HHEEELLLOOO!!! I am proud to announce my first ever hunger games! THE MUTTATION GAMES! more details will be given out as tributes are given because I know you are all wanting to know what these games are about ;)

Message for a tribute I don't want you commenting tributes pls

Please give me the link or something to a pic of your tribute as I am planning on making a gallerie of all the tributes

And this goes without saying: I need skills, weaknesses, age, personality, etc. for tribute sign up.

If you want to learn about the tributes, you can look at a couple of the comments below, click on the links people have provided, or go to my profile to see my two tributes

I have started the games, but I can't get much farther without more tributes so please hurry!

My commenting thing turns on and off at random times for some reason, so sorry if you want to post something and it's off, I'll try to get to it as soon as possible

I will put the placing of each tribute next to the name when he/she dies


HERE ARE THE RULES: The arena is split up in thirteen areas and each pair of tributes will be assigned to a terraain. Despite the assignment, tributes can travel from area to area to kill. In this game, there will be two victors, no matter what. The male and female tribute from each district will be required to ally and protect each other with their lives-- because if they don't...and one of the team dies...a pack of random mutts will be set upon the remaining one of the team, resulting in both of the tributes from that district DEAD. There is no career packs. There are no loners. There is no I'm-gonna-kill-my-partner-in-her-sleep unless you want to die too. Everyday, thirteen montrous mutts will be released from each area. Each mutt will be suited for their area. For instace- giant tropical frogs with claws and fangs might be from the jungle area. A giant rabid godzilla squirell might be from the woodland area. The thing is, you never know what to expect. My friend, the muttation games have begun

Terrain Assignments

Colbie+Pearson- woodlands

Bascule+Excel- grassy meadow

Evi+Ray- savannah



Gowbie+Athena- mountains

Yuki+Blake- iceland

Aaron+lilac- marsh/swamp

Holly+Blue- rockyish terrain



Disctrict 1 Colbie Cain Pearson Woods Clove1001
District 2 Bascule Du Fey Excel Rose Prezziesnow9704:)!
District 3 Evi Tech Ray Plug Necterine411

District 4

Misty Blue Logan Blue Nate777
District 5 Twinkle Night (24) Spike Owens (23) Jabberjay78
District 6 Pema Alderwheel Golden Hawbrook Rockman117
District 7 Athena Flight Gowbie Chordata Mockingjaysong
District 8
District 9 Yuki Ling (25) Blake Carson (26) Hungergamesrocks
District 10 Holly Honey Blue Sky
District 11
District 12 Lilac Coalburner Aaron Winters Rockman117
District 13 Galaxy Claw Chandler Craze EffieLuna
  • D4-Logan Blue
  • D4- Misty Blue
  • D1- Pearson Woods
  • D1- Colbie Cain
  • D9- Blake Carson
  • D10- Blue Sky
  • D5- Spike Owens
  • D5-Twinkle Night
  • D2- Bascule De Fey
  • D10- Holly Honey
  • D7- Athena Flight
  • D7- Gowbie Chordata

Day 1

"Ladies and gentlemen! I am proud to announce the first ever Muttation games!"

26 platforms are risen into the arena. Two per area. If the tributes want the stuff from the cornucopia, they have to go and get it. 24 tributes dash to the cornucopia, which is in a sand circle with a diameter of a mile. Around the circle you can see all the terrain areas. a pair stays at their terrain, perhaps building a camp, since it is required to have a permanent camp in your assigned area. The Muttation Games have begun

Athena+Gowbie's POV

I cannot believe I'm with this idiot! how did I get stuck with him? And they expect me to protect him? peh! If he dies, I'll be the one to do it, even if it means me dying too. It's bad enough I'm in the arena! At least let me die away from him! But no... I think. Bad thoughts about being in the arena with Gowbie ramble on and on in my head. I never wanted to be within a mile of him, and here I am now, standing an inch away. "Come on." I growl at Gowbie, who looking at me in a disgusting moony way. "Huh? Oh yeah, we're in the arena. All right, let's go get a picture of y-- I-I mean let's go get some weapons from the cornucopia." Weapons that I can kill you with? Sounds Great! although deep inside I know that I have to protect him if I really want the fame and fortune. Ick!

Yuki+Blake's POV

We arrive on our platforms into an Iceland. Almost immediently, My teeth start chattering and I shiver. "Y-y-yuki. I-i-i th-think w-we should g-g-get out of h-here and get somethink to w-warm us at the c-cornucopia." Says Blake to me, obviously just as cold as I am. I nod and we walk slowly, fighting the violent blasts of icy cold snow. Eventually we finish our journey to see that we've arrived in the midst of the bloodbath battle. Blake charges in, me yelling after him in his stupidity. I wait outside the battle, scared out of my wits, hoping Blake returns with something warm. Eventually my hope is crushed, because Blake's dead body is thrown out, tattered and bloody. "B-blake...NO!" I shout, because I knw what this means. Something slimy and black emerges from the ground, no doubt a mutt sent to kill me as payback for my dead partner. Mutts. My greatest fear. I shriek and scream and wriggle as the thing reveals itself to be a giant leech and swallows me whole with shark-like teeth in rows...two cannons have fired.

