people. Don't forget to include Name, Age, District, Appearence, Skills, and Strategies. The Reaping will be on Tuesday and the Games will start the following Thursday.

Congratulations Everyone!

We have our winner. Congratulations Hungergamesfan and everyone else who participated.

The Arena

The arena is a circle. It is split in half by a small stream that runs from one side of the arena to the other. (The stream is only about 3 - 4 feet wide.) The Cornucpia sits on a small bridge (The bridge is made of rocks, dirt and grass. Not wood) from one side of the stream to the other. The Cornucopia is in a clearing of grass. On one side there is a thick forest with one small lake on the side farthest to the Cornucopia. There is also a stream that runs across the right side of the forest. On the other half of the arena there is a desert with a lot of rocks. The rocks form cave-like structures. The desert has four small ponds scattered everywhere. There are hyena-mutts in the desert. The only game is snakes and the occasional bird. In the forest there are no mutts and there is a lot of game such as birds, squirrels and rabbits.

Day 1


1. Thales Kusuri, District 6, Killed by Clover

2. Glitter Hawthorn, District 1, Killed by Lyra

3. Grayling Odom, District 8, Killed by Clover

4. Filbert Aster, District 11, Killed by Kristen

5. Bram Stafford, District 9, Killed by Charlie

6. Min Arium, District 3, Killed by Elizabeth

7. Capra Altay, District 10, Killed by Poisonous Berries

8. Birch Wood, District 5, Killed by Mutts


The gong goes off and the games begin. The Pre-made Career Alliance gets to the Cornucopia first. Thales runs to the Cornucopia and tries to join the careers. He is going towards them when Clover gets a spear and throws it at him. He gets hit in the neck and dies. Glitter reaches down to grab a sword but gets shot with an arrow by Lyra. It hits her in the chest and she dies while Lyra runs away into the forest. Grayling tries to grab a backpack but is hit by Clover with a spear. It hits his upper leg and he is left to bleed to death. The bloodbath ends when Filbert is stabbed with a sword by Kristen, while fighting for the best stuff in the Cornucopia. Filbert instantly dies and with the Bloobath over the Careers head into the forest in search of more tributes. Bram is walking through the forest when a knife flies by and skims across his face. He his hit with a second knife in the back by Charlie. Peter is running into the forest with a backpack when a knife hits his arm. Peter knows he's Charlie's next target. He pulls is backpack over his head and escapes into the forest. Larch snares Min in the forest and while Larch is deciding what to do with Min the Careers stumble across them. Elizabeth runs over and immediatly kills Min with a knife. The careers want Larch to join them and force him into it, threatening to kill him otherwise. Larch has no choice but to join the careers. During this Capra is in the forest snacking on berries. She instantly realizes that they are poisonous and dies. Birch has run into the desert and is ambushed by large hyena-mutts. They attack him and he dies. Maple is in the forest with a bow and arrows when suddenly Euca jumps out from behind a bush. Euca throws her knife at Maple but she dodges it, pulls it out of the tree and throws it in to Euca's leg. Maple is about to finish her off when the sound of footsteps chases her away. Euca isn't dead but she is badly injured in the forest.

Day 2


1. Elizabeth Stansfield, District 4, Killed by Cob

2. Cob Hereford, District 10, Killed by Charlie

3. Peter Johnson, District 12, Killed by Kaya

4. Fara Joule, District 6, Killed by Maple


Day two begins and the Careers make a plan. Half of them (Clover, Charlie and Elizabeth) go into the Desert and the other half (Landon, Kristen and Larch) go into the Forest. They plan to meet back at the Cornucopia this afternoon. Clover, Charlie and Elizabeth step carefully onto the Desert. Seconds later a form jumps out from behind a rock and kills Elizabeth with a knife. In revenge for his district partner's death, Charlie take his sword and easily kills Cob. The remaining two Careers quickly head back towards the Cornucopia. Lily is wandering in the forest with her knife when she stumbles across a very injured Euca. They decide to make a temporary alliance and Lily gets to work on healing Euca. Kaya is hiding in a bush when Peter walks by her. It is obvious Peter has heard her because he turns around with a knife in his hand and stares straight at Kaya. Kaya makes the first move and darts out of the bush. She then takes her ax and throws it at Peter. It hits his leg. Kaya hears footsteps and decides to finish hiim off quickly. She grabs her ax and slams it into Peter's chest. He dies instantly. Kaya runs away right before the Careers arrive. They see Peter and start looking for whoever killed him. They don't succeed and they head back to the Cornucopia but first Larch sets up a few snares nearby to trap the killer and anyone else who wanders through. During this Fara stops at a stream in the Forest and bends down to get some water. Maple is in a tree nearby and aims her bow. She hits Fara directly in the back of the head and she drops down dead. Maple goes to retrieve her arrow and then continues walking through the Forest.

