Okay, I was thinking that I should make awards for the best games. It would be easier, if the games were recent, like made 4 - 5 months before maximum, Some of the categories are:

Funniest Game

Most Creative Game

Best Arena Game

Best Idea Game

Scariest Game

Favourite Game

Best Gamemaker(User)

These will be running from the 9th to the 19th of December.

If you have anymore ideas tell me. The winners will get a userbox. You can vote for anyone, for anygames from the last 4 - 5 months. The games do not have to be finished yet to get a vote.


Okay I cant copyright this but, can you please not make my Series 2, I will make it myself thankyou. You are free to make your own Game awards if you please.

Series 2

Series 2 will run from the 10th of Febuary to the 20th of Febuary. They will be the games made or still being made from the 20th December 2011 onwards.

Series 3

Series 3 will run from the 10th of April to the 20th of April. They will be the games made or still being made from the 20th of Febuary 2012 onwards.

Categories and Votes

Funniest Game/Blog Post/User Competitons

Anna-Athena's Christmas Romance- 1 Vote

Nate777's Murder In The Dark- 2 Votes

Most Creative Game

Skybender101's Board Game Games- 2 Votes

Everyone- 1 Vote

Best Arena Game

JabberyJay78's Modern Games- 1 Vote

Everyone- 1 Vote

Best Idea Game

Mopping's First Ever Hogwarts Games- 3 Votes

Scariest Game

Brony12's Horror Games- 1 Vote

Hungergamesrock's Neighbourhood Games- 1 Vote

Favourite Game

JabberyJay78's Modern Games- 2 Votes

Emily Nyugen's The 1st and Last Victor's Hunger Games- 2 Votes

Hungergamesrock's 113th Hunger Games- 1 Vote

Rose Hathaway's 2nd Hunger Games- 2 Votes

Firecatcher3's 68th Hunger Games- 1 Vote

Everyone- 1 Vote

Best Gamemaker(User)

Note- This is tallied from the votes above and your own vote for it.

Note- I wont be accepting it, if I do win. Because I believe I am not the best.

Anna-Athena- 1 Vote

Nate777- 2 Votes

Skybender101- 2 Votes

JabberJay78- 3 Votes

Mopping- 3 Votes

Brony12- 1 Vote

Emily Nyugen- 2 Votes

Hungergamesrocks- 2 Votes

Rose Hathaway- 2 Votes

Firecatcher3- 1 Vote

TotalDramaRox97- 1 Vote

The Winners and Prizes of Series 1

Funniest Game-

Most Creative Game-

Best Arena Game-

Best Idea Game-

Scariest Game-

Favourite Game-

Best Gamemaker(User)-

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