I smiled again at Luna. She stared at my body.

"Oh goodness girl! Have you ever had a bath? Look a your skin! It's dirty!" She wrinkled her nose and scowled. I felt my face flush bright red.

"Um, I had a shower a day ago."

"Enough of this stink...c'mon, let's get you bathed, cleaned, and made-over. We gonna make you show off ya true beauty!" Luna screamed. I winced as two burly men picked me up, and threw me in a tub. I coughed, but three women started to scrub me.

"Ow! Owwww!" I yelled. The brushes stung, and rasped me. It felt like many cats' tongues scraping against my bare skin. Soap filled my already watery eyes. My nails were cut, my hair washed to death, and when they finished, I was literally glowing. Then, they started it again. Instead of washing, they brushed my delicate, fragile light brown hair. Shaved my already shaven legs, and plucked at my perfect eyebrows. I looked at my nails, they were painted with black, red, and gold. It looked like burning fire and smoke! I barley had time to process what happened when Luna dressed me.

"Um, what's this?" I asked nervously. She simply smiled.

"Little girl," That stung me. "This gonna be a black drees! Strapless, elegant. And looking on fire too!"

"WHAT!?" I screamed. Luna luaghed.

"No, no fire. But fake fire's gonna ring 'round your dress." I calmed myself, and gazed at the strapless dress already on my silky skin. Fire burned in elegant rings on it. I gigled. I thought I would be dead! "C'mon, let's go now, put on those black shoes, it's showtime!"

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