Day 3


1. Teela Wooten, District 9, Killed by Charlie

2. Kaya Holt, District 7, Killed by Iris

3. Kristen Garland, District 2, Killed by a trap that Larch set


Day three begins and the Careers set off again in search of other players. This time Charlie and Clover go to the desert and Kristen, Landon and Larch go into the forest. Larch sets up some traps in the forest. While the other careers are in the desert they come across Teela who is alseep in a cave of rocks. They walk in there and Charlie kills her with a sword. During this Iris is hiding in a tree when Kaya walks right below her. Iris throws her knife down but it hits Kaya's shoulder. Iris jumps down and faces Kaya. Kaya has an ax and atemts to throw it at Iris it skims against hir shin and buries into the ground. Iris then picks up the ax and throws it straight at Kaya's heart. It hits Kaya and she falls down dead. Iris then picks up the ax and the knife and runs away. On their way back from the forest the Careers hear the cannon shot. They start looking around and Kristen falls into one of Larch's deadly traps. She dies and the Careers blame it on Larch. Landon attempts to throw his spear at Larch, and Larch gets speared in the leg as he climbs up a tree. The only Career left in that group is Landon and he decides that eventually Larch will bleed to death. Landon heads back to the Cornucopia as it is getting dark. Larch is stuck in the tree but he has food and water.

Day 4


1. Landon Rossi, District 2, Killed by Iris

2. Iris Flax, District 11, Killed by Charlie

3. Euca Tinder, District 3, Killed by Clover


Day four begins and the remaining three Careers head off into the forest together. They're walking by when something flies from a nearby tree. The Careers then realize that it's an ax thrown by someone and they all duck down, except for Landon who gets full impact of the ax. It hits his chest and he dies instantly. Iris, the one who threw the ax, turns around to get another weapon out of her pack when a knife comes and digs into her leg. She loses balance and falls from the tree. She is knocked out and Charlie kills her. About an hour later the Careers come across Euca. She is up in a tree and still badly injured. Lily had left to go get water and should be coming back soon. The Careers attemt to climb up the tree but Euca is to high up and they all fail. Eventually they decide to throw their only spear up there. Charlie throws the spear and it digs into the the middle of the tree. While Euca turns around to grab the spear, a knife thrown by Clover comes whizzing throw the air and buries itself into Euca's back. She falls out of the tree holding the spear. The Careers decide to head back to the Cornucopia. Lily was watching this and is know running back to the stream. She approaches the stream cautiously and sees Larch sitting there and drinking. He has a large cut on his leg. Lily says "We could be allies, you know." Larch responds "Why in the world would you want me as an ally?" "I've seen you set those traps. And besides you need me. I can heal that cut in no time. Allies?" "Alright." After this alliance is formed it starts to get dark.

Day 5


1. Charlie McDonnell, District 4, Killed by Lyra

2. Lily Wood, District 5, Killed by Larch


Day five begins with Maple spying on Lily and Larch's camp. Maple decided that she didn't have to kill them yet and mabye Larch could give her useful information about the Careers. Eventually Maple doses off in her tree and is roused again by a cannon shot. She looks down and Larch and Lily are still perfectly fine. She thinks and decides that it could either be Lyra, Clover or Charlie. While Maple was asleep, The Careers were traveling through the forest. Clover and Charlie were both armed and they were mainly looking for Larch. Lyra was spying on them and managed to get an arrow into Charlie's back. Clover turns around looking for the killer when an arrow flies by and hits his arm. He runs away to the Cornucopia. When Maple looks down at Larch and Lily she notices that Lily is sleeping while Larch is getting water. Larch, then, takes out his knife and whispers to Lily, "I'm sorry Lily, but it needs to be done." Larch then stabs the knife into Lily's chest, Grabs his things and leaves. Maple is to stunned to speak. She slowly drifts off to sleep, just as the anthem ends.

