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    The 217th Hunger Games

    November 29, 2014 by MongolianLion

    Hi, MongolianLion, or Jordan if you want, here with my first games! If your interested, keep on reading, for info about joining!

    1. Max of 3 tributes.
    2. No arguing/fighting in the comments.
    3. Don't complain about your tribute dying.
    4. Be sure to stay active, your tribute might do better if you are.
    5. Advice is allowed, I might not follow it 100% though.
    6. If you wanna be a critic, make sure to have constructive critisiscm.
    7. Have fun, and hopefully enjoy the games!

    This is the bare minimum of your tribute. Feel free to add anything else to it! No removing anything though.





    Appearance, Pictures are accepted:


    Weapons, max of 3:


    District Name Age Weapons
    1/F Caspin Shimmer 15 Hatchet, Dagger
    1/M Sebastian Glaze 17 Ax, Throwing …

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