I wake to find Charles still in my bed. I sit up and stare at the wall. Morning light seeped through the curtens. Charles's eyes fluttered open.

"Oh, Mayte. How.. how are we going to get away from this?" I shrug and kiss him once more. I didn't care. I love him, and he loves me. I cuddle closer to him, before I notice the knock on the door.

"Mayte! It's breakfeast time and.... ah!" Holly screams. I cover myself with the covers. My face reddens in embracement. Holly runs out, having a panic attack. That's when the rumors start. Holly said to one woman,

"Mayte and Charles 'slept' together! I can't believe them!" But, something did happen last night. I did 'sleep' with Charles. Though, every one now thinks I'm going to be pregnate. Unless, if Charles tells. My heart quickens, and the train stops. The Capitol. Bright. Shiny. Just one step away. I hold Charles's hand, as we step out together. Lights flicker around us. Unatural, eerie lights. I blink, but it dosen't work. Charles tightens his grip, making me wince. We both stare at each other, his eyes twinkle with intrest. Then I notice his hair color changed, and so did his eyes.

"Charles?! What-?" Charles laughs.
Charles Shoul

Charles Shoul"UnMasked!"

"My hair isn't really black, and my eyes aren't gray." His hair was now brown, and his eyes, his eyes a wonderful blue. He smiles. "My mother hid my hair and eye color to protect me. My mother didn't want to be rideculed by my hair and eye color. I was different enough." I smiled back at him. Then, the lights flashed. I blinked and narrowed my eyes. People were talking loudly, and asking strange questions. I don't why his mother wanted to hide his hair, but it's not my place to make fun of her. Hilly pokes me, hard.

"Smile!" She whispers. I smile, showing my teeth. People start to cheer as we are stuffed into a elevator. Hilly lets out a sigh and stares at me squarly. "Mayte, I don't care what there. But I do not want to see that again! A for goodness sakes, Charles! SMILE!" Charles and I luagh. In a couple of seconds, the elevator's door flys open, and we are agian shoved into a room. Me and Charles are seperated, and I'm stuck with four strangers in the room. A young women smirks, and walks around me. Her hair is jet black, and her skin a milky brown. Her blue eyes shine with amusement.
Luna Birly

Luna Birly

"Young lady, what is your name?" Says the women, with a jamican accent. I clear my throat.

"Mayte Cion. You?"

"Luna Birly, pleasure to meet you." She lunges forward, and shakes my hand. I smile.

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