Day 6


1. Larch Silas, District 7, Killed by Lyra


Day six begins and Clover has still stayed at the Cornucopia. He's not going to risk leaving some of his supplies alone. Larch is walking through the forest and Lyra is tracking him. Maple is spying on the Clover. Maple is deciding if she should risk trying to shoot Clover with an arrow. Eventually she get hungry and decides to go hunt. By the time she is done hunting it's mid-afternoon and she decides to stay in the forest and camp. Lyra is making a plan on how to kill Larch. She could shoot him with an arrow, but if she misted then she would probably get injured. Right as it gets dark Larch stops by the stream to get some water. Lyra aims her bow. Just as Larch bends down he hears a twig snap, but it's to late. He gets an arrow in the head before he can turn around. Day six ends with his cannon shot.

Day 7


1. Maple Taylor, Disrict 12, Killed by Clover


Day seven begins with Clover at the Cornucopia and Maple and Lyra in the forest. Maple is hiding on the outskirts of the forest spying on Clover and Lyra has been camping by the stream. Maple decides by noon that now is the time when she should kill Clover. Clover bends down to pick up his sword when Maple aims her arrow. She is about to send it flying when Clover turns around with a sword in his hand and starts running towards Maple. She releases her arrow but it is obvious that she only hit his arm because he keeps running. Maple is stunned and she doesn't know what to do so she gets her next arrow ready and starts running. She turns around for a second and Clover is right behind her. She lets her next arrow go right as Clover throws his sword. Maple has just enough time to see the arrow dig into Clover's leg when the sword comes and hits her upper leg. It pretty much cuts her leg off and she then bleeds to death. Her cannon goes off in mid-afternoon. The rest of the day is uneventful.

Day 8


1. Clover Goldman, District 1, Killed by Lyra


Day eight begins and it starts to rain hard. Lyra is on the outskirts of the forest and Clover is inside the Cornucopia. It starts to get really foggy. Lyra wanders near the Cornucopia, but she has her bow ready. The fog starts getting really thick. You can't see more than 4 feet in front of you. Clover has three knives. The first one he throws where he hears a branch snap. It misses Lyra by an inch. Lyra hears the knife and shoots her arrow towards the Cornucopia. She has four arrows left. She takes another shot at the Cornucopia. It goes inside, but it still misses Clover. The rain is making everything slippery and just as Clover throws his second knife, Lyra slips and the knife soars right above her. It would've hit her if she had been standing. She stands up and aims another arrow and releases it. It hits the side of the Cornucopia. Before Lyra knows it Clover is right in front of her holding a knife. Clover makes the first move and throws the knife. Lyra has an arrow ready but it's too late. The knife digs into her upper leg. She falls to the ground. Clover knows she'll be done soon so he stands there and watches her. Lyra gets every last bit of strength that she has and pulls back the string. Clover doesn't know what's happening and he is facing the other direction. He turns around just in time to see the grin on Lyra's face before the arrow hits is chest. He falls down and dies. Lyra crawls away from the body and the hovercraft appears.


District 1 Male: Clover Goldman

District 1 Female: Glitter Hawthorn

District 2 Male: Landon Rossi

District 2 Female: Kristen Garland

District 3 Male: Min Arium

District 3 Female: Euca Tinder

District 4 Male: Charlie McDonnell

District 4 Female: Elizabeth Stansfield

District 5 Male: Birch Wood

District 5 Female: Lily Wood

District 6 Male: Thales Kusuri

District 6 Female: Fara Joule

District 7 Male: Larch Silas

District 7 Female: Kaya Holt

District 8 Male: Grayling Odom

District 8 Female: Lyra Rivers - WINNER!

District 9 Male: Bram Stafford

District 9 Female: Teela Wooten

District 10 Male: Cob Hereford

District 10 Female: Capra Altay

District 11 Male: Filbert Aster

District 11 Female: Iris Flax

District 12 Male: Peter Johnson

District 12 Female: Maple Taylor

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