Chapter 1



I sat on an oak tree, it's old branches holding me up. There I sat, angry at my friend, Rose. That was yesterday....

I was in my room (if that place counts for a room) of my run-down house. It was in good condition though. I waited for Rose to come, lying on my torn up bed. Finally, there's a knock on the door. I charge to it, flicking my light brown hair to my side. I open the door wide, happy to see Rose.



"Rose! You made it!" I squeal. I quickly correct my self, 'cause I'm 16, not 5. She raises an eyebrow, "Okay. Mayte, are going to sign up for tesserae?" Rose questions. I completely forgot that tomorrow was Reaping Day. Most of the time, tributes from District 12 lose. I knew this by the time I watched The Hunger Games. I slowly nodded to Rose. The day was perfect. Clouds billowed in the light blue sky. Rose and I went to the bakery to buy food. I hate being poor. Most of the time my father, Gabe, is working in the coal mines, hundreds of feet under me. We do get good pay, but I have scour the whole district for food. Of course, I know how to hunt. Mostly it's with Rose, or my brother. I'm teaching Emi, my little 10 year-old brother how to hunt. I worry for him and Fernia, my 12 year old sister. Today, Rose and I go hunting. I pick up my bow, hidden in a ditch. While Rose picks up her bow. I decide to go east, where there's lot's of vegetation. Mockingjays are singing songs above my head and Rose's. We find our snares with rabbits, and one grooseling. We think it's enough for today, and return back to the square. Then, I see him. Charles Shoul, my secret crush. I really don't know why his name is Charles, my guess is because his father was Charles. The name fits him. Black hair,

Charles Shoul

gray eyes. Rose looks my way.

"You know, you and Charles make a good couple!" Rose snickers. Stunned, I turn to her.

"NO!! He's not my... um.. type." Rose laughs, and walks toward Charles. I yell a 'no', but she didn't listen. She whispers something to Charles. I blush, thinking the worse. After Rose finishes, Charles looks my way. I stammer, and run. I know what she said to him, 'Hey, Charles. Mayte loves you!' ...

I calm my self down before I get off the tree. Today is reaping day.

"Great day to get shipped of to the Capitol." I mumble. I walk towards the square, now full of people. Rose runs up to me.

"Mayte," she sobs, "I am so sorry! Do you forgive me?" I smile.

"Yeah, yeah. Don't worry I won't be mad at you forever!" Rose sighs a relief. I look where Charles is, with the other sixteen year old boys. Nervously, I go into the crowd. In the center of the square, is a stage. The mayor hops on it, with the Capitol escort. The national anthem plays, and the mayor goes on to talk about the games. Boring. After his speech, the escort, Holly, says,

"Ladies first!" To walks toward two large glass balls with paper. She digs her arm in, pulling out a name. She exclaims,

"The girl tribute for 12 is... Mayte Rion!"

that concludes chapter 1

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