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Mopping's 3rd Hunger Games

Mopping November 1, 2011 User blog:Mopping

Mopping's 3rd Hunger Games

26 tributes, from districts 1-13 will be in a golf course, lined with terrors, creeps and golfers!?

2 tributes max per person.

My other game that needs tributes-

Check my profile!! The Mutt Games.

The Arena

An 18 hole golfcourse. What else is there to say? ;p

The Tributes

Bold= Career

Crossed out= Dead

District Name Age Sex Placing Kills User
1 M
1 F
2 M
2 F
3 Ray Plug 15 M Necterine411
3 Electra Spark 15 F Necterine411
4 Jake Saltwater 16 M Anna-athena
4 Kajama Odair 13 F Anna-athena
5 M
5 F
6 Golden Hawbrook 18 M Rockman117
6 Pema Alderweel 17 F Rockman117
7 M
7 F
8 M
8 F
9 M
9 F
10 M
10 F
11 M
11 F
12 M
12 F
13 M
13 F


The Games

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