Misty+Logan's POV

A hot, humid sun beats down on my back as I experience what I never have before. Heat. Usually it stays nice and cool in Disctrict 4. I mean, of course it's sunny most of the time, but not like this. Definately not like this. I've only been in the arena for a minute and My tongue is sandpaper dry. "Logan." I say. He looks at me. "We have to go to the cornucopia and get sone water." We weren't planning on going to the bloodbath, we wanted to stay and wait, maybe make our camp until the bloodbath was over. We didn't expect this, though. Of course, you should always plan for the worst when you're in the hunger games, because it could very well happen. Yeah. We didn't. "Let's go now then. I'm sweating bullets out here" says Logan. We walk to the cornucopia, afraid to run because it will waste our energy. When we finally arrive, I see, as expected, bloodsoaked ground. They are still fighting. "I'll go in. You stay here." says Logan. "No way! We agreed never to leave eachother's side! We have to protect eachother!" I wail back. But Logan just laughs, kisses my cheek good-bye, and walks in. Nothing's stopping me now. I run in after him.

Galaxy+Chandler's POV

Blue waves lap across my feet as I stand in defiance. I mean, seriously, Chandler? Does the capitol expect us to get along well? We get along as well as cats and dogs, actually. At least he's strong. I sigh and turn to see Chandler heading towards the cornucopia without me. Without me! I sprint up the dunes and punch him in the back when I get there. " You idiot!" I exclaim. Chandler turns and looks at me, and I swear I see hurt flicker across his eyes. No, that can't be true. We hate eachother. Right? "Come on, then." He says. "Let's go and get some supplies." He turns back around and walks off. I follow, but I'm careful not to stand within ten yards of him. When we get there, the heat of the battle is obvious. Beside me something black and slimy emerges from the ground and swallows a tribute. And yet there's Chandler, walking in as if it was a place of pretty ponies and flutterflies. It's not. It's a place of killing and blood. But yet, I've never been one to watch a battle without particiapting. "Wait for me." I growl as a smirk crosses my face.

Twinkle+Spike's POV

"S-spike! You can't do that!" I say. "Yes...yes I can! Don't doubt my power! I will kill you, then kill the mutt that will be sent out for me and make it out alive!" Spike has gone mad... the hunger for death and blood is on his face as he rips a bright red flower from a nearby tropical tree and puts it any my hair. Wait... what was going on here? But I know as the sweet smell of the flower becomes part of me and makes me feel faint. I try to struggle and inflict massive damage on Spike, but the poisonous powder I inhaled from the flower prevents that as the world goes black...

Spike laughs, when a horrible screech is heard from a distance. There is the sound of huge, beating wings as the mutt emerges into view. It's a pterodactyl. No, it's not... more like a mutated pterodactyl. It's skin is black and slick, and it has no eyes. It doesn't take long for Spike to realize that it's made of tar. With each flap or the thing's wing, a shower of tar is created, making the once beautiful jungle black and sticky. The beast screeches again as it dive towards Spike. He tries to run, but the mutt's wings whack him with such incredible force that it knocks him flat on his face. The mutt turns into basically a huge black snake as it wraps itself around Spike. He eventually dies because one, he obviously couldn't breathe in tar. Second, the tar snake has constricted him to death.

Evi+Ray's POV

"So let me get this straight, we're actually going into the bloodbath?!" I ask. This is impossible! We have to be smarter than this. But Ray is insisting, so might as well listen to him. "All we need to do is slip in, grab some things, and slip out!" I frown but listen to him. We set off, brushing aside the tall savannah grasses. From a distance I can see the fighting. "Ray, I'm scared." He turns and looks at me straight in the eye. "Don't be." He gives me a light kiss on my lips. I'm still not completely convinced we'll make it out alive, but I follow him to the cornucopia anyway.

Colbie+Pearson's POV

"But we need stuff from the cornucopia!" I insist. Pearson says that he wants to stay here and go to the cornucopia after the bloodbath. "There won't be anything left!" I say. "Then we'll make our supplies in the woods. I'm sure there's some game here, and we're surrounded by builing materials." Pearson replies with an obnoxiously indifferent tone. This is the hunger games! Not the rainbow games! But when I really think it over, I see he's right. Besides, the mutts will be released daily starting tomorrow, so we might as well start making a strong camp. And when the bloodbath is over, we'll go back and pick over supplies like Pearson said. If there isn't anything, I'm sure we can make some weapons with all this wood. I'm sure there's food and water, and I decide to think that our terrain is the most convenient. I nod to him and set off to collect some wood for our shelter.

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