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  • Mopping

    Okay, from sooo long ago, here are the winners. Only over a year late, not too bad.

    [1] < Number of votes

    Funniest Game/Blog Post/User Competitions - Nate777's Murder In The Dark [2]

    Most Creative Game - Skybender101's Board Game Games [2]

    Best Arena Game - Jabberjay78's Modern Games [1]

    Best Idea Game - Mopping's First Ever Hogwarts Games [3] - BOOYAH DID NOT RIG DAT

    Scariest Game - Brony12's Horror Games and Hungergamesrock's Neighborhood Games [1]

    Favourite Game - Jabberjay78's Modern Games, Emily Nyugen's The 1st and Last Victor Games and Rose Hathaway's Second Hunger Games [2]

    Best Gamemaker(User) - Jabberjay78 and Mopping [3]

    Congratulations all, Season 2 will be announced in due time.

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  • Mopping


    February 18, 2013 by Mopping

    So hai der, probally none of you know me, but maybe some older users. I joined in October 2011 and was active for about 3 months until i went inactive, now I hope to change that, but before I become active again, I want to ask about my games, I started about 2, which were never finished, so I can finish the games in which none of your tributes are in, or start some new ones.

    Now, I have:

    Which involved a tournament of tributes and users :).

    and also:

    Yes, I did notice some people who made The Hogwarts games after me *cough* copycats *cough*.

    Now, I also was doing a Game Award thing, so …

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  • Mopping

    Heyyyy. Im gonna add more info soon, just say your tributes in comments, districts 1-13, a male and female per district, thankyou.


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  • Mopping

    Im Back.... For Good?

    January 23, 2012 by Mopping

    Okay so most of you new users wont know me but the old users will. I've been away for a while but hopefully Im back for good, I might continue my games and tournament idk.. yet.. SO HI IM BACK.

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  • Mopping

    Mopping's Tournament

    December 10, 2011 by Mopping

    Okay, yes right now I'm doing the First Ever Hogwarts Games, but I couldnt resist making a tournament. 130Tributes, 10 characters and 20 users will go head to head in a full out scale battle in my town! A max of 10 tributes per person. That does not include yourself.

    Name Sex Age User
    Anna Marie De Caprio F 17 Necterine411
    Levi Stone M 15 Necterine411
    Addie Buzz F 16 Necterine411
    Alec Powers M 14 Necterine411
    Cyprees Beech F 18 Necterine411
    Plank Oak M 18 Necterine411
    Brittanic De Leon F 17 Anna-athena
    Titanic De Leon M 17 Anna-athena
    Calla Summers F 15 Anna-athena
    Michael Heat M 16 Anna-athena
    Evelyn Dreamcatcher F 13 Anna-athena
    Benjamin Logan M 14 Anna-athena
    Kajama Odair F 13 Anna-athena
    Cedar Mellark M 14 Anna-athena
    Sunny Blares F 15 Nate777
    Venom St…

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