Quill Nare

The train ride was mostly quiet. I was bored to death, until I see my mentor, Quill. She was watching something on the T.V. She had her black hair up, and had make-up on.

"Hi Quill." I stammer. She looks up, her amber eyes soften. She smiles, and replies,

"Oh, hello Mayte! I was watching re-caps of the old games. Care to join?" I nod slightly, and sit next to her. The T.V. blares images of killings, interviews, chariot rides, scores and more. Then, I notice Quill in the reaping. She was young, 12-13 years my guess. She was brave and strong then, too. I look over to her, she was crying. I say,

"Quill, you alright?" She looks up, tears emerging from her eyes. She sobs,

"I hate these games. It's just death and misery, but viewed on T.V. I'll never forget the moments of my kills, I hate it." I understand. I despise these games as much as her. I whisper,

"I know. But, don't worry. That was then, this is now." She nods, but shuts the screen off and goes to her car. I sit in the dark, thinking of my future. I imagine the worst possible death for me, I even imagine Ash dying. Quietly, I slide off the couch. Tip-toeing to my bed, I bump into Holly.

"There you are!" she whispers, "Go to bed, it's a long day tomorrow!" Holly escorts me to my bed, where I try to sleep. I shut my eyelids, and drift off to sleep.

"Ah!" I scream, and wake. Only to find myself back in my bed, away from an arena. I hear a scream too, then I realize Charles was sleeping in my bed. I cry,

"Charles! Wh.. what are you doing in here?" Charles wakes fully, staring at me. He rubs his eyes. He yawns,

"I thought this was my bed, Holly took the last room..." followed again with another yawn. I then push him off, not caring if he gets hurt. Charles rises once again, and kisses me on my lips. I don't hold back, I kiss him back.

"I love you..." he whispers. I nudge him away, looking in his eyes, I say,

"I love you too." He kisses me once more.

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