aka Jack

  • I was born on August 15
  • I am Nonbinary
  • Moonstream98

    I breathed heavily in. Charles was clutching my hand. The air is thick with tension, and I feel like I can't breathe. I notice his outfit. A stunning black tux, with the same fire rings.

    "Wow..." I stammer.

    "I know. But if you can rip this damn thing off of me, I'll give you all the things you'll ever want." He jokes. I scowl.

    "Yeah right!" I lean, and kiss his cheek. Charles eyes me, then kisses me back. I look around to see if any body is watching. No one. Good. At least we can continue this charade for a little bit longer without any drama. Then I feel a hand on my shoulder. It was Luna.

    "C'mon! Let's go!" Her voice whispers. I nod. She leads us to the carriage, where two, giant jet-black horses stand. The carriage itself was black, rimed w…

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  • Moonstream98

    I smiled again at Luna. She stared at my body.

    "Oh goodness girl! Have you ever had a bath? Look a your skin! It's dirty!" She wrinkled her nose and scowled. I felt my face flush bright red.

    "Um, I had a shower a day ago."

    "Enough of this stink...c'mon, let's get you bathed, cleaned, and made-over. We gonna make you show off ya true beauty!" Luna screamed. I winced as two burly men picked me up, and threw me in a tub. I coughed, but three women started to scrub me.

    "Ow! Owwww!" I yelled. The brushes stung, and rasped me. It felt like many cats' tongues scraping against my bare skin. Soap filled my already watery eyes. My nails were cut, my hair washed to death, and when they finished, I was literally glowing. Then, they started it again. Inste…

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  • Moonstream98

    I wake to find Charles still in my bed. I sit up and stare at the wall. Morning light seeped through the curtens. Charles's eyes fluttered open.

    "Oh, Mayte. How.. how are we going to get away from this?" I shrug and kiss him once more. I didn't care. I love him, and he loves me. I cuddle closer to him, before I notice the knock on the door.

    "Mayte! It's breakfeast time and.... ah!" Holly screams. I cover myself with the covers. My face reddens in embracement. Holly runs out, having a panic attack. That's when the rumors start. Holly said to one woman,

    "Mayte and Charles 'slept' together! I can't believe them!" But, something did happen last night. I did 'sleep' with Charles. Though, every one now thinks I'm going to be pregnate. Unless, if Cha…

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  • Moonstream98

    The train ride was mostly quiet. I was bored to death, until I see my mentor, Quill. She was watching something on the T.V. She had her black hair up, and had make-up on.

    "Hi Quill." I stammer. She looks up, her amber eyes soften. She smiles, and replies,

    "Oh, hello Mayte! I was watching re-caps of the old games. Care to join?" I nod slightly, and sit next to her. The T.V. blares images of killings, interviews, chariot rides, scores and more. Then, I notice Quill in the reaping. She was young, 12-13 years my guess. She was brave and strong then, too. I look over to her, she was crying. I say,

    "Quill, you alright?" She looks up, tears emerging from her eyes. She sobs,

    "I hate these games. It's just death and misery, but viewed on T.V. I'll neve…

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  • Moonstream98
    I stood there, shaking. Holly motioned me to step forward. As I did, I thought of my family. Holly announced,

    "Now, for the boys!" She stepped over to the other ball, and pulled out a name. I hoped it wasn't Charles, with all this trouble now, I can't afford to tag along with him. Holly squeals, her green hair bouncing,

    "Charles Shoul! Come forward!" I opened my mouth, and gasped. Charles, as handsome as ever, came towards me. He smiled and waved his hand. I turned away, blushing. Holly bounced off the stage as the anthem was re-played. The mayor said a farewell, and the crowd disappeared. I stood there, along with Charles. The mayor walked to Charles and me.

    "Good luck, tributes. You'll need it." Mayor Thorn greets. I look at him, and nod. H…

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