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~The Hunger Games: Fan version! Chapter 2~



I stood there, shaking. Holly motioned me to step forward. As I did, I thought of my family. Holly announced,

"Now, for the boys!" She stepped over to the other ball, and pulled out a name. I hoped it wasn't Charles, with all this trouble now, I can't afford to tag along with him. Holly squeals, her green hair bouncing,

"Charles Shoul! Come forward!" I opened my mouth, and gasped. Charles, as handsome as ever, came towards me. He smiled and waved his hand. I turned away, blushing. Holly bounced off the stage as the anthem was re-played. The mayor said a farewell, and the crowd disappeared. I stood there, along with Charles. The mayor walked to Charles and me.


Mayor Thorn

"Good luck, tributes. You'll need it." Mayor Thorn greets. I look at him, and nod. Holly re-appears and drives us to the train station. My mother, father, Emi, and Fernia are all there. I hug them, kissing them on their cheeks. I sob,

"I'll miss you all," I smile,"but, I'll come home alive! I promise you that!" I look over to Charles, his mother is there but not his dad. I go over to him.

"Charles, where's your father?" I ask him. He looks at me, with sadness. I hug him.

"My father, is... is... dead. He died in the mines." I hugged him tighter, feeling sorrow. I asked him,

"How? I thought the mines close on reaping day!" he looked down.

"They discovered lots of coal, so they went on working." Charles pushed me away. Saying my final farewells, I got into the train. I sat next to Charles, trying to calm him, and help him. He thanked me, but went on being sad. I felt sorry for him. So, I cuddled next to him. I started to drift to sleep. Some hours later , I awoke to find Holly staring at me.

"Young lady! It's going to be a big, big, big day!" Holly squeals. I push myself up, feeling tired. Charles is still fast asleep at my side. I shake his arm, and he wakes. I smile at him, and he smiles back. In no time, we stop. I ask Holly why, but she says it's for more fuel. I sit next to Charles, drinking hot chocolate. The warm gooeyness makes me melt. It's so good, I drink it all!

"Charles, do you think, we'll survive the game?" I ponder. Charles puts his mug down,

"Maybe, just maybe."

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