I breathed heavily in. Charles was clutching my hand. The air is thick with tension, and I feel like I can't breathe. I notice his outfit. A stunning black tux, with the same fire rings.

"Wow..." I stammer.

"I know. But if you can rip this damn thing off of me, I'll give you all the things you'll ever want." He jokes. I scowl.

"Yeah right!" I lean, and kiss his cheek. Charles eyes me, then kisses me back. I look around to see if any body is watching. No one. Good. At least we can continue this charade for a little bit longer without any drama. Then I feel a hand on my shoulder. It was Luna.

"C'mon! Let's go!" Her voice whispers. I nod. She leads us to the carriage, where two, giant jet-black horses stand. The carriage itself was black, rimed with flame designs, and leather seats. I can already hear the crowds of people out there, screaming, calling out for their favorite district. Of course, no one screams 12. I snarl. Everyone, and I mean everyone. Hates 12. Old, boring. All coal and mining. We are the poorest district. And still, no one gives anything for us.

"Okay, go!" Luna's voice hisses in my ear. I hurry to Charles who, is already sitting down.

"Help?" I ask him. He nodds. I give him my hand, and he lifts me in. Which is quite embarrassing. Me, being a hunter and all, him fellow seam member. It doesn't feel, well right. I sigh, and stare at the other tributes who have started going out. Our chariot then shakes, and moves. I remember to smile, and wave. But by the time we head into the square, all voices stop. Then oos, and ahhs. Everyone starts to cheer! I smile, and even giggle to the crowd. Charles taps my shoulder, and I turn to him.

"Ready?" He whispers. I stare at him. Ready for what? He smiles to the crowd, then leans and kisses me. I can hear gasps and cries. But not of hatred, but of fans. Real, breathing fans of District 12. Who'd knew? District 12 is the poorest, and I mean the poorest. Like I said before, no one sides for 12, or even bothers to bet. But what Charles did is way out of line. I shrug, and let him kiss me. What harm could it do? We pull apart, and wave and smile back to Panem. I know my family probably watched this. No blackouts tonight. People start to throw flowers, gold and some things at our chariot. My dress is still on 'fire', and as the sky darkens, the fire grows bigger, and brighter. My face is glowing now, along with Charles. I feel a strange feeling in my chest. Something I've never had in a long time. Happiness.

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